Join True Geordie as Leeds take on reigning champions Liverpool on the opening day of the 2020/21 Premier League season on The Kick Off live stream. Get all the latest football reaction and opinions here!

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Sean Banan
Sean Banan:
Liverpool 1-0: 34:00
Leeds 1-1: 41:13
Liverpool 2-1: 49:42
Leeds 2-2: 59:11
Liverpool 3-2: 1:02:15
Leeds 3-3: 1:53:23
Liverpool 4-3: 2:15:05
Miguel Fernandes
Miguel Fernandes:
Hugh with that Jeremy Linch reference was class comedy.
Thomas Stanley
Thomas Stanley:
I love Hugh winding Rory up, beautiful
It’s fraudulent how Jeremy lynch isn’t in this conversation. Best on the ball at Arsenal during the invincibles season
Rory and Hugh add so much to the show
Rock Wilkins
Rock Wilkins:
Take a shot everytime True Georgie mentions ‘Newcastle’ or ‘Bobby Robson’ when the conversation is not about ‘Newcastle’ or ‘Bobby Robson’
ronaldinho 10
ronaldinho 10:
Leeds are a great side. Bielsa makes them so exciting to watch.
‘Rooney never had that Wow iconic moment’. Man scored an overhead kick vs City to win us the game and the title
Jonathan Lilley
Jonathan Lilley:
I think I love Hugh Wizzy, the guy knows how Bielsa works. Leeds have average players but Bielsa improves them and gets them playing to a level they shouldn't be able to get at. He's all about attacking and playing to win no matter who you're up against. Liverpool deserved to win today (I have no idea how they didn't score from open play) but Leeds caused them problems. Leeds missed their captain in Cooper (through injury) organising the defence, every goal conceded was a defensive error, even Salah's 2nd goal (which was a great strike) 3 players going for the same ball. Leeds played Koch who's trained at the club less than a week along with Struijk who has made 6 professional appearances (4 in defensive midfield) in his career. I'm not saying that the result would have been different if Cooper played but the goals conceded would have most likely been from Liverpool's creativity rather than from defensive errors. I'm surprised how clinical Leeds were today given that chances taken is normally our weakness. Great game for the neutral and I'm gutted Leeds couldn't hold on. But I'm proud of the performance.
This is my perfect line up for the kick off
Really like Adam he offers a lot to the show
22 Abz
22 Abz:
Lawrence is such a waffler
Vinnie Angelo
Vinnie Angelo:
To be fair to Leeds, they had a makeshift defence. Fearless.
Wesley Fofana
Wesley Fofana:
Hugh is the only one I can stand now
Marcus Dutton
Marcus Dutton:
timestamps for the goals would be bliss
Cian Dolan
Cian Dolan:
"Name me one goalkeeper who's saved two penalties in one game!"

Heurelho Gomes, Watford vs West Brom, 2014/15.
Leeds giving Liverpool a tough game after Rory laughed off their chances. The man knows nothing about football.
L J:
I’m about to go watch this, I can’t wait to hear Laurence get loud and go back to being quiet when Leeds score 😂
Leeds Are Back
Sam Glover
Sam Glover:
Love Hugh he better be getting paid for this
Casthyperion 759
Casthyperion 759:
Why didn't they carry on with the Newcastle match?
Machiel de Groot
Machiel de Groot:
Cheers to Adam for standing up to Geordie on the Saudi takeover. Some things are bigger than football. Journalist-killing mass murderers shouldn’t own newcastle.
Otule Family
Otule Family:
who else wants rory's beard back
*Everton looks dangerous this year...just saying that..*
im with laurence on the predictions
Liam EJM
Liam EJM:
Rory getting the dead takes in early I see
Duval In The Wall
Duval In The Wall:
Rory: I’m very wise

