Liverpool 2-2 Ajax, European Cup 1966

In the first leg of this second round tie, Ajax had shown a glimpse of the side that would dominate European football by beating Liverpool 5-1 in the Amsterdam fog. Nevertheless, Bill Shankly still believed that his side could knock out Rinus Michels's charges at Anfield. History was against them -- no side had yet pulled back a four goal deficit in the European Cup. And they had a 19-year-old Johan Cruyff to contend with. The commentator is Gerry Loftus.

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eric stewart
eric stewart:
My first game as a spectator. Dad took me. I was 7 y.o. and we had seats in the Kemlyn Rd Stand. I chose Ian Callaghan as my first hero. I can always say that I saw Roger Hunt and Johan Cruyff score on my first visit to Anfield. I felt so important when I took the matchday programme in to the Broadgreen Infants school the next day.
Zyram 1976
Zyram 1976:
Fantastique merci beaucoup 🤲🏻✊🏼🤩😍❤️
Christopher Brown
Christopher Brown:
I was there that night. I went to the match straight after finishing school to make sure I got a good spec in the Kop.Bill Shankly was convinced that we could turn the tie around and so we're all the supporters. That's the only game at Anfield that You'll never walk alone was played twice at the insistence of the great man himself. I was convinced then and I'm sit ill convinced to this day that if the shot by Peter Thompson had gone in instead of hitting the bar we would have turned them over.That fledgling Ajax side had the late great Johan Cruyff in the forward line who was 19 yrs old and scored 3 goals in both legs. although they were not at that stage the great side they became a few years later they were the first Side to play the quick counter attacking football that we see today.The great man said he learnt a valuable lesson from this defeat in that you couldn't aford to be too offensive in European club football particularly in the away leg. He went on to win a UEFA cup however he only had one more chance to win the big one in 1974. However his rebuilt championship team lost to Red Star of Belgrade in the second round. As good as his second side were, they couldn't match his great sixties side.Thanks for posting Adrian. It's brought back some fond memories to this old codger,
Muzaki Shobirin
Muzaki Shobirin:
Setelah sekian lama tak ketemu, Liverpool dan Ajax UCL 2020/2021 satu grup
Ron Wagenaar
Ron Wagenaar:
Bill Grundy I think.
Het begin van het grote Ajax
Harry Perry
Harry Perry:
My grandad was at this game
Prajwal Basnet
Prajwal Basnet:
Who would've thought this would be their last match in the European Cup for the next 54 years not until 2020.
Who is this commentator? I can forgive "Ay-jax" but "Crowfe"? "CROWFE"??