?Liverpool win the Premier League - Footballers React!?

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What could other footballers' reactions have been?
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Fifa glitch
Fifa glitch:
See you when youtube randomly decides to recommend this in 10 years
OscarStar •
OscarStar •:
I really thought that Arsene Wenger would be there saying “ impressive , but still not invincibles hohohohoho”
Max Butterfield
Max Butterfield:
The last digits of the likes on this post is your favourite Liverpool player

5:Van Dijk
Sukruth S
Sukruth S:
Klopp started off Pulisic's career in Dortmund for this exact moment. Jürgen Klopp masterclass.
solomon ekanem
solomon ekanem:
According to his African passport 😂😂😂
Duval In The Wall
Duval In The Wall:
Jurgen- "In another life, you'd have asked us for LESS PAY"

R4ZI _
R4ZI _:
I wasn’t even born when Liverpool won the last title!
Yaseen Allam
Yaseen Allam:
You know the drill:
1- Allison
2- Virgil Van Dijk
4- Bruno Fernandes
5- Kevin De Bruyne
6- Morata
7- Cristiano Ronaldo (GOAT)
8- Mohammed Salah
9- Jadon Sancho
10- Lionel Messi (GOAT)
Phil Coutinyho
Phil Coutinyho:
Coutinho's curse:
-Joins a team
-Lost the league/cup
-Leaves the team for more trophies
-Gets wrecked by former team and they win trophies
-Wants to go back to former club
Axel Gonzalez
Axel Gonzalez:
We need a “who won the league, leicester leicester” football flashback
footballchamp 3
footballchamp 3:
What happened to Chewy Suarez's voice. He sounds like he choked on Ivanovic's shoulder
Zain Zahid
Zain Zahid:
This is how many people think Man U are Jealous because Liverpool won the league
Werner sounds like the German Kane
Brandon Quartey
Brandon Quartey:
2016: Chelsea help Leicester City win the title
2020: Chelsea help Liverpool win the title
Hyper Swanton
Hyper Swanton:
2014- Chelsea stop Liverpool
2020- Chelsea help Liverpool
AK 22
AK 22:
We really need a full version of Klopps song to Werner😂
Museagle_ 97
Museagle_ 97:
Coutinho: Why did I leave???
Me: To buy VVD and Alisson for Liverpool to win.
Ironic Ava
Ironic Ava:
Two Best Players And Friends:
Coutinho and Neymar
Left Their Club For Money:

Now they both Regret it
Jei Marbañiang
Jei Marbañiang:
2016: Chelsea's no. 10 scores to give Leicester the title
2020: Chelsea's no. 10 scores to give Liverpool the title.
Bayern Munich
Bayern Munich:
You should do a football flashback of Bayern Munich's legendary season where they won the treble.
Aarya Srinivasan
Aarya Srinivasan:
Where's CR7? I was waiting the whole video for him to make some egotistical, " Well I won 3 remark".
Riyad74 Productions
Riyad74 Productions:
Coutinho, “(Crying!!), Why did I leave?, Why did I leave?, (Crying!!), I can’t had a statue by now. THE STATUE!!!! (Crying!)”.(0:55)
Nathan-Ray Ffolkes
Nathan-Ray Ffolkes:
"After all, you may have to wait another 30 years to get the next one"- this killed me🤣

Surely they won't have to wait that long again...I think it's Man U's turn to wait decades for another title😂
Police: So what happened?
Person: This baldie wouldn't stop saying 'twice' in the alleyway.
dan gordon
dan gordon:
I was expecting there to be a corner taken quickly reference
Rainer Wen
Rainer Wen:
Milner: Stop crying your heart out
Noel & Liam can't stop crying 😂😂
John_ Graal
John_ Graal:
Use the like button as a "I remember when" button. Because this will be recommended in the future.
Francisco Gandarilla
Francisco Gandarilla:
0:23 Poor, Luis Suarez.
Losing to Chelsea cause of Gerrard Slip.
Tie To Crystal 3-3 Crystal making a comeback.
Then Liverpool winning the League that Suarez almost won.
PiggyHorror2020 YT
PiggyHorror2020 YT:
ME: pfft 😂
Paudyal Laxman
Paudyal Laxman:
coutinhos voice made my day 😂😂
swag man
swag man:
Southampton should have been in This saying we sold our players to Liverpool so we thanks to us that won the leauge 😂😂
Subrajith R
Subrajith R:
Anyone who kinda loves Countinho's voice in this series...😂😂
Imagine if coutinho would have stayed at liverpool you might think they would win the league then but

