LIVE: Virgin Galactic launches Richard Branson to space on Unity 22

Virgin Galactic is launching Richard Branson and five other crew members to space on the Unity 22 mission. VSS Unity is expected to take off after 6 am Mountain. The exact timing of the flight will be fluid.'s Jack Beyer will be live in the field from Spaceport America, New Mexico.


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Thank you for your coverage efforts - far surpassed that of VG in several areas for us space geeks.
david jeba
david jeba:
A flawless sub-orbital flight...
But after this I can understand how mind boggling feat spacex is executing
Rip Sumrall
Rip Sumrall:
I love that roof line! Mimics the mountains wonderfully.
Corby Calvin
Corby Calvin:
So looking forward to VSS-22-size vehicles making regular orbital flights❣️👍🤓
Clodette morose
Clodette morose:
This event was amazing
Now its time to build a orbital version... That would be awesome...
Anggarakasih Dewiyanti
Anggarakasih Dewiyanti:
Congratulations, great liftoff system !!
J Script
J Script:
To comment on what Virgin can do to get to destinations after the rocket shuts off, ionic wind can provide fuelless propulsion as long as they have a power source big enough to power that technology.
I am glad VG finally managed to market, either for satelites & passengers.
take off- 1:00:05
launch- 1:44:38
meco- 1:45:45?
G 0- 1:45:55/ 1:48:05
landing- 1:58:55
Paulo Silva
Paulo Silva:
Muito Bom, Very good Friends the Ciência, I love it , I from Brasil
Michael k Hobbs
Michael k Hobbs:
It's good to be able to see something as cool this. I'm sharing this. Awesome great job. I wanna go up. Damn. That's the way it should be. Always shared. I'm really excited. Thank you so much 🥰.
Milestoned reached, great stream!
Congratulations Sir Richard Branson and team.You have made history today.
Andrew 13579
Andrew 13579:
How do you top this? You get Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Peter Beck and Jeff Bezos to fly together on a Crew Dragon to a multi-orbit flight. 😀
As a speed junky, the drop and rocket boost would possibly be the best part. The acceleration must be mental.
Brent Grandin
Brent Grandin:
I wish they would have mentioned Burt Rutan and scaled composites. They wouldn’t be there without them.
Love the footage.
Ck digital The Q of 6th
Ck digital The Q of 6th:
It is astonishing how small and how high the craft went, imagine if the first stage plane was shaped like a spy velocity craft, it could pivit to 90 degrees, just before reaching the kamen air thining effect, then drop launch of Unity22, would bow sling this little angel as far up to at mid Ionicosphere or full satilites exo, based on the adjusted fuel of unity22.
Excellent semi-professional, low budget coverage on this historic space event. Thanks for a great job. However, not once was Burt Rutan's name mentioned. ...Not once. He was the sole engineer and inspiration for this entire original pioneering concept, initial testing and pure genius development for proof of concept of feathering decent from space, and propulsion to space. All this would never have happened without him. A little disrespect perhaps?
Hedley Pepper
Hedley Pepper:
Congrats Richard and all of the Virginia galactic staff.. rule britania 🇬🇧
air force pilots from the 50's suddenly sitting up going "oh cool, they did it too"
Christian Reinecke
Christian Reinecke:
And that took so long to develop??? CONGRATS to the the Virgin team!
Bruce-Ruhl Design
Bruce-Ruhl Design:
2:10:00.... The system is designed to allow for international travel in short time. Low earth orbit for a few minutes as the planet rotates underneath allows you to travel from Tokyo to London in an hour. This is what this system is designed for as was stated by designer Burt Rattan (we saw the doc about the X-prize).
1:43:09 THERE IT GOES !
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon:
How do you top this? You get Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Peter Beck and Jeff Bezos to fly together on a Crew Dragon to a multi-orbit flight. 😀
Incredible work Virgin team!!! You are keeping us all dreaming of a future in space!
Don Glerup
Don Glerup:
A proud day for me and the citizens of New Mexico,and the world.
Brandon Weaver
Brandon Weaver:
I suddenly (again) want a Millennium Falcon
moonlight fitz
moonlight fitz:
Steve Bricker
Steve Bricker:
I think this is a publicity gimmick to be honest, but it sure does emphasize how good spaceX have become at regular flights to and from actual space and orbit on a regular basis. Kudos to Elon Musk for his actual accomplishments
They have a huge delay just in case something catastrophic happens and they cut the delayed live feed before anyone sees it.
