Lewis Hamilton's Record-Breaking 92nd Win | 2020 Portuguese Grand Prix

Win #92 for Lewis Hamilton as he rewrites the F1 history books to become the driver with the most race wins ever.

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Adam Brush
Adam Brush:
As a Schumacher fan I never thought this would be done.
De Toa Baja Pal' Mundo
De Toa Baja Pal' Mundo:
Imagine how his father feel knowing all he did just to give his son a chance to make it to formula 1 just to watch him be the most successful formula 1 driver of all time 🙃
Keerthan Shetty
Keerthan Shetty:
"And He is not done yet" just gives goosebumps..
Sammy Almahi Freestyle
Sammy Almahi Freestyle:
The shots of his dad really hit different. Lewis always talks about how much his dad gave him to so that he could be able to succeed. Can't imagine how he must be feeling now. Most of the eyes are on Lewis, but let's not forget the man who dedicated his life to supporting him and giving him the opportunities to show his talent! Truly memorable moment for both of them!
General JoBean
General JoBean:
Me: Dude what if Eau Rouge was like the whole track
Portugal: Hold my elevation changes.
Jonathan Wong
Jonathan Wong:
"Records are meant to be broken." - M.Schumacher
ilir malaj
ilir malaj:
After Tuscany GP this is the most entertaining track
banan 9
banan 9:
This community is so ignorant. When magnussen and grosjean both had seat they were one of the most hated drivers in f1.
Now when they are confirmed to leave haas after 2020 everyone is suddenly all sad and suddenly care about them.
When vettel was dominating everyone hated him but now he is one of the fan favourites. When micheal schumacher was dominating he was also hated by some but now he is seen as a legend??
When lewis is going to retire every single of his hater is going to turn and call him a legend. Im not sating hes the best of all time but he is statistically best of all time and you just cant deny that. The best driver gets the best car and lewis is finishing half a minute ahead of his teamate. I dont enjoy when people dominate the sport but it is unjustified to hate on lewis for being one of the goats🐏🐏
Paul Allen
Paul Allen:
History being made.
Those who live in the present value what we're experiencing now.
Those stuck in the past remain bitter.
Man you can actually SEE what pride, gratification and HARD WORK are, by looking straight at Anthony's eyes. 2:05
If ANYONE from liberty media ever reads this YouTube channel... Silverstone Spa Suzuka Monaco Monza are the backbone of F1 and must remain on the calendar forever - but also F1 fans have fallen in love with Mugello and Portimao!
''Leouis, ninety-two. ninety-two.''
Android Box
Android Box:
Every race Win from now on will be a New World Record 😱
Abdullah The Winner
Abdullah The Winner:
A live footage of Lewis Hamilton being kidnapped by aliens 0:37
k halliday
k halliday:
All 92 wins were Mercedes powered.
What a great day for Ron Dennis and Norbert Haug also, for getting this lad started on this journey.
Cheers to you Lewis, AND your Dad.
your DISCOVERelax channel
your DISCOVERelax channel:
Congratulation from germany ... well done mr. Hamilton 👍... I think Schumi is also proud of you
Vincent Collins
Vincent Collins:
Weather you hate him or love him you cant deny the fact that he's worked for it and he deserves everything he's achieving. CONGRATS LEWIS
Marco Giorgini
Marco Giorgini:
LEGEND from a Ferrari fan
Ryan Zillmer
Ryan Zillmer:
Looking forward to number 100 next year.
JoJo FilmS
JoJo FilmS:
Imagine what anthony hamilton is feeling right now. His son is the most succesful f1 driver
Christopher Alex
Christopher Alex:
Lewis's dad embracing him after the race is such a special moment. Lewis always goes on praising his dad and all the difficulties that he had to go through to make sure that his son could go karting, makes it all worth it
Track record
F1 all time winning record
Fastest lap
Race win
Pole position
Imagine how proud his dad feels remembering how they started in karting ...
boma taumano
boma taumano:
I knew that he would do it
Liam Williams
Liam Williams:
I was out and I thought someone else will win but number 44 got the 92 win well done lets try get 93 the next race
And He's not done yet!!! keep rocking LEWIS.
Lewis Hamilton: Hippity Hoppity The All Time record is now my property
Marcio Tadeu de Lima Oliveira
Marcio Tadeu de Lima Oliveira:
Isaac A
Isaac A:
I'm here for the salty trolls!
Dave Askew
Dave Askew:
Well done Ron Dennis
fariz ascariz
fariz ascariz:
race highlight not even come out yet. spoiler alert plz..
and every single one of them with mercedes engines. german engineering for the win
Fadhlan Faza
Fadhlan Faza:
0:08 that sound just amazing
Awesome driver, I really can't understand why people dislike him, he started with his dad working 3 jobs and no big money behind him, then Ron Dennis saw his potential
it was touching seeing him and dad hugging each other
Leo Cubias Music
Leo Cubias Music:
Social media gives you the ability to say anything you want and to express anything you want without confrontation , all this haters won’t be haters if they have that one person in front of them , to say something negative to a person face to face takes some carácter and personality. Lewis Hamilton is the absolute master of Formula One , as simple as that .
Lewis Hamilton is a respective world racer of Formula 1! Well Done, Lewis!
skua stone
skua stone:
As Hamilton fan l even got scared when I heard the words "you're not done yet" lol
About time we knighted him.
Paul Walker
Paul Walker:
Congrats lewis hamilton the best and smart driver in f1.
alex totally twattss
alex totally twattss:
If Michael Schumacher has watched this race, i'm pretty sure within his soul he just smiled.
2:13 Lewis and Max : playing
Bottas: chugging
Cure Chronos
Cure Chronos:
For many of us, including myself sometimes, Hamilton’s dominance in the sport can be boring.

