losing control : Dancing with the Devil

“I crossed a line I’d never crossed in addiction.”

In part I of this fearless documentary series, Demi Lovato and her family and friends candidly open up for the first time about what led to her near-fatal overdose.


The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) helpline
1-800-931-2237 (they also offer click-to-chat messaging)

SAMHSA Hotline for individuals and family members facing mental health and/or substance use disorders
1-800-662-HELP (4357)
TTY: 1-800-487-4889

If you need immediate support, please reach out to your local crisis text line:
USA: Text HOME to 741741
UK: Text SHOUT to 85258
Canada: Text CONNECT to 686868 or 741741

Production Companies: OBB Pictures, SB Films
Director: Michael D. Ratner
Executive Producers: Michael D. Ratner, Scott Ratner, Scooter Braun, Allison Kaye, Scott Manson, Kfir Goldberg, Miranda Sherman, Andy Mininger

Pre-order Demi Lovato’s new album ‘Dancing With The Devil… The Art Of Starting Over’ https://DemiLovato.lnk.to/DWTDTAOSOID

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I love how open she is being with us
A Irritada
A Irritada:
vim assistir somente agora, estava me preparando psicologicamente, sei que não estou preparada, mas tudo pela DEMI
Celina Carballo
Celina Carballo:
I just feel like her whole team and family keep exploiting this image of her being a survivor and a warrior, using it to sell any kind of content, and it ends up pressuring her so much. It almost seems like it’s an endless circle. This woman needs some time off the spotlight
demi needs to leave hollywood. I feel so uncomfortable with how her team continues to capitalize on this stuff and not really help her. to be so specificalyl timed with singles, albums, movies, etc....I remember when she had a relapse before her brush with death, they released a single where she admitted to the relapse...and I was just stunned and disgusted. I don't want any of this for her, I love her and want her to leave hollywood.
Miranda Canaday
Miranda Canaday:
I worry this documentary series is just like the last one: a buffer until something happens again. I don’t want anything to happen to Demi. She needs to leave Hollywood.
Shivam Trivedi
Shivam Trivedi:
I’m so proud of her 😭 she was my inspiration when i was 11 and she’s still my inspiration at 24❤️
Kathleen Ott
Kathleen Ott:
she didn’t forget the words, she just didn’t want to sing then and that’s heartbreaking
18:43 SO IMPORTANT TO HIGHLIGHT THIS - Dani Vitale telling the bartender to not offer Demi drinks. The same lady who lost career opportunities because some of Demi's fans FALSELY ACCUSED HER FOR CAUSING DEMI'S OVERDOSE.
Joanne T
Joanne T:
Her mom is full of excuses. The truth is, she loves the life that Demi’s success has afforded her and she turned a blind eye to all of it. Very sad.
Elvis in Memphis
Elvis in Memphis:
"Moderation doesn't work. Sorry. If you drink you're going to drink more. If you take a pill, you're going to take another one," Elton John says in the episode. "You either do it or you don't."
Grizz Hood
Grizz Hood:
*Who else has been literally waiting on this?*
Tara Barnes
Tara Barnes:
Addiction is hard. I just wonder, how did she make so many detrimental choices that night without any of her closest friends,family, team members having a clue.
a l
a l:
Imagine knowing your parent or child died alone & wasn't found for days or weeks. That has to be pure torment.
Savannah Sanders
Savannah Sanders:
The words she "forgot" was "I promise I'll get help." She didn't want help.
Gina Magz
Gina Magz:
It’s sad that she was never happy with herself and so many people look up to her because she’s a warrior she’s a hero because she struggles like a regular human being... she is more than what we think she is..
Karen Foo
Karen Foo:
Cut my abusive dad out of my life 3 months ago. I can relate a little bit
Malorie McLain
Malorie McLain:
You were always a human being first, Demi. Before everything. Before becoming a child star. Before becoming an award-winning artist. Before addiction. You are human. FIRST. Everyone should understand that. We love you, Demi. 💜
J T:
I am completely amazed how Demi has the courage to tell her unfortunate story to the world. Demi is doing the world a favor by revealing first-hand how tough and hard addictions are.
