Live: Day 5 Of Donald Trump's Impeachment Trial In The Senate | NBC News

Watch live coverage of former President Donald Trump's impeachment trial as the Senate considers whether he can be held responsible for the Capitol riots.

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Live: Donald Trump Impeachment Trial In Senate | NBC News

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Tommy Lucas
Tommy Lucas:
MSM selling out America one day at a time
Arya Stark
Arya Stark:
Liberal tears make my soul smile.
talk about the "hypocrisy" against our democracy, what a shame.
Andrew S
Andrew S:
Useless career politicians. Term limits are urgently required.
You people should work this fast and hard for us the people.It's amazing when YOU want something done.
this is the biggest waste of time and the biggest waste of tax payers money.
Douglas DeNunzio
Douglas DeNunzio:
Career politicians vary, term limits are urgently required to get rid of the riots.
Tomotas Letitia
Tomotas Letitia:
" You know I won, Joe." Again.
Ivan Lee
Ivan Lee:
Mitch McConnell is a fool to think he can please both side by being a flip flopper!
I don’t have enough Pop corn 😂😂😂😂
Việt Anh Vũ
Việt Anh Vũ:
5:41:00 the vote begins
This begs the question: "There were detailed plans online about this attack, and Law Enforcement warned about these threats!". So why was the Capitol building not better protected? Why was the National Guard not called out?
luc from belgium
luc from belgium:
A clownish spectacle
The american ethical dignity is replaced by brute force
This is the end like the roman empire
M Baldwin
M Baldwin:
John Sparrow
John Sparrow:
Hahahahaha the perverted media has lost her perverted agenda.
Joshua Cheese
Joshua Cheese:
Disgraceful. When it comes down to it, politicians will do anything their constituents won't hold them accountable for.
michael adams
michael adams:
Liberal tears 😭
Sweetie Pie
Sweetie Pie:
Cry babies cry!,
Bart Garfunkel
Bart Garfunkel:
"Who the f**k you think you're talking to"
Kevin McCarthy
Anthony Casale
Anthony Casale:
US to World: Do as we say NOT as we do.
Jonathan Gardner
Jonathan Gardner:
Any Democrats who question the legitimatacy of the impeachment trial should be impeached, for de-legitimizing the legitimatacy of de-legitimizing the delegitment accusations of Trump to de-legitimizing the election.
Gilly NayO
Gilly NayO:
McConnell calling Trump "the most powerful man on earth" hahahaha PRICELESS!!!! ✌🏼😎✌🏼
James Dykes
James Dykes:
Knock knock! FBI.
Hilda Castillo
Hilda Castillo:
Attila Serttasgil
Attila Serttasgil:
No more Grand Old Party. The new Name is: Dysfunctional Old Party
Peter Mwaniki
Peter Mwaniki:
Mitch McConnel is a cunning sleeze
Paddy Pup
Paddy Pup:
Will the mayor who let all those layabouts take over a few blocks of a city be held accountable at all legally?
Alan Gaskill Jr
Alan Gaskill Jr:
I must have bad your them enough they finally let me upload the second part that's a shorter version where they get straight into the details
Alan Gaskill Jr
Alan Gaskill Jr:
Everytime they say election lies I'm going to repost this so you can watch it for yourself
ketten yang
ketten yang:
why he keep cuting my food stamp
Steve Bowers
Steve Bowers:
Imagine caring enough that u would like to avoid democracy
Max M. Bennett
Max M. Bennett:
ijustcant buyaholdensorry
ijustcant buyaholdensorry:
We can’t win to prove incitement before the riots so let’s pull some witnesses that can tell us how he acted during the riots. Can I move to America to vote for. Trump 2024
Looks like the glove didn’t fit 😂
XCombat Mike
XCombat Mike:
So sik of these 🐽 s
Mal Radojicic
Mal Radojicic:
tammy tran
tammy tran:
This shows how United the Dems vs the GOP.
Умный Дом
Умный Дом:
Daniel Gospodinov
Daniel Gospodinov:
Now the incapable socialists will be hungrier than ever 😁😁😁
Rose Water
Rose Water:
Put Mitch McConnell on trial.
Stacey Diaz
Stacey Diaz:
Lord have mercy on their souls!🙏
Bounhom Phratsachack
Bounhom Phratsachack:
I never this president dump in my life
Sophia Jacob
Sophia Jacob:
At first I taught is a scam but I was convinced from the testmoney of a friend so I just have to put the pass behind and continue earning thanks for your transparency🌽🌽🌽
Mr Ray Eddie I will always count on you and continue investing
Only in America,get ready for next weeks episode 😂
Alan Gaskill Jr
Alan Gaskill Jr:
How come does everybody keep saying according to reports that is here to stay in order law hearsay is not admitted in the court process and this is supposed to be a court process
This case is call "THE MOB😎 TRIAL" 🇺🇸
Henry Nova
Henry Nova:
Pigeon V.2
Pigeon V.2:
I thought the thumbnail was the white house being lava casted in mv
Jeffery Jefferson
Jeffery Jefferson:
My god you made bro
Patient Eminem
Patient Eminem:
God bless Dr Godfatherspellcaster on YouTube For bring back my lover, I thought spell casting was not real not ontill I meant with Dr Godfatherspellcaster on YouTube, this man is real and genuine
