LIVE: Ashleigh Barty v Danielle Collins: Women's Singles Ceremony: Rod Laver Arena

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Welcome to the official Australian Open TV YouTube channel. The Australian Open 2022 main draw runs from 17-30 January in Melbourne. The tournament takes place for the 110th time and is the first Grand Slam of the year. Novak Djokovic is the men’s singles reigning champion and Naomi Osaka is the women’s singles reigning champion. The tournament takes place on 25 hard courts, including Rod Laver Arena, John Cain Arena and Margaret Court Arena. Look out for highlights, press conferences, memorable moments and much more!



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77 komentarze:

Peter Kehoe
Peter Kehoe:
One of the all time great moments in Australian sports history. 44 years of pain is over. Australia finally has a home Australian Open winner. 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🎾🎾🎾
Prakhar Dubey
Prakhar Dubey:
Collins have been pretty good performers throughout the tournament of Australian open 2022. I hope she continues her to do her best and super soon lift her grand slam. For Barty you are class and good human being. I hope you get your us open slam soon and many more grand slam. So inspiring to see you put so much efforts. Love from India
Vinay Pandey
Vinay Pandey:
She's a champion by all means (winning 3 out of 4 slams), but still so grounded and humble. Kudos to her and her team as well for this flawless performance 👏
Danielle Collins is beautifully feminine, with great resolve. She's bound to win grand slams in the future. Good luck to her.
Hiroki Mori
Hiroki Mori:
Warm congrats to Ausies, at last! In the home turf, expectation, pressure & cheering up, missing nothing emotion. Her victory is very special, one more relish added. The final, her longest match, took 1h 30min only. No set lost, before the final, she has conceded a single service break (to Anisimova). 2 breaks up, in that sense, the best ever effort expected there.
The warmest congrats to Collins for top 10 entry as a US #1. She's arguably the best finalist, demonstrating her grit & maturity. She's tough indeed, mentally in particular. A player who makes her job done! Both players have worked hard on the way to the final as well as likes of Anisimova, Keys & Kanepi etc. 2022 AO was the venue which promises an exciting season of the WTA tour.
Lear King
Lear King:
Ash Barty! What a CHAMPION! 🏆What a comeback in the 2nd set! You kept your cool and raised your game several notches to win it from 1-5! 👏👏👏👏
Danielle Collins, well played! I admire Danielle for keeping a brave face and holding back the tears! Losing a set from 5-1 and the chance of going for the championship IS NOT EASY!
Well done Ash. I always appreciate a bit of class from Champions and that's exactly what you give. First class in every aspect. Here's to many more GS Titles.
Brad Thurkle
Brad Thurkle:
Well done Barty congratulations 🎉🍾🎊. You’ve made Australia 🇦🇺 so proud and of course the aboriginal community will be so proud to darlin. Your an amazing strong headed young lady leading the way for ozzy tennis 🎾. Keep up your great success 🙏🏻.
Lord Byron
Lord Byron:
Barty’s game is classic ! She uses that backhand slice to set up her forehand like all the past great players… Graff and Martina ! Just a phenomenal and smart player !!
dhanapal Sabapathy
dhanapal Sabapathy:
All the best both of U…
Another champion in making 😉
Dipayan Banerjee
Dipayan Banerjee:
Barty really stepped it up to close it out in two sets n amazing tourney for Danielle , the most humble and amazing personality on the womens side is no doubt Barty, let the Barty party begin
Ka Ho Chor
Ka Ho Chor:
Very gracious speech by Danielle 👏
What an amazing role model she is in Australia 🇦🇺 . 😎

I read this yesterday and it opened my eyes: *”You don’t get what you want in life, you get who you are!”*