Anne Marrie
Anne Marrie:
When she mentioned at what point she wrote sober it sounded so eerily familiar to Amy Winehouse when she wrote rehab
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide:
Just a correction. At 4:15, the subtitle says "Woman speaking spanish" but it is not spanish, it's portuguese. People always mistake it.
Mash Art
Mash Art:
Demi, you are so strong. The strength you gotta have to keep fighting after every fall Is ENORMOUS. As someone who deals with depression and mental health issues each and every day - I would like to personally thank you for exposing your personal struggle to so many people and raising awareness. I hope you feel proud of yourself, as you should, knowing you're making this world better.
Abigail Hullinger
Abigail Hullinger:
When Dallas said "Hey be careful...on tour...I don't know why but I feel like I needed to tell you that ever since I was at your house..." made me BALL. The way she felt like something was off makes it even worse.
Julia N
Julia N:
I REALLY hope that this documentary was her idea, her initiative and is under her control. Not her team’s, not her family’s. If that’s how she wants to tell her story — so be it. But I don’t want her trauma to get exploited for money again. I really want her to get better and to take some time off.
It amazes me how much her fans care so much about her. I remember watching sober live where Demi said “F*** I forgot the words” which the next line was “I’m sorry that I’m here again i promise I’ll get help” and everyone quickly said “omg Demi didn’t forget and she’s not gonna get help she’s not okay” to find out the next day she overdosed! I swear the connection her fans have with her is so heart touching.
Demi is such a powerful woman. She has gone through all of this and has gotten back up again. We will always stand with her <3
she is incredibly strong. we love you demi <3
Nile Everard
Nile Everard:
Paxton B.
Paxton B.:
Yesterday at work, I came across a customer who was shaking pretty bad. Having anxiety I know that talking to people is a huge trigger for a lot of people including me. When I get anxious, I start shaking. So I helped her out by doing my job then said “hey, I just want you to take a deep breath and know you are okay.” She ended up having a natural tremor but the way her face lit up even when I said that, she was so happy and grateful that I said anything
I am actually speechless. I never really followed Demi Lovato, but after watching this I just have the utmost respect for the honesty and vulnerability. A lot of people struggle with these things, but mental health is really negatively stigmatized that people don’t often talk about it. Thank you for releasing this🙏🏽
s o f i a
s o f i a:
i feel like the superstar life isn't for her. and that's ok
Damn, i just realised Mac Miller died because of Oxycodone pills laced with Fentanyl. She survived, Mac didn't.
Paola Salcedo
Paola Salcedo:
The more I know about you, I feel more empathy with humanity.
Shawn Hart
Shawn Hart:
I'm just a regular guy struggling with addiction to heroin and I need to tell you to never question how helpful sharing your story had been to us addicts. And always know your strength is amazing in telling your story about your OD. I love you unconditionally!!
Brittni Gamblin
Brittni Gamblin:
Can we please take a minute and recognize how amazing her choreographer is, when Demi was wanting more to drink and her shook her head no to the bartender, but totally played it off to Demi! She’s a true friend!!
Anna M
Anna M:
Lmao, I see the problem there. Everybody are saying "congratulations on being sober" reminding her of those terrible days. They are always saying "take care of yourself. Be careful" and she knows what they mean. If you really want her to be fine, talk to her as a friend, not as an experiment. "ooh, is she gonna be sober for one more year? Wait and see!" DUUDE, NOOO... She has no friends. Her family is her friends. They really care about Demi. You can tell from what they say. I don't know if she really wants that famous, but of what I saw, I feel like she's under pressure. If I was her, I would go to Bahamas and live there for the rest of my life without social media 👋🏻
So when can our society admit that idolized child stars have desperate, broken and dysfunctional adult lives?
sara castro santos
sara castro santos:
It’s so strange and sad to look back at all those years of seeing her grow up and progress in her career, and looking up to her and her work, and now knowing in how much pain she was actually in all along. I feel so bad, I am very glad she’s doing better now.
