Lisa Kudrow Took A "Which 'Friend' Are You?" Quiz - Turns Out She's A Rachel

Lisa Kudrow played Phoebe in "Friends" but according to the "Which 'Friend' Are You?" quiz she took, she's a Rachel. You can see Lisa Kudrow in the upcoming Friends Reunion on HBO Max and the new animated series "Housebroken" on Fox. #Friends #Housebroken #LisaKudrow

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100+ komentarze:

Alex D
Alex D:
She’s the only “friend” who literally hasn’t changed.
Demonic Sweaters
Demonic Sweaters:
Lisa Kudrow's humor is so unique and hilarious. She's really one of a kind.
Aivi Mae
Aivi Mae:
When Lisa says "ooh"

Excuse me, Lisa. Your Phoebe is showing... 😂
She's the oldest of the friends and looks absolutely the best!
Moses Agabon
Moses Agabon:
She aged naturally and gracefully. Love her and friends!
Stephen doesn't know Friends. Phoebe and Ross never lived across the hall from each other.
"The cow in the meadow goes moo, The cow in the meadow goes moo,
Then the farmer hits it on the head and that's how we get hamburgers".
I miss Phoebe.
Guilherme Silva
Guilherme Silva:
She looks amazingly beautiful 😍
Chris Chang
Chris Chang:
Lisa Kudrow ages well.
Maureen Seel
Maureen Seel:
She and Matthew Perry always were my favorites
New Message
New Message:
If it's any conciliation, I couldn't imagine anyone else singing 'Smelly cat'.
Alexis C
Alexis C:
The Diane Keaton story was too hilarious
She was SO perfect on The Good Place.
Putri I
Putri I:
I love Lisa as Lisa and Lisa and Phoebe! she's just wonderful 🥰❤
Kara Yoga
Kara Yoga:
He ended that segment like he suddenly had to run to the toilet. Lolol
Pam R
Pam R:
She has the most amazingly perfect comedic her!! 🧡
Rachel Clark
Rachel Clark:
Lisa missed the opportunity to say "actually they asked me when you auditioned if I wanted to work with Steven Colbert, and I told them 'absolutely not. Is literally anyone else available?'"
Bobbie Keding
Bobbie Keding:
I feel bad for Lisa Kudrow in this interview. She is clearly trying to joke around, and Stephen is giving her nothing! I like Colbert, but I think he is a little dry in this one.
Lord Farquaad
Lord Farquaad:
Hearing that Lisa and Mira are still friends just made my whole decade.
Twiggy ZigZag
Twiggy ZigZag:
I assume this interview was to mostly promote "Housebroken" and I like that they spent exactly 2 seconds promoting it.
Love Lisa . . . she looks amazing. But, that was an uncomfortable abrupt ending.
Guignol Fest
Guignol Fest:
Lisa has always been a natural comic. She makes me laugh by just smiling. :D
New Message
New Message:
I expected Conan to join the zoom, and edge her out of the conversation.
dj diSi
dj diSi:
He's right that was a great Diane Keaton impression
black bird
black bird:
If Lisa is NOT a ''young Diane Keaton"' then I don't know who fits the bill. I'm going to suppose Mrs. Keaton didn't enjoy (at first) being face to face with her younger self.
Slava Bothwell
Slava Bothwell:
I love her so much as an actor! I could not imagine ANYBODY else in the role of Phoebe
Lif Jyruss
Lif Jyruss:
She's so pretty. And still so funny. Love this lady.
Lisa Kudrow is one of the sweetest actors~
web therapy is underrated af too
Myrna Shoults
Myrna Shoults:
She didn’t really get much time to promote her new project, did she? Three seconds talking about it and the interview ended…
Omg Lisa was heartbroken when Stephen said he didn’t want her over for dinner. 🥺
NotNef Palacio
NotNef Palacio:
I love her laugh!
Angelina Coldwell
Angelina Coldwell:
I want to see them doing a "Geriatic" Friends one day!
Ironically Lisa is more like Dianne then any other actress, in character or in real person😉😊💖❣️
Kiwi in Melbourne
Kiwi in Melbourne:
I could watch Lisa play Diane all day
Slappy  Flapjackson
Slappy Flapjackson:
That was a great interview. It should have twice as long. I love them both.
Brandon Gurney
Brandon Gurney:
lisa kudrow is a dry witted treasure
Lisa is ageing in reverse 🤩
Leo Andhika Kurniawan
Leo Andhika Kurniawan:
Phoebe really good playing this Lisa Kudrow lady.
Geof Branton
Geof Branton:
Well, that was an abrupt ending!
hiii yooo
hiii yooo:
She looks exactly the same. She aged the best out of the 6 💓
Lisa has the best laugh!!
keisha 21
keisha 21:
Saw the trailer, im incredibly emotional, nostalgic, excited and happy what may 27 is gonna bring
Lisa D
Lisa D:
Lisa Kudrow is the Friend I would most like to befriend.
Tim Kissane
Tim Kissane:
It's not just actors. When I had great jobs, I assumed they'd last. When I was unemployed, like now, I thought I'd never work again. Btw, Love you both!!
She is the funniest comedian I know of. She needs her own talk show.
Love her new look and the glasses, what a wonderful person
Yeah!You are both SO engaging!!Thank you for late night smiles!!😂😂
Angela Jenson
Angela Jenson:
On "The Good Place" she was so funny... "There's math on his shirt!" Hilarious!!
she is just so dang funny. that diane keaton story! and also the "we're having dinner with colbert" story. love it.
Angelina The Adventurer
Angelina The Adventurer:
Also, perhaps, Conan just wanted to talk “talk-show” shop with you. I think viewers here thought you’d spill the tea, but no such luck.🫖
Hands down one of the funniest people on earth.
Common Ground
Common Ground:
WOW! She just keeps getting smarter, funnier and better looking as time goes by!
I wanted the interview to go on forever! Love Kudrow!
Sophia Krishnan
Sophia Krishnan:
Wow that interview is so tragic. Lisa was wonderful and Colbert was so awkward and in trying to one up her quick wittedness came across as mean.
Robert Gotschall
Robert Gotschall:
Thank you, sir. She has always been my favorite. She looks really good too.
Miwako Matsushita
Miwako Matsushita:
Friends reunion 😍 a dream come true😍
Robin Miller
Robin Miller:
Gotta do another “ Web Therapy “ ! It would fit so well in these times of madness!
J.R. Horsting
J.R. Horsting:
I love Lisa, she warms my heart.
Pauline Follett
Pauline Follett:
Lisa would be a wonderful friend to have.
Doug Zwick
Doug Zwick:
She is such a treasure.
Kalia chr.
Kalia chr.:
Lisa has my whole entire heart😭❤️
Wineoclock Bookworm
Wineoclock Bookworm:
I could never in a million years imagine anyone else playing the baby sister to Meg Ryan in Hanging Up than Lisa Kudrow. I love that movie and she was perfection in it!
Ray Rays
Ray Rays:
Regina Phalange has done a good job of aging.
Christian Allen Marte
Christian Allen Marte:
lisa: phoebe
Me: ohhh she's still making that sound...

