Liz Truss neglects to shake Rishi Sunak’s hand after winning Tory leadership contest

Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak eschewed a handshake on Monday as the result of the Tory leadership election was announced.

The foreign secretary, who will replace Boris Johnson as PM tomorrow, walked past her rival without acknowledging him on her way to give her victory speech.

It comes after Mr Sunak last month effectively ruled out serving in a Truss Cabinet, during what was sometimes a bad-tempered leadership race.

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100+ komentarze:

Good to see we're so tolerant as a nation that even a person with special needs can become PM.
Faizan Pro
Faizan Pro:
Oh, Brilliant! It was always hammering in my brain since I saw this on TV and was thinking to write something about it, but finally, I realized it is not just me but the rest of the world has noticed! With due respect madam Priminister, seemingly you were in so much rush to get your position that you forgot to maintain a very simple courteous human gesture to your close contestant! Sorry, Mr. Rishi Sunak...By the way congratulation to the new PM and best of luck!!!
Football Magic
Football Magic:
I think results have compromised competency. Gesture of Liz shows she has grudge but should put UK first and conservative should be united not against each other
It looked like she got caught in the moment or she forgot or didn’t consider it. The media is honest as always 😩
Shows a lot about her as a "person" forget being a PM!
Love how she didnt even look at her husband before snatching her speech.
Alok Basu
Alok Basu:
Let good governance be the first priority now for the new incumbent. Of course, a divided party will compromise her competence in such a challenging time. The tasks are cut out and target is not achievable very easily, though she has promised moon in her victory speech.
She is not at all a popular candidate for the post that she has got now. Issues before her are complex and some of these are exogenous, given the global uncertainty. No one expects her to deliver well. She should now endeavour to deal with the issues in a wise manner so that conditions do not exacerbate at least.
sridharan sri
sridharan sri:
Winner rules, Loser learns, Idiots fight.
I think Rishi showed more grace by standing up almost before everybody to clap for her.
She wasn't even interested in her hubby but instead wanted that microphone.
Incompetence getting ahead! Both in Private Corporations and in Public. Hallmark of Democracies.
HD Pictures
HD Pictures:
“Neglects to shake his hand”. He wasn’t even holding his hand out to shake it?🤷‍♂️
Duke Bubble Butt
Duke Bubble Butt:
Has Lizzy Truss got PhD in Geography studies already?
Sapphire Emerald
Sapphire Emerald:
Watu izza mantasha watuzilla mantasha (2018)
A daughter. A LEO. A mother. Born on 26th July. Became PM of UK.(2022)
My mother has been telling me these past couple of weeks that i cannot be PM of my country,Pakistan. Today my Allah gave an answer to all.
Somebody negated me very arrogantly by saying,'Allah selects whomever He wills as Leader of a Nation'(Proven fact)
Please feel free to recite more Quranic verses. My Lord will respond back soon.
One more thing. Rishi the Qaroon(richest man). You are fired & rejected.
My heartiest congratulations to PM Elizbeth Truss. You deserve it.
That's our PM? Ha good Lord
Six months she will resign in
Love how she didnt even look at her husband before snatching her speech.
Muhammad MudasseR
Muhammad MudasseR:
Excellent work
Christie Sebaratnam
Christie Sebaratnam:
Inevitable results . I knew it right from the beginning . Don’t know why Sunak even bother to run . This is not a fantasy world but a real one
Rishi got bad advice by resigning as chancelor when the economy was in crisis. He needs to learn to play the political game. Boris was elected by the people. All the infighting Tory nonsense must stop.
Raymund Joseph
Raymund Joseph:
Great victory. You humbled the ex Chancellor. The way to go. Good luck to you
Uzzzman Eli
Uzzzman Eli:
Well won't be a pm for long anyway.... this lady will pave the way for labour to come in power again....
Useless Eater
Useless Eater:
I don’t blame her!!!
Kolya Rus
Kolya Rus:
Liz must remember the time when Johnson was on JCB in India.
Shan Dhirani
Shan Dhirani:
Now we have to endure the female Boris!!
They knew the result beforehand and exchanged words and handshakes
Fat Larry
Fat Larry:
they'll get rid of her before the next GE and get johnson back in because he's a vote winner.
Sal Mo
Sal Mo:
Britiain is in Deep dulalies!
We were left with Two 'Learner Driver' Plonkers fighting it out to lead this country into ruin!

