Los Angeles Lakers vs Washington Wizards Full Game Highlights | 2020-21 NBA Season

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MLG Highlights
MLG Highlights:
Hornets vs Jazz Full Game Highlights: https://youtu.be/H-erDgimBCo
Why the starter lineup of wizard has the picture of Isaiah Thomas? 😂
Lebron is great, but let's be honest Lakers can't survive without anthony davis.
Key Himself
Key Himself:
Lakers fans: WE can beat the Jazz

Wizards: You can't even beat us.
Friend: what u laughing at?
Me: nothing
Also me: Russiah Thestbrook
Michael Blackson
Michael Blackson:
The way the Lakers choked they deserved this loss plain n simple
Planet MarSh
Planet MarSh:
Caruso: Now you know how it feels to missed a game winner
Lbj: You cant trade me thou
They didn't even show LeBrons missed clutch free throw lmao 🤣. Payroll working
Héctor Saúl Maldonado
Héctor Saúl Maldonado:
If LeBron is still in the 1st place of the MVP race by the end of the week then this is definitely rigged.
Top Kek
Top Kek:
Lakers lost 4 of their last 5 without AD? I better not see lebron at the top of the MVP rankings anymore!!
Moe Pete
Moe Pete:
You gotta love Lebron's body language on defense raising his hands like: WaT tHe HeLl ArE yOu GuYs DoIn? while he just leaves his man wide open 🤣🤣🤣
Eduardo Alegre
Eduardo Alegre:
"Where's KCP?" Even the commentator doesn't trust LBJ😂
Im SusツΨ
Im SusツΨ:
Skip Baykess bout to have a field day with Shannon tomorrow morning.
Eduardo Alegre
Eduardo Alegre:
LBJ was snoozing in the final Wizard possession which led to a Westbrook lay-up. And he attempts to blame someone. Lol
Bradley Jacks
Bradley Jacks:
Wes Matthews the new Danny Green. Mfs supposed to be snipers but as soon as they play with LeBron these ninjas can't shoot a lick all of a sudden lol.
OJ Moran
OJ Moran:
The refs did everything they could to give Lebron the game.
Bron take the L in this one, first he missed the free throw shot, then caught sleeping on in the inbound play by russ
Shreyas Mi
Shreyas Mi:
I didn't know Isaiah Thomas was traded to wizards for just a match ..😂
Nep Ton
Nep Ton:
It's a good thing Kevin Durant isn't playing for the Lakers Russell Westbrook would have gone all-in
Raymond Hernandez
Raymond Hernandez:
7:20 refs trying to help bron again.
Tony Montana
Tony Montana:
LeBron : I need to adjust without AD
Gets adjusted to loosing lmao
Lucas Brito
Lucas Brito:
0:04 Westbrook a lil different tonight...
Eric Liu
Eric Liu:
Tough match, one of the best game so far, Wizzards is red hot right now. Also, people still being pathetic to clown on Westbrook who was clutch in overtime
BaBa YaGa
BaBa YaGa:
Total excuses of lebron's fans right now:
936318371821117882...to infinity and beyond
As a laker fan... Wizards deserved the win! Glad we lost!
Costas Antoniou
Costas Antoniou:
LeBron has flashback's of that Cavs team when Irving left
😂am just thinking about skip and that missed free throw
0:06 Russell really changed a lot
Jeremy Lau Kar Hei
Jeremy Lau Kar Hei:
damn, they just disrespect Isaiah Thomas
AD's team needs help
So…no one gonna talk about how good the wizards are right now?
Who can kill Eren?
Who can kill Eren?:
Aight, so russ just trolled u in early seasons guys, now he wake up.
Cortez Nelson
Cortez Nelson:
Lebum Looking bad... Damn y'all is clueless without AD
lucas loucetios
lucas loucetios:
Brad beal’s skill level is off the charts
Cortez Nelson
Cortez Nelson:
I remember everybody talkin crap... Nets lost to wizards in OT... Oh look how the tables have turned 🤣🤣🤣
Wadeem 53
Wadeem 53:
Refs did everything they could to keep the Lakers in the game
0:05 Russell Westbrook
サムネに八村とレブロンか 泣ける😭 アイザイア笑
John Ferson Gatchalian
John Ferson Gatchalian:
0:06 isiah thomas on the picture but the name is russell westbrook. LOL
Alec Enrique
Alec Enrique:
ofc lebron misses the clutch and1 free throws..
Marcus Clark
Marcus Clark:
“Bron has no help” Supporting cast
Harrell 26/9/2
KCP 21/3/1
Kuzma 14/11/2
Caruso 11/4/3

Bron 2/10 3pt, 1/3 FT, 8 TO😂😂😂
Ok its official lebron is washed
Sad to look at Lebron like this
he really should think about his retirement this season
Jason Tan
Jason Tan:
Bronsexuals: hey don’t forget we won against OKC overtime twice and Pistons in double overtime without AD !! These are great ‘underrated’ teams
Black Mamba
Black Mamba:
This shows that LeBron ain't the goat, how can you be the goat when you can't even make free throw, and hit only 2 out of 10 from 3pt line. And also 8 TO 🙄 come on bruh, 8 TO???
3131 PPP
3131 PPP:
Eventually Russ took revenge on LBJ
Wizards putting it all together. Super fun watching them during this stretch. Some sloppiness here and there but fun to watch none the less.
Raza Kids
Raza Kids:
The Lakers are the clippers from last year
Blowing leads....

