Lionel Messi CONFIRMS a transfer to PSG is a ‘possibility’ in Barcelona press conference | ESPN FC

Lionel Messi addresses the media after it was announced he would be leaving Barcelona.

0:00 Messi breaks down in tears during a round of applause.
1:32 Messi confirms he wanted to stay at Barcelona.
3:06 Messi says his next move is yet to be decided but PSG is a possibility.

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I never seen him so emotional like this before. Not when scoring goals, winning trophies, or winning 4 Ballon d'ors in a row. Truly shows what he cares about most.
Technical Gaur
Technical Gaur:
Being a Ronaldo fan, I will never ever again question Messi's loyalty over barca, his tears said it all❤️ goat
Legends are forever ❤️
Aniket Dev
Aniket Dev:
His crying is just more than heartbreaking never seen him in such a situation before 😭
Dimitar Kominovski
Dimitar Kominovski:
“The problem is when you don’t speak, they say a lot of things”-Messi
I was just so shocked some people blame Messi for this. He said in his conference they told him everything was all set with his contract to come back. Leo is humble and honest. Those tears aren’t an act. He spent most of his life in Barcelona growing with them as an incredible player. Barcelona also paid for his growth deficiency disorder which made a huge impact on his life if u’ve read his biography book. This is clearly on the presidents hands and the presidency before that bankrupted Barca. I don’t see how people can say this is his “best performance” saying he’s fake and doesn’t care. Like it must take a mindless child not to see he cares.
Zak Choudhry
Zak Choudhry:
In all my years of watching the beautiful game I’ve never known a player to be given a standing ovation before a transfer. He’s a legend of the game , one of the best players ever to grace the pitch and the emotions of all there speak volumes
Legend always be a legend no matter which club he’s going to play
Rian Dutta
Rian Dutta:
We’ll fell in love with football because of this guy. And when we saw him crying, a part of me just broke and it was unreal witnessing him leave 😭🔵🔴🇮🇳
The end of an era. We will never forget the epic Clasico rivalries between CR7’s Real and Messi’s Barcelona, one of the greatest eras in football history.
John Ashland
John Ashland:
Seeing him cry like this is just heartbreaking.
sotuur aeei
sotuur aeei:
True class. Amazing player who has touched the hearts of Billions.
Wherever Messi goes, hope he is fine, he will always be remembered, thank you so much for everything. Goodbye Messi.
Richard Le
Richard Le:
So touching! Barca will take a century to have such an another phenomenal genius like Lionel Messi. One door folds down then another one will soon unfold. Let's wish Leo Messi all the best for his new chapter of his career pathway where he is going to dedicate all of his talent for the world soccer :)
Alexander Nisipeanu
Alexander Nisipeanu:
I absolutely hate the criticism some people have: "Oh why is he crying, he's about to sign a 50 million euro contract". The man deserves to have emotions regardless of his net worth, and leaving your childhood club especially in this manner would be heartbreaking for anyone.
Sujan Thapa
Sujan Thapa:
Really would have loved to see his farewell at camp nou filled with people applauding for their legend that still would've been painful but great at the same time
I been watching him play since I was 7 years old now I’m 14 it’s so heart breaking 😰 he’s a living legend ❤️
Vinod Kumar
Vinod Kumar:
Having seen his years 😭😭😭
I broke my self 😭😭😭😭

He is legend
He was legend
And he will be legend 🙏🙏🙏❤️
m ch
m ch:
True class. Amazing player who has touched the hearts of Billions.
Always he will be the legend....we miss you messi💔💔
Mathias Gr.
Mathias Gr.:
The beginning of the end.
It's been an honor, Lionel. Best of luck to whatever the future holds for you.
Mohammad Radhi
Mohammad Radhi:
Legends are rare to find in this world ❤️💔🙏🏻
My heart just hurts when he started crying. Mad respect to him I'll never forget him.
bilij pdan
bilij pdan:
True class. Amazing player who has touched the hearts of Billions.
jose torres
jose torres:
All because of bartameou’s poor mismanagement as a Madrid fan this is heartbreaking
Baldomero Greene
Baldomero Greene:
That was the LONGEST round of applause I’ve ever witnessed
James Ranson
James Ranson:
He’s an outstanding manager and players like him. Although he didn’t win with Tottenham, he took them to new heights and what he built at Southampton was amazing. I’m a Saints fan and some of the football we played when he was there was some of the best in the league
This is heartbreaking 💔.
Never in a million years I would've thought that Barca would let their GOAT player be treated this way.Not like this! He deserves a greatest of farewells and thank you's.What a shame.
I’ve enjoyed watching Messi as a kid since the age of 5. It’s hard to see him leaving the club where he was made into an absolute legend. Forever will support him 🔴🔵
D R:
The unthinkable happened 😑 Leo’s genuine tears confirmed his Barcelona departures
Sagar Poudel
Sagar Poudel:
Give your Best Wherever you Go
You are always staying in Our Heart❤ Messi❤🥀
Greatness in human form for real! If Messi doesn't inspire you then you must not be human!
You only get one football career at Barça, which eventually comes to an end. But if you play it well, one is enough.