Tracey Cromwell
Tracey Cromwell:
I struggled with addiction for over 10yrs & then I hit a wall. I hated who I was & I was miserable. My life was in shambles & I felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders. After getting the door slammed in my face many times because I didnt fit the criteria of an addict I finally found a program to help me. I have been sober for over 12 yrs now. It is still a struggle especially on days like today when I just need someone there by my side but then I spend hours talking myself down of the ledge. U just have to want sobriety in order to stay sober. My prayers go out to you & anyone else who is struggling with addiction! Stay strong & take it day by day, hour by hour or even minute by minute if that is what it takes.
Alayna Brown
Alayna Brown:
They really need to just release the 2018 documentary, raw and real. Now THAT would be something....
Vanessa Ives
Vanessa Ives:
I hope Demi finally finds the peace and calm she’s desperately seeking. A way to let go of her pain. This has all been a cry for help and I feel so sad for her.
The fact that she’s made 3 documentaries about her constant struggle and doesn’t try to hide it is something that takes strength, shows that it’s a never ending battle. Hope she gets better
Melissa Dickenson
Melissa Dickenson:
As I’m watching this I’m also thinking about DMX and all the other stars who were not so lucky so plz say a prayer for him and his family.
Bethany Tollon
Bethany Tollon:
It’s seems the whole family is damaged here’s to healing and coming back stronger!
I want to hug everyone who has ever suffered physically mentally you’re loved ❤️you matter❤️ you got this ❤️
areebah h
areebah h:
i wish they interviewed selena gomez- i really wanna know what happened between them now that we know demi was high most of the time during disney channel
Miran Fahal
Miran Fahal:
“If your life is set up to be focused on how you’re not well, you’re not going to FEEL well”
Darth Bossk
Darth Bossk:
I don’t know how anybody can hope to live in any sense of normality when surrounded by nutritionists, wellness coaches, therapists etc when those people’s livelihoods depend on her being a mess.
Assia Meddah
Assia Meddah:
I really hope this would be her last drug related documentary 🙏❤️
Chloe Driscoll
Chloe Driscoll:
Gosh, Demi is so strong and so open with her fans I’m so proud of her
Mariangel Cerna
Mariangel Cerna:
18:45 you can actually see her choreographer Dani shaking her head at the bartender to not let Demi drink more
Christina Walker
Christina Walker:
What i want for Demi is to never see another documentary like this one again. I wish her a healthy mind and life that is plentiful of positivity.
Lizzie Allen
Lizzie Allen:
Demi has been my inspiration since I was 8 or 9. Even when she started doing drugs and went to rehab, all my friends were saying how stupid she was for doing it or how bad and every single time i stood up for her and told them how amazing she was. Her struggle and her rises through helped me get through my worst years. At 22, she is still helping me get through my worst thoughts. Demi, you are amazing. All fans here, hi you are all amazing and i love you
Deborah Sumo
Deborah Sumo:
You can tell she carries deep seated pain and sorrow from her eyes 🥺💔
This shows you how being a celebrity really f*cks you up.
So many therapists,doctors and someone telling her what she needs to do. It will break you down. Poor Demi. We love you so much :(
Alayna Brown
Alayna Brown:
The thing I relate to about this is shes high but she's functioning. She's singing and dancing. Not all addicts are strung out homeless on the streets. Addiction looks like many things. I was working full time, being a caregiver, addicted to smoking drugs to function.
Katerina Goncharouk
Katerina Goncharouk:
The way she described how her dad passed just...shocked me to my core.
Jero Galán Archila
Jero Galán Archila:
This documentary completely broke my heart and made my cry so hard.
Maria Morgado
Maria Morgado:
Eu amo a Demi Lovato, ela é incrível.
the cHroNic nOize co.
the cHroNic nOize co.:
One can not simply “try” heroin.
Edwin Avelar
Edwin Avelar:
12:46 “I think if your life is set up to be focused on how you’re not well, then you’re not going to be well. Whatever we’re trying to control or are afraid of, will end up happening, if that’s our only focus.” Your thoughts control your life.
I can't imagine having an entire stadium cheer for your sobriety... having your entire identity tied up in something that is an everyday struggle must have been so heavy on her.
Iman Athirah Rozri
Iman Athirah Rozri:
19:10 so she didn't actually forget the words. She just doesn't want to sing it 😭
Vianna Taba
Vianna Taba:
she thinks she inspires us because she doesn’t fall, but the inspiring part is that she does fall, and that she gets back up. she is so beautifully human
Stéphanie Héroux
Stéphanie Héroux:
Demi is such a role model, I have been a fan of her since she started on Disney and I never quit admiring her for her courage. I love you forever and unconditionally
She is STRONG! Demi deserves all the love and the world.