They're not even a playoff team without AD
Thành An OP
Thành An OP:
LeChoke, he needs to work on the free throw game.
It is well known in Laker Nation that not having AD exposes Lebron
I was ready to bet my car that lebron was gonna miss that free throw. smh
Lance Edsel Elizares
Lance Edsel Elizares:
Killmonger: is This your King?!
0:04 Russell Westbrook’s name→ Isaiah Thomas's face
Bryan Immanuel
Bryan Immanuel:
just realized westbrook is a bit shorter now...
NeverFold Vlogs
NeverFold Vlogs:
7:34 that was lebrons Defense, look his body reaction towards his teammates smh 🤦🏽‍♂️
My man Dani Avdija played so good. Love that clutch 3pts in the fouth quarter.
Norti Wriot
Norti Wriot:
Great game from Bradley Bucket and Russell Beastbrook... Wizards 5 in a row... LETS GO!!!
qais alfarsi
qais alfarsi:
0:06 Am I the only one that noticed they put IT pic in the place of Westbrook? Tf
Augusto Sarmento
Augusto Sarmento:
that was clearly a clutch charge by Bertans but that would be on Lebron and the Lakers so nevermind
Facts, No Bias
Facts, No Bias:
Lebron "NOT 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7" James the GOAT, the MVP, but can't beat this miserable Wizard team w/o A.D? Interesting Lol
Marco Tardini
Marco Tardini:
Wizards 🔥 🔥. They beat Nets, celtics, nuggets and now lakers. If they go on like this they may even make the playoffs
NoT ShaNe KiD
NoT ShaNe KiD:
8:57 "That's a bad shot"
I’m just glad my Wizards are finally winning some games. That boy Wesley Matthews went scoreless for 26 minutes 😂.
Berry Mckockiner
Berry Mckockiner:
The Wizard's are 5-0 since starting Wagner.
Osama Obama
Osama Obama:
Did LeChoke miss the clutch free throw again ? MLG gotta show it !
ExTrEaMe LT:
Lakers really let 2021 Russ drop an efficient 30 on them 💀💀💀
Ahmad Shauky
Ahmad Shauky:
Nets lost to wizards, so does the Lakers. Hey, wizards are already the champion bruh🤣
Edwin L
Edwin L:
0:23 slow motion..slow reaction...slowwww
T Dr
T Dr:
I know I’m not the only one who sees Isaiah Thomas instead of russ
1:29 dirty play spotted 🤣
Goliath Berry
Goliath Berry:
Lakers vs Wizards more highlights than the top ten !
Joseph Yeboah
Joseph Yeboah:
I can't wait for flightreacts to this
Thiel Raymundo
Thiel Raymundo:
0:05 Russel l Westbrook short version
code zero
code zero:
This shows how valuable rondo is. Idk why lakers let him go
Tran Quilo
Tran Quilo:
Carruzo played like shit this week i feel a trade is coming
Brandon Rodriguez
Brandon Rodriguez:
I like how they messed up in the intro with Russell Westbrook and had a picture of Isaiah Thomas instead smh 🤦‍♂️
Habibur IHaveSeenItAll
Habibur IHaveSeenItAll:
Again it confirms my last year finals MVP pick should have gone to Anthony Davis, and not LeBrick the opportunist.
Stanislav Klesov
Stanislav Klesov:
0:06 - Westbrook lol )))
Plata o Plomo
Plata o Plomo:
That’s your MVP again ?! 😂😂😂
jesse king
jesse king:
Smh!!! Looks like AD is the captain of the Lakers. Letrash can't win without AD or Denis
Bryan Nolyab
Bryan Nolyab:
"Kong" lose again 🙉🤣
Kay Sheye
Kay Sheye:
6:42 did they say “pick the pocket OF or ON LeBron”?
N.Y vs L.A
N.Y vs L.A:
Wizards are the best team in the league now.
Westbrook is cheekz. Just so happens that LeBron without AD is too!
ICE Americano
ICE Americano:
Doc Rivers
Doc Rivers:
Lebron sold
Vogel sold not putting montrez back in
That ad contract gone be looking like blake griffin in 2 years smh lakers need they best player healthy
aBraHaM VaNheLsiNg
aBraHaM VaNheLsiNg:
8:57 This is the winning shot i am talking, that wanna be king always miss. What a shame to compare this man to Kobe & MJ.
Starting lineups: Thomas 😂😂😂😂😂
Хани Абу Халиб
Хани Абу Халиб:
Bruh i thought finally someone signed IT cmon man dont break my celtic heart like that😂
Mr unstoppable
Mr unstoppable:
Big wrong move when lakers let go howard and mcgee 😩
it’s gamer yanal
it’s gamer yanal:
ik this is gonna be a good reaction from flight 😂😂😂
Kid Corey
Kid Corey:
0:06 damn Russ look a lil different 😭🧐
Dipendra Bohara
Dipendra Bohara:
0:06 wassup with westbrook man😂
Макар Иванов
Макар Иванов:
0:05 look at westbrook lmao
Bank of Stats
Bank of Stats:
Lebron is a good player but not enough for GOAT discussion. Do not disrespect MJ young fans. Without AD you see the lakers. By the way AD is better player than Lebron
Tommy Vu
Tommy Vu:
0:06. That aint westbrook😂
0:04 That ain't Westbrook, am I tripping ?
Donadoni Music
Donadoni Music:
Don’t know if that line up blunder was a disrespect to Westbrook or Isiah 😂