Also Rory: Sheffield United are going down

Jay Michaels
Jay Michaels:
Rory is absolutely clueless !! , great entertainment though !
Emmanuel Oyelese
Emmanuel Oyelese:
51:30 As if no one know these man are off their head on coke
Som Dutta
Som Dutta:
The reason Shearer, Henry and Aguero stand out is their goals per game, despite the number of games.
Goals per game for all of them are 0.51+, and Rooney is 0.45.
"RORY IN THE MUD" i fucking love Hugh
QLoiner 17
QLoiner 17:
Rorys gunna regret making an enemy of Leeds fans 😂😂
1:53:28 Hugh goes mental lol
Piotr Sawicki
Piotr Sawicki:
That's the Hugh I appreciate. He and Rory are a big part of the kick-off.
Javonne Porter
Javonne Porter:
"feels abit Norwich to me" wow
Adil Khan
Adil Khan:
Geordie needs to make a Spotify playlist for the kick off, good to listen to while driving.
Matthew Azzopardi
Matthew Azzopardi:
I love how during the predictions part they bump fists with each other when they predict each other’s teams to finish in good positions as if them saying it means it’s gonna happen 🤣
James Hazell
James Hazell:
19:42 Recognition for the frauds 👋
Majd Safa
Majd Safa:
18:00 they start talking about football
from a liverpool fan im so glad we won that game because it was extremely open. leeds will be the wolves/sheffield of the season i can guarantee you right now and will be a big benefit/detriment to the big clubs as they have shown in this game that they can play in big matches and can potentially take important points away from those big clubs too.
Shads _
Shads _:
When Brian talks about Conor Mcgregor! Omg, I feel sorry for Brian! He's trying so hard
James Rochester
James Rochester:
“How’s the bacon did you say”😂😂😂
20:18 how did no one laugh at Lawrence's joke lmao
Broly's Buns
Broly's Buns:
"i would have him as a janitor at newcastle" 😭 😭
James T
James T:
Rory watching Leeds for the first time, the pure denial about bielsa😂
- Wypaç
- Wypaç:
Yes Vvd make a mistake, better concentrate on defending!
MarKy Boi
MarKy Boi:
Funniest podcast I’ve watched in a while, so happy you’re back👍
Nidz Mo
Nidz Mo:
This show is so underrated!!....Loved every minute of it!!....Keep it up!!
On the comments about the girls being clout chasers - whilst I party agree with this, you cannot give the benefit of the doubt to the players because they’re “young lads” and then not use that same argument on the side of the young girls. It’s a non story.
Mannymantee M20
Mannymantee M20:
I'd love to see Themadmistake on this, that would be joke I reckon.
Mario Enah
Mario Enah:
2:14:43 you know you're desperate for the w when you bring this up 😂😂😂
Definitely one of the best Kick Offs I've watched: great discussion/debates, great line up with Adam making one of the better guests and a great game to cap it all off. Keep up the great quality, lads!
The boys are back together! You love to see it 👍
leeds united way
leeds united way:
Great game unfortunately didn’t go our way good luck for the rest of the season Liverpool fans until you come to elland road ;)
muneeb 481
muneeb 481:
Can't believe they didn't talk about Messi, they had so many segways
James Maclean
James Maclean:
This is the exact reason why I watch this, when I drink with mates we have intense conversations about football decisions and then all of a sudden postpone it because of the chance on the game. I love you guys
asioe kiou
asioe kiou:
Brilliant live stream filled with passion and frauds!
Anybody else wait until after the stream is done to start watching and listen to it like a podcast
these predictions didnt age well LMAO
Adam Booth
Adam Booth:
finally some passion from loz🥰🥰
Thomas Pearson
Thomas Pearson:
I’m watching the collapse of the top 6😂😂😂😂😂😂
Random Guy
Random Guy:
Just looking for time stamps before I carry on watching 🧐
Declan Bubb
Declan Bubb:
“This feels a bit Norwich to me” 🤷‍♂️😭
Michael Masanabo
Michael Masanabo:
20:20 Laurance is toomuch.
Actually these series is kinda lit ngl. Interesting to see different viewpoints. Rate it!
Isaac Mili
Isaac Mili:
Watchin this after the game n it's so funny how Rory disses us 😂😂😂
Ocean Man
Ocean Man:
As a Liverpool fan, I’m happy Lawrence and I agree on top 6. I didn’t expect anyone to agree with me on Liverpool 3rd, and Chelsea 2nd, but I’m glad someone did
Alexander Khlapov
Alexander Khlapov:
"Kobra Kai" series is brilliant
Archie Chakwizira
Archie Chakwizira:
The Best football show!!!!
I love Hugh😂
B P:
we dont walk alone!!!!!liverpool ..all the way from cleveland ohio🤙🏾💫
Sham Adams
Sham Adams:
Loz reminds me of Dave Smith from Legion of Skanks.
This is one of, if not the best kick off eps I’ve seen, MCKOLA works so well with you guys. An instant classic to start off the season with. LOVE TO YOUR MOTHERS from a Utd fan xxx
Alexander Khlapov
Alexander Khlapov:
Fantastic game for Kick off boys!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
The Big Screen Music
The Big Screen Music:
Lots of testosterone today lads 😂 feisty!
Joseph Vurgest
Joseph Vurgest:
got to love hugh what a guy alaw
Oofman 21
Oofman 21:
wait, we're rivals with Chelsea?
Just a suggestion try and get the food reviewer on the podcast
I love the way Mckola called Hugh out on his Arsenal bollocks
Ashu P
Ashu P:
Clueless Rory needs to be checked by Hugh every stream!
connor thomson
connor thomson:
Best one yet true the boys were on point today good show lad 😂😂
Said Warsame
Said Warsame:
This is a great show
Jeremy Grant
Jeremy Grant:
Leeds is going to be quality opposition this year.
Quintin Steer
Quintin Steer:
I'm surprised Lawrence never saw the Liverpoolfc (YT channel) training video before this match...Mo Salah and his group won the finishing training session the day before the game. So a finish like that for Salah wasn't a surprise since seeing that training vid. LFC are training like they play
Dave Lloyd
Dave Lloyd:
Why’s Rory suddenly acting like he knows fighting😂😂
Aidan Pierce
Aidan Pierce:
@True Geordie What’s your reaction to the death of Navid Afkaris death?
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker:
Anyone else noticed Laurence’s Arm?
Stoney Rose7
Stoney Rose7:
Is Hugh from Liverpool?
Olle Lindquist
Olle Lindquist:
Good to have 'The Kick Off' back
edmond fin
edmond fin:
Will there be a Newcastle livestream?
Nathan Forbes
Nathan Forbes:
2:39:27 kompany has 4 titles as captain aswell
Taylena 123
Taylena 123:
how can rooney be respected by other fans for being one of pl greats when some idiots who supports the club doesn't rate him nice see adam big him up and rooney does deserve to be there
Brian Summers
Brian Summers:
Probably my favourite kick off! So many hilarious moments!
Great vid lads Adam is a nutter 😂 😂 😂 😂
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Whoever see’s this have a good day
Tom Rayner
Tom Rayner:
Mate it’s great to listen to that United fan’s passion for United and Cantona. Can tell Cantona is a proper hero and he loves his football. From a Liverpool fan.
parveez sn
parveez sn:
Rory Fc✌🏽
Fuckkkk I hope contract negotiations went well for Rory and Hugh , Geordie brought me here and those 2 chemistry made me miss it when it's not around
jack burgess
jack burgess:
Is Rory wearing makeup?😭🙈🙈
Skkrt 123
Skkrt 123:
Rory really the TGP goat🐐
Andrew Cummings
Andrew Cummings:
That blonde fella Rory is an absolute clueless weapon.