Lewy & Haaland score, Kimmich injured | Dortmund - Bayern 2-3 | Highlights | Matchday 7 – Bundesliga

#BVBFCB | Highlights from Matchday 7!
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Watch the Bundesliga highlights of Borussia Dortmund vs. FC Bayern München from Matchday 7 of 2020/21 season!

Goals: 1-0 Reus (45’), 1-1 Alaba (45+4’), 1-2 Lewandowski (48’), 1-3 Sané (80’), 2-3 Haaland (83’)

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Now , Dortmund vs Bayern is getting more interesting than Real Madrid vs Barcelona
Rubén Álvarez
Rubén Álvarez:
Can we all apreciate the high level of this highlights?
Haaland tracking all the way back to defense at 2:05 is quite scary to watch. He's got mad amounts of pace, stamina and strength.
Hermitcraft Videos
Hermitcraft Videos:
Kimmich being injured is very bad for Bayern. Other than that, great game.
Lewandowski - AMAZING Header
Sane - Brilliant Goal
Haaland - Beautiful Tackle and Goal
Reus - Unstoppable Volley, GOAL 😎
Neymar is my idol
Neymar is my idol:
It was simply amazing both teams were had their attacking boots on such a shame that there was no fans to see this insane game and also get well soon Kimmich
Zax Orus
Zax Orus:
I wonder how this match would have been with live audience.
Mohamed Ashjau Aslam
Mohamed Ashjau Aslam:
Haaland is such a sport! He didn't even dive when he got tackled by kimmich
As a Bayern fan I was so happy for the win but really sad about Kimmich's injury. It's so great to have him back again now! Kimmich is such an important player for Bayern.
yine mükemmel oynaşınız ile maç zevkimizi tavana ulaştırdığınız için teşekkürler Der Klassiker teşekkürler Lewandolski ve Haland
Galank Alfariza
Galank Alfariza:
Hallaand is a beast, he's movements is something else 💥
I Read it somewhere
I Read it somewhere:
This is refreshing and entertaining. I love this highlight, love the commentary and how they add sounds from other languages. Nice one
Rodarvark Mat
Rodarvark Mat:
how Lewandowski score this goal is amazing 🇵🇱💪❤️
Hashirama Senju
Hashirama Senju:
Best Highlights, It's more than video you can feel the emotion of the match!
By Gar
By Gar:
Ese Haaland es increíble, que corpulencia y que agilidad
What an epic game!!! Wish Bundesliga was shown in India
Great to see Reus back on the scoresheet.... should’ve grabbed a brace
Dani JR
Dani JR:
The decision-making of Haaland is incredible :O
Brian Arcos
Brian Arcos:
Lo que le hace Haaland a Neuer como si fuera un portero cualquiera es para resaltar, golazo!
Mouad Chaiabi
Mouad Chaiabi:
Haaland is a beast!
I dont know why Favre keeps trusting in reyna every single game over brandt or hazard who are more experienced for this kind of games. Kid is good, but this is bayern
Intense match! Great highlights
Sminto's Gaming
Sminto's Gaming:
And this is called A Game💪
No one going to talk about how insane Sané goal was
[email protected]:
I like how attacking both teams were
yogiit ram
yogiit ram:
Halland is a beast , ran all the way to defend.
Jefet Anchundia
Jefet Anchundia:
Buen partido 💪🏼
Hope Kimmich recovers soon
stamped metal sword
stamped metal sword:
0:49 did I see that right? That guy tried to trip up Haaland, but got injured instead? Haaland is real life Ivan Drago.
Anjoy Basumatary
Anjoy Basumatary:
i appreciate them because they played outstanding,
and i hope kimmich will be back very soon
Gonçalo Ferreira
Gonçalo Ferreira:
Guerreiro with two assists.
Luis Eduardo Alfaro
Luis Eduardo Alfaro:
Haaland es totalmente de otro mundo, no puedo creer que tenga la capacidad física para atacar y defender, además de sobrevivir a esa patada de Kimmich, grande la Bundesliga 🙌
Jasper Seen
Jasper Seen:
The game was intense. I hope kimmich a speedy recovery.
Luvuyo Mthembu
Luvuyo Mthembu:
Halaand is the sharpest; quickest; deadliest assassin-like striker i've seen
Cristcha Esarehg
Cristcha Esarehg:
Dude, Haaland is mad crazy. This dude is a machine
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni:
And this is called A Game💪
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu:
And this is called A Game💪
Jo Jo
Jo Jo:
When Lewy scores the camera goes to show Reus reaction
The director likes football drama doesn't he! 😭
Lionel MessÌgician
Lionel MessÌgician:
What a highlights...
I know Bayern smashed us but i can't disagree with Bayerns awesome Football !
What a game plan by Hansi Flick
Ziyech L'écolo
Ziyech L'écolo:
Thank you Bundesliga for your very good Highlights!
Skyfall IT
Skyfall IT:
He should have thought twice before doing a horrible tackle on the last man, he also went with all the purpose of injure Haaland but was lucky enough that because of his injury trying to do it he didn't recieve a red card.
all football highlights
all football highlights:
45' Marco Reus (1-0); 45+4' David Alaba (1-1); 48' Robert Lewandowski (1-2); 80' Leroy Sané (1-3); 83' Erling Braut Haaland (2-3)
Prankush khanal
Prankush khanal:
Sad to see kimmich got injured.😓
Dxc Ww
Dxc Ww:
Damnnn the hightlight be presented like a thriller movie
Respect to Bundesliga🙏👍
Apple Peel
Apple Peel:
An awesome game and BvB were actually p good but just weren't clinical enough. BvB could've easily drawn or even won the game if Reus and Erling finished their chances. But Bayern are just too too damn good but a great game indeed
Jxshua Plxys
Jxshua Plxys:
0:49 Haaland feeling no pain..
Kiss Layy
Kiss Layy:
Man these highlights are on a different level.
m k
m k:
As a Bayern fan I'd said Halaand really got the strength of Vikings that's why he can break Kimmich and Goretzka defense
That freekick from Alaba was purely world class.
sCope Yui
sCope Yui:
Kimmich tackle Haaland
Kimmich injured
Aditya Voleti
Aditya Voleti:
wow kimmich trying to bring haaland down ....
brought down himself
pushin it
pushin it:
Futbol at its best. Just beautiful to watch.
Caleb Nauseb
Caleb Nauseb:
It's a good thing Sane left City🔥👑
Samarth Anand
Samarth Anand:
What an aerial view of the goals. Woah
Pero que partidazo siempre son bueno partidos los bayern vs borussia
Wil Vargas
Wil Vargas:
Håland carregar a Arca de Noé é foda !!
Practical Science And other things
Practical Science And other things:
Alaba's goal is beautiful
Dani Gutiérrez Nolasco
Dani Gutiérrez Nolasco:
Haaland is a Machine!🔥🥵
Aviel Calimutan official23
Aviel Calimutan official23:
RL09 header superb. Very difficult but he managed to goal. Wow
the best ligue in the world nowadays!!! la mejor liga del mundo hoy en dia!!!
Night Moose
Night Moose:
Lewandowski actually put the ball in the net three times this game, two of them were ruled out for very questionable offsides.
Co Vid
Co Vid:
El Clasico: I am the best derby in the world.

