Los Angeles Lakers vs Memphis Grizzlies Full Game Highlights | 2020-21 NBA Season

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MLG Highlights
MLG Highlights:
LeBron James Shows How He Prepares For The NBA Season: https://youtu.be/lbcoXcERW7s
Christopher Mikrowelle
Christopher Mikrowelle:
Lebron first Half: “I’ll just analyze what’s happening“.
Lebron second Half: ”Now I’m gonna end them“.
아스트랄 Music
아스트랄 Music:
Losing Howard seems to be a bloody mistake
Harrell is great at scoring but his defense is really painful for the Lakers.
Caruso’s comeback will be important!
Alexander Lee
Alexander Lee:
Kyrie and KD: We are the clutchest duo in the league.

LeBron and AD: Hold our tacos. 🌮🌮
Qwerty Rian
Qwerty Rian:
Dillon be flexing on Bron only to have Bron ice the game in his face
This fool Brooks flexed on Lebron and got schooled for the rest of the game in iso's HAHAHAHHA
Adri the SE
Adri the SE:
This game ending is so anti-climax 😂
P W:
Hey Dennis what you think about the game ?
Schroder: that’s tuff
Terrible shooting tonight, but when LBJ starts fading away on you, it’s over lol
Ferry Susanto
Ferry Susanto:
I starting to miss mcgee and howard
Dennis Scrotum
Dennis Scrotum:
THT is special this kid is so underrated 🔥🔥🔥
Nomer Israel
Nomer Israel:
Memphis: *scores*
Commentator: yesssss!

Lakers: *scores*
Commentator: yes.
al ba
al ba:
Lebron gets fouled on nearly every play but refs never call it if he got all his fouls hes averaged 35 plus ppg
Christopher Mikrowelle
Christopher Mikrowelle:
4 Wins in a Row and people are still unhappy with how they play. We really got too comfortable with them. W is a W.
THT really likes attacking the rim. Same as Schroder.
AD and LBJ can go lower level its still high level for others but the others need to step up and play their best! AC and KCP does that well but are missing atm.
Wtf going on in the last minute…🤷🏻‍♂️
Lebron James
Lebron James:
Lakers need Solid Rim Protector,Rebounder Backup (C) DEWAYNE DEDMON To Lakers
Charlie J.
Charlie J.:
even that Fadeaway airball of LJ went in, Still it won't matters because he iced the game with that fadeaway shot nearly 1 minute left in the 4th quarter.
Francesco Porcelli
Francesco Porcelli:
I love irving durant ..best duo offensive..!! But james - davis is strong complete off and defense
Michael Cabral
Michael Cabral:
Ending was so bad shouldn’t even been that close. Refs were not calling anything towards the end.
king khalifa
king khalifa:
Great team win. Can’t have that many turnovers at the end though. Still solid W in kind of a trap game because the grizz don’t have their best player.
Dennis Scrotum
Dennis Scrotum:
Kuz, AD, Bron and the rest of the team got game, Good job lakers 💯
That last minute was iffy on the Lakers part how yall let em steal 2 times
Francis Kiefer
Francis Kiefer:
Refs tryna let the Grizz win. And Lakers had an off night but still got the W! 🔥
Starr Bergman
Starr Bergman:
10:36 after i saw lebrons fade away jumper i just started laughing. This man is just so much better than everyone else and he just doesnt want to show off.
Max C
Max C:
It's funny how haters have been saying Bron only plays bully ball, for 18 YEARS
Money Collector
Money Collector:
lakers are cruising, they are toying the other teams , we can see how they play, like 25 % of their strengths , memphis think they can snatch a win , only to find out that lakers are clowning them, even if they play 2 JA MORANTS
Yung Smoove
Yung Smoove:
Vogel should give THT more minutes
Brah what tf happened to ximo pierto 🤔 MLG taking over lowkey
Dalmain J
Dalmain J:
Refs were like, yo i gotta go home.
jake villanueva
jake villanueva:
What a shot by Lebron James,
Shermaine Callahan
Shermaine Callahan:
The Lakers falling asleep at the end ,smh
Tsvetan Bliznakov
Tsvetan Bliznakov:
7:03 Lebron traveling back to Ohio 😂

