Liverpool vs Arsenal | Match Day Live

Liverpool vs Arsenal | Match Day Live Watch Along

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80 komentarze:

Omar Yahya
Omar Yahya:
In my many years of watching football I have never celebrated a 0-0 as much as tonight 🤣🤣. Very proud of the performance especially after going down to 10 for more than an hour.
King Darwin
King Darwin:
Fair freaking play to the arsenal fans at anfeild ..they were louder than the Liverpool fans 🔥
Siva Nesh
Siva Nesh:
Maximum credits to Chambers and Holding. They did so well after coming in to the game. Strong performance from the 2.
Saka, Laca and Martinelli..
Worked their socks off.
Well done boys..COYG
Richie Blunden
Richie Blunden:
I don’t care if it’s only the ‘League Cup’, that was a bloody gritty effort. Well done lads 👏👏
Serene 191
Serene 191:
We played with so much grit, determination and passion. Even with 10 men. SO SO PROUD TONIGHT ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Martinelli is a machine, he never stopped running. His work rate and application are just insane.
Pale Stale Male
Pale Stale Male:
Great 10 man performance and brilliant fan support...I could only hear our fans on the TV
38:34 Xhaka Red Card.
Moshin Khan
Moshin Khan:
Martinelli is made of something else. Was at full speed for full 90 mins
Official rozay
Official rozay:
I’m not even an Arsenal fan but they were class tonight, they humbled Liverpool fr 😂 without Mane and Salah Liverpool is so finished lol
I wouldn't have been happy if this was the match at our place first but it gives us a home advantage and something to keep belief in
Omar Yahya
Omar Yahya:
Benjamin White was exceptional. He is MOTM for me
Amaan Khan
Amaan Khan:
The way Lacazette pressed and won the ball so many times I was really impressed.
Kept Liverpool out with 10 men and holding and chambers in defence 😭😭😭😭
Tommy Edwards
Tommy Edwards:
What a game. Defensive masterclass
PKC 24
PKC 24:
We NEED a midfielder before the NLD to win
No Xhaka? No worries! Finally a good *result* vs a top team (unlike the heroic yet -ve *loss* vs City!)

