Luke Evans - Love Is A Battlefield (Official Video)

The Official Video for Love is a Battlefield. Listen here:
Taken from the new album At Last, which is out on 22 November. Pre-order now:

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Ola •
Ola •:
Petition for Luke Evans to be the next James Bond.
pacsoul Pavon
pacsoul Pavon:
This guy was the best Dracula, one of my favorite movies .
hand hand
hand hand:
He got look, body, can act, sing. And he's gay
ernie cruz
ernie cruz:
Did I hear he is the next James Bond after Daniel Craig, he is good looking actor, tall and husky built without question
Threnody Of The Red Queen
Threnody Of The Red Queen:
Just discovered the fact that Luke Evans could sing. This is rather good.
Roger Prior
Roger Prior:
Luke would make a great Bond and he could sing his own title song.
Оксана Давыдова
Оксана Давыдова:
Красивая песня. Красивый голос и красивый мужчина. Спасибо. Получила удовольствие от прослушивания :)
I’m sure Pat Benatar would be proud of her song being sung from the masculine point of view❣️
Sunshine Middleton
Sunshine Middleton:
He should play James Bond. He is bad ass and gorgeous.
Michelle Rodriguez
Michelle Rodriguez:
I love it-that even strong handsome men showing thier sensitive humbling-sexiest thing ever..
Raven McGleese
Raven McGleese:
When are we gonna get Dracula Untold 2?. It’s been long enough😂
Pamel Pilatus
Pamel Pilatus:
Vc é o meu sonho,minha fantasia,minha inspiração Luke Evans!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
J. Olivier M
J. Olivier M:
Repeat after me Luke Evans is ''a full package.''. Damn! He should definitely be the next James Bond
Javier Diaz
Javier Diaz:
Luke Evans, the next James Bond...
Stony P
Stony P:
This guy is eargasmic, eyegasmic, and orgasmicly stunning
mr fantastic
mr fantastic:
I'm a 100% straight male and I can tell you this dude is hot.
Luke just oozes sensuality. ❤️
Nela G.
Nela G.:
In love with his voice and not only 😍 ! Who else is here in quarantine ?
Gay Xenomorph
Gay Xenomorph:
The perfect Man doesn’t exi-
Petition for James Bond and anything else out there cause gee dang he can do ANYTHING!
Marlene Pires
Marlene Pires:
Além de ser ser um homem lindo e ator talentoso, a voz é maravilhosa.
Daniel Ewenkhare
Daniel Ewenkhare:
This is a one of a kind SOULFUL VOICE XX 😘 💋
Karine A
Karine A:
WOW! So far this is my favorite version of this song.
Noreen Stovall-Ford
Noreen Stovall-Ford:
Wow! Who is this guy, he is amazing! I love him!
It's not fair. He's beautiful, he can act, he can sing, he can do anything. He's got women and men in love with him. Talent is so unfairly distributed. LOL.
Per Sørlie
Per Sørlie:
He would have made an excellent James Bond... instead we get a androgyn 'something' with 0 sex appeal.
Suelia Dias
Suelia Dias:
Luke Evans, me surpreendeu, ótimo ator, agora um cantor maravilhoso, amei ouvir sua voz....parabéns
Quim Vasques
Quim Vasques:
after defeating a dragon, Count dracula spent his years training his voice to become a singer and disguise his plans to steal a military chip in a tank, to finally manage to take over the world
Маша Логинова
Маша Логинова:
О боги! Он ещё и поёт!!! Такой классный!!!
Kirby Starnino
Kirby Starnino:
Get this man in a movie with Hugh Jackman STAT!
Margarita Kimak
Margarita Kimak:
Yes, I loved the Dracula movie he was in. Wow he has a wonderful blessed voice ❤ and of course as well as his looks❤❤💋
Tina Schimpfhuber
Tina Schimpfhuber:
Very great cover of one of my favorite actors, great character, family man and singer .... a dream man 🤫🤫💛💛💛💛🌻🌻🌻
Hay algo que este hombre no haga bien 😍😍😍😍😍
Oh wow. Goosebumps. One of my all time favourite songs, when growing-up. You just did it amazing justice.