she does a very good impersonation of Diane Keaton 😂😂😂
Enigma -
Enigma -:
One of my doppelgängers! People even called me Phoebe in college 😂😁

I love her!
Just watching interviews with Lisa recently, I feel like she’s more Monica than Rachel lol.
Katelyn Dawn
Katelyn Dawn:
she is one of my favorite humans. I want to have a dinner party with her and tom hanks LOL
Alex D
Alex D:
The Comeback is truly the definition of UNDERRATED. Such an excellent smart and hilarious show.
Julian C
Julian C:
Wow, minus ten to whoever edited that ending 😄
She looks so pretty. Woah!!
Alter Ego
Alter Ego:
Wow. She looks amazing.
Nellie S
Nellie S:
she's so beautiful!! but she's definitely not a rachel, she's a phoebe 100% haha. she's so much like her character, maybe not as weird but they are basically the same. i love her.
Bobby Dillon
Bobby Dillon:
I realize she had her makeup done by professionals before appearing for this interview, but she's smokin' hot for 57.
Mikheil Benidze
Mikheil Benidze:
She looks amazing, she's so fun and amazing house in the background. ^_^
2:23 there's at least some Phoebe in there. Def looks the best of all the Friends.
Love this woman; so down to earth and beautiful.
Lisa Kudrow is one of our comedic national treasures along with being a brilliant writer and director.
I'm just here to say I effing LOVE Lisa Kudrow's personality.
Renee Brutvan
Renee Brutvan:
My favorite Friend. I saw a show about genealogy where she was featured - such a cool lady.
Aleah Henderson-Carter
Aleah Henderson-Carter:
That’s a phenomenal Diane Keaton impression. Wow.
hup lim oon
hup lim oon:
❤️ Lisa..
I was gutted when Web Therapy was cancelled. Love that show
Frank Sunderland
Frank Sunderland:
Ross lived in the other building, GOSH! /s
Here I am now, wanting to see Conan O’Brian appear in “Spaceballs 2.”
Ý :
Ý ::
Kindest heart is Lisa all of the cast as seems to be revealed afterall
miss miou
miss miou:
I just love Lisa, she is such a Phoebe
Miguel Alvarado
Miguel Alvarado:
She looks So Gorgeous with those glasses!!! Adorable!!!!
Shes aged the best and looks wonderful! No botox looks so much better
Ronda Jones
Ronda Jones:
I've always loved her in anything she's in. Flirting With Disaster is so hilarious and she steals every scene
Mark Knecht
Mark Knecht:
The last time Friends were together, it was when Jennifer joined Instagram, right?
Ro G
Ro G:
What did the baby kangaroo say after taking the Which Friend Are You test?
I'm a Joey! 🦘

I'll show myself the door now. 😉
My Funky Wedding DJ
My Funky Wedding DJ:
Like when Ringo took a similar quiz and turned out to be John
She reminds me of my sister so much. I love fibs
Alba Spire
Alba Spire:
Steven picked the only two friends who didn‘t live in the same building to reference as living across the hall from each other tsk tsk
Jenn W
Jenn W:
I loved The Comeback on HBO. It was awesome.
Hector Raigosa
Hector Raigosa:
Huh, basically as if watching a friend's rerun.. still a looker.
Thiago Couto
Thiago Couto:
She still looks great!
Channah Tzivia
Channah Tzivia:
Has that Morse code always been around the screen?