Linda Fruhvirtova vs. Magda Linette | 2022 Chennai Final | WTA Match Highlights

Watch the Match Highlights from Linda Fruhvirtova vs. Magda Linette at the 2022 Chennai Open.

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Deus Ex Machina
Deus Ex Machina:
This was a high quality match. Such a shame Madga got injured towards the end, we would have had more crazy points. Congrats to Linda
Rupin Jeremiah
Rupin Jeremiah:
A star is born in Chennai! Superb from Linda! The Fruhvirtova sisters have arrived, with younger sister Brenda winning an ITF title today!
Martin Balcar
Martin Balcar:
Honestly, the winner of this match is the Indian crowd!!!! Amazing watching them enjoying tennis so much
mysterious light
mysterious light:
3 tituly během jednoho dne, Linda, Brenda, je sen
Bob McIver
Bob McIver:
Good match...AND...good fans!Certainly helped the atmosphere 👌...Portoroz could have used that level of fan support during their event.
It’s always exciting to get a new titleist on the WTA Tour! Welcome Linda! 🎉
Magda was supposed to win this on paper, but great consistency in shot-making from Fruhvirtova in the third. Congrats to her on winning her first WTA tour-level final 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Thomas Elui
Thomas Elui:
man, linda got that mentality, self belief and fighting spirit and that backhand.. this girl is heading for the top.. such a talent
Einars Dubrovskis
Einars Dubrovskis:
Bravo Linda! Fruhvirtova! The new star is born. She played superb in this tournament and deserved this tittle. Bravo. 🍾🍾🍾🎉🎉
Alan Costa
Alan Costa:
Obviously I expected Linette as the winner, I thought the experience would dictate it. That was 50/50 the whole time high level since the first game but when Linette made 4-1 I think she chilled out when shouldn't (she called physio may be the reason for it). Linda is getting ready for better opponents the consistency increased and she's physically stronger keep it up 👏 indian crowd amazing too 👏👏
Stef :
So sorry for Magda. She had the match at 4-1 up but that’s tennis, nothing is for granted. Congrats to Linda.
Daria Nowak
Daria Nowak:
Madzia brawo!!! ♥️🇵🇱🔥
Tomáš Jasný
Tomáš Jasný:
... naprostá paráda 👍 velká gratulajda z Prahy. Hurrrá 👍 Jen tak dál 👍🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀👍
Gratulace Lindě, tohle hodně potěšilo! Jen tak dál...
Marek Šindelář
Marek Šindelář:
Lindo, gratuluji Ti! Určitě si zasloužíš obrovskou pochvalu za neskutečné překvapení, dojala si mě!😍😉👍👌🥲 Jistě budeš několikanásobná Grand Slamová šampionka! Jen připomínám zahraničním fanouškům, že Lindě je teprve 17.
David Flores Montañes
David Flores Montañes:
🏆Un partido elegante golpes largos y respuestas rápidas fuera♥️de la pista.Bravo por las dos jugadoras y felicidades a la ganadora del torneo 🏆‼️
Ramasamy Ramsay
Ramasamy Ramsay:
I saw the match live on the stadium. The atmosphere was electric. We were cheering for Linda like crazy and i lost my voice the next day. This video does no justice to how Linda came back to win it. There should be a separate 15 minute highlights just for the third set.
The crowd in Chennai loves Linda so much. They are just willing her on.
Markus E
Markus E:
I thought Magda would win, in two, but I was wrong.
Congrats, Linda, on your first 250 win.
Martin Brady
Martin Brady:
The Lovely Linda strikes again!! There can be only one winner, alas. Both ladies played great. Loveya, Magda!!!
Keith Lauder Jr
Keith Lauder Jr:
Way to go Linda! Congrats young Lady! Many more titles to come.
Linda for sure will continue to improve but i think she needs to be a little bit more aggressive on the shorter balls and add more power to her shots especially when she running from side to side.
Fidel Estrella
Fidel Estrella:
Congratulations, beautiful girl, Linda Fruhvirtova, the youngest in women's tennis ♥️🎾🌺🏆
William Yeoh