Thankyou Luke. 💙💙
Can we please get Luke Evans, Hugh Jackman and Patrick Wilson in a musical together!
Frances Quinones
Frances Quinones:
This song gave me chills, he is amazing 😉
Jan Bunyan
Jan Bunyan:
Luke Evans would make a great James Bond
Jaana Honkonen
Jaana Honkonen:
Luke is amazing talented ❤️❤️❤️❤️💋🙏🏻
Zair Dawn
Zair Dawn:
Lux Morningstar
Lux Morningstar:
I want him to play James Bond...he is oozing with hotness lol!
Susan Hernandez
Susan Hernandez:
Nailed it! As good as Pat Benatar herself. 👍👍👍
Sam Lincoln
Sam Lincoln:
I'm absolutely in Love, man almost has everything, looks, talent, skills, etc....
Wes May
Wes May:
I mean, he couldn't at least sing this while shirtless? What has this world come to?
Michelle Rodriguez
Michelle Rodriguez:
Hello--Sir Luke...i hope u have a goodnites rest & peace of mind in times like these...
Maria Rita Faleiros Camargo
Maria Rita Faleiros Camargo:
Além de ser um ótimo ator e um homem lindo, canta brilhantemente. Deu uma entonação e sentimentalismo delicioso para essa música que já era incrível. UAL!
Audrey May Jolly
Audrey May Jolly:
I felt this to my core. You have an amazing voice.
Grace Sanny
Grace Sanny:
I never thought he could sing. His sound was great 😍👏👏👏👏👍👍
Ian Turner
Ian Turner:
A brilliant and powerful reimagining of one of my favourite ever 1980s songs. Well done Luke
Kadian Tracey
Kadian Tracey:
Me: Luke Evans cannot get any sexier.
Luke Evans: hold my three million dollar Expresso
James Fisher
James Fisher:
He is better than Robbie Williams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, I only fell in love with him last night when I saw him perform this
Andrew C
Andrew C:
love love ! damn he can sing too!!! All around package !
Carlos Bright
Carlos Bright:
Amazon delivered my Luke Evans C.D. yesterday and after listening to the entire C.D., some of the songs I didn't like. I wished he had selected songs like 'Eye of the Tiger'. I loved when Dean Winchester on Supernatural lip sync this song. Never Gonna Give You Up sung by Rick Astley would have been a great song for Luke Evans to sing. This song is hot and Rick came back last year after 25 years with a remake. I will give Luke Evans a B- on his new C.D.
Josee Lamontagne
Josee Lamontagne:
What a great version Luke, absolutely beautiful!
He killed Smaug and he has that voice. What a man!!
Ganha Ganha
Ganha Ganha:
Mr. Moore how many secrets do u are hiding??
what a talent-looking forward to watching season 2 of his tv show on tnt ALIENIST
Claudio Escobar
Claudio Escobar:
Love this song! and I'm a huge fan of Luke Evans...hope to see you performing live in South America, I live in Chile and it would be GREAT to hear you live man!!!
Carla Sylvas
Carla Sylvas:
I watch him on TNT The Atheist. Didnt have a clue
Montse Andersson Torrent
Montse Andersson Torrent:
I hope people knows that this is a cover of Pat Benatar´s hit.
John Chilton
John Chilton:
Always thought only Benatar could sing this - then Luke sings it, WOW!
Luke, you are absolutely amazing! I love how you sang this one with such passion and emotion. One of the best actors of our time, completely underrated, and a great singer.
Darlene lee Nash-Domaracki
Darlene lee Nash-Domaracki:
Luke has amazing voice 🌺
His voice awaken your soul!
Ion Lucas
Ion Lucas:
Dracula))) your sond its the best motivation for greatest God gift LOVE feling....Thank you so mutch)))))
God he is so hot and he can sing!
Such a talented man.
Alexey Hernández Solano
Alexey Hernández Solano:
You always be the best for me ❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍👍🎶🎶🎶🎶😍😍😍😍💜💜💜💜💜💜💯💯💯💯💯What a beautiful colors show your soul 💜💜💜💜💜
Man. He's so hot. I've just found out he's gay. Ahh, lucky men.