Jackie Mullineaux
Jackie Mullineaux:
My sons were at school with Colin Bennett in Clevedon, England, and played rugby with him...... what an achievement... FANATASTIC well done Colin xx
Wayne Levett
Wayne Levett:
Nitrous oxide is also used to put you to sleep for an operation. I had it last month, it's horrible.
Yes it's laughing gas and a very large dose will put you asleep. Smaller amount will make you drowsy.
Nitrous oxide is also used as a super boost for drag cars. Slightly different mix I think. It's not flammable.
Mj Sariego
Mj Sariego:
After the rocket drops off, what happens to the rest of the plane?
MrX MrY:
at some point during the stream you talked about sending flat earthers to space. there would be no point because most of them are so stuck in their fantasy world that they simply wouldn't believe what they saw. they would come up with all kinds of insane "explanations" like you drugged them to make them hallucinate or you stuck them in a simulator or who knows what. those who come back to sanity (like ranty and seek truth speak truth) come back on their own, and you can't force the others. so take the money such a flight would cost and do something that has a chance of being successful.
Simon Gondowidjojo
Simon Gondowidjojo:
Upon landing, is there any second chance, go around for another landing?
Anthony Demayo
Anthony Demayo:
We did this in the 1950's-1960, NA X-15 program. FYI
Ck digital The Q of 6th
Ck digital The Q of 6th:
I nearly laughed my socks into space, when the media used wordings that sounded like the Virgin company banished Richard into space...
Brittnie Merritt
Brittnie Merritt:
Life 360 would keep up with Jack 🤣
Petite Hiker
Petite Hiker:
Super cool
nice 👏👏👏🔥 a humble man in the space race
X Man
X Man:
This is an accomplishment but not one that I find myself getting excited about. I was 16 when we landed on the Moon so I just don’t see this accomplishment moving us in a direction we need to be going, which is becoming a true spacefaring civilization. I suppose that why I believe in Elon’s and SpaceX’s mission.
These guys confirmed we broke the record for most humans in space, so sorry, NASA confirming the new Karaman line is 50 miles instead of 62 miles and that moment was when Unity hit 264,000 feet up. This flight was actually lower than the regular future flights with the apogee scheduled to be at 297,000 feet or 56.25 miles up
WELL DONE made what was a theory for nearly 100 yrs happen carrier jet launches humans in rocket As you run people up into space you can work on upsacling it until the rocket has the power to acheive orbit. This might be the cheapest way to get bulk supplies into orbit and the safest way to get a human into space.
john rizz
john rizz:
Load the SPCE space ship up now before it rockets again !!! My best investment ever .Good news is imminent and just around the corner. Next august test flight and finalization of 500 share offering speaks volume and portends huge things coming soon so now is a great entry point before the crowd gets in.
Michael Jandavs
Michael Jandavs:
Can we keep him there?
Rick Hoppe
Rick Hoppe:
At what elevation does outer space begin? As far as I’M concerned, it’s simple... if you unbuckle your seat belt, and you float out of your seat... you are in outer space.
Hearty Steer
Hearty Steer:
Mirror so passengers can see themselves floating, not just vain attempt by Virgin to make it look bigger?
1:43:04 Thats what you are looking for.
Cloutier Pierre
Cloutier Pierre:
Virgin Galactic flight showed that you could travel from one continent to another in a few minutes, get a zero gravity experience and see mother earth from space. Would you fly Virgin Galactic to go to Europe or Australia this way ?
Scott Fleming
Scott Fleming:
Pretty awesome
atom grizzly
atom grizzly:
X15 did it in 1959!!! Just saying.
zug zug
zug zug:
I remember when these guys got to space for the first time years ago. The talking heads in the news mentioned spacex with a few derogatory remarks. Now, I see this and I think wow, this is kind of a useless technology compared to what spacex is doing.
The ants working…….💪🏻
Ra Rouyer
Ra Rouyer:
And their riding the stairway to heaven...
so branson is now as far as it was in 1950/1960 (It`s not a Space Flight, it`s a suborbital Flight). and it`s joke to tell branson beat the others (space x fly to the Space Station...)
E. S.
E. S.:
IDK I mean I'm not hating here but to call them Astronauts? no orbit? I mean did they really go to space? Technically yes. but common Space Port? , however nice job Richard and V.G.
D irk3672
D irk3672:
Polished rear AL pressure bulkhead - "mirror"
Peter Ford
Peter Ford:
37:26 "everyone's a virgin ... galactic employee"
Jeff Abbott
Jeff Abbott:
Pretty cool to witness, but the broadcast commentary hyped this up to make it sound like its comparable to the moon landing or something, kind of cringeworthy at times. Blue Origin jabbed Virgin a little, referring to this as a 'high altitude airplane' rather than a legit rocket launch to space and they were actually somewhat accurate. Cool stuff, but nothing compared to what Musk is doing with SpaceX. I've seen at least 20 Falcon9 launches and they still blow my mind, especially watching the first stage land on the drone ship. I'm 50x more hyped to watch the first fully stacked Starship launch.