Our 10 boys looked so much more +ve, composed and mature. If Arteta simply cannot see the light from these events and brings Xhaka back into the team later this season, he should walk immediately.
xxitactical _
xxitactical _:
Proud to be an arsenal fan after that game COYG
A A:
Masterclass what a performance
Saul Ignacio Alcala
Saul Ignacio Alcala:
iam a gooner iam happy but this game end's in more ninety minutes with hulillity perseverance decission propositivity courage respect courage humillity approaching any moment to score goals go on Arsenal
Proud of the boys ❤️
Not xhaka
David Scott
David Scott:
I've been saying for at least 3 seasons that Xhaka should be on his way out...never liked him from the start a really crappy player who constantly gets himself sent off
The brutal truth is that Arsenal will win nothing with him playing for the club....come on Arteta you need to get busy in the transfer window !!!!!
I loved that stubbornness. every single minute of that stubbornness was worth it.
1001 red card in our history and guess who got the red card😂😂
Suntan Glory
Suntan Glory:
I told you all xhaka is a liability to us, the sooner we get a replacement for him the better.
Minamino miss 2:02:33
38:16 Xhaka red card.
Great performance today despite the red card, time to get a midfielder like man Arthur Melo and wijnaldum?
Sam El-A
Sam El-A:
2:08:10 full time
You know there is an issue when you tell your brother Arsenal got a red card and you tell him guess who, and he IMMEDIATELY replies Xhaka. Xhaka is such a liability 🙄🙄🙄
Elgon M
Elgon M:
I don't care what happens in the second leg , This is a process, personally I thought we were going to get messed up....and before half-time
Partey and Odegaard is just a Band-Aid over the leaking tank in midfield.
RamWinter 2
RamWinter 2:
Swiss Mr Tumble red card: 38:36
Glen Kightley - Everything Arsenal
Glen Kightley - Everything Arsenal:
Jackson hunter
Jackson hunter:
Good job gunners
Arsene wengers arsenal would have lost 8:2 today well done to the players and arteta
sanchez 1886
sanchez 1886:
Superb performance after what that idiot xhaka did . Every player left it all on the pitch and what about the support , absolutely awesome
Fun Spot
Fun Spot:
Xhaka is still a good player. Maybe his red card was destiny
Dean De Jager
Dean De Jager:
Turkish : 23minutes, so far so good. 24 minutes Granit * hold my beer 🍺 *
Jairaj Sougaijam
Jairaj Sougaijam:
Liverpool were nowhere to be seen, credit to Arteta for the tactical masterclass
There's no way Xhaka is respected in the dressing room or if he is it's only by jellyheads like Mari . Bloke has been sent off more times this season than he has had decent games in his career 😂
Moha H
Moha H:
Reckless Granit Xhaka is a symbol of Arsenal's demise
I'll name this account later
I'll name this account later:
Steve round saved arteta, when emotional Mikel was going to make two subs after xhaka got sent off, it was steve round who calmed him down.
abdishakur ibrahim maalim Maalim
abdishakur ibrahim maalim Maalim:
Arsenal should sign two middfelders and a proper sttiker. Period.
Dylon vR
Dylon vR:
Somehow they will look at this as a win
Serene 191
Serene 191:
Next leg at OUR yard…. The carpet… Liverpool will have to HOLD DATTTTTTT
Arsenal were monsters today
abdishakur ibrahim maalim Maalim
abdishakur ibrahim maalim Maalim:
Xhaka is not arsenal's solution need 2 urgent middfilders. Period.
Xhaka is gonna be artetas downfall
Inter Villa
Inter Villa:
It’s Dan Potts’ world. We’re just living it.
Gadd - Levi Sound
Gadd - Levi Sound:
Arteta. Call time on Agent 34. Thanks for your service. Be seeing you
Steve Whitehead
Steve Whitehead:
Chambers was spec
Charlie Furness
Charlie Furness:
Not a bad result Minamino miss tho
Peanutbutter Banana
Peanutbutter Banana:
Sam Mo
Sam Mo:
Guys according to sources the spurs match might be cancelled?
I hope it is 😭😭
Little John
Little John:
tbf they were missing both salah and mane but good result i guess
Gary Knope
Gary Knope:
Surely we have to get rid of Xhaka now, how many more chances does this twat need?, we need a proper midfield guy who can play and get sent off when he bored, well done lads for a good performance for about a hour when he got sent off, up the arsenal
Tolex Ola
Tolex Ola:
Why is granit still playing ? Another red card again
I feel so sad for Granit. I'm gutted for him.
All-stars 40
All-stars 40:
Let’s be proud of our teams performance tonight, 10 man and away at one of the hardest place to go! spurs on Sunday, honestly apart from Kane and Son the rest of spurs players wouldn’t get into the Arsenal team in every position!! Oh and I wouldn’t swap Areteta for Conte, so yeah Arteta in. If we sign Valovic then Kane wouldn’t get in the team as well 😆
John Son
John Son:
Plse don't blame xaka his attention was on ball not the opponent go gunners job half weldone
Nw Ten
Nw Ten:
Xhaka is very lucky we didnt lose today. And wheres this clown that @ me telling me that im using xhaka as an escape goat
It’s not xhaka’s discipline thst is the problem, it’s his lack of pace that puts him in these positions to make the Same mistake over and over and over
Johnny D
Johnny D:
Liverpool an Arsenal performance at Nottingham but home on Anfield against us with 3 quarters of the game in numerical superiority? No shot on target! Whoever thought about that?😏 *Now I feel we played well at Forrest!* 🤣🤣
PS: Not every red card Xhaka got was deserved. He got a red in the 1st few games of this season that was something absolutely reetarded from the reff, against us City did something similar and wasn't even considered a fault!
Edward Murphy
Edward Murphy:
Now i see the heartin the team ,xhaka is not a dirty player he iis just prone.. all the rest bloody well done..
DLG Reppin
DLG Reppin:
To go to Anfeild & put in a dogged defensive performance & with 10 men is a result on its own & we give ourselves an great opportunity within the 2nd leg & let's give credit if not the full 💯 to the management for restricted Liverpool to NO Shots on target to our 1 Shot on target 😉!!!!!

However we go into the NLD with the lightest inner midfeild that's going to need more protection than ever before 🙈
Alf Martin
Alf Martin:
How's this guy saying that was not a red card
Philip Hudgens
Philip Hudgens:
'Mr Angry on the right laid off the caffeine today? 😁
Rob Graham
Rob Graham:
Where was this vs forest
Shush ba
Shush ba:
Minamino is so bad
Philip Hudgens
Philip Hudgens:
"This is not my sandwich?"
There is no way that clown Xhaka can be allowed to ever wear an Arsenal Jersey again. Ban him from the stadium and get him sold or sacked
Big Smoke
Big Smoke:
Arsenal's biggest achievement this season.
Kirsty McKenzie
Kirsty McKenzie:
you lots gonna get bettered at yours 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆
Jack Smith
Jack Smith:
Not gonna lie we sucked today, but respect to Arsenal, you guys defended really well.
Bos Gaurus
Bos Gaurus:
Dont ever play granit xhaka again
Toro Loco
Toro Loco:
yo brudda, need to introduce some lotion to them elbows kelechi. its ash city out there
Shush ba
Shush ba:
Embarrassing performance
Chrissy B Imhotep
Chrissy B Imhotep:
Calm down you idiots! Kelechi & LG!