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80 komentarze:

Vincent Thomas
Vincent Thomas:
They're doing horrible with the pre-orders plain and simple.
Zach Holder
Zach Holder:
took 4 hours, but Best Buy came through
TJ Anderson
TJ Anderson:
After about 30 mins of vigorously pressing a hole in my phone I was able to preorder from Best Buy.
Jesse Pike
Jesse Pike:
I got mine from Bestbuy even though the website was shit, I managed to checkout
tyrone b
tyrone b:
Yea, heard about this while back and knowing about bots that i sure some or many used bots to buy all they can to stock and resell for twice it value anytime.
Nancy Dubin
Nancy Dubin:
I can look into the future-- I foresee class action lawsuits against Gamestop!!
-U ”Monster”! (Well… I do like that flavor too tho, So…)
Swifty Ankles
Swifty Ankles:
My first time getting a PlayStation best of luck to everyone 🙏🏽
Nancy Dubin
Nancy Dubin:
Gamestop - If they file bankruptcy, ya might get 2 cents on a dollar from the court !!
Michael B
Michael B:
I preordered the PS5 disc version directly thru Sony. With the way the economy is going, you MAY end up having to do it one day the same way like me.
Richard Pajooh
Richard Pajooh:
I was up all night trying to preorder, I had a PS5 in my cart and upon checkout the website crashed or said it was sold out by the time I hit checkout. This happened for walmart and best buy, best buy had some weird error that I couldn't get past. Target was sold out in 20 seconds. I was up all night till 4 am EST hitting refresh on Amazon to only get random dogs staring at me saying the page link is broken or some shit.

I had no plans of getting an Xbox Series X, but I don't appreciate what Sony did at all. I think I'm going to wait until 2021 to get a PS5 and will give Microsoft a chance. I haven't bought an Xbox since the original Xbox.

You earn respect points from me when you treat me with respect, and I appreciate that Microsoft is giving advanced notice of when preorders will drop. The merchants need to do a better job to protect against scalpers by having verification screens. But ultimately I doubt retailers care, since sales are sales.

Feels bad though...I was so hyped for the PS5 but I'm not dealing with the stress of preordering, black Friday, and retail chaos around the holidays. Fuck all that.
Mitch Ryan
Mitch Ryan:
Willingly gave them money for a service that wasn't fulfilled
James Taylor
James Taylor:
Best Buy website is up RIGHT NOW for ps5 pre-order I just got the disk version
Paul B
Paul B:
Im surprised GameStop will even sell you one
Vincent Thomas
Vincent Thomas:
Been online all day waiting and they never sent me to any page for me to get one 1 and after all that waiting they say where sold out!! Sat there the whole time and never got an opportunity
Nick Howe
Nick Howe:
I called my GS at 6:10pm (mountain time so 5:10 LA time) to ask if they were pre-ordering. They said "yes, we have 3 left." I drove there immediately and got the last 1. The digital version :( . Next day, got the invite email from Sony and preordered the disc version.
I'm from Georgia but I was omw to Texas in the car riding with my sister going to help her move the last of her stuff back, and once I got there I was up until 2AM and managed to snag one at the closest bestbuy for store pick up at around 2:10AM, I was freaking happy as can be but it was stressful as hell trying for hours just at bestbuy.
John C
John C:
Lol playstation 5 pre-order was some stressful shit bro.
What's up?!
What's up?!:
I’ve been hoping to catch you live bro. How do I join the famelot?
Visual H The Count Vega
Visual H The Count Vega:
We had the same messages in Japan, with the sites telling us that they are busy, and to try again later. It's a conspiracy because Sony has less units than anticipated because of the fail rates of the dye under stress tests.
John Olson
John Olson:
Finally got my PS5 from Best Buy at midnight PST after six hours of trying. Got my confirmation email and text. Picking up at midnight on launch day
Ezekiel God is strength
Ezekiel God is strength:
It looks like the ebay sellers bought most console to make a profit with outrages prices
Nancy Dubin
Nancy Dubin:
If ya get a PS 5, I'd gladly pay for it! I don't have transportation do I rely on delivery for everything, food, tp, etc etc
Cloudy Boyy
Cloudy Boyy:
I’m waiting until the first day to trade in my 500gb PS4.
