Lewis Hamilton's 5 Greatest Wins

Defining moments from Lewis Hamilton's incredible career - and he's not done yet!

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Zhewen Teh
Zhewen Teh:
like him or not, you cannot deny that he deserves most if not all of his wins, simply by being the clean and focused driver he is
Hadi Pawar
Hadi Pawar:
No matter how many times people say “ iTs jUsT thE cAr” I know hes the GOAT
Rocco Sheldon
Rocco Sheldon:
The mclaren wins just hit different
No Bahrain 2014? Hamilton displayed a defensive masterclass rarely seen in that race with Rosberg hounding him lap after lap with softer tyres.
Arexis Ghastly
Arexis Ghastly:
This dudes consistency is off the charts. Most skilled drivers can pull off flawless driving for a certain period of time but Lewis been doing it since he was in a go-kart. The man has literally not skipped a beat. Best car, best team or not, give the man his dues.
Daddy Mysterious
Daddy Mysterious:
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// jklinn
// jklinn:
Still the only F1 driver to win an F1 Grand Prix in every season he has competed in
Eric Meyers
Eric Meyers:
Race wins from the Mercedes era which I cherish:

- 2013: Hungary (first Merc win - still with an V8 engine - which kept his streak of at least 1 win per season alive)
- 2014: Bahrain (epic duel with Nico); Great Britain (great comeback after miscalculated qualifying)
- 2015: Italy (the Mega Grand Chelem from Lewis: P1 in FP1, FP2, FP3, Q1, Q2, pole position, won the race while leading every lap of the race and scored the fastest lap)
- 2016: Monaco (very unexpected win with RIC being dominant, from wets immediately to slick tires); Brazil (masterclass in the wet)
- 2017: Spain (strategy battle and flat out racing at the front); Singapore 2017 (rainy Singapore, basically sealed the WDC)
- 2018: Germany (from 14th to 1st); Italy (battle with Ferrari)
- 2019: Bahrain (I feel slightly bad about including this one but Lewis drove a fantastic race and got lucky in the end); Monaco (tribute to Niki); Great Britain (just a great race overall); Hungary (Lewis hunting down Max); Russia (Ferrari couldn't convert another front row lockout which kept Mercedes' historic 100% win streak in Russia intact); Mexico (unexpected strategy win)
- 2020: Great Britain (winning with a puncture); Portugal (statement win for number 92); EDIT: Turkey (win from P6 in treacherous conditions to seal his 7th WDC)
EDIT2 - 2021: Bahrain (close fight with Max), Spain (Hungary '19 2.0.)
His consistentency is what that's amazing.. No one does it quite like Lewis Hamilton. That's for sure. He is at the Top for a reason.. The Greatest of this Era.
Rocco Sheldon
Rocco Sheldon:
Forever in our hearts,

Niki Lauda 1949-2019
2007 Fuji has to be here, rookie in the rain, championship pressure and he made no mistakes while Alonso crashed out
Bahrain 2014 should’ve been there, on of the best wheel to wheel battles I’ve seen
First name Last name
First name Last name:
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João Senna
João Senna:
Who wants Portimão for next year?
Silverstone 2008 is right up there being one of the greatest drives of all time, by any driver!
Steak it
Steak it:
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*_Silverstone 2008_* is still jaw-dropping. Respect to HAM.
Federico Tamayo
Federico Tamayo:
I thought hungary '19 should have been there, where he did something like 19 qualy laps in order to pass max.
Stuart Guy
Stuart Guy:
Agree apart from the last two, for me his best races at Mercedes were Bahrain 2014 for just pure racecraft and Italy 2018 where he beat both Ferrari's on home turf after passing them both
Marlon Nii Lante Lamptey
Marlon Nii Lante Lamptey:
2012 Canada win is underrated asf
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Peter Danner
Peter Danner:
2019 Monaco was probably my favorite F1 race of all time. The emotion behind it. Going 15 laps longer than tire ability on a circuit that has zero tolerance for error. That was one for the ages from the greatest driver of the ages.
Rush Hour
Rush Hour:
If u like him or not. Discribe him in one word: Talent
PTXB Drxpy
PTXB Drxpy:
Hamilton is a beast he can’t be stopped
Petition to demote Bottas and bring Russel.
Nafiz Imtiaz
Nafiz Imtiaz:
Legend! Respect, Lewis! How many records this guy will end up having, who knows!
Zygfryd Homonto
Zygfryd Homonto:
it is SO NICE to see someone's happiness and wins!
and passion of course
I remember the german gp 2018 & monza gp 2018.

