Linda Evangelista opens up about injury from cosmetic procedure gone wrong l GMA

The supermodel, who said in September that a cool sculpting procedure left her "permanently deformed," spoke about the ordeal with People magazine.

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Sidecar 771
Sidecar 771:
I saw her many years ago in Rome where she was on the cover of every magazine on the newsstand, which she had stopped to photograph. Easily the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. It must be something to watch time wash all of that away.
Zoie & Finnian 🦋
Zoie & Finnian 🦋:
Linda, I’m so sorry this happened to you. I can’t pretend to really understand the shock or extreme discomfort you’re experiencing. I hope you are well cared for and the pain & the scar tissue you’re dealing with can be removed and resolved without too much difficulty.
You are still no doubt so beautiful. You were all over my bedroom and closet walls growing up… I wanted to be just like you🖤🦋
When your entire existence has been focused solely on your physical beauty and body, when that’s gone and you have no core foundation to fall back on, you realize how empty and superficial your existence really is. I’m sorry this happened to her, but she has her son, many supporters, and is probably far better off than many other “disfigured” people
I get it, for her beauty is like fingers for a pianist, line for a ballerina, foot coordination for a soccer player. As a man who had been doing some photoshoots and getting asked to do more because of the way I look, I have become more aware of my body and sometimes feelings of validation star to get link to beauty and to stay in shape and to be more and more muscular, for me it has been tough and i do it iregulary imagine been a whole time model and imagine been a woman, that's ten times the pressure. So her being the Supermodel of her era, and by knowing that she dreamed about it when she was young, even though beauty is all about Ego this must be a nightmare what is happening to her, I feel her. I know there are more Important things but from where she comes it must be hard.
Coyote Wilson
Coyote Wilson:
A woman's value extends beyond beauty and physicality. With that said, if one capitalizes on beauty and physicality to the exclusion of everything else ... that's not healthy. If there has been damage done here, it's not from the procedure. The damage likely existed before. The damage was likely exacerbated by a career in modeling.

Linda, honey, love yourself for something other than the attention that you had as a celebrity model. You have a child who needs you. There are no doubt many people you can help if you can recover from this thing the right way, too. Love is a choice sometimes, so choose to love yourself and the path you're on.
I'm sad this happened to her but cool sculpting is a wonderful procedure. I've had it twice on certain areas of my body and it literally melts (well, freezes) fat right off. Spot reduction is not possible via dieting and exercise but cool sculpting makes it possible.
k l
k l:
We love you, Linda. You're beautiful! You've been/are the muse for so many incredible artistic photos. Tell your story at your own pace, time, and on your terms. We support you! After reading some of the comments, I realized MANY people don't really understand how hard being a working model was/is. So don't let no one tell you how you "should" feel. Sending you healing hugs!
Sm Sh
Sm Sh:
I feel extremely sad for her. She was a great model, and actually cherished and was proud of her status as such. On the other hand, I'm not sure if one freak accident on an individual person is worth driving a large company out of business with who knows how many job losses, THAT IS - if their claim that they have done 11000000 procedures successfully is indeed true. Freak accidents can happen during any medical procedure - one person out of ten million can go to a manicurist and end up dead due to some adverse allergic reaction they were unaware of....
Dale Howard
Dale Howard:
Your REAL FRIENDS support you Linda and stand by you. Turn to the Lord to heal and restore you!
Terry Lauren Vuitton
Terry Lauren Vuitton:
Linda Evangelista is an icon and will always be one of the best supermodels ever often called the chameleon!
Green Manelishi
Green Manelishi:
She could not outrun the tragic consequences of vanity.
Brandi Lyn
Brandi Lyn:
That’s very sad. But I’m glad she’s not hiding anymore, the only way to get over something is to get through it. Bad things happen in life, to everyone, but you have to find a way to keep going! She’s still very beautiful & has a lot going for her.
Blessed 1
Blessed 1:
Hang in there Linda. Praying you will receive a peace of mind, and you will be healed. In Jesus Holy name Amen - miracles
W. Rhiannon M.
W. Rhiannon M.:
It's bad and if that happened to me I'd feel awful as I also care about my look even if I don't work in fashion and I don't depend on it. But when this sort of things happen we really must understand that life is not always all about how we look like and appearance. It's hard though.
Egomaniacs that use this degree of cosmetic adjustment need to understand the risks they are taking.
