Liverpool welcome Rhian Brewster back to Anfield! Join us for our live watchalong of Liverpool vs Sheffield United

This is a match companion stream - there will be no match footage or audio used. We provide alternative commentary, fan reactions and live fan chat

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9 komentarze:

Dreadful VAR decisions again, not even a look at the Manè penalty shout
Mary Jones
Mary Jones:
We should refuse to play untill they stop trying to Rob us
weena boy littlewang
weena boy littlewang:
Mate, my heart goes out to u n ur family, and also to the families of all ur young lads school class. Take care, extra care. Wishing u well: ur the best match build up I have known, so thank u for that Craig and Conor!
nas kabir
nas kabir:
Not convinced but happy to have over the line
Corey Peters
Corey Peters:
36:46 More Robbery
1:06:35 Si Senior
1:48:46 Jota
adnan ALI
adnan ALI:
Is thiago nowww gona ply west ham match
Caballero Oscuro
Caballero Oscuro:
Firmino send his haters back to the cave, he was van basten reincarnated
Steve Jones
Steve Jones:
More Premiership Corruption! Without the anti-Liverpool VAR decisions and if no-mark utd had also played a top European side on Wednesday night, it would have been 4 or 5 - 1. Feeling short changed? F****** right!
S V 0
S V 0:
is it just me or dosen't he look like bateson87?