These races was unbeauliveable
"You never give up"
Harry Saunders
Harry Saunders:
And now Turkey 2020 is one of his best wins
Haykal Lazuardi
Haykal Lazuardi:
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The best fans know that Germany 2011 was Hamilton's best win that year. :)
King Kong
King Kong:
His best win was taken away from him... Belgium 2008. Fighting back on the Ferraris and then the most exciting end to a GP maybe ever. Penalised for cutting the chicane, giving Raikkonen back the lead and then retaking him. That's the moment when F1 started giving out penalties like lollipops. Changed the sport and how drivers can race. Not a big Hamilton fan but respect his talent.
Guilherme Marinho Bernardi
Guilherme Marinho Bernardi:
I think Hungary 2019 should be on list, Hamilton makes more or lass 20 classification laps in the race, that's insane
I got goosebumps. All these wins are so memorable. I can remember where I was for each of them.
Aston Martin Fan
Aston Martin Fan:
2018 German GP still hits hard when you see Vettel crashing out...
Sam Fisher
Sam Fisher:
The greatest! You deserve credit man. Well earned!
Brad Owen
Brad Owen:
When McLaren gave him the chance to win, he almost always did. It's a real shame the 2012 car wasn't more reliable, he could definitely have been champion that year.
The British GP, what an amazing race that was. over 1 minute ahead of second place also lapping his team mate and Kimi in the Farari
Congrats to Lewis! 👏 Yes! Lewis is now the most successful driver of all time 🏆💪 ! The shame Schumelschumi is erased! Thanks for this! 😀
Stephen Simpson
Stephen Simpson:
The 2019 Hungarian Grand Prix is one of my favourites too. Verstappen was comfortably ahead and Mercedes changed Hamilton's tyre strategy to a two stop with 22 laps to go. Max's tyres started to feel dead as he was on a one stopper and Hamilton was 3 seconds a lap quicker for the last 10 laps and won by 17 seconds.
Jeff Wallick
Jeff Wallick:
The win in Monaco still gives me goosebumps
FreQuency Vibrations
FreQuency Vibrations:
You missed Japan 2007 and Hungary 2019
Rushabh Sheth
Rushabh Sheth:
It's absolutely magnificent, some link me the last two full races want to watch both
Dan W
Dan W:
One of his most impressive feats is winning a race in every season with every car he's driven. Sure he has had many dominant cars, but remember his team didn't win a constructors championship until 2014. Hats off to Lewis for this accomplishment.
Hidden Ace
Hidden Ace:
This is for those who only started watching F1 post hybrid era, the excitement and happiness winning in that McLaren, you can hear it in his voice. He definitely
has the talent and deserves his success.
Stefano Aquilino
Stefano Aquilino:
My favourite win of his was Bahrain 2014. An epic race against a real opponent
Jacopo .Zaccarelli
Jacopo .Zaccarelli:
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(Chill, it's just a joke)
Glauber Belo
Glauber Belo:
Absolutely legend 🏆❤️
Life Is War God Is All
Life Is War God Is All:
I love this guy, very impressive.
Dhruv Pokar
Dhruv Pokar:
That Vettel clip of Germany 2018 always makes me sad and miss the confident Vettel😔. BTW Congrats on 92 wins🥳
Il Capitano Alexandr
Il Capitano Alexandr:
Those victories from 2009-2013 are really special and well deserved, simply because brawn gp and RedBull are the ones that had literally the best cars on the grid.
He is definitely a Living Legend, tremendous talent and a phenomenal driver, absolutely astonishing.
Artur Kinzel
Artur Kinzel:
What we need is Top 10 Toto Wolff's reactions
Lizst Is Cool
Lizst Is Cool:
Records: exists
Hamilton: *Now this looks like a job for me*
F1 Youtube channel: *Its free real estate*
Daniel Ward
Daniel Ward:
I really miss the Mclaren days, 2008 was an incredible season.
Chinmay Patil
Chinmay Patil:
This list definitely needs some changing after Turkey 2020
Alphabet Cat
Alphabet Cat:
2007 Japanese Grand Prix at the Fuji Speedway, in the wet. That is one of my favourites of his races. Just a sheer display of his skill on that day.
Ross Dixon
Ross Dixon:
Silverstone 2008 is his best imo. It was an absolute masterclass.
Vaisakh PS
Vaisakh PS:
Legend says that Lewis hears Bono saying "Get in there Lewis" even when he is in bed with girls.
DeJuan S
DeJuan S:
Watching him charge from 14th to pole was a historic performance.
Eduardo Santana Gomes
