Loading with the New Dash System!

** Mike is loading with the New Dash System here again and he talks about how he would perhaps alter it to fit his operational needs abit better. 🙂

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93 komentarze:

Crandon Borth
Crandon Borth:
I love how Mike tells me how to load my sprayer that I don’t have on my 50,000 acre farm that I don’t have and tells me how to use chemicals that I don’t have
Ernest Rollins
Ernest Rollins:
Thanks Mike, I was waiting for a full video on the dash system. Seems to work well. I like the looks of the spinner nozzle, looks a lot better than the plain rubber nozzle that comes on the Patriots, where you have to hold the jug on there and press down to activate the rinse.
josh cooper
josh cooper:
The smaller tanks looks like you could put air through the rinse to speed up the jug draining once dash gets you on board air. Pop on jug on A turn on air. Pop jug on S turn on air. Turn air off A and turn on water switch jug and repeat to S.
Tommy Rasmussen
Tommy Rasmussen:
Hi Mike great as you come with videos for the time being watching them and following you with great interest will continue with it
a man
a man:
Always set out everything you are going to put in before you start...

Especially when working long days.
Thinking is not easy..
Jade Lowe
Jade Lowe:
Mike im sure it's been posted before but in Australia we use 110 litre or 1000 litre containers with a quick connectors. Soooooo much easier than smaller jugs and less chance of splashing chemical .
Austin Turner
Austin Turner:
I don’t like the look of that splitter on the small jugs for anything nasty, the way it can cut up the side and shoot water and chemical out towards you. In Australia there are a lot of bulk and mini-bulk containers (like 110L) with fittings for metering pumps so that you don’t need to handle small containers, not sure what canada has though.
Mike Znel
Mike Znel:
Man, the amount of critics utube farm channels bring out is astonishing. Everyone knows better or has a better way lol. You're doing perfect Mike. You have alot to show for what you do and have done and know. Talk is cheap. You're putting it all out there for us to see, unlike the naysayers in the comments. Farmsim, where alot of the people get idea from, and real life are no comparison. God bless you and your family and farm buddy.
Matt Clark
Matt Clark:
That is a really slick loading system and it keeps you hopping while you are loading.
That light is awesome and that mixer is amazing
Kevin Christiansen
Kevin Christiansen:
Awesome dash set up Mike
Gary Jones
Gary Jones:
Slick system Mike I haven’t seen one better than that awesome set up
Tony-The-Tiger Johns
Tony-The-Tiger Johns:
Do the nozzles on your sprayer put out a fan or a cone shaped pattern? If it is a fan, a cone shape would probably help with the skips due to the pulsing. That is if you can get a cone nozzle.
Damian Jendra
Damian Jendra:
its so cool to see all this stuff mike
as I'm from Australia
Kevin Christiansen
Kevin Christiansen:
Great video Mike good luck spraying
Have you tried using an awl or an ice pick to let air into the bottoms of those jugs after they are set in the tank. Might speed up the draining process? Maybe the rinse cycle would be too messy though.
Paul Schlick
Paul Schlick:
Another very instructive video. If you had two booms and were loading two sprayers at the same time, would one person try to do both at once or each sprayer driver do his own? Wouldn’t the platform be too congested with two people and two sets of boxes and jugs to work around? If one person loaded both, seems like an opportunity for error as fast as. you were working with just one sprayer, especially after long hours and tired.
Excellent video content mike 👍👌 thx so much!
Tobias Jacobsen
Tobias Jacobsen:
Would it not be faster just to use the inductor with the splitter ? Looks like a lot of wasted time dealing with the other 2
Don Frisch
Don Frisch:
With that many sprayers it would take an army to haul chemical an water to your sprayers, for us we only have one sprayer we have two guys hauling hot loads and that’s what works best for us, good luck on your growing season
Tom York
Tom York:
Just a thought, with dumping the jugs upside down, the glug-glug is very slow, how about stabbing a hole in the top (bottom) of the jug once in place to allow the air to flow and eliminate the glug-glug should speed it up a ton!
When Mike started dumping chemical, I had The Benny Hill Show music playing in my head
mike really stepped up his upload rate. its been 13h since last video
Mr Wednesday
Mr Wednesday:
Mike you are an absolute fkn legend, a national treasure and my favourite YouTube sensation of all time!
Thomas Patterson
Thomas Patterson:
The splitter is clearly faster in terms of dumping and rinsing the jugs. However, I worry about the splashing when you pierce the jug. You duck every time you load pierce the jug, but in the interest of safety I would suggest wearing a face shield to protect your face and eyes. Very cheap protection.
Watching you slam the jugs of chemicals into the tubs makes me think you are doing a dance. We could call it the Herbicide Hop (like the Lindy Hop). :)
Kent Wisco
Kent Wisco:
The way the splitter splashes chemical, you really should have a face shield handy!
Bob West
Bob West:
In England we have to separate the foils for recycling
Tom Nugent
Tom Nugent:
Hey Mike, seems like it would be much easier to get your chemicals in mini-bulks of 200 or so gallons than having to rinse all those jugs.
Liam Russell
Liam Russell:
You should see if you can get the fendt sprayer and try that out next season
Hao_ Ryijn
Hao_ Ryijn:
Yeah, DJ Mitchell is on Stage ✌️🤣