Well, this time, it’s different. It’s not just about the win now, it’s about history. It’s recognition of his talent, his effort, and his long journey to get to this outstanding world record. Well done Lewis! 👍👍💪💪

Schumacher would be smiling right now, seeing Mercedes raise such a legendary driver.
Dustin Fox
Dustin Fox:
Love or hate the man you gotta respect his story. Way to go Leweeeeyyyy!! 🍻🙌🏻
D R:
"Records are made by the Greats, and are broken by the Greats!" Congratulation, Lewis! Thank you for making us proud.
From a Legend (MSC) to another (LH44)! I Love both!
Way to go LEWIS HAMILTON. Congratulations and a toast to you - you're in the books forever
im glad everyone is wearing their masks.
Tony Kasunic
Tony Kasunic:
Congrats to Lewis and the Merc Team!
Deadpool Camaro
Deadpool Camaro:
Regardless of who disagrees....His name is now forever etched into F1 history
John Beatty
John Beatty:
When i saw him hugging his dad I teared up
I J Nabi
I J Nabi:
Lewis you gotta buy a a whole house for your trophies soon and remember to get in there
I wish you'd upload things like race highlights first without any spoilers of the race events.
Sindhu Sojan
Sindhu Sojan:
McLaren be like: I raised that boy
Justin Shrack
Justin Shrack:
Why can’t you release the race highlights before blasting the results all over?
francesco bonetalli
francesco bonetalli:
Even if i'm not an Hamilton's fan, he's definitely a legend for F1...respect🖖🤝
Pepe Pombal
Pepe Pombal:
The words of a true gentleman who has struggled since early childhood with the racism of a sport of rich white fellas.
Honoured to be your fan Lewis!
And the "capolavoro" is not done yet... in the distance the smell of HUNDREDS as number for record is not achieved yet but so close.
*History book*