It's sad that her son has to deal with her not being able to interact with him over vanity smh
Brylle Tabora
Brylle Tabora:
She needs to see a therapist
Lil Jay
Lil Jay:
Linda was so arrogant when she was model. She really did use her beauty as a weapon. A now look what happened
Yen Dang
Yen Dang:
It would be difficult to sue them because she probably signed a lot of consent forms before the procedure.
Kelly VH
Kelly VH:
So sorry for Linda, meanwhile I could never afford such treatment so might not go thru all that, wishing Linda the very best obviously 💯🙏🤞🏻🙌🏻💪🏼
While I truly feel sorry for Evangelista, it points to the pressure that many have trying to preserve their youth. Instead of slower modifications of improving one's health and getting ones BMI to normal levels, many are impatient and want to undergo many things that are truly unnatural. Promoting frostbite, surgical removal of fat, and liposuction all have risks. Be comforted that you have achieved what many only dreamed of. But at your age, I would just try and understand that your youth is behind you, and try and live a positive life. The lawsuits will not make you regain any of the original body contours which were done with your own knowledge of the risks involved. She should have ideally have gone to a board certified plastic surgeon and not a dermatologist. Dermatologists are experts on the skin, but the plastic surgeon has the additional training of working with tissues below the skin. She needs to empower herself to accept who she is as well as the wrong decisions she had gambled with. Not everybody wins.
Adrian Esperando
Adrian Esperando:
She doesn’t look that bad. I guess this is what happens when you and others overemphasize looks instead of character. She should go get some therapy and get on with her life. It’s not about her happiness anymore it’s about her children.
Jordan Hawkins
Jordan Hawkins:
The fashion/modeling industry is what has truly broken her inside! In 2022, plus size models and body positivity are more celebrated! She’s from a different era though!
Selma De Faria
Selma De Faria:
I love her hair cut, her face still looks stunning and lovely, she still has loads of style. I wish I could look this lovely at 60. Linda girl, you need to stop obsessing over what is no more and stop being so hard on yourself. You look beautiful, screw Versace _if they can't dress the body of a 60 year old woman then they have no business staying in business anyway! A good stylist should be able to dress anyone! If they can only dress one body type than they are not designers, but limited, idiot dictators. It's their short coming, ineptitude and incompetence, that they can only dress one body type, not yours _not ours! Human beings come in all shapes, and most also go through different shapes all through the course of their lives _if these so called designers can only dress one of those then, quite frankly, they are the ones who are profoundly inept!! You are not that industry, there is way more to you than what you have been doing for a job. Your job is not you, it's just what you have done for this one ride. There is way more to you than taking pretty pictures, so maybe you should now take this as an opportunity to focus on finding out who you are outside the industry _find something else to do with your gift of life, enjoy the new beautiful you, and the rest of your life. Happiness really is a choice, so is suffering.
W. Rhiannon M.
W. Rhiannon M.:
She could always take advantage of the Body Positive Movement and continue her career like that. She is still Linda Evangelista after all!
make it make sense
make it make sense:
We care, myself included, way to much about looks
Somewhere in Indiana
Somewhere in Indiana:
Sorry for her, but there are side effects and risks, and this is listed as a risk for the procedure.
Rein 32
Rein 32:
I believe her because I'm going through the same things right now after doing mine. I mean I did it to myself so now I got to live with it but it definitely sucks and made me not like my body which is weird because this was supposed to make me like my body haha..oh well, good luck girl.
Agediinad Xx
Agediinad Xx:
I grew watching this women in every magazine cover you can imagine, I personally thought she was the most beautiful women was ever created, my gos she must be feeling terrible from being hero to zero, god bless her
Luke Quigley
Luke Quigley:
Folks spend a lot of money trying to look 22 at 50 .. Society says all beautiful women should look 22 till they die..I thought we humans were more advanced
jayme peddycoart
jayme peddycoart:
She is still Beautiful. Its sad what happened to her.
Hayley Love Solar
Hayley Love Solar:
all cosmetic procedure comes with risk so u know what you did to yourself...dont blame others...go to yourself n your son....get over it ....accept that your old now n live
Mom Mom
Mom Mom:
I have not seen any photos of her that seem to depict a brutally disfigured woman. There are not many photos of her "damaged" body at all and certainly nothing that looks like disfigurement. She looks like an average middle-aged woman so it could be insulting to the rest of us non-former-supermodels to have back fat or under arm flab labeled as some hideous deformity. It could be cool sculpting gone wrong, it could be aging, and it could be that either way her modeling career was coming to an end. If she was not informed of the risks that is terrible but I think most people having "beautifying" procedures know the risks and do it anyway. Pretty sad to have your self-image so destroyed just by looking average.