Again a very intressting Video, thanks for That 🖖🏻😉

Greetings from Germany ✌️
Isn't it a worry that these chemicals will have some residual? Especially in light sandy soils.
Leander Kiser
Leander Kiser:
Why mike dances around on his cemical trailer?i love it😂😂😂
8:50 DJ Mike Mitchell, for all your mixing and spraying parties.
DIY Guy:
Do chemicals come in larger quantities? Would it be worth it to purchase in those large plastic tanks with metal cages? Hookup a line, measure, mix. Instead of jugs and boxes. Seems like it would be a time saver but I’m also commenting from the suburbs of New England. I also say it because of the volume/coverage Mile has to get through compared to others.
Gavin Perry
Gavin Perry:
Time to introduce a new competition.
Set up an independent camera to record the time and skill process each sprayer operator takes to mix up a new load with the winner at the end of the season gets the loser to wash and winterize his individual sprayer
Carlos Fernandez
Carlos Fernandez:
So the Dash System is basically a large scale Bop It
6:45 finally a working mike :D
Mike could have taken that on the Ed Sullivan Show with the plate spinners.
Tay the railfan
Tay the railfan:
Sounds fun Mike
Joseph Eickhoff
Joseph Eickhoff:
You need to carry ZIP Ties with you everywhere
Tim Larson
Tim Larson:
How would you keep enough water on the trailer to feed 2 sprayers?
I kno he sped it up but Mike looked like a sprayer mixing acrobat there or somthing haha 😂
jack of all
jack of all:
"Depends on your jugs" mike 2021
Danny Crooks
Danny Crooks:
A master chef or mad scientist at work 😂😂
Mike beats tsb
Mike beats tsb:
You missed a bit !
On the last one, under the 'split' metal thing ?! 🙋🏻‍♂️
Charlie Suffern
Charlie Suffern:
What about 1000 litter shuttles instead of those jugs. We use load cells measure to our chemical that are attached to a handler and suck straight out of the shuttles
when you have the two on the left that drains slow you should have a knife and put a hole in the bottom and they will drain faster
Conrad Paul
Conrad Paul:
Hit the jugs on the bottom side edge the will split better and with less splashing
Thomas Forbes
Thomas Forbes:
Is there not a dew at night and crop too wet to spray,
You can't spray at night in Ireland to much Dew
Jacob Stahl
Jacob Stahl:
Hey Mike how big is that tank on trident?
why r the tanks so small on the sprayers? less water?
Robson Demarco Agro
Robson Demarco Agro:
Good job guy
Leif Wellenstein
Leif Wellenstein:
Love the video
Jörgen Andersson
Jörgen Andersson:
The splitter is no good for you sir.
Robert Vetter
Robert Vetter:
Any chance we could see the John’ Deere sprayer on action???
VvlDino ss
VvlDino ss:
What are your thoughts about the "mix mate" or however ita called that the welkers and cole uses on theyr youtube farm?
brian shelburne
brian shelburne:
Hey those work pants you wear all the time what brand are they please?
Outragous Bob
Outragous Bob:
Something about this reminded me of Walter White....😂
Francesco Viale
Francesco Viale:
Mike big 👨‍🌾🌾😅👍🇮🇹
I'm not sure if it has been asked but I'm curious who are those pants made by?
Wildlife Camera
Wildlife Camera:
Very complicated Mike!
Patrick Juechter
Patrick Juechter:
Miks sprayer kitchen 🤣
Moritz 13
Moritz 13:
Mike the DJ
Claud Reindl
Claud Reindl:
Use a black marker to mark the boxes 1 thru 8....
Dave Haugsten
Dave Haugsten:
Mike, the dance you do with your jugs is so cute. Don't let Ashton see it it will drive her Wild.
Brian Rutherford
Brian Rutherford:
I have never seen a farmer road the sprayer to fill till you.where I am from we always had the water truck by the field so we did not waste time running back and forth to load the sprayer
Christian Søndergaard
Christian Søndergaard:
Why do you use jugs rather than the big shuttles / pallet tanks? I would assume that was faster and easier?
Didn't you but that Amazone UX 11200 though?!
Jack Willie
Jack Willie:
What's a gal of chemical cost??
Mark Dreeshen
Mark Dreeshen:
Nother great video Mike .
Robert Manni
Robert Manni:
At 7:49 min right hand side of your screen is a ghost 😄
Dave Zalinko
Dave Zalinko:
Obviously every farm is different, but I use as many totes as possible. The less chemical I can handle and smell the better.
Yes, some chemicals don’t come in totes.
Coolcoop 2008
Coolcoop 2008:
Yes I woke up early today and I was waiting for mike to upload
Jay Thomas
Jay Thomas:
Can you not buy by bulk lot manual handling just wondering for the amount you cover
Piet Oosterhof
Piet Oosterhof:
Mike a lot of jugs are going in there.😉
tim gear
tim gear:
Back breaking work. The chem tub openings should be no higher than waist high, so you don't have to hike the jugs so high to dump, and there needs to be a way to stage them in a way to reduce lifting then placing them back in the boxes, which eventually you kick off the trailer in a pile. Looks to me like they could set up a conveyor system to carry those boxes up to the chem tanks for you, then another conveyor to take the empties off the trailer to a pile. I'll bet lots of improvements yet to come in that set up.
Damn Mike. You really pushing 2 videos a day.
Are you crazy?
I can't even have a break? Pleasae? LMAO
You're crazy.
Gavin Perry
Gavin Perry:
Hoping you had a relaxing time in front of the bonfire last night
Kerry F
Kerry F:
Have you guys got rain yet ?
harben van straaten
harben van straaten:
Wy do you have small jugs? The big containers would be al lot easyer i think
Is that Mr. Wizard behind the curtain?
Mike you worked like a headless chicken. nobody works in real life like that jumpy jumpy and i have nothing against working fast but that was horrible.
Leif Wellenstein
Leif Wellenstein:
Mike when you run sprayer why does ashtyn not spray with you
Gary Janssen
Gary Janssen:
im picking it. You're pushing hard. no good Going that long. just saying.
Junglist Movement
Junglist Movement:
We recycle all our jugs

The farmer 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Mike is a trained professional, born and bred on this environment.

If you think it is dangerous, DON'T DO IT.

You don't see Mike using a table saw, chef's knife or Ninja sticks. He knows what he does and does it safely. People good at an art make it look easy. He is great around the farm. Don't let him touch your table saw.

Again, like everything, unless you are comfortable doing it, Be careful or DON'T do it.

Take your own responsibility.
Thomas Conroy
Thomas Conroy:
Is this sped up?😂
Chuck Williams
Chuck Williams:
Brent Hoffman
Brent Hoffman:
Where's the race man just slow down a bit.
Appalachian  Patriot 🇺🇸
Appalachian Patriot 🇺🇸:
Slow down. It’s not worth the exposure just to save a few minutes.
reckless behaviour
reckless behaviour:
Nr 28