Limp Bizkit - Rollin' (Official Music Video)

Official Music Video for Rollin' performed by Limp Bizkit.

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(C) 2004 Interscope Geffen (A&M) Records A Division of UMG Recordings Inc.

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legend says he’s still rollin’ to this very day…
Gladys Mestanza Palacios
Gladys Mestanza Palacios:
La música de mi adolescencia.
I was never a huge LB fan but I did have all their albums, and whether you like them or not you have to admit that when they released this video, they had the whole music industry in their hands ! :O
YASSELDUFFY: me canso de oírla.......... grande el productor.... grande los músicos.... grande...limp bizkist🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉
José Alcántara
José Alcántara:
Tengo 17 años, soy 2004 no puedo creer lo increíble que era la música de limp Bizkit 💀
I really should have loved this song more at the time. Shame on me. What a fucking banger!
alessio carrara
alessio carrara:
2022 and still sounds fresh and heavy...long live LB
Yo sé que esto no lo leerá la gente de Limp Bizkit, muchas gracias por haber hecho parte de mi infancia con su música ❤️❤️❤️
Earle Daniels
Earle Daniels:
Limp Bizkit were deservedly massive back in the day. Their music is still relevant today and beats the shit out of most stuff being released these days
Damn good times back then. Glad I was a teenager and got to enjoy them. LB still is one of my favorites to hear.
Jesus Burritos
Jesus Burritos:
Limp bizkit are a lot like Nickelback. Many people will say they hate them, but everybody secretly loves a song or two.
Renan Lopes
Renan Lopes:
Limp bizkit can merge rock with hip hop🤩
Ainda rola com certeza, os verdadeiros fãs do rock, metal e outros gêneros derivativos como eu, ainda ouvem, e ouvirei até o meu último suspiro de vida!
England’s Biggest Music Nerd
England’s Biggest Music Nerd:
Fun Fact: “Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavoured Water” is the fastest selling rock album of all time, selling over 1,000,000 copies in its first week.

And I can see why, because it is a damn fun album.
Blast back into my early teens the nostalgia with these great songs. Limp Bizkit was the voice of my generation.
Admit it, merging rap and metal togheter was truly a genius.
Steve D
Steve D:
One of the best bands to come in the 90's! Thanks to Korn and Jonathan Davis for getting these guys out there for the world to see!
Michael Mahogany
Michael Mahogany:
I grew up in 90s and we had so much amazing music in 96 97 98 99 that no nk one really cared about limp bizcut just cuz we were so spoiled we didnt understand how good this actually is
MF Jones
MF Jones:
I’ll be rollin to this track forever
Carlo S
Carlo S:
Pure nostalgia, love this track.
TomSka & Friends
TomSka & Friends:
Still rollin' October 21st 2019
Eu amo o estilo das dançarinas, lindas.
Natalia K.
Natalia K.:
Cuando iba a la escuela escuchaba este temazo, no en el auto, más bien en el bus escolar 🤣
I wish I could send a message back in time… “Enjoy this, young man. There are dark roads ahead.”
Brittney Miller
Brittney Miller:
The fact they played on top of the twin tower before it was detonated by our government is fucking amazing. Hands down the best Era of time before shit got too corrupt.
John Tyrrell
John Tyrrell:
My father played this while we were stealing cars in the year 2000.
Now I play it to him when I visit him in prison.
Love you dad.
Nacional Legionário
Nacional Legionário:
De longe, pra mim, a melhor música do Limp Bizkit.
Cracklinjack ___
Cracklinjack ___:
I've been sharing some of the songs from the 80's and 90's with my kids, ( seriously, who let me into the human gene pool ) but they loving the music over today's crap that's out there. Limp Bizkit of course, Nirvana, Queen, GnR they know, Lynard Skynyrd, Tears for Fears, and so many more as well. Awesome times
Amo Limp Biskit🎧🌌🎶♥🙅
Klaudia Alana Wilder
Klaudia Alana Wilder:
The early 2000s was a lawless wasteland that we all hold on to dearly. Lol
Максим Андреевич
Максим Андреевич:
Вот это ностальгия ❤️🤘
I fell in love with this song because you can chose music to play on a certain roller coaster at universal studios. Wasn't even the one I meant to pick but it matched the trill of the ride amazingly
Артем Марянин
Артем Марянин:
Величайшая группа, ностальгия в каждой секунде(
Bobby lachance jr
Bobby lachance jr:
An absolute classic rap metal song. Completely deserved top video. Whether you liked Fred Durst or not he was an absolute genius.