DERKLASSIKER: Hold my Lewy & Haaland
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv:
Reus' miss could've drawn it. So heartbreaking. Min of silence for the Dortmund fans
Haalands goal though🔥🔥🔥🔥
Diogo Ericeira
Diogo Ericeira:
Haaland impedido no segundo gol
Dortmund needs a good goalkeeper 👍
Håland's explosive acceleration is fearsome! BEAST
One day best player in the freaking universe
Erling haaland
Dortmund just need a word class goalkeeper and its done
Piotr OLN
Piotr OLN:
Tylko Lewandowski strzelając tyle goli pomoże młodemu Norwegowi się rozwinąć bardziej.
Minej Mosuris
Minej Mosuris:
Vijay Kumar
Vijay Kumar:
Two key players of Bayern are out for 2 months. Get well soon Kimmich and Davies
Sigurd H.S
Sigurd H.S:
Haaland beasting through that poor dude in the running/shoulder to shoulder cracked me up lol 2:06
Oscar Montenegro
Oscar Montenegro:
Highlights in portuguese? I didn't expect that. Thank you so much guys. Greetings from Portugal ❤🇵🇹
Md Shadman Wasif Khan
Md Shadman Wasif Khan:
Kimmich tried to bring down Haaland, but he ended up getting injured LOL
This game was insane
lincol alberto garay peche
lincol alberto garay peche:
🔥🔥🔥🔥Los 2 mejores 9 del mundo
Jo Jo
Jo Jo:
2:05 Leon Goretzka himself is absolute unit and yet 20yo Haaland threw him like nothing 😭
Ah, man I can't believe I missed this live.