Really think about it 😉
Daria K
Daria K:
Ash all the way. What a mental strength she has. When she was losing the 2nd set 5-1 I thought she would crumble under pressure. And then la remontada. Just woow. Well deserved.
Amparo Jaramillo
Amparo Jaramillo:
Felicidades Barty grande campeona Dios te bendiga
Yeongeun Kim
Yeongeun Kim:
Congratulations Barty!! 🎊
Bravo !!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏Ashley Barty !!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💞💞💞💞💞💞Happiness !!!
Bald Bearded Bloke
Bald Bearded Bloke:
Bravo Ash Barty.
Nosakhare Eke
Nosakhare Eke:
Congratulations to Ashleigh, commiserations to Danielle. Great match.
Ash barty you legend! 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺
two world
two world:
Barty epitomise all that is good in a champion. Her humility/demeanour a credit. No showboating, self entitlement, smashing her racquet, time wasting or abusing officials. A real lady and played tennis with her head and racquet in total harmony. Under enormous pressure with the weight of expectation of a nation she worked it out in her head and delivered and AO beginning to end in straight sets.
Amine Akel
Amine Akel:
She is such a humble young lady. Hard work pays off. Well done.
A R:
One fan favorite won, now it's the time of other tomorrow. Let's go Rafa!
Ash L
Ash L:
Fucking ball tearer Ash....Australia is so proud.....Biggest congratulations....So well done
Fantastic role model...
Robbie Carroll
Robbie Carroll:
Two amazing women we have just witness great match, that's what it about the sport than entitlement and Diva spits, sorry can't say the same about the men's.
Eimi Savage
Eimi Savage:
Deserved it .
We aussie proud of you
Wishing for your greater heights
Ash Barty the Queen of AO!
Enjang Yusuf 2nd Channel
Enjang Yusuf 2nd Channel:
Congratulations for Ashley Barthy.. You are so classy.
David Grijalva
David Grijalva:
Congratulations 🥳🥳🥳
Being a cricket fan i always knew the lows Australian crowd could stoop to. But watching this tournament proved that it's not limited to a particular sport. They are trying to compete with US open crowd in how awful they can be. Taking nothing away from Ash tho... She's a great player
Albert Montoya
Albert Montoya:
Congratulations Ash I hope you got an iron clad pre nup
Selamat buat barty telah menang👏
Robert Powell
Robert Powell:
Well done Ash!
Albert Montoya
Albert Montoya:
Congratulations to Danielle
Sweet sweet Barty, Australia is so proud of you and rejoices with you🌹🌹🌹
@ 5:00 minutes, best moment !
𝕤𝕒𝕞 🏳️‍🌈
𝕤𝕒𝕞 🏳️‍🌈:
It was only right Barty won it
At her home
And didn’t even drop a set on route
That included one today from 5-1 down
Back in 1978 at age 8 I got measles and missed 6 weeks for school for it. This was the last time an Australian won a singles title.
Barty amazing congratulation
Second set 5 - 1
"you can't beat someone who won't give up" they say
Congratulations Ashleigh. Congratulations Australia.
nodari mamrashi
nodari mamrashi:
both speech was great!
Ðj John
Ðj John:
Really disgusting behaviour by Australian crowd in second set but still ashley barty deserves it
Dharam Pal
Dharam Pal:
Please make available full Australian Open 2022 women's single final for viewing and downloading in India. Thanks❤
The Wolf
The Wolf:
What a victorious grand slam moment for Ash Barty! Well done to her! But sorry to announce this, but keep an eye of this Manchester commenter that keeps spamming about Soccer is greater than Tennis. If you see any of his comments here or on any videos relating to this, report immediately.
John Stromboly
John Stromboly:
you can see from far away that Barty is a such a good person, its written on her face and abut Collins uhmmm I dont know
Erin Hwang
Erin Hwang:
barty was tested in the 2nd set, kudos to Collins for pushing on. think she's the only one that's remotely close to challenging barty in this entire tournament. I was rooting for collins, but what can I say, she came back to win after trailing 1-5 in the 2nd. gotta give it to her, congrats to all.
Velayudham A
Velayudham A:
Australian golden girl barty
Gleb Z
Gleb Z:
Congrats to Ashley! BUT... I haven't heard that siuuuuuu from the crowd during the match that Medvedev normally gets. So, it's either ozzies respect Medvedev more than Barty, or that siuuuu booing is not supportive at all.... My guess is that the last one is correct. Ozzies, be more impartial to players....
So let me get this right... She was on the literal ropes in the second set and rattled off 6 games in a row? Good on her, but Collins is just another one of the many in the woman's game that will always flame out. I feel like as long as barty is playing the tournaments are hers to lose
It’s ashame that Ms. Collins felt so much pressure! Because losing a set when you’re up 5 to 1 is pure choking. Neither player is going to dominate because both a simply to slow. No foot speed or quickness. Felt like the match was (for the most part) played in slow motion. I am genuinely happy for Australia!! Winning a home slam after so many years is GREAT!!!
James Yu
James Yu:
Barty should’ve mentioned Goolagong in her speech.
Celso Costa
Celso Costa:
The beast and the beauty 🤣🤣🤣
P L:
I heard that the umpire robbed the 2nd set from Danielle
Justin Case
Justin Case:
Jayne.....can you thank the Vic government and especially Daniel Andrews....let's see the crowd reaction!
Alisher Nuraliyev
Alisher Nuraliyev:
Barty N1
Kiran Sahu
Kiran Sahu:
Barty`s party has started
Ghenea Viorela
Ghenea Viorela:
Lol did she say Collins would be contesting titles for years and years?
Channel 9 you should be ashamed of yourselves we have the Australian open and have Aussies in the finals and yet you choose to Have American commentators ,Get behind us Australians and start promoting all Australian.Well done Ash you were terrific what a star we are all so very proud Aussies .
Where do they dig up these utter tool hosts!? 🤮
Just get to the fing finalists and stop the blubbering and nauseating gawping.
Anthony A
Anthony A:
Poor Danielle's boyfriend about to lose his job after Australian Open lol
Ghenea Viorela
Ghenea Viorela:
You are the best we love u 💋
Paul Steezo
Paul Steezo:
Ghenea Viorela
Ghenea Viorela:
We live intesiv your games congratulatione
Where is Peng Shuai
hemanth kumarvm
hemanth kumarvm:
She didn't thank goolagang?
Where is Peng Shuai
A R:
Barty > Osaka
Anna Olszewska
Anna Olszewska:
Australia 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 close
As4 max yt
As4 max yt:
Play the pubg
Naga Neelesh
Naga Neelesh:
Dipayan Banerjee
Dipayan Banerjee:
First one
Mi Key
Mi Key:
not 3 sets to win.. then how can they get equal prize money... does not make sense rite
Norbert Huelse
Norbert Huelse:
I am a tennis fan for a long time. But this AO be shameful. First the problems with Djokovic and second the australian tennis audience. Gratulation to the tennis man Barty but the behaviour of the audience against Collins is big shit. Also the reaction from the audience when Medvedev speak about Djokovic. I also not understand why nobody of the reporter in the tv speaking about this behaviour of the AO audience and what happens at the AO. The tennis responsibles be ashamed that they also look away about this situation by the Australian Open.