You played it well, Messi! 👊🙏❤️
Lᴊ Sᴛʏʟᴇ
Lᴊ Sᴛʏʟᴇ:
Paul Pertin Joling
Paul Pertin Joling:
Messi very much loved barca, as he stated a years ago "i will never leave Barcelona" and he really meant it. His tears said everything.
Kunchok Tsering
Kunchok Tsering:
Seeing my hero cry is just heartbreaking love you Messi
Awal Larry
Awal Larry:
Legend Will always be a Legend.Your legacy will remain forever...
Salman Md
Salman Md:
Messi 🔥🔥🔥 G.O.A.T ❤️❤️❤️
Alex Peace
Alex Peace:
What an amazing footballer, what an incredible human being, what a gentle soul! Thank you for everything, dear Leo. God bless you wherever you go. No matter what door around the planet you knock, be sure your family will welcome you from behind that door, as you have been and will always be in our hearts. Lots of love from Tbilisi, Georgia.
I’m crying with you Leo, we’ll miss you so much at Barca I will never believe this
Jonathan Ambriz
Jonathan Ambriz:
A Legacy Forever Engraved In Barca. What A Legend Man…
T I Jamir
T I Jamir:
This little man is something else. What a career 🔥❤️
Deez Nhutz
Deez Nhutz:
It’s going to be so weird seeing him in another Jersey 😢
simple streight
simple streight:
All I know..I have seen many football legends leaving their clubs or retiring in the history of football but today I felt Messi is than a Legend and a man of integrity and with superb character and his tears before and after speech told that he loved Barca like anything and did everything for it anyone can imagine. You are the true hero of not Barca only but whole world of sports especially soccer. I salute you and wish you the best wherever you go. Soccer Clubs, leagues and Laliga are empty without you!
A L:
Seeing him cry like this it's just heartbreaking. We will always support you no matter what or for who u play Leo. You are our number One. I know one day you'll come back to Barça 😭😭😭😭
Anas T.M.R.H
Anas T.M.R.H:
Wow , Leo Messi : You are the definition of football 💔
Muzammil Hassan
Muzammil Hassan:
The player who made me fall In love with football 💔🥺🥺🥺
Kartikey Mishra
Kartikey Mishra:
Legends doesn't go anywhere 🥺😥💔
Paulo F.
Paulo F.:
I am a RM supporter...and this brought a tear to my eye..absolute class.Lionel Messi will always be a Barcelona LEGEND!
Venom FF
Venom FF:
A true legend of sports
We all r crying with u Messi😢
Keep ur head up man! U hv done so much for our generation of football at barca
This is sad I didn't realize this would hit me this hard until his press conference and I'm a die hard real madrid fan.
Ground Ed
Ground Ed:
Respect OG my expectations of you has gone up even more now. King Messi 👑
Bro Mnox
Bro Mnox:
We’ll always love you meaning where ever you are we love you Messi ❤️❤️❤️
This man is one of the greatest football players to ever live so where ever he goes he will be great any appreciated
Prasad Doddayyanaver
Prasad Doddayyanaver:
Legend Forever ❤🥺
J Gomez
J Gomez:
Thank Messi. Gracias por todo.
Rajan Gaha mgr
Rajan Gaha mgr:
Although I'm Ronaldo fans this is heartbreaking he is legend ❤️❤️ Messi has undying relationship with FCB
joseph owusu
joseph owusu:
Messi Came, He Saw, He Conquered.. 👑
& He left..! 💔
Ankit kumar
Ankit kumar:
Messi - Football legend forever ❤❤
My heart broke for Messi
He's really a class act
Baby Ashton
Baby Ashton:
That’s a legend.. never seen any player so attached with the club.. a true footballing legend.. Messi will shine wherever he will be.. best wishes to Messi..
Boromir Cutezătoru’
Boromir Cutezătoru’:
As a Madrid Fan this is heartbreaking…El Clasico will never be the same…
Yousouf Goollamkader
Yousouf Goollamkader:
True legend 😭
katehi zehaar
katehi zehaar:
U will always be missed legend...lots of love from India 🇮🇳♥❤
Gabriel Gazeti
Gabriel Gazeti:
The begging there made me cry and I’m a Real fan what a legend 👏 👏 👏
So heartbreaking, never seen him so emotional.
Golden Lex
Golden Lex:
Wow you can tell he really wanted to stay 😢
Sandy Sherpa
Sandy Sherpa:
Everytime When u see Messi cry my heart breaks everytime.