Sun Moon child
Sun Moon child:
Don’t you have to sign papers before you get any type of surgery including Botox…? Aren’t there side effects or complications that could happen to all procedures like this…?
Avis Wrentmore
Avis Wrentmore:
This is terrible what has happened, but you are the only one responsible for your happiness not them. They did not take away your joy - they did not cripple you - they did not blind you - you can still function & communicate your feelings - you need to give your best to and for yourself and for your son. Don't let this procedure take away your happiness or joy. Many people have faired far worse in life - look at Amy Purdy ---she is making the most out of her life and now inspiring others. People will love you regardless HONESTLY.....and if anyone judges you they are not your friend or worth your time. Focus on the good in your life. You were in a business that is based on looks which is so superficial and is not real anyway.
Gigi Du Hermoine
Gigi Du Hermoine:
Avoid these procedures... I'm certain there are thousands of victims...
Brooklynn Graves
Brooklynn Graves:
It’s so sad when people, especially women, base their sense of value on transient objects. She clearly has low self esteem and could benefit from counseling.
She decided to "TRY" a procedure and it didn't work the way she wanted. Unless there was negligence on the part of the clinic, THEY ARE NOT AT FAULT!
Mon Ada Misliendres
Mon Ada Misliendres:
It doesn’t matter what we do against aging, at the end ,its passing is unavoidable and we all have to accept it whether we like it or not😢😢😢😢☹️☹️☹️😢😥😥😥
Blessed 1
Blessed 1:
Things will get better Linda.
New Horizon
New Horizon:
God's way of saying "No..."
Esther C
Esther C:
I thought I heard her say it disfigured her face months ago but she looks fine. Or is that not a current picture?
Jennifer J
Jennifer J:
BS! I hope she loses her lawsuit! She wants to punish the world for her aging! What a princess of entitlement. If she was disfigured, she hasn't shown it. What a nut
Very sad. Do not mock her. I feel her pain. They caused crazy bumps all over her body that she can never get rid of.
Apple Pie
Apple Pie:
Sounds like narcissism to me and she doesn't look deformed.
Annie Abao
Annie Abao:
a lesson learned....
I can't help but roll my eyes because when she said disfigured I was expecting to see the elephant Man or something.
Bugs Bunny
Bugs Bunny:
Love from your hometowm baby doll.There will never be another you.💋❤
I hope she wins her lawsuit and hope she is receiving good counseling. Her fine tuning her body was no different than what others have done in other occupations. However, I hope she can accept that she still is really beautiful and allow herself to heal mentally. She needs to be strong for her son.
I am very sorry this happened to her. No one should have to deal with this. Although she is incredibly beautiful regardless whether she has some lumps and bumps of fat. I welcome her to the community of women who are not super models. Most of us women are in fact shorter fatter and average looking. But we are mothers, wives, workers and good neighbors. We will never be remembered for our “ looks” but will be remembered for the love and care we gave to others. The old line “Beauty doesn’t last but good cookin’ do” is a reminder of this.
She is going to let that ruin her life? Don't all cosmetic procedures come with risks though? I think coolsculpting works the way it is intended for MOST people but unfortunately she was one of the few whose body responded differently.
Telengard Forever
Telengard Forever:
Beauty is far more important than a college degree till around your early 50's. After that, father time switches that equation: A college degree becomes far more valuable than your fading beauty. At around this time, you better hope you got a decent degree in order to sustain the lifestyle you want.
Khadijah Nyabinghi
Khadijah Nyabinghi:
You were already perfect looking. Nutrition, lifestyle and exercise can make a woman maintain her attractive physique or body in her later years. You will not have the firm young body of your youth ever again. It's a hard pill to swallow as a woman ages.
Theresa Griffin Kennedy
Theresa Griffin Kennedy:
She got older and she gained weight. I think this case is so misleading. She sounds like she needs therapy. She is terrified of getting older, so instead of working out, she wanted a quick fix and this is basically liposuction. Its sad, but I don't see how this is the fault of the company who did the procedure. She needs to work out, or figure out how to lose weight in a healthy way. Getting older and gaining weight is not anyone else's fault, its just the real world. But the real world might not be something she can handle. She needs psychological help more than anything else.
