Leylah Fernandez vs Elina Svitolina Highlights | 2021 US Open Quarterfinal

Leylah Fernandez takes on Elina Svitolina in the quarterfinals of the 2021 US Open.

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The 2021 US Open main draw runs from August 30 - September 12 in New York City at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. The tournament takes place for the 141st time and is the fourth and final Grand Slam of the year. Dominic Thiem is the men’s singles defending champion but has withdrawn following an injury. Naomi Osaka is the women’s singles defending champion and will be aiming to claim the title for the third time in four years. Meanwhile, No. 1 seed Novak Djokovic looks to complete the calendar Grand Slam after winning the Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon already this year. Should the Serbian lift the title here for the fifth time, he will also overtake Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal to become the first-ever man to win 21 Grand Slam singles titles. With full capacity crowds back again, it’s time for the greatest return!

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100+ komentarze:

I might start watching more WTA matches again. Layleh is a breath of fresh air. Her upraised arm is already iconic to me.
John L
John L:
The way she smiles after winning big points is so captivating! Hope she never loses it.
Lil Nicky Da Baddest
Lil Nicky Da Baddest:
Mental Strength won Leylah this match. Even when she was down you always felt she was in control. You could feel Svitolina breaking down slowly until she finally did. Slaying Giants is Leylah Fernandez onward!!!!
Ruh Ning Fast
Ruh Ning Fast:
Incredible. It's one thing to be a teenager but another to be a teenager who consecutively defeated Naomi, Angie, and Elina in 3-setters in a Grand Slam tournament!
Svitolina showing great sportsmanship at the end. Fernandez speed really helped her win this match
Nikhil Joshi
Nikhil Joshi:
Incredible! There’s not telling for sure, but she has the weapons needed to be a future star
Darryn Bermingham
Darryn Bermingham:
I really understand the hype about Emma Radacanu and the way she has destroyed players this tournament has being something to behold but my story of this tournament has to be Leylah Fernandez! To come through 3 set matches against Osaka, Kerber and Svitolina(winning a tiebreak in each) just shows she really cuts it at this level! She never seems to panic and is just class! No matters what happens for the rest of year, this is just amazing stuff!
This is starting to feel like 2019 ! Another young Canadian woman thrilling us with extraordinary tennis. Keep it going Laylah !! 🇨🇦
Jason Pan
Jason Pan:
Alcaraz. Fernandez, Radacanu, these teens are something else.
John Hawthorne
John Hawthorne:
It’s refreshing to see an aggressive yet cheerful young talent who can delight the crowd both with shot making and demeanor. A welcome change from the angst and drama of some of her peers in recent times. Let’s hope that both her potential and upbeat personality endure the inevitable high expectations that follow.
And she did all that without even a little grunt! Love this woman.
Sev Raonic
Sev Raonic:
I loved them both. They both fought and gave all their hearts into every single game. I thought the Sakkari match was the best of this tournament, but these two were just amazing! Congratulations to them both for giving us such an incredible match yet. Leylah ❤️ Elina! 💐💐💐
Superhuman effort and no obnoxious grunting. A proud moment for Canadian tennis.
Acer G
Acer G:
wow! I was expecting Leylah to fold up from newbie jitteriness when Elina broke her serve and tied the game 5-5 in 3rd set, but this girl has mental fortitude to fight it out. If she continues with this mindset & attitude, she just might end up with a US Open trophy in her hand.
Wil End
Wil End:
Felicitaciones a esta deportista zurda, portento del tenis mundial, desde Ambato, Ecuador 🎾🇪🇨🇵🇭🇨🇦
This match gave me goosebumps in that last set! What an amazing comeback from Svitolina! Huge congrats to Leylah, new fan here! Congrats to both girls on an amazing match!
Eve K
Eve K:
This young lady is just out of this world !! I'm shocked that she can play so amazing at this age .. Congratulations !!
Maggie Smit
Maggie Smit:
Fantastic match! 💫⭐🥳so awesome that opponents come around the net to hug her. Huge respect for how she wins! Hope she wins next match too 💚🏆🥇🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦
Andrew M
Andrew M:
She's a lefty. My new favorite tennis player.
Spencer Arms
Spencer Arms:
Wow that passing shot and really the whole at 5-5 in the tiebreak was huge
Daniel P
Daniel P:
We were there for this amazing match. What a thrill. ❤️👍🇨🇦
Matt Lee
Matt Lee:
When she goes up for the next point, you wouldn't be able to tell if she'd won or lost the previous point. Her mental strength (along with the massive forehands and net play) is probably her greatest asset. Absolutely incredible!
Wow! Leylah Fernandez she is fire! I’m a lefty myself. She is playing amazing tennis this tournament. She knocked out my favorite player Naomi. But when I see Leylah play and how bold she can play, she amazes me! She defeating all big players on her way to the semifinals. She is now one of my favorite players including Emma Raducanu for winning this tournament!
Wow. Just wow. Incredible player and mental strength especially at that age.
Bo Rood
Bo Rood:
I love her thrilling style of play, she's exciting.
Kitana Kombat
Kitana Kombat:
Great match and a bright future ahead for Fernandez.
joey joey
joey joey:
Young, determined and SILENT! Yes, we need more SILENT players! Kudos Leylah!!
Brian Jones
Brian Jones:
Fernandez and Raducanu have made tennis exciting again.
Paula Richards
Paula Richards:
Svitolina was a beast...she did nothing wrong; it just wasn't her time. Leylah is simply fulfilling destiny. What a great match!
Classy young Leylah shows the women's tennis world that it is totally bogus and unnecessary to grunt and yelp like a banshee to hit a tennis ball. When will the tennis overlords wise-up and ban that obnoxious practice??? A rule against this ridiculous antic is long overdue.
van le
van le:
very excellent match. i cant believe Fernandez plays so intelligent, she has enough elements to become the no.1 in the World.
David Turco
David Turco:
Both Radacanu and Fernadez are incredibly likeable. Big difference and huge improvement for the game.
LJ _
LJ _:
Incredible. Great Canadian tennis superstar. What mental fortitude for a girl her age.
꧁Vam Heredur꧂
꧁Vam Heredur꧂:
This USO is full of surprises, I'm lovin' it!
nice guy
nice guy:
Her court coverage is amazing.....she is nimble footed...
She moves so well, very fast and stable so she has a formidable defence. Her shots are compact and efficient on both wings and she can both handle pace and generate her own when needed. She can hit almost every type of shot and some pretty acute angles, except perhaps the lob. She seems very consistent. No wonder she in the Semis. A joy to watch as well, hope to see much more of her in the future. Keep going!
Flora Andriescu
Flora Andriescu:
I love seeing dark horses at grand slams. I hope she wins the trophy.
R Martinez
R Martinez:
She plays like in her prime right now. I can see a bright future ahead of her. Well done.
Jess Bell
Jess Bell:
Cant believe im teary eyed with her performance . You have the biggest heart Leylah! Mabuhay ka!
Eagles Astro Tarot
Eagles Astro Tarot:
Leylah moves the ball well. Joy to see her add some variety into the women's game.
I am in shock! This young lady is amazing.
Emmanuel Nwankpa
Emmanuel Nwankpa:
Exciting match a very high level of Tennis Great performance from both ladies however,. Congratulations to Leylah Fernandez for her achievements so far in the tournament her mental toughness is incredible she could go all the way if she believes yaaa
Joyce Boggs
Joyce Boggs:
So happy for her, Great Win
Another great match from two great players.
Wahn Yoon
Wahn Yoon:
All that intuition, confidence, craft and class -- without any grunting or drama. Truly a breath of fresh air. What a match!! All 3 of her last matches were electric.
Wahn Yoon
Wahn Yoon:
Watching her footwork is dazzling. Wow she has wheels, which get her position to hit all of those winners. Glorious tennis.
Andy Paul
Andy Paul:
Layla Fernandez becomes the youngest players in 16 year to reach the semi finals......until an hour later...when Emma Raducanu becomes the youngest player in 16 years to reach the semi finals
Steven Schilowitz
Steven Schilowitz:
her speed, age, groundstrokes reminds me of Tracy Austin from 40 years ago. She could win it all.
Rhyan Diaz
Rhyan Diaz:
Amazing.... grit, power, determination at it's best... kudos leylah🇨🇦🍁
What a riveting play from Leylah!
Pao Briones
Pao Briones:
at last...A Canadian player on the rise....congrats Leylah
Justin L.
Justin L.:
I’m officially a fan. Wow.
Nil Sensei
Nil Sensei:
She's a WARRIOR on Court, Love her fighting Spirit. GO GO GO Leylah 💪💪💪👏👏👏❤
That volley at 5:5 in the tie break will probably haunt Svitolina for some time... Easy put-away, but she played it over-carefully and let Fernandez back in the point. Great passing shot nonetheless!!
She’s loving the crowd and pressure. 19 yrs. old I’ll collapse with that kind pressure.
Demigod1 01
Demigod1 01:
C'mon, surely QF matches deserve those extended 8mins highlights! 🙄
Stephen Roach
Stephen Roach:
2 Canadians in the semis! So proud!
E Lee
E Lee:
Love the grit and grind out this Fernandez! Definitely not another Osaka!
Keep it goin!!
Rich Elmer
Rich Elmer:
Dude, Leylah is crushing the game!! 😲😲 I mean, whoa! 😳 This is mighty impressive what Leylah is managing to do. And I'm cheering her on because I am quite intrigued. I can't help but enjoy what I'm seeing from her. I see you, take it all the way then! 😅
Who Me?
Who Me?:
You can see Leylah feeds off crowd energy. I'm a big fan of Naomi but her personality is kind of the opposite. This just shows the different effects of human natural characteristics on any type of career a person chooses. Naomi will get over it with time, then she will be unstoppable. However Leylah looks to be a super star in the making.
L!za LAB
L!za LAB:
Her running forehand is amazing , reminds me of Pete Sampras 😃
Susan Keating
Susan Keating:
What an amazing match, breathtaking tennis. I watched from the UK, thank you Amazon Prime 👍
Oliver Juria
Oliver Juria:
every top players she beats seemed to have a genuine spirit and truly graceful after losing to this teenager. they probaby see a tremendous potential in Leyla.
Ben_ 9Haan
Ben_ 9Haan:
When she sent out Naomi maybe many people said she only lucky..
but now is another proved from her… she is brilliant ..
It’s great to see these young players come through and challenge the top players. So exciting to see who will take out the US Open! It’s anyone’s game, all the best to all the ladies!
Concilianus Mbato
Concilianus Mbato:
I woke up at 2 am Indonesian time just to watch this match. Incredible mental fortitude.
Bharat Jani
Bharat Jani:
Incredible win!! Many more to come from a rising Canadian star🇨🇦
Bo Rood
Bo Rood:
If she wins this Open someone should do a video of her highlights accompanied by the song Layla by Derek & the Dominoes.
carlos sanchez
carlos sanchez:
Wow !! Fernández you got one more to go !!love her energy , her game !!
Kevin Wang
Kevin Wang:
I wish she can wins the US OPEN
Love it!!! The rise of the teenagers! Great match!
Great job to both women! That 3rd set was heart stopping moments and it could’ve gone both ways.. Unbelievable tennis!
Leylah won because she was more aggressive than Elina. Leylah took risks to dictate! Defense only gets you so far.
Marilee Coles-Ritchie
Marilee Coles-Ritchie:
So inspirational. Her grace, excitement, and grit are so fun to watch. Go Leylah!!
ravi Sookdeo
ravi Sookdeo:
She is just amazing! So much talent already! Keep staying focus and don't get caught up with everything else! She is like a mixture of Roger Federer and Nadal combined!
Nikhil Joshi
Nikhil Joshi:
She seems introverted when you look at her, but she’s actually very extroverted
Khôi Đỗ
Khôi Đỗ:
It's successive third time Leyah defeated top 20 ranked player
Awesome match! One of the best i ve seen this year. So sad for svitolina. She s got the allround game but misses the x factor and always runs into players that are hot in 2nd weeks of slams
M Delroba
M Delroba:
Layla is fearless !
Awesome 🤩
Mike Castro
Mike Castro:
Leylah loving it! Fernandez is it!!!❤
Ro Man Q
Ro Man Q:
"It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog". Leylah is a fighter, love how she moves on the court.
Samet S
Samet S:
Let's hope she shows a similar form through her career , cuz' those shots a very strong. Hits the ball early, reads the game well, positions fast from forhand to backhand. Looks unreal at times.
Only watched all her highlights, I'll tune in for the semi 4 sure.

