LIVERPOOL vs EVERTON LIVE - Premier League Reaction

Watch Liverpool Everton in Premier League Reaction with Thogden & Thogdad! Leave your Liverpool vs Everton score predictions in the comments now!

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Joshie Monsters
Joshie Monsters:
32:11 1-0 Richarlison
2:09:20 Penalty Given
2:11:15 2-0 Sigurdson
Isaac McGeough
Isaac McGeough:
You were a lot more confident at 2-0 than us everton fans 😭😭
Imagine losing at home to Fulham then winning at anfield lol
Jabba the Hut
Jabba the Hut:
Liverpool to play in Europa league next season.. This is unbelievable.
Fran Owen
Fran Owen:
32:11 Richarlison Liverpool 0-1 Everton
2:11:13 Penalty Idk who Scored XD Liverpool 0-2 Everton
Richarlison Goal - 32:12
Firmino Shot - 48:12
Henderson Shot - 48:58
Coleman Header - 1:02:18
Keane Tackle on Mané - 1:40:57
Salah Shot - 1:57:42
Marianne Johnston
Marianne Johnston:
Everton have scored more goals in 2021 at andfield
Chris Preston
Chris Preston:
unknown Unknown
unknown Unknown:
Am singing the blues when everton win an liverpool lose am singing the blues 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Lemon Legend
Lemon Legend:
Loved the stream today lads like if u agree and can’t wait for tmw stream #TDL
Kaidan 77
Kaidan 77:
Utft 💙💙💙
Mr Dalesy
Mr Dalesy:
U lot make me respect Bolton 💙
Ashley Harvey
Ashley Harvey:
Hi thogden and thogdad, absolutely love the channel, keep up the good work. Just a thought for the premier league predictions, Craigo28 is a top channel and a top geezer, I know he’s a Chelsea fan so there is a negative to him but a top lad nonetheless, by a West Ham fan ⚒⚒⚒,
Shady Grady Games
Shady Grady Games:
Fat Koemen The Pe Teacher
Fat Koemen The Pe Teacher:
Garry Neville really be saying it’s not a pen
MAhmed Ahmed
MAhmed Ahmed:
So angry! Something definitely going on and the club owners should interfere or otherwise their clubs will worth nothing. Disgrace.
Petar Zijic
Petar Zijic:
And it's a Grand Old Team to play for, And it's a Grand Old team to support, And if you know your history, It's enough to make your heart go worrrrrrrrr, We don't care what the Red sh*te say, What the f*ck do we care ? Because we always know, That there's gonna be a show, When the Everton boys are there ! Everton !!! Everton !!! Everton !!! Everton !!!
wills gaming clips
wills gaming clips:
Since 1999 was the last time we (everton) beat liverpool at Anfield
Ibrahim Ahmed
Ibrahim Ahmed:
VAR has scarred the Premier League😢☹
Daniel Adebowale
Daniel Adebowale:
what's thogden on about trent didn't stick his leg out calvert lewin walks over him unless i'm watching a different game (not even a liverpool fan)
Anas Ahmed
Anas Ahmed:
32:11 (Richarlson)
2:11:15 (pen)
Scott Jones
Scott Jones:
We're Bolton Wanderers, we're on our way back! Love the start of the stream best of all #limbs 👍
Alan Vinod
Alan Vinod:
The best team lost today. Its realyy poor to see mane firmino playing at this stage.Thiago trent salah all played a good game. Not the result we want but we have to move on🙏❤️
Paul Davis
Paul Davis:
YNWA= You’ll Never Win Again!
MAhmed Ahmed
MAhmed Ahmed:
LFC should stop playing this season and withdraws itself from all competitions to save themselves from the biggest disgrace ever. The last game they won because of Lpzg defence mistakes and not because they were good. Resign before they sack you.
Bart simpson
Bart simpson:
Betted £100 everton 2-0 richarlison to score first 500/1 bring me the cash
David Connolly
David Connolly:
Hanan Arnold
Hanan Arnold:
LFC are on bad form
Pie Guy
Pie Guy:
0-1 32:12 (Richarlason)
0-2 2:11:25 (Sigurdsson)
Kai the goalie
Kai the goalie:
They miss van dijk
Dec Av 1982
Dec Av 1982:
Everton 0-2
Charlie Dickinson
Charlie Dickinson:
merseyside is blue💙💙💙
jorge eduardo ochoa
jorge eduardo ochoa:
Parese sub normal jajaja
Finley Jolley
Finley Jolley:
It was not a penalty
john mahon
john mahon:
Not a hope was that a peno
My life My experience
My life My experience:
Why is everyone happy here? Liverpool are going through a lot right now, they're losing here and there but I must confess, am enjoying it. May it continue to go this way every week 🙏
Paul Davis
Paul Davis:
john mahon
john mahon:
He came from sligo rovers
Dylan _97
Dylan _97:
Mo slash mo Salah mo Salah diving down the wing Salah lah lah lah lah laahha the Egyptian Ming Mo slash mo Salah mo Salah diving down the wing Salah lah lah lah lah laahha the Egyptian Ming
At least I got my Cashy Cash I beted 20 back S§@ck On that
Reece Knox
Reece Knox:
It was not a penalty at all
Sahida Shaikh
Sahida Shaikh:
Yo so co you etc are kl Liverpool fan
If you think that was a penalty.... you are delusional
DR Ammar Jasim Dakhil
DR Ammar Jasim Dakhil:
niall efc
niall efc:
All these kopites saying it wasn’t a pen😂😂🤣🤣
Patrick Kennedy
Patrick Kennedy:
U called Robbie a prick because he asked u to pay him, that is really childish, people usually pay other people when they want them on their channel, it is ur own fault
I’ll I’ll
I’ll I’ll:
I’m so glad u two aren’t as stupid as these Liverpool fans saying it’s not a penalty. Should’ve been a red imo. UTFT🔵🔵🔵