Logan Paul Pokemon 1st Edition Base Set Booster Case Confirmed Fake, Now What? - Episode 6

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It's fake!

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100+ komentarze:

These videos you made on the case was the first time in a long while I’ve been this interested in a video series on YouTube. Glad to see all your research was proven true and I hope you channel keeps going great in the future! ❤️
Poke Knowledge Cards
Poke Knowledge Cards:
Rattle proving not all heroes wear capes. In fact they wear Team Rocket hats. Who would have thought.
Blue-Eyes Persian ペルシアン
Blue-Eyes Persian ペルシアン:
Congrats man. You completely deserve the recognition for all your work and holding firm against criticism. Thank you for looking out for our hobby!
Max Wolf
Max Wolf:
Subscribed for the drama, stayed for Rattle’s integrity and impeccable deadpan humor.
Tyler Westling
Tyler Westling:
I think this entire situation is a HUGE blessing cuz now we're actually asking the right questions concerning these big authenticating/grading companies, and FINALLY shining some light on the cockroaches in the shadows of this fantastic community.
I don’t watch Pokémon content really but I heard about this whole situation from Alpha Investments channel. Your opinions were fair from the start and the analysis of the red flags was thorough, you’re owed a major apology from everyone involved who threw you any amount of shade. You’ve earned another subscriber, hell I’m gonna like all your upcoming content to help with the algorithm. Keep fighting the good fight.
Taylor Ryan
Taylor Ryan:
This has got to be such a sweet "I told you so moment" for all the hard work you've done for this community. The praise from everyone (minus those involved) speaks volumes. Thank you Rattle
I fucking love an underdog story! You stood up to the bullies in the space and shoved their heads down the toilet! Well played man!
H. Michael Stern
H. Michael Stern:
You certainly earned the name "Rattle". You have shaken up the entire collectible card world for years to come. It took incredible courage to do what you did and the headlines prove it.
Dan Norton
Dan Norton:
You crushed it with all of this, Rattle! I’m so glad they featured you in the reveal video.
Zenturion XYZ
Zenturion XYZ:
Thanks for bringing all this to light! I think a lot of people owe you an apology. I don't know how far back this scam goes. I'd like to believe that it was the original seller and that PokeJew, and them just got duped. But at this point, who do you even trust? Their lies and inconsistent stories don't help their situation. Like you said I do believe that Shyne and Logan got duped and were the ones acting in good faith. For the rest...who knows?
Bruh that creepy smile on NotShivam's face when the dude said PokeJew lol.
Great to see these scams get exposed! We need to drive these criminals out of the hobby. Great work and congrats on the channel growth.
Poke Snatcher
Poke Snatcher:
They were wrong to accuse you of anything. You did the right thing compiling all of this research. They said awful things about you and you stayed strong and got the apologies you needed but some still need to apologize to you. Love you my guy. I hope your stuff keeps blowing up!
Sean Millea
Sean Millea:
Subbed and ready for this epic journey. I thought episode 6 would be the final one, I can tell it’s far from over
S D:
When I watched Logan’s video and saw the owner of the grading company saying how legit the sticker / tape was I started laughing because you explained that those were 2 of the most obvious signs that it was fake lmao. You made everybody in the interaction (except maybe Logan because he just trusted his friend / the grading company) look like total fools and even corrupt.
Anthony Cimino
Anthony Cimino:
I live 30 minutes from BBCE and always respected them. After this everything they've graded has become suspect. They have a ton of explaining to do and all the liability will now fall on them. It's going to be hard to blame this on anyone else.
Amazed at what became of this, I remember watching your first video on the case a few weeks ago. Fast forward to the present and it all seems unreal. Congrats on being validated. The power of good research, information and a great community.
Man this channel deserves to have minimum 500k like the main pokechannels . This guy is so smart and obviously cares tremendously about the hobby and those who are involved. I was just waiting for a 10 second video with rattle saying "I fuggin toldja so". I honestly believe there are indeed still sealed cases out there that most people may just not even know they have or have simply lost it in storage. I saw a sealed team rocket booster box for 180 I wanted to buy it so bad but literally was gone in 1 minute on Mercari
Black High710
Black High710:
Says “once they authenticate it, they take full responsibility”
BBCE Owner: “can we all agree we got duped?”
Lucky Rips
Lucky Rips:
What a legend! The Pokémon community at its core is a special one filled with good hearted people. About time somebody stands up to greedy scums out there. Thank you 🙏
Gavin Duffell
Gavin Duffell:
I hope Logan sent you a thank you card! Side question, what is the likely scenario for the crooks involved? I hope we’re not done dragging them over the coals!
You're balls are f*cking massive bro. You were being threatened and bribed from big people from all directions and you pushed right on through. Huge respects to you. I wish there were more people like you in all aspects of the world 😭
Hey Rattle,
I just wanna tell you how absolutely proud of you I am. All the research, threats, bribs, and harassment you got during this whole process, and kept on going is nothing short of Saintlyhood!!!

I'm sure nothing about this was easy, and you did it ALL solely for the community as a whole. Your a true inspiration and a role model, for other to look up to for many years to come!!
Thank you soooo much for your sheer dedication to the community, and the hobby.
You deserve a lot more subs than this! Watching your series regarding the box way before the reveal was so interesting...it was like watching one of those detective documentaries
Mark Salinas
Mark Salinas:
You deserve all the subs and then some. Your content is excellent! Nobody could have done it better.
The funniest thing about this is that it probably never would've happened in such a way that so many bad people are going to be taken down a peg if it weren't for Logan Paul being involved.
xHell ionx
xHell ionx:
To many red flags from the seller alone he tried to scam and he thought he was going to get away with it but the G.I Joe cards had me dying 😂 .
Evan Gray
Evan Gray:
Fantastic job man! You have mine and everyone else's support in getting people like this out of the community and protecting people who could fall victim to them.
I can’t be too mad at Steve Hart, he appears to be a guy with his heart in the right place, he just got caught being lazy and sloppy. I don’t think he was trying to scam. However, for the life of me I can’t understand why he would meet two guys, and appear on camera with clients getting something graded, particularly that valuable. It’s completely antithetical of a trusted grading process. I’ve been in the Beckett facility, and NOBODY is allowed in the grading area other than the graders, especially not clients getting their products graded! Beckett locks down the grading room like a vault, yet Hart is meeting these guys like their friends? He shouldn’t want to know them or meet them as it could create biases in his authentication. Just unprofessional and bad business.
Evan Dodge
Evan Dodge:
I'm just glad they've issued a thank you for this. You really helped this whole situation and Shyne and Logan don't deserve this.
Modern Horror Gaming
Modern Horror Gaming:
i think you found your calling my man, im sure this is the tip of the iceberg in collecting and gaming in general, if more people do great work like this. Great content, subbed
Derek Knowles
Derek Knowles:
Fine job Rattle! I had my suspicions but after your first video I was sold completely that it was fake. Hate it for Logan because he is genuine about the Pokémon community and constantly has caught a bad rep for only bringing new light into the community that he obviously loves. What’s worse, is now he’s been scammed this way for nothing more than dirty peoples self greed. You deserve the best though bro, congratulations. 🍾
Ç Zaroda
Ç Zaroda:
It's difficult to stay neutral amidst all the screaming and shouting of all the involved party claiming that they're right and you're wrong. I've been in your situation, and have learned from you how to handle these situations. Good job!
I've been waiting anxiously for you to drop the next part of this saga. It's unfortunate things like this happen, but it's good to know there are people like you out there who aren't afraid to do their due diligence and call this stuff out
Lil Bro
Lil Bro:
Great work Rattle! I watched the whole series as you were unwinding it and I must say, fantastic job putting all these pieces of evidence together. I hope you get some more recognition and continue to thrive in what you love. Liked, subbed and looking forward to more content to come.
Wether he’s investigating sketchy high end transactions or portraying the female genre, Rattle always goes all in and nails it!
Tee Wut
Tee Wut:
This is what maintaining the courage of your convictions looks like. And through the cesspool of social media no less. I’m sure you aren’t comfortable accepting all this praise, but damn does this renew my faith. Karma baby. You’ll never walk alone.
This guy is awesome, investigative journalism at its best! How why and where he somehow looks to have got to the bottom of this potential foolery is beyond most. Whatever the outcome I congratulate you sir. 👏👏👏
Bre the Struggle Bug
Bre the Struggle Bug:
Amazing! Hope all the recognition and respect that’s due comes your way. Subscribed back when you were doing the exposé on fake giveaways, and here for the ride wherever you take us next!
Abel in Vegas
Abel in Vegas:
Perfect timing if this video. I just binged watched your first four episodes on this. Pretty crazy. I’ve submitted packs to PSA and never new Steve Hart was who was authenticating them. 🤯 🤬 I have all sorts of feelings right now. Great job bringing this to light.
Rachael Davie
Rachael Davie:
Credit where its due, I watched your earlier vids and I still thought they were real. Your detective work is top notch. Well done rattle. I'm subscribed now!
Glad to see your channel finally starting to get the recognition it deserves. Congrats Rattle
Reid Armor
Reid Armor:
Man… watching these losers get rekt really made my day. Absolute Legend you are Rattle
A Sleepy Dude
A Sleepy Dude:
A certified classic, nice job overall on the coverage and not bending the knee for the hobby and standing by your morals
Hopefully your channel will grow even more
Hunter Silva
Hunter Silva:
Congrats Rattle, incredible job. You deserve all the great things to come your way from this 👏🏽
Jim Chamberlin
Jim Chamberlin:
I'm a sports card guy. I've never collected Pokemon, but I'm definitely intrigued by this story. It's sad a company like BBCE needs to even exist in the first place. Regardless of what you choose to collect, you will find scammers out there looking to rip you off. Rattle, good luck to you on your quest to get to the bottom of this story.
Alex Herold
Alex Herold:
Rattle Pokémon is a national hero! So many shady characters in the card business were exposed due to your relentless pursuit of truth. BBCE was the worst offender in my opinion.
Man, you really stopped a disaster from happening. Imagine this went on for year with none calling it out and it changed more hands. You did great.
Legend! I knew you were right!
Awesome work Mike, keep the good going! Good doesn't come by often nowadays.
Great work on this Rattle, and good on you for turning down Logan Paul's offer, I think if I was in your shoes I would have accepted it as you put in the work and saved the man 3.5 million
Frederick Salazar
Frederick Salazar:
Love the humor and integrity you hold to stand by your beliefs. Love the content keep it up.
Ian M.
Ian M.:
Bro ALL HAIL this man for putting SCAMMERS on blast !!!! You are doing the Hobby a huge favor
I knew from just seeing ur first videos that the box was really fake. So the outcome came as no surprise. Love to hear what will happen to the scammers and if they will get the down payment and every penny back.
I do wonder what kind of box this actually has been before they removed the original boxes.
This short series was incredible! Blew the lid off the case, now all parties involved are scared that's why the threaten you. To all those involved grow a set and admit your part, you will be found out anyway.
Beer Hockey League
Beer Hockey League:
Subbed and I've watched every second off all your Logan Paul scammed episodes and its been absolutely legendary. Awesome work!
P Sarge
P Sarge:
Great work Rattle! I subbed after seeing the first video you did on the case. Been waiting on this video since Logan posted his. Thanks for looking out for the community as a whole. Card collecting business as a whole is full of frauds and scammers. Glad to have someone like you out there looking out for the good people
Michael Elias
Michael Elias:
Great job man, much respect, many ppl doubted you and you stuck with the facts and showed us everything; wish you the best, would love to see your channel explode because you deserve it
Shatter Slabs
Shatter Slabs:
So happy you went from 3.0k to 7k in the span of a few weeks bro much love you was right and made Logan open up the case by creating this series
Congratulations bro you deserve all the recognition for ya hard work! Glad to see other ppl shouting ya out even one from the man smpratt! It's been crazy watching all this unfold
Janko Unchained
Janko Unchained:
You lived up to your name, my man. I enjoyed the ride, and hopefully as the story unfolds more you can do update videos. I would enjoy that!
jim kramer
jim kramer:
Love this guy! He did everyone in the card hobby a great service!! Legendary!
Gabriel Adams
Gabriel Adams:
I respect you so much for your integrity throughout this entire situation. Keep up the good work.
Ken Goldberg
Ken Goldberg:
Loved your videos !! You showed an incredible amount of honesty, integrity & perseverance.
I was hoping, because of the age of the GI Joe Cards, that this was something that was perpetrated as a scam years, and years ago, like when the Pokemon cards came out and people only caught on now. But the weird behavior by Jacob, and others, makes that suspect.
Steven C
Steven C:
Congratulations man thanks for the hard work you put into all these investigations and glad I've been with you since the celebrations leak. Keep it up detective rattle 🔎🔍
Joshua Sanborn
Joshua Sanborn:
Congrats Rattle! Its awesome to see you getting the recognition well deserved. Also love seeing you double your subscriber. Lets go
through the fire and flames, rattle did what no other youtuber was brave enough to do. As always thank you for providing factual quality content
Lucked Out Luke
Lucked Out Luke:
dude you killed it! Epic detective work. kept going regardless of the threats and haters and it paid off
Epic!!! I hope everyone involved gets what they deserve! Great work Bro much respect!!!
Ed L
Ed L:
i can say that without any doubt that you were right and the research that was done is top tier stuff
Harry Babb
Harry Babb:
Rattle, you’re the man. Thank you for doing this!
Charlie Allison
Charlie Allison:
Only just jumped in to this when the news came out it was a fake box. Binge watched your videos on this topic and they were absolutely brilliant. You did such an amazing job, held strong regardless of all the bullshit thrown your way and did justice for the Pokémon community.