No they wouldnt have
Madhav Raghavan
Madhav Raghavan:
Chelsea be like: Timo Werner or PL title
mo #LFC
mo #LFC:
Chelsea always play a part in deciding the league 😂 😂
Football News - English Football
Football News - English Football:

Manchester city has left the chat
timoun batkò
timoun batkò:
Coutinho: why did I leave why did I leave

Me: because you couldn't when a league

Brenax Quiny
Brenax Quiny:
Klopp - "I only got one thing to say, BOOM!"
Andy Nguyen
Andy Nguyen:
2:20 Graham Souness on the virus 😂😂😂
Luka Jovičić
Luka Jovičić:
2019: Coutinho went to Barcelona to win the Champions League
2020: Coutinho went to Bayern to win the Premier League
Super Darmian
Super Darmian:
I need Klopp's "We are the champions" Who need too?
1:04 why did I leave why did I leave?
me: money money money money
Fan Site
Fan Site:
Klopp makes Pep say stuff with a gun pointing at him..

Coutinho be like: Wait... This looks familiar
MixelsFan Toons
MixelsFan Toons:
"The Virus?"
"Precisley, The virus. A.K.A. P A U L  P O G B A ! ! !"
Subhojyoti Biswas
Subhojyoti Biswas:
Pogba thinking of hair dryer treament after SAF's appointment 🤣
Thanuja Jayatilleke
Thanuja Jayatilleke:
See ya'll in 30 years when Liverpool win the league 😂🤣😅
The Girl from Mars
The Girl from Mars:
Without Coutinho, we wouldn't have Alisson and VVD....

Give him a statue
Param Toor
Param Toor:
0:58 Who’s here after Coutinho wins the Champions League with Bayern
Phill McCracken
Phill McCracken:
Cant wait for no one reacts to west ham getting relegated because they are irrelevant 😭😭😭😭
Weso Legend
Weso Legend:
Me crying because im happy because liverpool win the title

My neighbour: I thin he kills soneone because he cries all the time -_-
Liverpool !
Liverpool !:
Chelsea we are ruining Liverpool’s careers by stealing Timo Werner

Also Chelsea beats Man City to help Liverpool win the league
Akash Kunte
Akash Kunte:
1:46 David Moyes looks like he was bitten by a zombie.
Eneresi Sosera
Eneresi Sosera:
Coutinho:I am leaving I want to win the champs league

