Lily Collins's Day-to-Night French Girl Look | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

Produced by Vogue with Lancôme

Lily Collins walks us through her skin care routine and shares a simple, clean day-to-night look with a nod to Parisian glamour. Lily also talks about her obsession with essential oils and how she deals with dry skin.

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Lily Collins's Day-to-Night French Girl Look | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

100+ komentarze:

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ASMR Phan:
I love Lilly’s eyebrows!! Sometimes I wish these videos didn’t feel so promo-ish. All the Lancôme products she uses makes sense since she’s a brand ambassador for them
Kristy's Edits
Kristy's Edits:
She is so beautiful that it looks like she already has makeup on and has her eyebrows done.
Laurel Titus
Laurel Titus:
she was literally, literally, LITERALLY playing herself in emily in paris. that wasn't acting. she was being herself.
julieth99 m
julieth99 m:
I can't believe she's 31! She hardly looks out of her 20s
A A:
I was distracted by her perfect eyebrows throughout this video.
Rebecca Jane Brown
Rebecca Jane Brown:
Wish this wasn't an advert... or you at least stated Ad in the title like we have to do here in the UK.
It was exhausting to watch as you know it's a brand deal, rather than what she genuinely loves.
Es hermosa!! 😻
Chico Amadeo
Chico Amadeo:
I love you Emily.:)
Kim G
Kim G:
She speaks like a elementary school teacher. She’s so cute.
Bonnie Jackson
Bonnie Jackson:
Her relatable skin pigmentation and mustache upper lip shadow is so real, thanks for showing real women’s faces vogue 🥰❤️
Kristina Lanta
Kristina Lanta:
I love lily looks when she wears make up like she turn on young, the make up is natural 😘
kent sánchez
kent sánchez:
why do I feel like she’s still on character and I’m looking at Emily doing her skin care routine on instagram 😭💓
Maryam Fakhry
Maryam Fakhry:
She’s so pretty without makeup and with! I love her a lot
One of the prettiest, sweetest people in Hollywood. She’s such a timeless beauty and so elegant in the way she carries herself. Reminds me of a modern-day Audrey Hepburn.
Anita Hidayah
Anita Hidayah:
In one second, the foundation just went full coverage. Well...
Nora Barkai
Nora Barkai:
It took me 5 years to realise Phil Collins is actually her father.
Farah Khalique
Farah Khalique:
Someone probably needs to tell Lily that because she has hyperpigmentation/melasma she needs to steer clear of essential oils, denatured alcohol, witch hazel and chemical kind of assume that these celebrities get great skincare advice, but evidently not!
mya t
mya t:
“less is more” cuts to her with full coverage concealer
Anh Nguyen
Anh Nguyen:
Her face is so symmetrical it’s unreal, even her spots are symmetrical 😳 also, she could make a fantastic YouTuber and great storyteller
Saioa Monzon Grinblat
Saioa Monzon Grinblat:
why does the music sounds like the club penguin fishing game soundtrack
Laura Gutierrez
Laura Gutierrez:
“It makes me feel like I’m in Paris all day who doesn’t want that? ”
Everyone who *actually* lives in Paris.
everyone: she has iconic eyebrows
me: LoOk aT HoW cLeAn HeR TeEtH ArE
The fact that she didn't choose to hide her imperfections before doing the video❤️❤️❤️ That's how celebrities should be! In real world everyone has hyperpigmentation, it's not always even & porcelain like it's been promoted in movies & shows.
So proud of her❤️❤️❤️❤️
My Emily 💞💞💞💞
SHE’S SO GRACEFUL. like everything about her is so elegant
Chris Tina
Chris Tina:
"less is more" - *cut* and we see a full coverage foundation LOL 😆
BlinksPy Blackpink
BlinksPy Blackpink:
This is so real💗💗 We can see she's actually with no make up! And she still looks fantastic! A queen
Hannah M.
Hannah M.:
I love how she‘s just so down to earth. All her products are actually affordable, not everything Barbara Sturm just because she can pay for it. Love her! 😍
03 AI
03 AI:
Well she doesn't play Emily. Her actual personality is Emily itself😂
Megz G
Megz G:
I didn’t expect her to be so preppy and American girl 🙈 she’s literally Emily
She reminds me of when we've all stood in the shower talking to wall doing our skincare routine lmao I love her
Nik Z
Nik Z:
I was today years old when I realized Lily Collins doesn't have a British accent.
Great video! I love her, she's so gorgeous! Her energy in this video is infectious, I'd love it if she had her own YT channel :D
Wish this wasn’t an ad and she really did her own makeup, I would have loved to see it cuz I love her 💕
Julie Ma
Julie Ma:
She's sounds better than a lot of "beauty influencers" on YouTube. Stays on topic and so well spoken
Lisa Gunnison
Lisa Gunnison:
We really enjoyed Emily in Paris.....was totally clueless that Phil is her Father. Great success on her own....talent.
that cut between having so little foundation on her face to suddenly having so much on and with concealer done is so sketchy. I have a feeling she used a different foundation between that cut.
Agnes Chiu
Agnes Chiu:
I really really love the way she talked, she's like a little girl and even watching such a simple clip makes me feel really happy and positive
Laura Liem
Laura Liem:
Even though she's not looking at a person, her eye contact is VERY stable!!
Salpi Vartivarian
Salpi Vartivarian:
How are her teeth so perfect and white?? They look like veneers almost.
Letizia Reis
Letizia Reis:
I am so happy that Lily Collins is getting the attention she deserves I liked her since 2009 when she started acting she was the first person that really made me proud of my own full eyebrows...