Blue Dot
Blue Dot:
Wow, the judgemental comments are disgusting. I sincerely hope she is able to work on her depression and spread awareness of the complications of these sort of procedures. Women are judged harshly on how they look and then we blame them when they turn to cosmetic surgery. Let's instead hold each other up instead of shaming victims.
Cat Blue
Cat Blue:
Sorry this happened to you but life is about love...not vanity. Love who u are and those close to you...more than what u look like. Beauty comes from within. We all lose our looks with age...then what?
I would think that the doctor who did her surgery would explain the risk beforehand?
Breah Saldana
Breah Saldana:
This is life girlfriend and we try and age gracefully... 2022 not 90s!!! Ur still beautiful!
Jon Feld
Jon Feld:
How about diet and exercise instead of cosmetic surgery?
Z C:
Linda Evangelista also said she does not get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day modeling. Well now she'll get out of bed for even $10 a day if she's offered
She looks like any other 57 year old woman who gains weight as she gets older. She just sped up the aging process by messing around with her body and face with fillers and procedures. She isn't the first nor the last woman to become heinous by her own decisions. Her modeling days are over so she should stop worrying about how she looks and find a way to use her life in making a difference in this world by volunteering and doing charity work. Beauty lasts so long and in the end we all realize that everything is just 'vanity, vanity....all is vanity.'
Stephen Lennox
Stephen Lennox:
This is unfortunate, but are we really supposed to feel pity for this narcissist? How about Linda focuses on her son's needs, and stop with the poor me crap.
Ania S-ska
Ania S-ska:
I wish her message was about acceptance not looks
Elizabe Magnaye
Elizabe Magnaye:
Accept the fact that we all grow old.We cannot stop the process of aging.Thise days were gone a long time ago.You have the fame and money.In modeling you are employable when you are young still some middle age can still model but not the price you demand.
The Lion and The Bee
The Lion and The Bee:
You ARE beautiful. Go through the very painful stages of mourning. Then...go through the stages of Blessing and Thankfulness. Bless you God for...Thank you God that for my precious son...
Then ask and receive healing. Cry, shout, He can handle it. He is your Heavenly Father and He loves you unconditionally. Then you start the road to recovery. You can DO IT! You are NOT ALONE. WE APPRECIATE YOU! You are BEAUTIFUL INSIDE & OUT!
Teach your son this. I'll be praying for you sis. Godspeed.
TATN This Ain't That Network
TATN This Ain't That Network:
Elective surgery is a risk to be taken only in extreme circumstances. Vibrate ❤️Luv
Sarune Nav
Sarune Nav:
Well I am really not a fan of this treatment....I think there is alternative treatments that has no such side effects. I feel for her. We buy smartphones, Ipads ect becouse everything evolves..this treatment is the same you do it as it makes life convienient..why not use it to fight aging if you can. Ect why write letters if you can send messages.
Orlando Forte
Orlando Forte:
Girl bye … there’s people with bigger problems out there… and she’s worried about some back fat how shallow and how vain can you be ..
Truth Told
Truth Told:
Linda was absolutely beautiful back in the 90’s.
Unfortunately, beauty doesn’t buy common sense. She didn’t need the surgery. What a waste and what an idiot to have that done too herself.
Marguerite Holtzhausen
Marguerite Holtzhausen:
She must get over herself. Her pretty days are over and must focus on her personality like the rest of us.
The World of Juniper the Cat
The World of Juniper the Cat:
She’s after money. Big money. Bringing her son into it with that whiny little girl voice. I can’t feel sorry for her. She’s still beautiful.
Correct it is non-invasive. Not many do it.
Gerard Quinn
Gerard Quinn:
Another warning for easy fixes...fat deposits we make go away with diet and exercise. To keep beautiful body costs a lot of work especially if you are a model and want thousands of dollars for photo shoot...
Mason Starship
Mason Starship:
Can’t she have lipo!!!
I wish she would not sue. cool scult fixed a deformaty I had (could not do yoga before now I can). The company is already greedy and now the price will become unbearable thanks to her wanting to get richer or blame someone else for what no one could predict. Cool sculpt is a god send in my opinioin.
Kerstin Bandner
Kerstin Bandner:
When you do this (plastic surgery), you are agreeing to the gamble. People DIE. Now she looks like a “normal 50 year old”. Get over it.
Renee Collin
Renee Collin:
🍀 she was & is still pretty! But whatever happened to plain ole gym/excercise to get the weight off ?!