Bigger Daddy
Bigger Daddy:
U know what would be ducking hilarious if all the orders on eBay were originally purchased from a game stop double ducking wammy
Jeo Diaz
Jeo Diaz:
I was able to preorder the ps5 on amazon when it was open for a few minutes through the secret link from twitter. The same link he used too. I feel like copping the ps5 is going to be the biggest flex rn 😂
Wait so I can't open a case with my bank?
lilTicTac _
lilTicTac _:
Thank you so much I got one and I was so happy
Nick Howe
Nick Howe:
I remember seeing PS3s going for 7-8k at launch. Ps5s will go for a few thousand i think.
Luckily I got my PS5 pre order at 3 a.m. from best buy ready for November 12th 🥂😎
r jimenez
r jimenez:
So your saying I can lose on my money on my 4 preorders from GameStop
chad rushing
chad rushing:
If somebody is dumb enough to buy an overpriced system, let them, they deserve to waste the money
Are you really live streaming trying to preorder the ps5?
Jessica Riley
Jessica Riley:
Sold out everywhere lol it never even showed up on Walmart lol
Dmac Mad Gaming
Dmac Mad Gaming:
I'm still looking for one 😞😞
My PS5 is preordered as well. I’ve owned every Sony console day one, including upgrades like the PS4 Pro.
This will not be easy for many people to get a launch console. There’s gonna be a lot of waiting until next year for most people.
NaoDadGaMeR 86
NaoDadGaMeR 86:
I spent 2 hours on Best Buy last Wednesday. I could add to cart but it would not let me process. It sucked!!!!!!
Juan S
Juan S:
I got my preorder from Best Buy because I feared my preorder may have gotten cancelled with GameStop. I'm sure it's not much, but I'm sure Best Buy has a better inventory system than GameStops store only mode
Greg Trial
Greg Trial:
Love your work dude! Keep kicking company butt!
Devin massie
Devin massie:
Got mine from Sams Club on my lunch break
If you ordered from game stop online and had it shipped to your house, at least they don't charge your card until 5 days before it ships
Mike Jarrett
Mike Jarrett:
Am in the UK and was just lucky with timing. Didn't know anything about the fight for pre orders, just saw the pre orders went live that morning. Went to website of one of the larger retailers here, which initially said no stock. Tried again 30 mins later, found they had more stock added, checked out without problem, confirmation immediately received. They ran out of pre orders about 5 mins later and then I read about the pre order madness going on.
Donny O
Donny O:
I guess I got to wait for the next batch. Also can I make a suggestion you should make your shirts black too "The Famelot". I would buy it looks cool but not into white shirts.
M F:
Sup everyone from mike from philly
Eston Hedrick
Eston Hedrick:
I just order direct from Sony
John Olson
John Olson:
Took 5 hrs on Best buy for me.
Goro Majima
Goro Majima:
I don't got one yet.
This channel is ready for prime time. Gamestop lined you up for prime time!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Ok so.... I had this spinning disc issue on Game.co.uk... in Chrome.. so I tried Firefox. I then tried... Edge. Let me pre-order but only as a guest! Worth a try guys in the US.. try ALL the browsers.
Shekhar Moona
Shekhar Moona:
Camelot should do a PS5 console giveaway for patreon supporters.
Chris mullins
Chris mullins:
I'm glad dont have gamestop in Australia
If I win, I'll be gifting it to my friend since I already secured one for myself.
Any crazy people? When pre ordering ?
Torrent Krush13
Torrent Krush13:
Good job trying to blame GameStop, when it was Walmart and target who both jumped the gun and caused all the other retailers to have to open reserves. I get wanting to blame someone, but get the facts straight first.