The fight was between a former Corner Shop Keeper and Common Housewife!
Imagine! We have run out of Mature Industry Trained Management Professionals, who can steer Britian out of trouble!
I can’t believe it, the UK have elected a Karen as PM!
Tory girl innit, just got caught up in the moment, not a very composed thoughtful women is liz.
Would not be permitted in the town of CHILLINGBOURNE - we need a leader with iron balls!!
Lee Fox
Lee Fox:
Great appointment 🎉
Sreehari Dutt
Sreehari Dutt:
Only a respectful person can shake hand to other respected person
Moto Tv Woods Farm 👍🔔
Moto Tv Woods Farm 👍🔔:
Correct response - no new leader should hand out praise or compliments to those they just competed with. Class act
And somehow the greater evil won....

She will get destroyed in the next GE.
The people of India will have to end the duplicity inside themselves and India's ruthless broker media will have to stop spreading hatred, which is affecting the politics of the whole world. brown-skinned abroad in the UK
Rishi wants to make Sunak PM.
In our country, fair-skinned Italian indian Sonia Gandhi is prevented from becoming PM.
A mere oversight in the moment.
Truss models herself on it is true... History repeats itself, first as tragedy and then as farce!!
mo tubak
mo tubak:
Her and Biden are a great couple to lead the world….
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker:
I noticed that. It shows her lack of professionalism and class.
Jonno Bloggs
Jonno Bloggs:
She should have held out her hand as if to shake her opponents and then quickly moved it away Tim Lovejoy Soccer AM style and placed her thumb on her nose and randomly waggled her fingers .
Don't worry - India, whose economy recently took over the UK's, is watching and taking notes of how its former coloniser and current PM is behaving towards its prodigal son.
Xaltide Inhaler
Xaltide Inhaler:
It should be Penny Modrant 💋 my new Prime Minister
michael johnson
michael johnson:
I thought Rishi was very rude to Liz in the build up
Santos Karki
Santos Karki:
Football managers are better on manners , even hustle sometimes on the handshake, 😉!
Lazy lazy BS click bait. Handshake? hand was offered. Well done Independent. You got my view, but loss my respect.
Martin Dornan
Martin Dornan:
Liz Truss voted in as Westminster prime minister by only 81,326 people in the UK.
Liz Truss was voted in by less than 50% of the Tory membership.
According to the commons Library the Tories have 172,000 members.
C R:
Ridiculous junk clickbait video. Nice also how you've used a thumbnail for this video showing her looking down at the seat inbetween them when this had nothing to do with the situation.
She states she will deliver deliver deliver: she better had becuse there's very big trouble for the Government as a hole just around the corner I can see extremely violent reactions if she does not.
Arwin Krishnan
Arwin Krishnan:
England needs more than ever a strong pm ..hope she succeeds
Raf Butt
Raf Butt:
If he had married into a far less wealthy family, it would have been a piece of cake but not to be, I blame his Mrs antics.
That's the media for you? Always focus on 💩 that's no meaning
Sphamandla Gumede
Sphamandla Gumede:
Chill out they were together for the official announcement time before you shot this video, this was PR for you to get a speech from her. Maybe try the ‘Rishi doesn’t embrace Liz on being PM’ approach
Desirae Capelo
Desirae Capelo:
I feel for yall im glad im in the 🇺🇸 yall are screwed shes not ready she lokks selfish and ignoring she came off hook on phonics johnson come back and save yalld ppl
Marco Thorsen
Marco Thorsen:
Your all doomed 🤣🤣🤣
David Hall
David Hall:
If it is Liz Truss intention to reduce taxes the first TAX to completely scrap must be the BBC TV Licence TAX. As a pensioner I loathe this TAX with a passion and have just been forced to pay £159 out of a weekly pension of £156.53 !!!! on threat of imprisonment in a country where there is 12% inflation and a decision has to be made whether to "Heat or Eat". The BBC MUST become either a subscription service or be sold off to the commercial TV companies.
I will give her 6 months max before the uk public has her out
