Lukas Podolski - The Man With Hammer Left Foot

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53 komentarze:

Not a single goal he scored for Cologne? There are missing a few of his best goals...
What a carrier, what a player
What aplayer! Glad we enjoyed him at Arsenall
Just look at Podolski's body structure. He is stout as hell, no wonder why his shots are like rockets!
Georg Christopher Jäkel
Georg Christopher Jäkel:
crazy how many goals he scored of impossible angles and unexpected spots
Okan Furkan Köylüoglu
Okan Furkan Köylüoglu:
One of my two favorite players together with Ronaldinho.
Tulio Silva
Tulio Silva:
Esses gols perdidos pelo Gabigol.... o Podolski vai fazer tudo tbm.
E converter em gols as chances claras
Akram Bent
Akram Bent:
One Of The Best Player In This Rare Position "Second Forward "
Respect his left foot
mwendia dennis
mwendia dennis:
The guy Wenger wasted
Kakashi Sacana
Kakashi Sacana:
Quem veio aqui por causa do flamengo deixa o like kkkkkk
Lukas Hiebl
Lukas Hiebl:
a legend on and off the field❤️
Lucas Mateus
Lucas Mateus:
Cláudio PIZARRO 14 goals👈e momentos✌⚽
Luiz Felipe
Luiz Felipe:
Vim ver se ele está apto a jogar no Flamengo!! Rsrs ♥️🖤
Jadyell Lima - Mano Jady
Jadyell Lima - Mano Jady:
Vim analisar esse maluco kkk Querem trazer pro Mengão ❤️🖤
Damian Makala
Damian Makala:
Arsen Wenger underrated podosk
Clive Dennis
Clive Dennis:
Could you make a video showing his skills and passes
willian Eduardo
willian Eduardo:
Vem ser feliz no Mengão Lukas podolski
Geile linke Klebe und schon mit 18 Jahren vor dem Tor abgebrüht und eiskalt.
next, corentin Tolisso
Ezequiel Vlogs
Ezequiel Vlogs:
- Mostro ❤
FF Blackzin
FF Blackzin:
Eu fico falando na minha cabeca poti poti podoski eu inventei a musica🤣🤣
Rayados traite a este jugador YA!!!🤯
samy_offiziel 14
samy_offiziel 14:
Игнат Конопацкий
Игнат Конопацкий:
Amazing video thank you)
Lucas Mateus
Lucas Mateus:
Cláudio PIZARRO 14 Bayern de Munique
Enrique Ribeiro
Enrique Ribeiro:
James Rodríguez goodbye please
ibuprofeno 600
ibuprofeno 600:
Welcome boca jr
Manuel Pantoja
Manuel Pantoja:
Viene para Monterrey, espero.
Emanuel Jr.
Emanuel Jr.:
Canhotinha afiada dmais, tem cara d q n vai perder os gols q Gabigol perdeu na temporada, honestamente falando n deveria pois eram chances reais, sem desmerecer o cara q é ídolo já.
Georg Christopher Jäkel
Georg Christopher Jäkel:
wenns 0:0 steht in der 88. dann wechselt man am besten den poldi ein, der haut den selbst ausm eigenen 16er ins Kreuzeck
BTN football
BTN football:
Cologne legend
He shoulf have stayed away from Bayern munich when they had robbery, toni and klose. Maybe his carreer would have been even better.
Tlou Mariba
Tlou Mariba:
when we talk about the God of shot accuracy we talking about Lukas Podolski.... silent killer was supposed to be his middle name.... Germany wont find a replacement like him
lucas podoski JDT FC asian champion league
leoo olong
leoo olong:
He was so much talented wish he would have succeeded at Bayern Munich
Abdellah karrouchi
Abdellah karrouchi:
Amazing player 🤩👍🏻
Ashan Herath
Ashan Herath:
The player who slapped to the ballack once and also wearing the arm band.. shame on germany
Wir singen LULULU....den Rest kennt ihr!
Alveri Arlle
Alveri Arlle:
Bienvenido a monterrey
Madhurja Nayan Deka
Madhurja Nayan Deka:
Spe Datang Sini Sebab Podlski Masuk JDT Komenn
Rosni Hussin
Rosni Hussin:
2021 will be transfer to JDT malaysia
Lucas podolski u were my second favorite player all time after thiery henry at Àrsenal...really miss u man and santi cazorla😢
Georg Christopher Jäkel
Georg Christopher Jäkel:
die Brechstange
noor emarn
noor emarn:
Bapak Gila dia pnya shoot Bru tngok dia bakal ke jdt trus ke sini..😅
Georg Christopher Jäkel
Georg Christopher Jäkel:
der Schussgewalt nach hatte der auf jeden fall einiges zu verarbeiten
Mohdfadil Mohdfadil
Mohdfadil Mohdfadil:
The best in the world.made in bundesliga
Ahmet Algın
Ahmet Algın:
Robben all goals please
mili esra
mili esra:
Ballerman boy
Diego marcellini csir cabj
Diego marcellini csir cabj:
BTN football
BTN football:
Powerful shooter
For me still one of the most unfortuante careers ever. I have never seen a player played out of position as much as podolski and it left so much of his potential on the table. As a pure striker of false nine coming from the middle he was absolutely unstopable, just to be played out of position the majority of his prime as a winger, where he was good but nor great.