Subhani Anu
Subhani Anu:
She is so cute and so cheerful..I love her so much❤️✨️
J J:
Why on earth would you believe that this is Lily Collins true personality? This is a vogue video produced with Lancôme sponsoring for christ's sake, not a biographical movie
cactus juice
cactus juice:
Lily Collins' eyebrows will forever be *iconic*
Lizi Dumbadze
Lizi Dumbadze:
OMG😵I tried to make the eyeliner exactly the way she did and it came out perfect🙌🏻♥️LOVE YOU LILY
Mary Garcia
Mary Garcia:
I always thought she had perfect porcelain skin with no freckles and I always wanted to have her skin but she looks like me and that makes me like her even more. I always hated my freckles but I have grown to love them. Lilly is gorgeous.
Tanya Perry
Tanya Perry:
You know you got perfect eyebrows when all you have to do is brush them. She’s literally so pretty with and without makeup
Will never believe she's American. I've always thought she was British
Olivia Morales
Olivia Morales:
I sometimes forget she majored in broadcast journalism, and is very good at addressing the camera with clarity and precise speech. Love you, Lily. Always and forever!
Estefanía Hidalgo
Estefanía Hidalgo:
She’s just so freaking beautiful
she said "I'm obsessed with essential oil" and I could hear Hyram gasping !
Nyle Dalwoman
Nyle Dalwoman:
Lily is my absolute favorite. 😍 I'm just a little worried with her left eye. Has anyone seen like it kinda blink alone, like a wink slowly? I've observed it in Emily in Paris and then this video.
tamarys almeida
tamarys almeida:
Maravilhosa AAA ❤️
Em •
Em •:
So refreshing seeing someone with real skin/someone not using crazy filters filming, someone with wrinkles, pigmentation etc. Watching Emily in Paris you don’t think she has that..
Angela Germar
Angela Germar:
she's literally beautiful even without makeup
she's so beautiful, i love the fact that she embraces her natural features
Why does it feel like she's acting the whole time?😂 must be me
JJs Essence
JJs Essence:
She doesn’t look like a 31 year old , She could honestly play a teenager 😊😊😊
Mirella Nigro
Mirella Nigro:
The Marketing Queen like her role on Netflix. Lancome is in the building everybody
she's really good at this tutorial-style monologue!
she's so pretty, glowing, and i really love the way she talk😍💖
Ashlee Xd
Ashlee Xd:
si cuando era pequeña no me hubiera depilado las cejas sola tendría las cejas igual a las de ella ;-; sus cejas son muy lindas por dioooos
Rocío O
Rocío O:
I really love her, she’s the cutest and the prettiest 💞
Sweet Draw Mix
Sweet Draw Mix:
*I pray who ever reads this becomes successful , And we can all arise..*
Denise Chan
Denise Chan:
After she's done with the foundation I think she's all set up❤️ so pretty❤️
James Juarez
James Juarez:
I adore Ms. Lily Collins. Sweet, endearing, fun, talented and lovely in every way. We'd be besties for sure xo
BP are Gorgeous!
BP are Gorgeous!:
She has one of the most beautiful faces I have seen in life so far, and her nose is literally my dream! 😍
Chelsea Daley
Chelsea Daley:
Lily has such a beautiful skin tone like she's almost like a natural goddess
TJ Yousuke
TJ Yousuke:
can't emphasize enough how beautiful she is!
victoire s.
victoire s.:
I love Lily's eyebrows so much. When I was young I hated my eyebrows so much, it was back when thin eyebrows were still the rage. I remember clearly one day my mom showed me a picture of Lily Collins and said something like "see!!! now big eyebrows are the trend" and I felt so happy aksksk I know it sounds a bit dumb... anyway I love love love Lily and her cool empowering eyebrows ❤️❤️❤️
Let's talk about how beautiful she is with and without make up. 😭
Okay. I love Lily so much, but I have never watched any interviews or anything, so when she first spoke, I jolted. Did anyone else think that she had an English accent? I was shocked to here an American accent, anyone else?
Ronnie Lodge
Ronnie Lodge:
I feel she has realistic least to me ..I have little spots and uneven skin tone as well.
d. H
d. H:
it feels so refreshing seeing that her skin isn't perfect and even either
Mackenzie Keel
Mackenzie Keel:
she is stunning and did a great job, she's so lovely, but this isn't French beauty I don't really think she should be the one to represent it. Get more French women doing these!!
Kerrie Tucker
Kerrie Tucker:
Wow she's so friendly and positive, such a beautiful person!
Tay Wen Wei
Tay Wen Wei:
Lol her voice changes into ad mode when she’s speaking about Lancome, and at the six minute mark she suddenly has a full face of Bright! Fresh! Glowy! Makeup after a scene cut 😂
Melis Ayuğur
Melis Ayuğur:
Just realized she wasn’t acting. SHE IS EMILY
L G:
Nice to see that she loves her lips the way they are! All size and kinds of lips need to be represented :)
Her eyebrows are very nice and it's good to be proud of it.
I like her cuteness, beauty and intelligent atmosphere.
In other words, I like everything ❤
Ana Lea
Ana Lea:
i really love the way she talks ❤️ you make my heart meltt uwu
Patricia Bello
Patricia Bello:
Sus cejas, dios mío, qué hermosa es :')
Kaylee Rodriguez
Kaylee Rodriguez:
if lily won’t star in a future audrey hepburn biopic i’m suing
Joanna Herodotou
Joanna Herodotou:
It seems like everyone doing a makeup tutorial always uses a sponge to apply foundation, it seems much easier just to use your fingers to blend in!
Kennedy B
Kennedy B:
I’m literally obsessed with her eyebrows 😍😍😍
Kristina Yun
Kristina Yun:
she was literally, literally, LITERALLY playing herself in emily in paris. that wasn't acting. she was being herself.
She has the blood of one of the most coolest legends in the UK running in her.