Adelowo Adeyanju
Adelowo Adeyanju:
According to his African passport😂😂😂😂😂😂
timoun batkò
timoun batkò:
CR7 would be like it toke them long enough to win the cup huhu🤣🤣
Seosamh Rooney
Seosamh Rooney:
Would've loved to have seen Gary Neville waking up in Papua New Guinea, thinking he'd dreamed it all at the end lol
Duval In The Wall
Duval In The Wall:
2:02 Jurgen must have helped him bc Moyes and West Ham are safe 👍
I see *442oons* more than *my* friends these days!
Super Samba FC
Super Samba FC:
Liverpool technically only have one Prem trophy
They have the same amount of premier leagues as Blackburn
Neema Mokua
Neema Mokua:
To the 1% who read this hope you having a nice day
So the Gallagher brothers finally reconcile to cry together after city lost the tittle.
See people, football can unite
Sebastian Danckert
Sebastian Danckert:
The one with Paisly, King Kenny and Shankly almost teared me up :')
Alexander Luft
Alexander Luft:
From a Bayern fan, I give a Whole Heart congratulations to Liverpool. Here's hoping we'll meet in the Champions League Final next year
Rico The Beast
Rico The Beast:
Whenever it's not a musical I automatically love it!!!
Fewz TN
Fewz TN:
0:55 Poor Coutinho 😂🤣
0:56 well at least he's winning the Champions league with Bayern
Ifrah Ali
Ifrah Ali:
Pep:Congratulation Liverpool you are the best team I’ve ever seen better then my team and Jurgen Klopp is the best manager I’ve ever seen even better then meeeeee
Jurgen Klopp : Now that wasn’t hard to say
Luke Kenny
Luke Kenny:
Let’s be real dean made this video 15 match weeks ago.
anir s
anir s:
Chelsea: Beats Liverpool in 2014
Also Chelsea:Helps them win the title
How kind...
When are 442oons gonna do a 3 million subscriber special
Arun Koundinya
Arun Koundinya:
1:06 welcome to the club Jurgen lol 😂😂
Jurgen Klopp
Jurgen Klopp:
I'm proud of myself, Boom!
Anderson Wang
Anderson Wang:
That James Milner song was called “stop crying your heart out” by Oasis lol

Also this video is so goddamn satisfying despite the cringy animation
Mbappe : I hope to help you win the premier league next season
Klopp be like : Who do you think you are Divock Origi
ghostjacker 13
ghostjacker 13:
Sign Stevie and Carra for the last 7 games, good idea 😂
Ralph Khadra
Ralph Khadra:
I wanted to see a llorente reaction after he kicked liverpool from the CHAMPION league
The souness clip had me dead lmaooooo
Godzilla gaming
Godzilla gaming:
Please bring FRONTMEN back 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Sam Vasandani
Sam Vasandani:
When pep was saying congrats to Liverpool, I thought that he was gonna say something smart like “Well, it’s been 30 years, and they will wait 30 more when i steal VVD.” But it turns out jurgen was just holding a gun to his head...
michee pauni
michee pauni:
Who misses THE FRONTMAN!😭
-brsz- Hyper
-brsz- Hyper:
Coutinho in this Vid:Why did I leave!?

Coutinho after Bayern winning the UCL:
Angela Coffey
Angela Coffey:
Coutinho voice gets me everytime
Robyn Bowers
Robyn Bowers:
I was happy spurs beat west ham
Then you just reminded me that david Moyes is manager😂
Thato Maphike
Thato Maphike:
2014:Chelsea beat Liverpool and help City win
2020:Chelsea beat City and help Liverpool win
Zitife OTG
Zitife OTG:
"he is 100% 15 according to his African passport"😂😂😂😂
Ildi Sula
Ildi Sula:
0:24 i heard like voice of ribery crying
Milner started singing when the two guys were crying 😂😂😂
We need a full version of the timo Werner signed on deadline day
If it was fans we already know what United fans would be like... 😂
Sam Johnson
Sam Johnson:
😂😂Slippy g the one flop who never got a prem 🤣🤣
Ahrnish Dahal
Ahrnish Dahal:
Coutinho's regret😹
0:33 im pretty sure pep would rather just get shot
Abdullah Al Mamun
Abdullah Al Mamun:
Notable mentioned reactions :
Mourinho, Wenger, Poch and obviously Lampard
mix potato
mix potato:
What about flashback about adrian goal it was amazing
Honest Opinions
Honest Opinions:
00:10 men that's why klopp is my favourite 442oons character
Samuel Kirkwood
Samuel Kirkwood:
That David Moyes bit, OH MY GOD, perfect, from a West Ham fan.
Kreator_99 Beats
Kreator_99 Beats:
Coutinho is the most depressed person in the world rn 😂
Sami Gaming YT
Sami Gaming YT:
I swear if lfc lose next year I would... I would... ugh I dont know what to say like steven Gerrard is on his way to Liverpool managing and jurgen is going to Germany As the national team manager... Idk what will happen?