P.S. I know he got ball interference by a defender therefore its counted as repossession ^^
7:03 Lebron really took 4 steps cmon mane
Trident Slayz
Trident Slayz:
Always come here for the highlights🙏 always have more to watch then other highlight channels
Don't worry about the close games the Lakers are just bored...
wow, grizz impressed me , without ja still able to combat with lakers.... Love ty Jones.
Josh Antonio
Josh Antonio:
Lakers always starting very slow, Maybe try to start THT instead of Gasol. Give this kid a chance
10:32 This is what it means taking someone to school. Too Nasty. 18th Season. Embarrassing the youngblood.
Pierre Dole
Pierre Dole:
Grizzlies' +/- score is interesting: All starters were deep in minus and the entire bench got plus. :)
LeBron James
LeBron James:
I scored 26 points almost got a triple double and got the W, LETS GO LAKER NATION
DropTheBeat 99
DropTheBeat 99:
The grizzlies were trying too hard 😂😂
CG Games
CG Games:
9:05 Grayson Allen trips THT. This play should be ban. Such a dirty player
1:08 tgat did fade away out of bounds 🙏
daniel tatum
daniel tatum:
Lakers got really sloppy towards the end it reminds me of the pelicans game they lost the other day
Lebron James
Lebron James:
Lets Go Lakers Lakers for the 2021 NBA CHAMPIONSHIP
Owen Schooley
Owen Schooley:
This is like the third game in a row now I've seen the refs trying to turn a game in favour of the Lakers' opponents 😂
Horatio Johnson
Horatio Johnson:
1:04 LeGoat James is my fav player always will be the GOAT why is that in the highlights🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Davide Costantino
Davide Costantino:
1:03 fail-away
Alen Zmaj
Alen Zmaj:
1:04 thats some goat ability from LeBron James fo sure 👍🏽
Zak Shields
Zak Shields:
i was crying the whole way through this , it’s so scary
holy Referee
holy Referee:
10:18 I think that when Davis was in New Orlean his was in a better fit,his had less weight,so he jumped higher
grizzlies thinks they doin something..
holy Referee
holy Referee:
7:03 Lebron travelled
Ajith Raja
Ajith Raja:
Bro it was 92-83 with 26 seconds left and the Lakers won by 2 wtf that was a crazy ending XD
Todd George
Todd George:
A little sloppy at the end but we got it done. AD was splashing from 3!
I watched the video on speed 1.5x to save some time.
It made it even more sparking how lebron took over in the 4th quarter to lead to victory. These 3 or 4 midrange fadeways were as lethal as MJs in his best days.
daniel wade
daniel wade:
kuz thinks he could be the next kawhi lol...5 points in 30 min of gametime
6:24 LeGM took it personally.
Marq V
Marq V:
Thank you and God bless
El Kingtero
El Kingtero:
Gorgui Dieng MIP candidate 🤘🏾🔥
Lakers are like floating till end of Q4

Grizzlies are so good on defense and consistency
Albert Paniagua
Albert Paniagua:
dennis the menace was good pick up i hope he resigns with the lakers goof fit
😁I appreciate that clip of a rare airball by LBJ.
Avinash Bhunjun
Avinash Bhunjun:
That was clutch by James
Jericho Joson
Jericho Joson:
Lakers stay alive with winning streaks!
djp y
djp y:
Rok Podlogar
Rok Podlogar:
i miss mcgee's energy.
Wahyu Tri Ananda
Wahyu Tri Ananda:
3:43 ayy gasol no look
P P:
Am I the only one who after Brooks flexed on LB watched LB go @ him all game 😂
res kon
res kon:
the fk was that ending
Zak Shields
Zak Shields:
davis insain with the 3
Ahmed Iqbal el huda
Ahmed Iqbal el huda:
Harrel must learn how to defense, grizzlies always attack him with pick and roll, lakers really need rim protector, an schroeder must change he's play, he got plenty player who can score at many way, he dont need to score much, just make pace for the others
Ross Mungcal
Ross Mungcal:
9:18-9:30 is the play of the game hands down 💯
8:10 offense oder defense Foul?
Christopher Maurice
Christopher Maurice:
Yo Dennis what can u say bout to Lakers rn without rim protector plus have a turtle center?

Dennis: Thats tuff ✊🏼🥶
It´s very important for Lakers to win this kind of games.
Frenk L
Frenk L:
We need caruso back!
The fact that every time the Grizzlies score a 3 the commentator says yes but when laker score 3 he just say makes it in
God's Sun_1
God's Sun_1:
7:00 if that’s not a travel violation, I don’t know what one is.
cyrus sadlier
cyrus sadlier:
LBJ's the man until the end wtf was that
Skip is gonna have a field day with Lebron.
Andre Terrell
Andre Terrell:
Brooks should not have flexed on bron like that
El yiah Gonzalez
El yiah Gonzalez:
7:04 lebron running
jake villanueva
jake villanueva:
What a shot by Lebron James,
Hugo Dimas
Hugo Dimas:
Every team’s desired is only to defeat lakers. That’s it.
Goat !🐐
Álvaro Albújar
Álvaro Albújar:
Lukn ovah
Lukn ovah:
Refs are going old school, enougj of these soft fouls
El Dios Del Infierno
El Dios Del Infierno:
Leclutch 👑
Justin Sureno
Justin Sureno:
Kuzma really is improving before our eyes
Lebron James
Lebron James:
Lakers for the #1 SEED
Angelo Coloma
Angelo Coloma:
Continue winning streak lakers
Florent xhemajli
Florent xhemajli:
what happend to the goat caruso
Los Ange
Los Ange:
daddyyyyyyyyy bron!
J L:
Final 2ish mins Lebron goes 4pt on 2 nasty fadeaways 2reb 2ast and 1 blk
It's a W but that was sure a sloppy W.
Yusuf Yıldırım
Yusuf Yıldırım:
LeBron 'Greatest' James does it again !