Monkey Man42698
Monkey Man42698:
Where is that onlyfans?
Vincent Thomas
Vincent Thomas:
This is some BS
The Otis Show
The Otis Show:
Good luck.
John Olson
John Olson:
What time tomorrow oN Amazon anyone know?
J23assassain Gameing
J23assassain Gameing:
No sucks everybody sold out I was in every check out but wouldn’t process I just wanted to play the new Spider-Man I was in the stream on amazon it never showed up to pre order tle it was sold out 😔
Who won the ps5?
trashmop 169
trashmop 169:
I got mines right now best buy
Shawn Smith
Shawn Smith:
I got one!!!!!
I just got mine on bestbuy
Ryan Kuebel
Ryan Kuebel:
just commenting: not refunding a pre order deposit is not legal. There's not it's legal to keep it what so ever. You didn't "give" them the money. You made a deposit. There's a difference. Now whether the customer wants to ride the shit out of them until they get their refund, that's another story.
Nancy Dubin
Nancy Dubin:
Go to eBay and bid $2.00 !!
Aragami Sensei
Aragami Sensei:
here in in canada doing that is illegal... if the store closes and they don't give you your money back... the store might close, but gamestop is the company and it is still alive so... that is a class action law suite of billion dollars waiting to happen... they can't do that in canada, this is way beyond small claims courts....
nero angelo
nero angelo:
just got mine on best buy
Nick Howe
Nick Howe:
M F:
I’m waiting to order I wish ps5 went better lol is Xbox worth it . Maybe the 500 dollar one but the cheap one isn’t worth it
Kaite Elise
Kaite Elise:
Zach Holder
Zach Holder:
just got one on Best Buy
Cody HD
Cody HD:
Skinny Bones
Skinny Bones:
Will amazon restock tomorrow
Bigger Daddy
Bigger Daddy:
Copyright strike remove account
Mr LoL
Mr LoL:
Never pre order a game system....always wait two years.....cheaper, refined...does no one remember ball bearings or red ring of death? Unless it’s cartridge based. Stick to your only guns consumers.
My Gamestop called me. They had 12 disc based for $500.00 and 4 Digital for $400.00 and only needed $50.00 down. So I preordered. I figured worst case I lose 50 bucks. I was shocked since the usually want $100 down on consoles. I put $5 down on Demons Souls and Cyberpunk.
I personally have known the manager of my store since they opened 12 years ago. I’m friends with everyone there, but I’m in middle America and they seem to be the opposite of what I always hear here. I believe there are shit stores, but mine has been great and done lots of great things for me. I also never have had any issues contacting corporate from here. I’m 5 minutes away. If someone did come up, the manager will let me know. I’ve hung out with her...we’re good friends, so it’s a bit different. I have been to stores in other states that were absolutely God awful, so I feel lucky. Our store is always top ranked or close. It’s not a big area, so the only place to buy games is literally my Gamestop and our Walmart. The next closest Walmart is an hour away, same as Gamestop, so I think that helps them stay open, everyone shops there, so they make good money.
My Gamestop manager took people’s names and numbers personally for when preorders came out to let us know. I was the first person called and 15 minutes later when I got there, there were 6 of the 12 physical ones left and the 4 Digital were gone.
I’m feeling good. I expect to get it. I will say this though, I put down the $50.00 they required and I’m not paying ANY MORE until I pick it up.
I don’t know what is up about bundles though, my Gamest had normal versions at normal price only requiring $50 down, sooo. I feel like if they were planning to steal my money, they’d have AT LEAST wanted $100 down, like with PS4, X1, and Switch.
you tube
you tube:
How much will the ps5 go for during Christmas
Bigger Daddy
Bigger Daddy:
Quit talking to you but you don’t know anything because they can’t take your money and anybody with half a brain would hire a lawyer and make a class action lawsuit what am I talking any lawyer they wanted to make a name for him shall we do usually take this on pro bono get here to break it to you man you don’t know what you’re talking about he might about people being too lazy to do anything about