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12 komentarze:

Zali Bank
Zali Bank:
Hahaha loserpool showing there true colours GGMU
Eddie H
Eddie H:
I think the manager mistake for this defeat he should change from the beginning of the second half he did not
0 shots on goal 🥸
Special Person
Special Person:
0 shots on target with salah and mane on the pitch, and people are complaining about the lineup. Just a shit performance, manager has to take the blame.
Michael Manning
Michael Manning:
Should of put a stronger team out first no shots on target that’s one bad day at the office
Workout Motivation
Workout Motivation:
1st goal 1:48:45
2nd goal 1:52:55
Gowtham Shetty
Gowtham Shetty:
GGMU motafakas
darren connor
darren connor:
That's just shocking performance from Liverpool, I don't know what is worse the villa game or this pub game,I'd say this game after destroying them at home ,and now fall apart ,this sets up a very tricky game against Ajax,watch the young winger for Ajax, Antony from Brazil if liver need a winger or just shake the front few up, here is your lad , world class ,there is no words that can describe this young man , outstanding
Max Sid
Max Sid:
I think jurgen underestimated Atalanta, should have put out a stronger team then bring on the likes of origi minamino etc on after dominating, what do you Think Craig?
Michael Kebede
Michael Kebede:
Bad gane.for.Liverpool's
Gotta take the banter to dish it out 🤷‍♂️
Mark Donnelly
Mark Donnelly: