Loni Willison - Down and Out in Hollywood

Former model and ex-wife of Jeremy Jackson is down and out in Hollywood. Willison is just one of the more than 66,000 homeless people in Los Angeles County. March 25, 2021
Be kind to the homeless, and the mentally ill.

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Danijel Samardzic
Danijel Samardzic:
all of you are just taking pictures of Loni, and no one wants to help her. You film her from a distance, and if she was still a model, then you would stick to her and want to be as close to her as possible. I'm just sorry that Croatia is not closer to LA. We are 11000 km away. If I was able to come, I would approach her and try to help. I was teased by the kids at school to dig in the trash, and I know how she feels, and how hard it is for her. I know she refuses help, but the approach to her needs to change. Her friend who wanted to help her was going too fast. You should go slowly with Loni, and give her maximum love!
Roller Girl
Roller Girl:
Poor girl 😟 I wish her the best
"Even if I could ask for help there is not a whole lot anyone could do," she told The Sun.
iGLA London-1000
iGLA London-1000:
She should be in a movie about her she should be heard great women
edo edo
edo edo:
This heartbreaking. Homeless.
M E F P:
Ahh bless this is so sad someone should help her 😢 if I lived near her I would give her a home bless her little soul
Axl Young
Axl Young:
Breaks my heart what she’s going through. And watch her ex husband get special treatment. Get surgery and tooth fixed for his life. When he introduced her to the drug’s. And hollyweird has left her out. Why isn’t no one actually helping her. You got know 💯 In your soul. She’s not really happy. But her Ex Husband still getting the Hollyweird treatment.
Instead of just filming go talk to her and help
Lamentablemente las drogas le causaron un daño psicológico irreversible, y cómo va a necesitar ayuda de por vida, la vida en la calle la va a matar lentamente.
rafael rafael
rafael rafael:
Gente cadê a família dessa moça??
Poxa poderia alguém ou as amigas dela ajudar ela.
Que sofrimento meu Deus uma mulher que tinha tudo hoje estar assim nas ruas sem nada
Poxa ajudem ela a sair dessa situação poxa lamentável essa situacao vê essa moça assim desse estado na rua jogada meu Deus eu estou muito triste 🙁😢
Jim B
Jim B:
She could star in down and out in Beverly hills part II, nick nolte can cameo 👌🏼 get her career back on track
Sil A
Sil A:
Su familia o amigos por que no buscan acercarse? Ella los necesita😭
kalin tsvetkov
kalin tsvetkov:
Where are her friends from cinema industry? This is redicilous... Shame on you
Carlos prata Prata
Carlos prata Prata:
Nothing is guaranteed in this life .
Meaty Boy
Meaty Boy:
Dude have some common courtesy. Stop filming her!😡
The fact that you dont all want to admit is she is humbling herself by living on the streets, its a journey only some will understand
pritam gogoi
pritam gogoi:
Youth is temporarary. It goes away.
hajnalka molnár
hajnalka molnár:
Szívszorító 😢❤️
Colossus Ruwantha
Colossus Ruwantha:
She needs help and she should come back with her career.
Im not from LA Im from Inglewood
Im not from LA Im from Inglewood:
Instead of filming her how about you actually go buy her some food and help her!!
It's strange. Doesn't she have a family to help her?
smoczek745 smoczek
smoczek745 smoczek:
Daniel Alejandro del Jesús Ledesma
Daniel Alejandro del Jesús Ledesma:
Pobre chica
Alexandra Coco🎶🎶
Alexandra Coco🎶🎶:
i pray for you Sweetheart ♥️ 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 ♥️
Klaudia Klimczyńska
Klaudia Klimczyńska:
Zamiast nagrywać czyjąś tragedię pomóżcie
Katalin Kocsis
Katalin Kocsis:
Sajnálom őt 😔
Sam :
Galina Gajik
Galina Gajik:
I get it. Some other people will too.
To be completely disconnected from the shallow and damaging lifestyle she had, she is freeing her soul. She is free.
Francesca Xenia
Francesca Xenia:
Tiger Lee
Tiger Lee:
As far as I'm concerned, she is at peace. She got fired from 2 jobs and one of the companies refused to pay her. She doesn't have to take crap from nobody and she is free to move, wander and sleep anywhere she wants without drama. It's better she lived this way because, if she had more money, it will fuel her drug addiction.

There is a story in Hong Kong of a university educated man who lived a middle class lifestyle as an office clerk. He had his own flat and car. One day he had enough of society and how everyone had to conform to social norms. He hated his job. He sold all his belongings and now he is homeless. Currently writes in a blog at the library and tells people of his journey. He is so happy sleeping outside alone with warm clothing. Considers it camping. Mind you, the guy has a degree in chemistry - a stem degree - not exactly dumb.

When the girl is ready to move out of the slumps, it will be her decision. You can't force some one to be something they are not or do something they don't want.
H. C
H. C:
The amount of shit people throw away especially in L.A, I'm sure she's making good money with what she finds.
l wont to help hear lm from serbia