William Yeoh:
Congrats Fruhvitova as fairy tale ending. Looking forward to see her more in WTA tournaments to come.
Jiri Janecek
Jiri Janecek:
2 Czech WTA titles in two days. Great effort, well done ladies. ❤🎾🇨🇿
Ian Hope
Ian Hope:
Linda heading for the top along with another 3 or more young Czech girls 👍
Never ending Pool of talent in Czechia ! Congrats Linda. I hope your sister Brenda will join you soon.
Ichsan Nurzaman
Ichsan Nurzaman:
Physical fitness is also part of the game, pretty sad for Linette's thigh problem but kudos to Linda for minimizing errors when it matters most
Oh, and the way she clawed back from 1-4 just like the way she choked that 4-1, 40-0 lead against Muguruza in USO, the rollercoaster ride of a tennis player life
unbelievable how magda blew it after being up 4-1 in the 3d. but much respect and congrats to this great czech talent.
Jeffrey Spence
Jeffrey Spence:
Glad Linda won today. And Brenda won her final match today as well.
Niki Tennis
Niki Tennis:
Linda the New Star 🥰🥇🏆🎾
Lobzang Dorjay
Lobzang Dorjay:
Fruhvirtova, the champion of WTA, Chennai open🏆👍
albert richard
albert richard:
Brilliant comeback from the last set 4-1 down , then Linda went to win the championship with 6-4 🎉 that’s 5 game in a row 🔥
Mighty TITAN
Mighty TITAN:
New Legacy begins in Chennai ❤ Congrats Champ
Kowalski Leon
Kowalski Leon:
Magda często nie potrafi postawić kropki nad i. Szkoda. Ale i tak gratulacje za finał.
carlos C.Z.
carlos C.Z.:
Linda, a future Top 10!!!!!
Tiago Costa
Tiago Costa:
Vlw Linda... Ganhei 500,00 por sua vitória
Kartikey M
Kartikey M:
Even back home Linda might not have the kind of support from the crowd she got here this eve
tomasz mus
tomasz mus:
Mecz na dobrym poziomie.. Zresztą Linda nie pierwszy raz pokazala że.. Za rok może być Jedna z tych młodych rzadzacych na korcie... 🤗Magda drugi set.. Widać było że już nie daje rady.. Trzeci był formalnością a kontuzja? Jakas mogła się pojawić...
Gotta admit that Linda's grunting has some nice vibes 😉
J nid
J nid:
its actually cool that india has this appreciation for women tennis even if these are smaller players
Daison JT丂
Daison JT丂:
Welcome to chennai ❤️ nice, awesome...
Martin Skacel
Martin Skacel:
Ta Magda je hodně dobrá, vyrovnaný zápas.
L B:
The crowd was incredible! WTA should host more events in India
Анатолий Ситько
Анатолий Ситько:
Неплохо сыграла чешская теннисистка.
Xxxx Xxxx
Xxxx Xxxx:
What a pity Magda felt bad exactly in the moment in which she could win the whole thing. Feeling bad for her... But big credits to Linda Fruhvirtova! During the whole tournament she showed big fight spirit and very strong nerves... And she is only 17 y.o! I can see her as one of the biggest opponents of Iga Swiatek in the next 10 years, only if she keeps herself healthy...
Double Fault File
Double Fault File:
Great match! We were commentating on our channel all of it! Hope you enjoyed it and keep up with us!
Akshay Suvidha
Akshay Suvidha:
Welcome to India ❤️❤️
Linda the new star? You mean the latest star... We have to stop crowning the young ones so soon. We have plenty of recent precedent to not do that.
Jaa- Koo
Jaa- Koo:
Fruhvirtova only won because Linette suffered an injury.
Ramone Cricket
Ramone Cricket:
Shocking highlights. Linette is up 3-1 and then we jump straight to championship point for Fruhvirtova? I literally have no idea how this match played out. Please do better.
Royce Skepagny
Royce Skepagny:
In the U.S. all you hear about is Coco Gauff but the fact is Linda Fruhvitova is a way better singles prospect than the aforementioned Gauff.
David Diaz
David Diaz:
Weird way to lose a match…
Ninad Samant
Ninad Samant:
kuya sam
kuya sam:
Great match ! Ata kasu !
TENN!S 067
TENN!S 067:
Congratulations Linds
*Linda : Linette* (2h40min omfg)
winners 25 : 46
unforcies 27 : 27
break points won 3/6 : 2/9

