Lewis Hamilton after an amazing recovery drive at the 2021 Hungarian GP

Lewis Hamilton's post race team radio.

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Explorer 6.180
Explorer 6.180:
This was the race what every fan needed for many years. I mean everyone wanted pure racing, no tyre management. Lewis drove his heart out and took every single lap like it was qualifying lap. Charge the battery and again go to attack. There were close battles and every overtake was baffling. That Tsunoda overtake and Sainz and Alonso. Come on. I am sure in future this race will be watched again and again and it has certainly everything to give us. On any day, I would happily accept P3 of Lewis rather than that simple P1 if he switched tyres to slicks. Fans who booed him day before appreciated him after race. Those are true F1 fans. There was some nostalgia when Lewis and Alonso fought for that position. Proper strategy to overtake Alonso by Lewis. I can't get over this race. I'm gonna watch it again.
Bruce Ali Danger
Bruce Ali Danger:
He give his heart for this recovery. Absolutely Legend💜
Grace Kim
Grace Kim:
get well soon lewis! come back to us stronger!!
Anthony Kernich
Anthony Kernich:
That is why he's won 7 titles
Uz. F
Uz. F:
After Ham overtook Sainz, he was 9.3 sec behind Vettel on lap 67 (around lap 66.5). At the last corner/last straight on lap 70 (69.9), he was 0.8 sec behind Vettel, with a 0.4sec difference between him and Vettel at the corner. One more lap, he would've got Vettel since the latter was on used hards and was constantly trying to stay behind Ocon. So it would've been difficult for Seb to defend well against Ham. Same for Ocon if Ham would then get to his position.
Alonso did his job really good. 7-11 laps Hamilton had to come back again on him and try overtaking him. Yeah really good fight 1v1 btw these two multi-champions!
Hamilton was 2.5 sec a lap faster than Vettel in the end of the race!!
Great drive from the 🐐
How can you go from first to last in a heartbeat?. I will tell you now Lewis has made Mercedes shine over the years and his mindset...............Bottas is gone next season. Toto Wolf and Co couldn't organise a Bun fight in a Bakery.............Hamilton has brought them success .
Long March
Long March:
Hamilton for 2021 champion 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
Ivor Williams
Ivor Williams:
Absolutely great drive nothing disappointing about it but star studded effort. Well done Sir
Yeashalan Vasanthan
Yeashalan Vasanthan:
what a race champ.Just ignore all those negative people.STILL WE RISE
Gari Velez
Gari Velez:
One more lap for sure would have been a win. Great show once again champ. Alonso who?
What a race 💜💜
The best to ever do it.
Butterfly M.M
Butterfly M.M:
Because its lewis!!!! From the back of the line to podium..meant to be an easy win though..his team let him down ... again
He Would of Won if it wasn't for Alonso
What other driver this season other than Hamilton has come from last or the last running car to podium?
🐐 Grazing on vintage green green green 🥗 pastures ‼️‼️‼️
How many times does this guy have to prove that he is the goat
firstname lastname
firstname lastname:
Everything to keep the wife happy.
What a race! This is why he's the champion 🏆
A phenomenal recovery drive. This should have been a win.

Oh, well. To the next Event!
Toine van der Valk
Toine van der Valk:
Alonso fought like a champion!
Toine van der Valk
Toine van der Valk:
ed ijzerman
ed ijzerman:
No Sir to me a sir is Stirling Moss or Wil Hoy lewis is not he must learn wat spirtma ship means.
Richard Dijin
Richard Dijin:
i need to have the same luck as hamilton in my life.
Ciaron Smith
Ciaron Smith:
Lewis Hamilton is an extremely lucky driver.
If it wasn't for Timo Glock, he would have retired after 2012, because Merc would never have signed him.
Azawa Kakeru
Azawa Kakeru:
Toto: You fought like a champ
Lewis: Complaining constantly throughout the race
Ian Oliver
Ian Oliver:
And then he mentioned about 'suffering' from 'long Covid' symptoms. Oh, and he is 'suffering' from another long symptom: evading paying any f*cking tax for years, living a prosperous lifestyle in Monaco, and laughing up his sleeve at the UK's tax system. What a prick!!
John G
John G:
my grandama used to get dizzy spells but didn't use COVID and exhaustion excuses to get attention like this PUNK HAMILTON
Shubham Sharma
Shubham Sharma:
Lewis fought like a champion nah man Alonso fought like a goat, in a much slower car that's what we call a champion not this whiner Lewis
This comment section is filled with Hamilton fanboys lmao. Yes great recovery drive, but dont forget he was lapping almost 3 seconds faster than the leaders and was complaining non stop about dirty air/hard defending.
Peps Dentist
Peps Dentist:
Dirty cheating Mercedes ramming Max off the course twice in 2 weeks
aesir1 ases
aesir1 ases:
So many Lewis fanboys aroun here, Lewis is a clown complaining about Alonso driving when he send Max to the hospital last race lmao