Nuff Said
Nuff Said:
The man who destroyed the closed-on Sunday culture goes into space on a Sunday.
chakma nitu
chakma nitu:
Timber Micka
Timber Micka:
That was really anticlimatic
Wade Wilson
Wade Wilson:
Not meaning to sound like sour grapes here, but a couple of comments… 1) Even Spaceship One, Spaceship Two’s predecessor, HAD to pass the Karman Line to win the X Prize. (Heck, it’s tail number was N328KF for 328,000 feet/100 km). No Karman Line, no space. Imagine the Russians’ very public glee if Alan Shepard only reached 80km! 2) Handing out “Astronaut Wings” to anyone simply willing/able to shell out the money for an elaborate roller coaster ride cheapens the title of “Astronaut” and is an insult to those who genuinely earned that title. You don’t get “pilot wings” and get to call yourself “pilot” if you buy a ticket and fly as an airline passenger… unless you’re 10 years old and a crew member hands you some plastic wings.
Oh I am so angry. I checked here SEVERAL times - during and after the flight and this wasn't shown. And then after I watch a catch-up on someone elses stream, this shows up 3 hours late. Youtube, fix your site!
Durandal Gmx
Durandal Gmx:
No orbit, no real space.
That's my definition. Can't go anywhere if you keep falling back.
I Am
I Am:
brought to you from the same people who landed on the moon eh
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa:
The old generation got us beat🤣
gacha Ross777
gacha Ross777:
The old generation got us beat🤣
Ramon Medina
Ramon Medina:
What a pity that they do not allow you to record on your property where democracy and freedom are
J J:
Very satisfying
Abell Seyfu
Abell Seyfu:
One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates🎈
Alain Delanneau
Alain Delanneau:
Too bad the flight parameters display is stuck to only imperial units :o(
Guess most of the viewers around the world can't mentally represent values in real time.
Jeff Lowey
Jeff Lowey:
Can you say you went to Hawaii when you only flew over Hawaii on a trans-Pacific flight? Being 'in space' means you are 'there' not just passing by. Suborbital in 2021 is boring, especially with SpaceX around.
Another private company enters the space race
GBLynden's RC
GBLynden's RC:
You should have had a cameraman used to recording Scale & RC Flight. Hit me up next time ;)
Shike Rahiman
Shike Rahiman:
Big cangrtes 😎
Look's Interesting as well.
mango jassal
mango jassal:
Lady in the front don’t look excited and happy, miserable I’d say 🙂
peter pan
peter pan:
Only last year Branson begging for
British tax payers money to keep his airline up and running, and offering his private island out hmm 🤔
Legacy Algama
Legacy Algama:
Mr. Richard Branson and Virgin Galactic Team.
Actually It's marvellous .
At last .
Jericho gragasin
Jericho gragasin:
wow, nevertheless that video feed is jacked up one of the worst feed. atleast they can spare any satellite coms for that. LOL
Nick Poverman
Nick Poverman:
If you have $200,000 to spend you too can do this. This will never be for the average person.
Sparsh Kishore
Sparsh Kishore:
the real iron man built his own vehicle to fly
Confused, where was the space flight? Or was this ,just touch it and return?
wasnt possible to try the karman line hight ?
compared to something like going to iss with a falcon 9 rocket its not very impressive
like the design hope we will develope engines that makes it possible to go into space with planes as it is nothing some day

however congrats to him for achieving this first step on the way into space hope he can further improve the spacecraft
Adam San
Adam San:
It's interesting but more of a side step.
Corinne Moskal
Corinne Moskal:
Checking in from MA
Ramon Medina
Ramon Medina:
because of that attitude I don't want to get to that airport at all
a.l. nieborg
a.l. nieborg:
i hope you can show curve fore the flatearters lol
wiz olufa
wiz olufa:
Did they go to space space? Or did they just get close to it? I’ve been trying to read through articles but can’t seem to get a direct answer.
"momentous moment in history"
Man, this company is really full of itself, isn't it. At best, it's a "marginally important moment in excessively-rich-person-entertainment".
Brant Houston
Brant Houston:
Justin Tyme
Justin Tyme:
now affix the us navy's laser weapon to it Keep space free for all of us
Hi guys what a wonderful coverage in joyed very very much. Been a nasa buff for filthy year or more. How do i become a number. I mist what you sied.