Phil Collins, you did a good job raising this gal.
Ros Elle
Ros Elle:
She's isn't playing Emily. *She is Emily*
•Miilky Way•
•Miilky Way•:
Awww she looks so refreshing haha XD
Kelly Cruz
Kelly Cruz:
Omg I already do exactly half her routine. Love it. Will try those other steps.
April Suelo
April Suelo:
I'm obsessed with Lily Collins eversince. Her face is beautiful even without makeup 😍 her eyebrows is timeless.
Denise Kennedy
Denise Kennedy:
Why didn’t you show Lily Collins using concealer in her routine? She clearly had added something to her lips and applied concealer but both steps were edited out.
Kaitlyn F
Kaitlyn F:
Who’s thinking about what Hyram would say before he reacts to this...
Love Lily, she is such a nice person 💕
This was so nice to watch! Thank you for this clip ;)
Riley Wilson
Riley Wilson:
I love that she actually loves France so much. Like Emily in Paris was such a dud this skincare video by their main actress is more of a love letter to France than the show was.
This is my favourite makeup video by far. She is so fun😍LOVE.
Am I the only one who is laying in bed with snacks and a double-chin 🙂🙂
Edith Teroba
Edith Teroba:
She is just an amazing girl!
Agata Serdiuk
Agata Serdiuk:
Omg,she’s perfect!