All I see is more of my money getting flushed down the drain by a bunch of idiots.
Alan Gaskill Jr
Alan Gaskill Jr:
But it's pretty funny no. They realized what I was uploading to see spam which is a CNN conglomerate they stop letting me post it
Brandon C
Brandon C:
Glad they wasted all that time & money on this & not Rona relief.
Marie Risdal
Marie Risdal:
4:19:45 smh Senator Joe bro really think he Obama when he's talkin on the microphone.. mannerisms and all that LMAO
Mesa Player
Mesa Player:
so is this going to be like a yearly thing or something
David Crisler
David Crisler:
This is a joke.😂😂😂😂
knkn naima
knkn naima:
_19. .30/10..50-
V.Matei Rotaru
V.Matei Rotaru:
2:50:22 "...this is all F***ed up"
just sayin
just sayin:
6:17:30 Mitch McConnell siding with the truth
phan luong
phan luong:
China Joe lips service to Americans people, don’t believe China Joe said about CCP watch what he does to CCP
***Press pause then play then spam the 7 key*** Thank me later :)
Stevie Woo
Stevie Woo:
what he knew?!..he made it happen!
El Cruiser
El Cruiser:
@Mitch McConnell [and] Yet You Voted In The *Nay [and] Now You Wanna Give A Reprieve As To Why?? Get Tha *F Outta Here...Your Loyalty Was/Is To The Constitution End Of Story!
Alan Gaskill Jr
Alan Gaskill Jr:
Good you all need to be taught a lesson that you could be taken out of power you're becoming tyrannical
Bye Felicia.
Jay R
Jay R:
Peaceful demonstration has really been thrown out the window by both sides and it is extremely unfortunate for everyone.
Acquitted again! At least you tried
marvin martin
marvin martin:
I’ll save you all some time. Acquitted.
Cameron Hinds
Cameron Hinds:
Hahahahahahahahahaha YOU LOSEEEEE 😥😢😢 sorry
Schoen: "There's no january exception, because it was their fault for delaying the trial, they could've done it right there and then."
Also Schoen: "This is a rushed, snap impeachment, I didn't have time to look at all the evidence, this is lacking all due process."
streaming service
streaming service:
Waste of time. Everyone knew selfish, greedy Republicans would vote that way. It should of been a criminal case.
Vanik Ghosh
Vanik Ghosh:
😶It was an obvious move wasn't it? 🙌
Muhammad Siddiqui
Muhammad Siddiqui:
The unknown twilight delightfully shelter because flame subsequently order pro a scandalous syria. bent, talented key
Freedom to Live
Freedom to Live:
henry varela
henry varela:
from experience the more open things are , the more it goes to trumps favor .
I say witnesses ,if you have them ,bring them out, so we can see the truth. that goes for both sides.
Ejen Irfan
Ejen Irfan:
Jung Richard
Jung Richard:
Sonia Detorres
Sonia Detorres:
The 7 traitors
Mitch McConnell is the worst of the worst. At least he will be remembered for that
Stop it Stop it
Stop it Stop it:
We need to convict and acquit. Haha 😂
Caden Daniel
Caden Daniel:
I will continue investing with Mr Ray Eddie investment platform. while you are still thinking and wasting your money in hands of scammers. i have thought of giving up in investment not until I saw people testifying about how this Mr Ray Eddie great work. now I have seen another light in investment,
Reda Bales
Reda Bales:
ukrainian orthodox church kyiv patriarchate
ukrainian orthodox church kyiv patriarchate:
time to close this thread
Max Steel
Max Steel:
Did the pelossi throw a tantrum yet??? *LMAO* 😂😂😂😂
Laurel Nevinslong
Laurel Nevinslong:
Mustafa bin Sober
Mustafa bin Sober:
Injustice everywhere is injustice anywhere
It's bit like the history of the star trek universe. We're at the moment, in the early 21st century, where we decide if the future is going to be full of light; or full of darkness and hate!
Thomas Taylor
Thomas Taylor:
Yash200 Wzee
Yash200 Wzee:
not a good legacy...this is a dream assignment for Historical Novelists, Documentarists and Journalists to showcase what led up to the incitement of insurrection on January 6.
Thomas Taylor
Thomas Taylor:
Drag it all out
Love Van der Veen.
S. Smit
S. Smit:
The end of democracy and the end of the leading position of the US in the world.
Antoine Williams
Antoine Williams:
We should remember that there is a judge that can't be voted in or out that we will have to answer to on the day of judgment both democrats and Republicans.
Spring Field
Spring Field:
Love Trump's Lawyer. He did a Great job. 😍👍
Otto Beumelburg
Otto Beumelburg:
Surprised to see this many sane people on an NBC News comment section. Apparently the only ones seeking out the full trial.
Really tells you something.
Roy Rosado
Roy Rosado:
none of the republicans except one are running next yr lol i wonder why....who really wants to live in alaska ...they literally throw money at u to live there i wonder why lol
Ge eK
Ge eK:
McConnell... fighting for his job instead of the people he represents. Pathetic.
Daisy Fields
Daisy Fields:
Mockery: A Democrat pres walking the halls of the White House with a smoking gun, er, cigar 😕
Noir Path
Noir Path:
Sounds about white #amerikkka