Salvatore Tota
Salvatore Tota:
"I've realised that I've spent more time trying to please other people the past several years of my life than I have really trying to make it what I want". This is the story of my life. This is a universal message. I think we are unhappy because we spend our entire life trying to make people happy instead of making ourselves happy in the first place. This makes us unhappy.
Luke Neidig
Luke Neidig:
Being someone that has had their own problems with addiction. Herion was my drug of choice and just like Demi I was a professional at hiding my addiction and making everyone believe that I was sober when in fact I wasn’t. I lied to people that I loved , and ruined relationships with people that I still love to this day. It took me losing those people and entering my own little personal rock bottom to realize I had to get sober. I’m not personally a fan of Demi’s music, not to say she’s not extremely talented, just not my cup of tea but I am a huge fan of the person she is and the story she tells in this documentary. The honesty of this video and the similarities of my story and hers are insane , minus me not being super famous and whatnot 🤣 but anyone with an addiction problem can watch this video and relate to her no matter what the addiction. I’m very proud of her for putting this out there and showing what real addiction looks like and I think this documentary alone with help some people on their own personal sobriety journey. 👍🏼
Bizzle Sticcs
Bizzle Sticcs:
She is so brave for this I'm so proud of her and happy she's alive 🥺🥺 im trying not to cry watching this chile . I remember when I kept replaying her episode story on the app
Elvis in Memphis
Elvis in Memphis:
"Moderation doesn't work. Sorry. If you drink you're going to drink more. If you take a pill, you're going to take another one," Elton John says in the episode. "You either do it or you don't."
Juggling the Jenkins
Juggling the Jenkins:
I’m 22 I literally grew up watching her singing her songs when I was a kid. I looked up to her so much then I hope she continues to improve love herself and heals she deserves everything. She’s so talented she deserves the most
Ariana Rodriguez
Ariana Rodriguez:
This quarantine also gave me the chance to work on my mental health, of course after an emotional breakdown. Yes, let's talk about mental health! Growing up it wasn't talked about and as a child I believed what was happening to me wasn't normal.
Alejandra Saucedo
Alejandra Saucedo:
I was at her concert the day before her overdose. I REALLY felt like something was off she did not look happy I just assumed she was tired! It was my first time going to her concert and I loved and enjoyed every second of it and was so upset when I found out what happened to her!
Sirah: "I can't believe ya'll are doing this. This is lit, but ok." Hahaha! That was the best.
Bryan Gallacher
Bryan Gallacher:
Demi: *sings about not being sober anymore*
Her team: 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼 😃
Wow... her sister telling her to be careful at 20:40 because she felt the vibes literally hit me..
Buttered Noodle
Buttered Noodle:
To hear that she’s still drinking and smoking is shocking
MnMn Bahr.
MnMn Bahr.:
To have this kind of a deep sadness in such a small age is crucial
Pray for her
light sunshine ASMR
light sunshine ASMR:
I've never really been a fan of demi , and I knew she had a past with drugs but this is heartbreaking .
Sending prayers for you demi .💖💖
Tiya Singh
Tiya Singh:
Every single word was relatable, that's exactly how the brain of a perfectionist works, that's how you start with self destruction and after a point you start wondering, "what's event the point", thanks demi for this, thank you
Sierra Vass
Sierra Vass:
I feel I’ve never connected more when it came to the dad part 🥺
Julia Woody
Julia Woody:
i started crying when it was the story about her dad and she was on the stage and started to cry while she was talking. it was so sad.
Sarah Belle
Sarah Belle:
You can see the misery & hurt in her. I appreciate Demi being honest cause I’m going through similar issues. It makes a difference when someone speaks up & is real.
Sweet Carol
Sweet Carol:
favoritando pra assistir mais tarde, ja tinha visto um doc da Demi anos atrás da reabilitação dela, foi tao intenso...ela ainda luta!