I would give a million dollars to go back to these days. 😩
Amanda Almeida
Amanda Almeida:
Melhor música deles com certeza Aaaaa 🥰🥰🥰🎶
Ramses Noel Caceres Montenegro
Ramses Noel Caceres Montenegro:
Mi banda Favorita de rock
Grew up listening to this as a kid, I would sing it in the car on car rides. I miss those days 🥲
Este temón envejece como el buen vino 🍷 👍🏼
I remember being a little black kid moving to a white neighborhood and my white neighbor breaking this song and video down piece by piece explaining how this is essentially a rap song…I didn’t see it then but I definitely see it now, I haven’t seen him in 20+ year, he showed me first hand just because we’re different doesn’t mean we’re opponents we have more in common than we think, I hope all is well with him and his family
Lucas Emanoel
Lucas Emanoel:
Me lembro dessa música no primeiro filme da franquia Velozes e Furiosos, sem falar no My Way que também foi trilha sonora do filme
Bryan Farless
Bryan Farless:
Ain’t nobody do’n it better, that song pics me up with tons of energy.
Тимур Амиров
Тимур Амиров:
Использую этот трек, чтобы настроиться на заказ роллов.
Diogo Ferreira
Diogo Ferreira:
Was about 3 or 4 years old when this banger came out. Never gets old. F***ing masterpiece. 🤘
Sean Dolan
Sean Dolan:
My grandma plays this song when she’s going down the street in her automatic wheelchair
Adexiofan 123
Adexiofan 123:
I've been stuck in a low point of life for a while now, this gives me motivation to stand up again and try to start 'A New Genesis' of my life ❤️
Ten year old me loved this song back in the day. Ten year old me still loves it today
I was never born when this came out but limpbizkit is a masterpiece.
Jrive Vegas
Jrive Vegas:
As a 41yr old man that was 17 in 1997 when $3bill came out, I have been ready to see you guys live and missed the chance at Carolina Rebellion a few years back (caught the last 5 min 🤦‍♂️ ) BUT have tickets for VEGAS May 28 and FUCKING PUMPED!! Been jamming da bizkit the past few days getting ready!!
20 years today. Learning this was the last band to play on top of the WTC brings a real smile to my face 🇺🇸
Leonidas Vagelatos
Leonidas Vagelatos:
I love this track !!!
Awesome Plush Productions
Awesome Plush Productions:
This video had me rollin rollin rollin rollin on the ground
Mostly cuz of the opening with Ben stiller and whoever the other guy is
And the fact they just gave Durst their car without hesitation and I also find it funny how the band members keep falling out of the car since Fred is just stuffing all the guys he can into the car
I bet if Ben and his friend appeared again they would ask, “can we get in?”
The thing I remember the most about this music video when I was a kid were the backup dancers. When asked about this song it's always those back up dancers that comes into my mind.
Quinn Howell
Quinn Howell:
I want to acknowledge how much fun this video is. I’ve over played this song to death but this video is so fun to watch
Robert Yap
Robert Yap:
This music never gets old. Just keep rollin
Goddess Morgana
Goddess Morgana:
I know it's fashionable to shit on Limp Bizkit but they were an excellent band both esotericly and in regards to their technical music skills.
Also they rocked my face off at Family Values '00. Limp Bizkit never got enough credit for being excellent live performers.
Tiger WarEagle14
Tiger WarEagle14:
I can't help but keep thinking about LB performing this as part of Undertaker's entrance at WrestleMania 19 on his motorcycle. Kickass song!
The Creator
The Creator:
A band that we will never forget , I put my name on the list for a virtual concert later .
Anil Jaiswal
Anil Jaiswal:
The 90s and the early 20s is the best era of music 🎶 P.E.R.I.O.D
Man this quarantine thing is bringing back memories
Smoke & Mirrors
Smoke & Mirrors:
This is the type of awesome song haters would try hate but secretely still rock out to in private with no one seeing them🤣Keep rollin baby!!🔥🔥🔥💪🏼Definitely has it’s place in history..