James: "Get in there Lewis"
Chris R
Chris R:
Highlights aren't even out yet... I'd say 'spoiler-alert' - but lets be real, F1 is too predicable lately anyways.
Edit* Didn't expect this much response, lol. Half of you are sane, the other half are fanboys.
Rana Mitra
Rana Mitra:
Get in there Lewis! Mate you are the goatest GOAT ever! It's hard to even comprehend the magnitude of this acheivement and the work and dedication behind it! Congratulations!!!!
Qiniso Mbuyisa
Qiniso Mbuyisa:
Drives that Mercedes like he stole it. A legend!!!
Welcome to a new F1 LEGEND
David Hurtado
David Hurtado:
Here to see the TRIGGERED melanin deficient crowd. When Schumi did it, he was a legend. When Lewis does it, he is ruining the sport 🤔
Derryn Raymond
Derryn Raymond:
Please give Kimi a top tier competing car!!! Man, the iceman is still a boss
N K:
Congratulations 92!
I think the first time I saw Hamilton was that GP2 Istanbul race in 2006 where he just smashed back through the field. Probably around the time that Schumi got his 91st. Absolutely astounding to see a driver break that number. 92... I can't believe we could ever see 100 Grand Prix wins but then it's within distance.
Deus louvado seja seu nome santo pela tragetoria e vitorias do grande piloto de fórmula 1 L H . Thanks JESUS for it🙏☝️🙌❤🇧🇷
Aaron Trimmer
Aaron Trimmer:
Congratulations. The GOAT
aditya saurav
aditya saurav:
Best drivers...more or less end up in the best car. I would be delusional if I did not admit that the W11 is probably the most dominant car in the history of F1. But that does not take away what Lewis has done.
The sheer magnitude of Schumacher's record needs a dominant driver - car combination to beat it and there is of course an element of luck involved. But what I would say is great teams require drivers to be consistent and dominant and great drivers need a great team to be consistent and dominant and Hamilton - Mercedes have set the gold standard in F1.
Wonder who would be next to do that.
Chí Tính Nguyễn
Chí Tính Nguyễn:
hamilton the guinness world record 92 times win pole lap with supercar formula one mercedes benz w11 and mercedes benz amg petronas f1 team and f1
Pranjal Mishra
Pranjal Mishra:
Whoever your favourites may be , you can't deny this man's brilliance
Also this record isn't getting beaten in my lifetime 😂🔥🔥
Samuel Sam
Samuel Sam:
Absolutely amazing
Bill Arhos
Bill Arhos:
Hamilton is such a BEAST at F1
Bicorps MO
Bicorps MO:
That what u get for driving the fastest car for 7 consecutive years.
Lam rof
Lam rof:
No one remembers 2nd place.
Congrats to Lewis! 👏 Yes! Lewis is now the most successful driver of all time 🏆💪 ! The shame Schumelschumi is erased! Thanks for this! 😀
* Mercedes Breaks Schumacher's Record - There, fixed it!
Flip Miller
Flip Miller:
“Lewis, 92. 92.” Tear up every time I hear Toto come on the radio.
나이스 해밀턴, 축하해요 멋져요
앞으로는 더 즐길줄 아는 진정한 챔피언으로 거듭나길 ♡♡♡
k richards
k richards:
Well done Lewis , records are theri to be broken.seting the stage and hopefully pave the way for other drivers of colour too
HOPE lost
HOPE lost:
Remember when Tiger woods was the new kid on the bloke and changed the game! Lewis Hamilton is just warming up!
I was watching in live on Rede Globo and i saw the win
Cody Ryle
Cody Ryle:
stop uploading race wins before the race highlights
So proud of my boy Ngubu <3
They know thier place brought on by themselves and they are scared. The reactions of an animal about to be made extinct....or........MORE HAMILTONS EVERYDAY
reminds me of myself
Oh cool. Whatever, what drink can you recommend to me for this weekend?
It's now official Lewis I the GOAT F1 driver.
vander Naka
vander Naka:
Sem palavras descrever o piloto que é Lewis Hamilton,o cara é um mito e um piloto longe de ser batidos por muitos anos!
Matt Damon
Matt Damon:
I just need to see Hamilton’s trophy room
Nick Macrae
Nick Macrae:
Regardless of whether people like him or not, he's an amazing driver. Congrats to Hamilton for the record. And I say this as a Ferrari fan.
If you told me, back when Hamilton started out, that he would break Schumacher's records. I wouldn't believe you. This is amazing.
ymer Ned Rednalotto
ymer Ned Rednalotto:
#92, and counting....next week #93....
Brad Rote
Brad Rote:
I’m a RedBull fan. But I have nothing but respect for this man. Congratulations Lewis Hamilton!!!
Idc what anyone says this guy is a freaking legend 🐐
daniel robert
daniel robert:
Well done Legend.
Shahul Usman
Shahul Usman:
Yea what a track, what a race.. This shows why Hamilton is one of the greats.. He adapted after struggling early and dominated
Abdulla Alabd alsayed
Abdulla Alabd alsayed:
Well done Lewis
Felipe Santell
Felipe Santell:
Schumacher: 68 poles, 91 wins. Hamilton: 97 poles, 92 wins. Think about that.
Chazairin S Catur Putra
Chazairin S Catur Putra:
All Domino's Pizza driver will be so jealous.😀😂