Samantha Lacerda
Samantha Lacerda:
omg this is so strong
Esmeralda çehu
Esmeralda çehu:
I just hope that Demi be alive in the end of this doc. I love her so much she was my inspiring idol. No matter what #Demi we love you we love the way you say that now its ur time🔆
kamogelo Mdluli
kamogelo Mdluli:
Imagine crying on the first episode 😭😭😭
Arga Puspita Aji
Arga Puspita Aji:
18:45 That time Dani did body language to say "no more alcohol for Demi"
Marlyn Blackwelder
Marlyn Blackwelder:
It honestly hurts me to hear that she just didn’t like the way the outfits looked on her bc on sketch the drawing was taller and “thinner”. Yet I’m here looking at her concerts saying wow she’s gorgeous, the way her outfits fit would never fit me like it does her, it’s gorgeous but in her mind she was thinking differently.
Iveta Kral
Iveta Kral:
Demi overdosed on the same date that Amy winehouse did.. the only different is demi is still with us
Lexy’s Life
Lexy’s Life:
One thing I wish this documentary touched on is what addiction does to the brain and why it is so easy to relapse, hide things, and put drugs before loved ones. They mentioned that addiction is so much more than that then stopped there and made Demi look like a girl who just doesn't know how to control herself around drugs and blames it on various things throughout her life that lead her to addiction. The closest I heard her touch on addiction is when she said something along the lines of she "crossed a line in the addiction world that day." But she could've talked more about what that means because to someone who hasn't gone to therapy or rehab for drugs that doesn't make sense. In your brain there are so many lines you tell yourself you will never cross. For her it was several drugs she hadn't yet tried. But once she crossed those lines she could never go back, her brain was already re-wired and chemically re-programming into craving those drugs, thinking she can survive them, thinking she can't survive without them, they became a constant thought in the back of her head like remembering to drink water. Addiction is hard to beat because you have to try to work your way through the tangled wires back over that line that now has gaping holes and open gaps that you crossed with little thoughts escaping through like "you will be fine with just one hit" "no one needs to know" "its only one time" "maybe twice?" and you have to stand there staring at the broken line and tangled wires listening to the addicted thoughts and choose DAILY not to walk back to that side of your brain. I haven't watched pt.2 yet but I hope they add some education. Demi's story is the perfect real life D.A.R.E. opportunity and they should take advantage of that.
Nícol Yadira Quiñones Canteño
Nícol Yadira Quiñones Canteño:
Demi is human and people have mistakes but those same ones will make us get out of the well.
you are so strong
Kimberly Contreras
Kimberly Contreras:
So proud of her actually coming out and recovery making it public I couldn't even imagine how hard and liberating at the same time I have a addiction currently and wow eye opener for sure
Those costume sketches are truly heartbreaking and these kind of things are imposed to us in such a way that we have accepted them for years without noticing how toxic it is
Ivana Prado
Ivana Prado:
I think it's terrifying that her mom put her in those beauty pageants. I just can't understand it
Kai XO
Kai XO:
I was watching this video and then came a add of Demi TALKING about this video how ironic 😂
Mafalda Barradas
Mafalda Barradas:
I'm really so, so sorry. I was there in the Rock in Rio concert, in Lisbon 2018. I'm from Portugal. It was my 21st birthday, the 24th June (one month before your overdose) and I was out of my mind to think that I could celebrate it, somehow, by see you perform, singing with you, dancing at your music. I was devastated to know, that one month later, that happened. But I want you to know that as much as your music is there for us, we are here for you, whatever you need.
Its Shyeve
Its Shyeve:
Hi Demi, congratulations on the release of DWTD! To say I am proud of you would be an understatement. I am in awe of the fearless and unapologetic woman you have become. Continue to shine your light on the world. I will always be rooting for you 💜
Kayla Hamilton
Kayla Hamilton:
I feel like when she sang the day before her overdose, she couldn't sing the words "I promise I'll get help"
Because deep down she knew she wouldn't.
Joyful Jess
Joyful Jess:
I've looked up to Demi, ever since I saw her on Disney Channel, her music makes me happier with dealing on stress and the way I look... For her to go through all that, and still have people who look up to her, it must of been tough, but she only human, she a talented human. She is learning, she is getting the help she needs. I hope she is getting better