Asif Adnan
Asif Adnan:
I will jam this music so loud while driving or walking through the whole manhattan cities. I don't care what other genres listeners think in 2022.
daniel assunção
daniel assunção:
I really like this band 🇧🇷
Ahmed D. Luffy
Ahmed D. Luffy:
Ah, everything about this song reminds me of the Attitude Era when they had Monday Night Wars, Stone Cold, Undertaker, Brothers of Destruction, etc. This song ain't about just The Undertaker, it's about childhood long gone memories.
Simon Kim
Simon Kim:
Younger people will not be able to imagine how large this weird band was at this time..
Ralsei Is Disappointed In Society
Ralsei Is Disappointed In Society:
The lyrics of the song are very catchy, you could possibly not listen to the song for 5 years but still remember the verse that goes "keep on rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling."
Gustavo Monteiro
Gustavo Monteiro:
Eu acho essa música muito boa,mas quando eu descobri a letra dela eu fiquei assustado kkkkk
Panji Akbar
Panji Akbar:
2022 i still listen this song man "legend"
Харя Наглый
Харя Наглый:
Это уже " классика".)
still great in 2022! everyone keep the numetal alive!🔥🎶🤘
VCS são e sempre serão os melhores. Nessa [email protected]
Ian White
Ian White:
Hands down better than today’s music.
Limp bizkit was the most american thing ever
Nathan Brooker
Nathan Brooker:
I roll hot steel at my job and this song goes through my head
this is honestly one of the best music videos i have ever seen
Alex C
Alex C:
Damn, I remember back than in 2000 I was listening to this song on a tape, on a freakin' tape man. Now I listen music on Spotify, I don't have to "roll" the tape, ha ha. Still an awesome song even today. Now I'm into K-pop. No more frown and angry face, happy face only for me. Fred Durst is 51 now and I am 41, so I was 20 yrs old back then, good times though.
2000s were the golden years...
Hugo Santos
Hugo Santos:
I'm just grateful I was a teenager when LB exploded with their awesome style and great nu-metal songs
Andres Humberto Araneda Aguilera
Andres Humberto Araneda Aguilera:
2022 aun suena!!!
Yoshimura Cosplay
Yoshimura Cosplay:
Keep Rollin' in 2022, until the 30's , 40's, 50's..... Limp Bizkit's music mustn't disappear at any costs !!!
Abraham Guevara
Abraham Guevara:
Si el 2000 fuera representado en una sola canción sería esta
They did a Monster breakthrough in music!!!!!!!! I was 27 And I was Like WTF!!!!!!
El R.
El R.:
This song sounded good back in the day and it still sounds good today.
Maria Claudia Ferreira
Maria Claudia Ferreira:
Manai Beranz
Manai Beranz:
Still rollin in 2022
Vinny Peralta
Vinny Peralta:
After all theses years still mine
haven’t listened to this in at least ten years. still know all the lyrics.
ShadowTDM Gaming
ShadowTDM Gaming:
2000: Rollin'
2010: Rollin'
2020: Rollin'
2021: Rollin'
All the years yet to come: Rollin'
The secret of life is to keep on Rollin'
Victoria Edwards
Victoria Edwards:
Went to his concert last night at mohegan sun arena in Connecticut! Sporting long white hair and a handlebar mustache and coveralls. Sounds exactly the same! Loved it
Still bangin’ in 2022! 🤘😝🤘😝🤘😝
Mauricio Benitez
Mauricio Benitez:
Gracias a Limp Bizkit y Korn hoy escucho Metal!! Cannibal, Napal death,Slayer,Dimmu Borgir..con mis 40 pirulos🤘😎🎶
I didn't know I knew this song. I love it!
Hemang Chauhan
Hemang Chauhan:
Damn... This is still as catchy as when it was originally aired
Sonia Arias laballos
Sonia Arias laballos:
Noemi Kis
Noemi Kis:
Watching woodstock 99 and brought me here! Crazy 90’s! Nice to hear this again🎶.
i can't imagine a racing game without Limp Bizkit
Everything was going so well for America when this video aired. Sure hope things continued to go well!
This song just can't die. All time in school i hear a little voice in my head what repeats all time:rollin' rollin' rollin' rollin'