set1 winners 6 : 20
set1 unforcies 12 : 12
set1 bpw 0/0 : 1/6

set2 winners 9 : 11
set2 unforcies 8 : 9
set2 bpw 1/4 : 0/0

set3 winners 10 : 15
set3 unforcies 7 : 6
set3 bpw 2/2 : 1/3

_comments_ : Linette was dictating play all match long and had a break point to go up 5:1 in set3 but Linda found her way back into the match because Linette failed to pull through. Both are equally small weak players and would stand no chance against big strong women such as *Рыбакина* or *Zheng* , impressive players whom i also started to follow this year. CHENNAI250 was a funtastique tennis feast in the stadium, just with a lesser field and with no hawkeye technology (a shame!). Linda is a WTA champion in as early as 2022, absolutely unbelievable congrats. She'll never become a grand slam champion though, not enough easy muscle power, too much struggle, not sustainable. She kinda hits like a girl. 😘 @leech? fair enough 😆
Rolin Ti
Rolin Ti:
And so the story begins
william S
william S:
Well, how 'bout that. Linda is another sweet and fresh new champion. Nice.
Milivoj Petrovic
Milivoj Petrovic:
Ricardo Villagran Vicent
Ricardo Villagran Vicent:
Bye bye blistercanu, here comes the next teen sensation!!
Floyd Williams
Floyd Williams:
Oh dam Magda had it on her racket... Couldn't finish.
rachel allot
rachel allot:
mon dieu linda était aux petits as!!
Łukasz Lewandowicz
Łukasz Lewandowicz:
Linda is very hot and talented and sexy. She will make good #1 in future♥️
Tomas R
Tomas R:
Why did I turn it off at 1-4 in 3rd...?
Alek Zgrablic
Alek Zgrablic:
Interesting . Skip Linette match point and what happend after.
неясыть серое
неясыть серое:
Чего она все время падает после матча?
Zhandi Gustav
Zhandi Gustav:
Linda Fruhvirtova plays tennis much better than Emma Raducanu who won a grand slam. How is that possible?
Rupinder Singh
Rupinder Singh:
Tbh I don't see anything big in Linda to be an elite player ... her shots are weak and neither her footwork is of top class. She was just better than her opponent. I know she's teenager but no offense her game isn't of future top 10 player.....
Tom Doe
Tom Doe:
Linda did not won this match. Magda lost it. And another thing is that Magda will never be a champ-player. With 4-1 and even with inruy she should just push this set to the end winning it.
Marc Brandes
Marc Brandes:
Maybe not the William's sisters but these Czech girls will be around for a long time.
Paul Rodriguez
Paul Rodriguez:
What a succes of a crowd in India, we need more tournaments with people, not those dozens of tournaments with 0 attendance in EU
Linette lost the game!
Andrew Capran
Andrew Capran:
Where is the trophy presentation 🤔
Rabindra Debbarma
Rabindra Debbarma:
His good news
Mr Nowak
Mr Nowak:
Magdas first medical time out in like 3 months. This was probably Linda’s 4829293855894th Within a week 99% of those coming when she’s loosing or a break down. Either she needs to get surgery for all those injuries or she’s cheating and trying to break magdas and other opponents rhythms
Jeffrey Spence
Jeffrey Spence:
Linnette is up 4-1 in the 3rd and loses??? WTF
Stan Green
Stan Green:
she is just 17 !!!!!
Иван Петров
Иван Петров:
Линда КРАСОТКА!!! Фигура просто огонь!!! Какие шикарные у неё близняшки!!!
Theo Van Roost
Theo Van Roost:
Yet another useless Czech tennis player
loana 0007
loana 0007:
3:1 for Linette and doesnt won match hahah shame
cancel doing it in india. the weather is disgusting. its not a place for sports. these players dont need to suffer.
Byron Adams
Byron Adams:
First of many.
Not even the handshake at the net and a few emotions of her after winning the first title? Seriously WTA? 🤔😅🙈
Luther Jubilee
Luther Jubilee:
How do players agree to play in smelly countries like India?
M. K.
M. K.:
If Linnete dont have a injury she will win
Fruhvirtowa is sooooo lucky
Alex W.
Alex W.:
Fruhvirtova has taken moaning to yet another level. Unacceptable, super annoying.