And that tackle on Haaland lol. OK so I really hope Kimmich will get better soon... empathy slightly mitigated given the horrendous the tackle was though.
Amazing he (Erling) managed to stand on his feet - you can easily get injuries this way if you're not "built for it" (trying to stay up countering huge forces)

(Perhaps my favourite thing is downhill running and I've never EVER understood those who say it's more taxing going down than up, so that's where this is coming from 😅 You gotta be strong and agile and have good balance and focus, to not sprain ankles or worse; your own force is the heaviest one)

Edit: And most of all, you HAVE to know how to fall and HOW you can fall and when (in a worst case scenario)
disappointed there weren't any Norwegian casters for Håland's Goal
i admire Haaland's spirit, what we need in football nowadays
cqvio doli
cqvio doli:
Haaland beasting through that poor dude in the running/shoulder to shoulder cracked me up lol 2:06
Nana Yaw
Nana Yaw:
You can't miss the number of changes Dortmund missed against Bayern and expect not be punished. You definitely will
Facundo Dominguez
Facundo Dominguez:
I liked that Kimmich was injured because he tried to injure Haaland xdxd
jeri jericho
jeri jericho:
Lewandowski Player of the match 💪💓
131 Abrar Galib
131 Abrar Galib:
Wow what a quality highlights
Siva Joseph
Siva Joseph:
Hard to find replacement for kimmich
Let's see how Bayern handles
Bayern doesn't do crazy transfers but still every team is scared
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon:
It's a good thing Sane left City🔥👑
Dean talks Football
Dean talks Football:
You'd think BvB wouldn't need to be a selling club, for instance they have a big passionate fan base who spend money on them and they are in CL KO's every year, plus I bet they get a good income from finishing 2nd every year from the Bundesliga so why sell your best players ? I doubt the wage bill is that high compared to many other CL clubs. They instead though just become an academy to youth but instead of keeping them they look like they are becoming a finishing school ? Someone needs to look and explain Dortmund's reasons for this and see their finances
Get well soon, Kimmich! 🥺
Rocket Gaming
Rocket Gaming:
Kimmich tried to bring down Haaland but he is the one who got injured
Google d2
Google d2:
Sane's goal is sumptuous
Thomas Muller
Thomas Muller:
hope my friend kimmich will get well soon he is one of my favorite players of the team
o garoto é brabo!
Manish Tak
Manish Tak:
Amazing Match. Dortmund showed how to play against champions. Well done Dortmund, nice match
Raouf raouf
Raouf raouf:
The pass reina for haland and this chance is offside
Sumit Kumar
Sumit Kumar:
The thing is Dortmund need to sort out their defensive errors look at Bayern they are unstoppable
Jorge ADB
Jorge ADB:
Buen partido
wallpaper 2a
wallpaper 2a:
I wonder what Haaland is saying under his breath at the end?? I'm beginning to like him even though i am a Bayern fan....i like his intensity & the fact that he seems like a sore loser....most genius players are considered GREAT because they ARE precisely sore losers!
Okechukwu Shedrack
Okechukwu Shedrack:
This highlight is world class