How is her serve?
Idham Mahbegi
Idham Mahbegi:
Can't stop watching this.. What a performe by laylah🔥
Alex Fowler
Alex Fowler:
We might have a new rising star in a few years or less. Consistency, power, speed, composure Leylah has all of that. Bravo
Vishal Venkat
Vishal Venkat:
A little lucky at the end, but otherwise what a performance! From both players as a matter of fact!
So proud of her love her quick ness tenacy, strength and composure! very inspiring young lady! Mabuhay ka!
Mikaella Pauline Lucido
Mikaella Pauline Lucido:
Go leylah im rooting for you, take the crown and make history, cheers for ur success.
So beautiful game🔥🔥🔥🔥
I was excited by them🔥🔥🔥🔥
Ben Sona
Ben Sona:
She can outlast other players with long rallies. Great ball striker. Reminds me of Agassi in his day
Whenever Elina regresses to playing every shot up the middle of the court I know it's only a matter of time before she loses. She played right into Leylah's strengths. Should be a great final!
Altarox LLC
Altarox LLC:
Love seeing this new, young crop of rising tennis stars break through! Makes the tourney fun to watch.
I thought her inexperience would be her demise but she came though. What a nail bitter.
Mario OB
Mario OB:
Amazing! Her run to the semis reminds me of Serena Williams 1999 us open at just 17 yo! Hopefully she wins 🙏🏾
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv:
We were there for this amazing match. What a thrill. ❤️👍🇨🇦
Imagine an all teens final
OM Tree
OM Tree:
We're living in the future!
This is awesome and beyond.
Edmund Gonzales
Edmund Gonzales:
Amazing play by a young lady & a rising star in the future of tennis sport...congrats Leylah!!!
Svitolina needs to play doubles (for volleying). Actually monfils too.
Michael Tamares
Michael Tamares:
She thrives on pressure!!!! You go girl!!!
Henry M
Henry M:
Leylah is making us so proud!!! 🇨🇦🇵🇭🇨🇦🇵🇭