Karine A
Karine A:
I don't know if this is Luke Even's official YouTube channel, I want to ask if you would consider doing a remix of Last Christmas by George Michael??
Iara Oliveira
Iara Oliveira:
Que voz belíssima e abençoada!!!

Amanda Q
Amanda Q:
“We are strong, and my name is Gaston....” I was just waiting for him to sing that 😂
Liliana Pacala
Liliana Pacala:
I love his voice!
Paddy Westside
Paddy Westside:
i wish i could crash a 80s party with him 😂
Usually I dislike singing actors and acting singers. But Luke, I looooove this! <3 You did a great job on this song <3
Paula Camelia Vintila
Paula Camelia Vintila:
Best Song Ever How is still here listening to this song 2019 hit a like Love you ❤❤❤
Tina tuna Moyer
Tina tuna Moyer:
Luke Evans yes he can sing love him and I adore his little puppy
Laura Larrabee
Laura Larrabee:
Love how the song is reworked
Tina Louise Beauty
Tina Louise Beauty:
Lawdy mercy this beautful, sexy, and just gorgeous man is so talented! Love his acting and now his singing! ❤😍
MzAmber Rosit
MzAmber Rosit:
I'm pretty sure I can't have babies anymore but I just got pregnant
Luke Evans is really really talented ❤️❤️❤️
Diana Monteith Monteith
Diana Monteith Monteith:
Yes perfect for Bond!!
He's gorgeous and could sing his own theme song..
Love to see him as Bond..🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Zygmunt Naparty
Zygmunt Naparty:
Luke pozdrowienia z Polski cudna piosenka i głos❤
Mina vom Feld
Mina vom Feld:
althought I don´t like covers, this one s pretty good, and althought I admire Pat Benatars Version, this one is very powerful and good. Definitely a thumb up
Michelle Polanco
Michelle Polanco:
Great music Luke, u have a strong voice.
Chao Wey
Chao Wey:
He is very james bond to me.
Tela Long
Tela Long:
Joan Jett, reach out to Luke Evans........bonus
Ana Elena Espinosa Sardaneta
Ana Elena Espinosa Sardaneta:
Wow!! Love it. Pat Benatar is one of my idols and this song is one of my favourites.
Alison Halford
Alison Halford:
Please bring out more cd’s I love this one x
Alia Vickrey
Alia Vickrey:
This is one of my favorite songs of all time...AND YOU ROCKED IT! Thank you, for this amazing cover. You have awesome range!
A.J London
A.J London:
I remember Pat Benatar singing this song in the 80s.
Edson Da silva
Edson Da silva:
I Love this song!!💖😍
Anna Bergman
Anna Bergman:
Can hear this every single day ❤️😍 so good and the voice 😍
Blanka Prskavcová
Blanka Prskavcová:
His voice are really beautiful, full emotion. 😉👍🏻🎶🔝🌹🌟
Sukman Lee
Sukman Lee:
I just LOOOOVE this debut album! My most favourite track is AT LAST! Luke definitely got the singing talent besides as a brilliant actor! I'll be at his concert if Luke ever comes to Toronto to perform!!! GO LUKE GO!!!
Second Nature
Second Nature:
i'd like to say his singing made my heart tremble but that would be aiming too high tbh.
Louie Castro
Louie Castro:
Love & kisses from a big fan in Hong Kong !!! Hope will do a concert soon !!! I'll fly to the States to see you.
Julian Ciappara
Julian Ciappara:
just when i thought i couldn't love this man anymore
Leesha Dreameyes
Leesha Dreameyes:
With all due respect.... Your voice is so sexy that my tummy have butterflies in when I hear it...
Daaaamn ....
Judyta Żuchowska
Judyta Żuchowska:
Handsom man, best actor, amazing Singer :O Love you man ❤❤❤
Mishpaa Flus
Mishpaa Flus:
Why does this look and sound like a Hugo Boss ad?...
Bethan England
Bethan England:
What I would give to sing a Duet with him. 💛
Jessica Pazo
Jessica Pazo:
First time I seen him in The Girl On The Train, I definitely noticed him, like uh oh, who's this? :)