Shaun Wright-Phillips, Richard Dunne and Kevin Horlock look ahead to match day 5 of the Champions League, as Man City aim to secure top place in Group C

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I love Kevin Horlock more than I can explain, but you need to get hold of Gerard
Lellib Ikuos
Lellib Ikuos:
Even if we are convinced that the match is formal, but the club's stars remain concerned, perhaps one of them will be in the European League's top scorer race
bch n'a
bch n'a:
Where is mahrez ?
Kahfi Syuhada
Kahfi Syuhada:
Ola city
Hakou Kacimo
Hakou Kacimo:
Khalil Djari
Khalil Djari:
Riyad Mahrez is the best🏅🥇 between all the club of city⚽️
Joboulna mahrez 26
Nao N
Nao N:
Winning for Manchester City💙✨💪🏻
Lellib Ikuos
Lellib Ikuos:
You have an explanation for why Mahrez is out of the squad against Porto. We told you that the bald philosopher is going to break it
Nani Bobo
Nani Bobo:
علاه مدخلتوش محرز يا طحاحنا
Kahfi Syuhada
Kahfi Syuhada:
Do we can watch here?
Houari Mejahade
Houari Mejahade:
Mahrez from Algeria and Sterling from England prefer Sterling to Mahrez because he plays for me England. Mahrez plays for me his country, Algeria, and I do not realize what Algeria is a country of football.
jean pierre Bizimana
jean pierre Bizimana:
hello all of you funs!! we are behind of our team !! remember our objectives is to get a champions league!! God bless us.
Aubaid Alam
Aubaid Alam:
yes go man city we are going to win the chapeos l
Gahza Spartan 4life
Gahza Spartan 4life:
Why people keep stressing the point about no room for racism but yet still I can't see any black referees much less to see any black coach's start form there first include are start include some black referees and black coach's. I see alot of white coach that are trashed are clown in there tactics and playing styles, so give the black people them chance too to show there craft, are else that slogan that they like to talk about bout say no to racism there's no room for it but I see no room for black people contribution to the sports all about white people and privileged given to them some time they don't even qualify for the jobs but they got it anyway if that is not going to change u people are just slamming your gums 😡😡😒😒🤔🤔🤔
Mr Skyz
Mr Skyz:
This Game PROVED That Man City Need CENTER FOWARD FAST.. GABRIEL JESUS NOT GOOD ENOUGH .. IM SORRY. Hes be 3 season already at City !! Man city cannot hope on Midfielder because they not TRUE AND REAL STRIKER ... This can COST MAN CITY IN UCL AND EPL . PEP NEED CHANCE THIS ATTITUDE AND GET 1 GOOD CENTER FORWARD !!! That why city need Real Center Forward CF who good and dangerous in BOX !!! CIty need this New CF on January or City ended this season with Trophyless !!!!
Tiago Duarte
Tiago Duarte:
We can see the game?
Fares Chekkar
Fares Chekkar:
Guardiola. Without Mahrez you will not win the Champions League