Eduardo Santana Gomes:
From pure passion to pure focus...that's how he became the greatest!
Jignesh Rathod
Jignesh Rathod:
Respect Lewis. My most favorite clip.
Each Lewis win is greatest 🖤
Raffael Ender
Raffael Ender:
Germany 2018 still gives me sleepless nights
Alex Evans
Alex Evans:
This list is precisely in reverse order of levels of greatness
Robertinho Makulu
Robertinho Makulu:
Imagine a 2021 Dutch Grand Prix win...
This would be legendary 🙌
Honza Slepička
Honza Slepička:
monaco 2019? Really? isnt even in top 20
Perfect driver in a perfect car
That Silverstone win. Shivers, just shivers. :O
"And Hamilton will flick up the inside surely and Rosberg gives him the way." That aged well.
josh major
josh major:
Man I miss James Allen
Josh Jess
Josh Jess:
Its hard to love Lewis Hamilton, yet have to root against him in races now just in hopes of more interesting F1
Open Keyz
Open Keyz:
2007 Canada & US gp were mighty impressive especially for a rookie
Rahul Bollineni
Rahul Bollineni:
Best was 2018 German GP. Absolutely deserved win
Oilapes Motoring
Oilapes Motoring:
this man inspires me and is my rolemodel one day i hpe to be a f1 race driver
So hard to pick a top 5. Could have included Bahrain 2014 where the race-craft to beat his own much faster teammate; or Italy 2018 which was a masterclass of tyre-management in wearing down a faster Ferrari; or Turkey 2020 where he managed to turn a set of wet tyres into slicks.
Nick Forsyth
Nick Forsyth:
I’m surprised the silverstone 2020 Grand Prix wasn’t on this list. Doing half a lap and going full throttle with only 3 tyres to narrowly win was a great end to the race.
Patrícia Sousa
Patrícia Sousa:
Que saudade ❤
jason bell
jason bell:
Lewis Lewis, the best !!! Big game changer , uses his car to its edge , Keep it Rolling Lewis 👊🏼
S L A V G H T E R S E A S O N:
_lewis hamilton looking remarkably calm_
Majority of best wins being McLaren tells you just how smooth his Mercedes years have been.
Pieter Keyser
Pieter Keyser:
Love how Germany 2018 is here... the Race where Bottas saw a chance to battle for a win and was ordered to hold position... not going to lie Hamilton had a great drive that day, and the call from Mercedes makes sense, but it would have so much nicer to have seen how the 2 of them battled for the win.
kaiserHD Booi
kaiserHD Booi:
His wins at Mcclaren makes me not take credit away from the ones at Merc
Even before coming to merc he was one of the greats of the sport
0:03 look at him still in his youth only a glimmer of the Domonato- I mean the great racer he would become
Der Erbe Slytherins
Der Erbe Slytherins:
He is such a great guy very sympatic🔥
Germany 18 wasn't one of his greatest at all; he did amazing to recover so many positions but Vettel took himself out and we had another "Valtteri it's James..." moments. Bahrain 2014 was so much better.
Venu Krithish
Venu Krithish:
I would've loved to see how 2017 and 2018 would've turned out had he gone to Ferrari at 2013. 3/5 top wins are McLaren wins so we can see Merc wins were pretty boring.
Aditya Tyagi
Aditya Tyagi:
I like how they conveniently removed *James its Valtteri* from Germany 2018
Keep pushing Lewis 🖤🚀
LewisHamiltonNo 1
LewisHamiltonNo 1:
R.i.p. Nikki, we miss u❤️
No doubt Hamilton is a super skilled driver. I for one would have loved to see what he could do in a small team. He has basically been coddled his whole F1 career in top equipment.
Ally Wally
Ally Wally:
Greatest racing driver of all time
Varun Sambi
Varun Sambi:
I still love the 2008 British GP Mclaren drive. The whole field was a fidget spinner.

Monaco 2019 was kind of a payback to redbull. Daniel gave them a win by parking his car on track. Lewis did it the next year. 😂😂😂
Jacopo .Zaccarelli
Jacopo .Zaccarelli:
Martin Brundle playing Crofty's role in 2011 Chinese Grand Prix is just beautiful
Mark Robinson
Mark Robinson:
That Monaco win was easily his best. Those tires were absolutely shot. With Verstappen pressuring him for so long, it's amazing Hamilton kept on the track.
Alex Lamas
Alex Lamas:
You should have included this years British GP win on 3 wheels.
M T:
Spa 2008 should have been one of Hamilton's greatest wins.
Adriens lima
Adriens lima:
Foram 5 espetaculares corridas de Hamilton
Oliver Watson
Oliver Watson:
Can we just take a moment to appreciate the pairing of Martin Brundle and David Coulthard in the commentary booth...