james thurlow
james thurlow:
Nobody shakes a back stabbers hand ps they will give Boris his Karna
Ben Wilde
Ben Wilde:
2 years left of this incompetent Party and government
Mike Jose
Mike Jose:
I wish Larry the cat as PM
Lol rishi was fool to think they will choose a colored person from a country they ruled to be their leader,.🤣
Rummau Lucifer
Rummau Lucifer:
it is a dump tagline for a silly news shake hand .. she go strait to stage . Stop making people stupid. We are already become stupid enough by 2022
GJ Bell
GJ Bell:
Gone by Christmas 💣💥
Jonathan Simmonds
Jonathan Simmonds:
Sad, so sad, she's more lightweight than Cameron was (Obama comment).
Boris would have won the next election, she will lose it.
Marian Lenehan
Marian Lenehan:
Shall not be voting Conservative next time 😢
Married To The KGB
Married To The KGB:
I find her very attractive. She'd get it from me! But not sure she will be any good as a PM
Yes a lesson sunak has to swallow
Yes a lesson sunak has to swallow
Swansea scott Daniel
Swansea scott Daniel:
He didn't try though
Evry1 gangsta until the OG arrives🤣🤣 poor sunak🤣🤣🤣
Thomas O'Connor
Thomas O'Connor:
What a weird title and weird editorial decision from the Independent.
Richard Fry
Richard Fry:
We've had Punch, now Judy takes the lead. The puppeteers are changing the plot?
Why is it that she looks 57 and not 47 ?
😈sorts video😈
😈sorts video😈:
resi sunak❤️❤️❤️
Dvijesh Donde
Dvijesh Donde:
I m worried will UK be the next Sri Lanka
Neglects? She was invited to the stage and went. Sunak didn't offer his hand, so a non story.
Mikey moo
Mikey moo:
they knew the result before they walked out... so if there was any hand shaking it was probably done then.
Indians thought they could make Rishi win, but they were living in their dreams. British people can't express a lot of things but they know what to do behind closed doors.
Martin Rogers
Martin Rogers:
Er,,,,I voted for Boris....not anybody else. Whos idea was it to advise Boris to resign ? I dont know anyone who has changed their mind about come the stupid minority get their way again. BRING BACK BORIS he simply wants the best for Britain
princess kenny
princess kenny:
At least she did her makeup correctly otherwise she looks like one of my dingle berries
Я русский
Я русский:
Nicola Sturgeon brands Boris Johnson 'the worst Prime Minister in her lifetime'.
Nicola, be patient. It will only get worse from now on. TRUSSt me
Walid Ghani
Walid Ghani:
Congratulations Liz Truss.
Priya Nimani
Priya Nimani:
Ugh rishi should have won
Ian Kearns
Ian Kearns:
He didn't shake her hand either. Trying to make a story out of nothing, 🤡s.
Shooter Mcgavin
Shooter Mcgavin:
Shameful room of people
Jennifer Wilkinson
Jennifer Wilkinson:
Good for her why should she he's a snake
Lizz is a RACIST for not shaking his hand! EVERY PM HAS DONE IT IN THE PAST.
Ivor Biggen
Ivor Biggen:
Back to the taxi firm Rishi 👳🏾‍♂
Michael Corleone
Michael Corleone:
Free Palestine 🇵🇸
PA Brennan
PA Brennan:
Look what's to come - more and more ignorance
PR 03
PR 03:
They should also banish Rishi from party and parliament.
Violin Star
Violin Star:
Never liked Sunak anyway 🤣
nick critelli
nick critelli:
Why should she. She did on entering
На канале Romano Uir
На канале Romano Uir:
Eimi Savage Official
Eimi Savage Official:
pm dream post for minority people is too much far..sad..congrats liz, but the people prefer rishi,new hope and dream..its time
Olivia Jones
Olivia Jones:
I don’t think it’s that deep honestly, you lots love making a big thing out of little things, I’m sure sure would have done it later on out of respect
Rishi thought doing gau pooja he can win UK election.. bhai woh UK hai UP nahi, wahan log gau plate mein pasand karte hain😆
David Bond
David Bond:
Show racism the red card.
Jamaluddin Syed
Jamaluddin Syed:
Rishi and his clones and clowns not only had a great fall but also pulled the curtains down for the conservative party. Bozo was careless and thought that he was safe but was attacked by brutal Brutus.
D Momcilovic
D Momcilovic:
negative crappy media titles have already started... give the woman a chance
the snek face rictus grin
Andy Davies
Andy Davies:
Liz NO Trust. What a spanner.