Hard to believe she is still focusing on superficially perceived flaws. I guess models are permanently damaged psychologically.
I follow Pauline Porizkova, and she champions beauty in older women. I get that. is for the young. It's the cruelty of nature. Stop focusing on yourself. Beauty is everywhere.
Cons Mercado
Cons Mercado:
I honestly don't see any disfigured parts. She looks old and added weight. Disfigurement for me is the result of a freak accident that will leave the person unrecognizable.
Mon Ada Misliendres
Mon Ada Misliendres:
There’s a song called The sunscreen song(class of ‘99) by Baz Luhrmann I highly recommend this song🥰🥰🥰🥰
Armando Ucles
Armando Ucles:
Between her and people who've been really disfigured from say being attacked by animals, thrown burning oil at, war scars, she looks incredible. Stop complaining lady!!!
James Norris
James Norris:
It sounds like she's blaming others for not aging well. Healthy diet and exercise is the only way to maintain mam. 50 million dollars, please! Walmart is hiring.
Jess I
Jess I:
Linda whining over some belly fat. I had 2 children now I have a jelly belly. Not enough to stall my life. I eat healthy stay a good weight 128 I’m 63. Let it go.
Angel Cabrera Morales
Angel Cabrera Morales:
She's just a victim of herlself.
Lee Quinn
Lee Quinn:
She got old, gravity is working against her quickly, as happens to all. That's why all those housewives of whatever look the way they do, because of all that plastic surgery and botox they get done to stave off looking old. She looks like a normal middle aged woman, but she wants to look like she did 30 years ago, not gonna happen. I think this is all about CA CHING!!! I hear the sound of money in this story. I can only guess the money Pinault pays in child support for their son might not be enough. And she failed to land a super wealthy husband(like Pinault). Such vanity.
Matt Foley
Matt Foley:
It didn't make her fat
L Mc
L Mc:
The wall takes no prisoners
I N:
she is insane. I feel sorry for her but playing victim its not a solution...we are all aging and it was her decision to take treatments at the first place. wtf...she should of exercise and do yoga to maintaine her body if she wants to model at the age of 40 +/I she shouldn't get 50 million and I think she is looking for an easy income, since her ex billionare boyfriend doesn't want much to do with her...
She should thank God. She can actually grow as a person. I heard the one hour interview on iHeartRadio she’s incredibly shallow. Maybe God has bigger plans for her. Maybe she will live up to her last name and become an evangelist. She can use her voice for good and expose the lies of the modeling industry. She needs to get over herself. Maybe she should spread the gospel. The real gospel, Christ Jesus
Doctor DL
Doctor DL:
She sounds like a spoiled diva with that recording but I get it having come from a world that focuses solely on looks.
She was never pretty. She had a unique and sexy face in her 20s but age is an enemy.

She did not take care of her body and 20 years later like most humans she gained 1lb per year… maybe 2lbs per year.

She tried a quick fix to make her look 20 again and blames the fad product.

Wake up people! If you want to look 20 then you need to eat healthy and go to gym constantly. You cant wait 20 years after you gained 20-40lbs and then think you can miraculously look young again.
oz tar
oz tar:
Who Cares...Poor Poor Me, What about people out there with Blindness, Cancer, Our wounded Veterans ...People with REAL issues, You are getting "old" poor you . poor baby... Geez, Go away.
Jacek Wierzbicki
Jacek Wierzbicki:
This is a problem with celebrities. The succes makes them feel more like a God then human. Then they realize that they are aging as all of us. Still want to convince themselfs that with their money they are still special. . She could be a very good looking older woman but have chosen to be pathetic and funny. She does not deserve our sympathy.
I feel so bad for her. Everyone acting like she is being superficial or unhealthy. She makes a living from her looks, she was a super model. She isn't like you and I. This literally has endangered her livelihood, not to mention her mental health. I hope she finds a solution and is able to be at peace with herself :(
Felix Castillo
Felix Castillo:
She’s crazy
Leodegaria Moli z vesbjna
Leodegaria Moli z vesbjna:
palkulam azhagesh kumar ( INDIA CULTURE )
palkulam azhagesh kumar ( INDIA CULTURE ):
Ciara Oh
Ciara Oh:
Since these side effects are so rare and the benefit of the procedure is overwhelmingly positive, I think that this video should be tagged as misinformation and censored from YouTube