To remove an isotope that has given the club value for years, only going to lead to greener mutations, not bad at all. What a fantastic career, Leo.
CallmeSabbir Official
CallmeSabbir Official:
Breaks our heart to see messi cry🥲
Ganguly Raj
Ganguly Raj:
Breaks my heart to see my hero like this. Must be so much harder for his boys.
Shahid TV
Shahid TV:
Legends forever 🥇
Joshua Hinds
Joshua Hinds:
Legends never die
bryan anofa
bryan anofa:
Legends never die
Tabu Khan
Tabu Khan:
Legends never die
Samson Sunnyboy
Samson Sunnyboy:
He is so emotional meaning he loves this club, wherever he goes may competi on a higher level and win trophies Amen thank you messi
Bubblefish Interactive
Bubblefish Interactive:
messi will always be a legend in footbal history💪🏻
Die Melancholie
Die Melancholie:
A legend go away....
Thank you for all Messi its a sad day for the Football and for the la liga.
I will miss him against Atleti...
Greats from an Atletico Fan🔴🤍
Kwame VanDamme
Kwame VanDamme:
Adiós Messi, Gracias legend 🔥🔥🔥Much love from Ghana 🇬🇭👏👏👏
This from a Chelsea fan
Ed Menz
Ed Menz:
It hurts to know the legend wouldn't get a farewell from the fans in a stadium...he came, he saw, he conquered...Messi really paid his dues
All good things come to an end.
I am a PSG supporter and obviously his departure from the club shocks the whole world.
A great gentleman like Messi forges respect on each continent of the earth.
Tyrell Pechey
Tyrell Pechey:
He really is the greatest of all times
Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez:
My pride stays at Barcelona. My hearts goes with Messi
This is totally heartbreaking 💔
Casper Muller
Casper Muller:
he gave the game so much. he asked for so little. we will forever love you. Més que un club 💙❤️
Ashish ydv
Ashish ydv:
The living Legend
Jamie spino
Jamie spino:
I was crying like babe too.....I could feel how he feels.....Barcelona was everything for him.....Good luck in your new team!!!!
Even the greatest love stories known to men have to end one day and that’s how our messi’s exit from Barcelona felt . If there’s anything he could have done to change the outcome he would have because Barcelona is the love of his life - a place where a shy young kid who wanted to play football became the best player known to the world today .
avi odyssey
avi odyssey:
Thank you Messi. GOAT🤝
Monsta Monstas
Monsta Monstas:
Sad sad sad day 😭😭😭. We will never forget what that man did for Barca. Forever #10 forever a legend.
Benz.S63. AMG
Benz.S63. AMG:
Legendary ❤💪
David Curley
David Curley:
Pure love in that man ...absolute greatest right their ♥️✌🤘😁.
Javi M.
Javi M.:
De ver su dolor o como se le rompe el corazon el , asi mismo se le rompe a todo el mundo que ama el futbol de ver a si al mejor jugador de todos los tiempos!!
Riya Mahanty
Riya Mahanty:
You are in heart sir, ❤❤❤❤❤legends are legends, all my good wishes to you sir, love you respect you sir
Ajeshni Lata
Ajeshni Lata:
I understand it's hard he played in this club for a lifetime I never thought he was going to leave Barcelona I thought he was going to retire in this club ....But why is he leaving
Dany Sinzayivaho
Dany Sinzayivaho:
We shall miss you legend
roniieee M
roniieee M:
For anybody asking him to play for free, i don't think you saw the president's press conference couple days ago. He said audit results arrived and they showed things are even worse than expected. If Messi plays for free, they will still be 95% wage to revenue ratio, the limit is 70%. Only due to pandemic they relaxed these limits upto certain extents. Barcelona literally need to offload more players by next summer and nobody is buying them with high wages, plus they won't leave for less wage deals (why should they?)
The only way Messi stays even for free is if the limita are increased, but that's not fair to other clubs, as the president quoted what la liga president told him. This is done!!!
Rama Rao
Rama Rao:
This was difficult to watch. I still can't imagine him in anything but a barca kit. Thank you Leo for being a part some of the most beautiful football ever played.