Good on you, mate!

p.s, possibly turn the background music down or your voice audio up in the next video as you get drowned out a little at points

Much love ❤
I know nothing about Pokemon but your videos really got my attention and I've enjoyed the entire series on this Fake Case. Kudos for making an intelligent assessment of the evidence. It's really kept me on the edge of my seat, and kindled some interest for me in Pokemon!
Mark T
Mark T:
Big shout out to Rattle! We all should give him the credit he deserves. It was mainly this guy who dared to speak up with all consequences resulting from that. No bending you just kept going to find the bottom of this dark hole. Great job, hope your yt channel grows big time as you deserve. You got a heart for the Pokémon community :D
Promo Guru
Promo Guru:
Mad respect man! I truly hope you get the recognition you deserve!! 🙏🏽🙏🏽💯💯
Jake Drought
Jake Drought:
I've spent 10+ years buying Magic the Gathering cards on eBay. One glance at that auction and it's obvious how fake it is. Thank you Rattle for everything you've done
Your diligence and commitment to unfolding the story logically makes you a brilliant story teller and truth seeker that the community needs. Brilliant series so far, you deserve 100x the subsribers you have now, keep it up
Phil Ebbesen
Phil Ebbesen:
Lol I honestly think Pokémon cards are dumb, but I collect baseball cards so I get the passion. Can’t believe I have been so invested in this case! I just love seeing everything this guy said come true, and the scammers were exposed. This is pure entertainment gold.
Marsellus Wallace
Marsellus Wallace:
I just love the fact you do all this wearing effectively a “bad guy Team Rocket” cap haha what a hero
I take my hat off for you, mate! Thanks for the videos. Enjoyed them and I'm really glad that they opened up the box to verify it! I was scared that it would end-up with a Schrödingers-pokémon, as the value would decrease if they ever opened it. Glad they did... Now I can sleep again (and you as well!)
Dude, been seeing your name everywhere now. Glad to see you getting the recognition! Loved your celebrations investigation and now this!
The Mew Collector
The Mew Collector:
What a crazy ride this whole thing has been.
Blake Redman
Blake Redman:
Great job Rattle!! You're amazing at what you do.
Luke Mace
Luke Mace:
Really enjoying your channel, been bingeing all your content!! You deserve all the credit 💪🏻
I have two burning questions:
- What is Collectible Guru’s expert opinion on that box?
- Does the meely-kahuna organisation sell used cars? Cos I’m in the market for a guaranteed authentic Lols Loyce Silver Ghoul.
As someone that watched your first 5 videos this morning... This was was even better to watch. Can't wait for more from you.
Brett Comincioli
Brett Comincioli:
Congrats on the content. You crushed it!!!
Houlja Pooh
Houlja Pooh:
Damn this channel is blowing up now. Well deserved too
HERB Gaming
HERB Gaming:
Love it bro 😂 Just some random dude who's into Pokemon, doing some investigating 🤙🏿 Did a better job at authenticating the case from pictures, than BBCE did with it in person. Go figure 😂 Be interesting to see where this goes, keep up the great work dude 🤙🏿
Mark Posel
Mark Posel:
Dude, I had no interest in this until I saw your videos. I respected how you gave facts supporting your analysis instead of the fakes saying they knew the origin of the box!
Great Vibes Family
Great Vibes Family:
Take a bow sir, been following you on this the whole time. These detective Rattle videos are some of my fav from all Pokémon content creators.
Agent Banx
Agent Banx:
Well done man, you did so much good over the last week and the community appreciated you!
adrian herrera
adrian herrera:
Sketchy af lmao. Glad shyne and Logan handled it well, everyone else it’s painfully obvious they were scheming
YASSSS! What we've all been waiting for!!!!! 🔥
My man Rattle the GOAT 🐐
You have to keep making vids like this Rattle! These are soooo entertaining.
These and your crappy card opening shorts 😆
LET'S SEE YOU BLASTING OFF WITH VIEWS AND FOLLOWERS BECAUSE WELL DESERVED :) keep up the amazing job! Love your content and huge respect. You stood up for what had to be done. Taking down the bad people from this community and showing there true colors. Thank you for all that you do.
Mike Oxmaul
Mike Oxmaul:
Crazy last couple days in the card industry…Logan’s box & backyardbreaks
Patrick Dailey
Patrick Dailey:
It baffles me how somebody can steal from people this easy haha. People are so hungry for the most rare stuff they will pay for cardboard that literally isn’t the same as the original besides some tape haha
Tristan Veal
Tristan Veal:
Glad to see you getting so much more recognition! Great video series!
I get my comics graded and it’s because I have other stuff signed pre 2000s when CGC took over all the authenticating but will be honest I’ve been worried about all these different authenticating services and was thinking about switching from CGC to a place closer to me so I could physically drop my books off but with this situation I wonder are these authentication services just a fucking racket. What do you guys think?
Ray Cayetano
Ray Cayetano:
What poetic justice and irony that the cards were GI Joe cards especially since they are about “knowing is half the battle”