Luke Evans performs ‘Bring Him Home’ - Week 8 Results | BBC Strictly 2019

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Music from Luke Evans with a routine by our professional dancers Amy Dowden and Johannes Radebe.

Celebrities take to the dance floor to perform a dazzling display of ballroom routines.

Strictly Come Dancing | Series 17 Week 8 Results | BBC

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91 komentarze:

Olivia Green
Olivia Green:
He looks like he is standing on an Alexa
Ashley P
Ashley P:
I’m so happy that Gaston has moved on with his life after that rejection
Username A
Username A:
Thank god the audience didn’t scream at every single step.
so beautiful! Happy to see that the audience was silent during this and not clapping whenever a dancer moved. Just so nice to actually sit, watch and listen. Amazing from Luke, Amy and Johannes!
marty fowler
marty fowler:
I knew Luke is a great actor, but I didn’t know he could sing so well. Awesome video
B'Elanna O'Dea
B'Elanna O'Dea:
Thank god they told the audience to be quiet and actually let us hear the amazing singer for once
Will H
Will H:
Luke Evans is absolutely perfect man in the world.
shreya tanna
shreya tanna:
Woah he's ridiculously talented, he's got an incredible voice! ❤❤❤
Lonell Fletcher
Lonell Fletcher:
Well, Luke Evans just got easier to fall in love with. Good God those pipes!!!!!
Beth H
Beth H:
So glad Amy and Johannes had a chance to shine. Their dancing is magical 🥰
The lamps look like yellow eyes floating behind him xD
gladys cabezas
gladys cabezas:
Luke SINGS! That was amazing. Glad to see Johannes and Amy dancing this piece. They are both very delicate and strong dancers, perfect for those amazing vocals!
jane patric
jane patric:
Not enough he looks like he was made in a lab ,he's got an equally gorgeous voice.Talk about winning the genetic jackpot.😍
Hok Chan
Hok Chan:
He sang with all his soul. I love this performing.
Lucy Preece
Lucy Preece:
I mean of course he can sing. Hes Welsh. All welsh people are born with singing ability. There is a reason it is called The Land Of Song. Simply beautiful. I always love this song and his voice is lovely and rich like chocolate or velvet.
Strictly goosebumps
Isabelle Roy
Isabelle Roy:
Could a producer be smart enough to let him play the role of Jean Valjean in Les Miserables (on Broadway or in another theater)...
I would pay a fortune to see him sing and play this role
Brittany Denney
Brittany Denney:
Such talent and beauty in his voice 😍
Easy Cheesy
Easy Cheesy:
I could listen to Luke Evans for ever
Zoë Davis-Bater
Zoë Davis-Bater:
Amy is tiny next to Johannes when she's not wearing heels
Liv Ø Vildalen
Liv Ø Vildalen:
so touching <3 he has such a wonderful voice .brougth tears to my eyes
Great performance....just the fish eye lights behind him spoilt it.
Sandy Arion
Sandy Arion:
I found your clip of You'll Never Walk Alone" and thought how beautiful your voice is and wished you would do "Bring Him Home" and here it is 💎
J. Sanders
J. Sanders:
Spell binding performance from both Luke Evans and the dancers. The lighting was magical and it felt all the more intimate for the audience watching in silence instead of applauding as they usually do. Stunning!
Maria Joao baeta
Maria Joao baeta:
So Brilliant, Luke Evans. I'm so proud of you, thank you so much for the great person that you are 👏👏❤
Megan Byrne
Megan Byrne:
Wow, only just came across this ... I love Luke Evans and that voice ... Divine ❤️ .... From Dracula to Strictly!
Bought his album on pre-order last week, amazing voice.
Baby Jane
Baby Jane:
Yaaaazzz, I'm looking forward to Giovanni and Michelle vogue routine, I'll be strutting my stuff.
This is the second time I heard Luke singing Bring Him Home, & dude makes me cry buckets. Luke’s version of this song is my favorite, because yeah! It’s acting, but at the same time, it’s also spiritual & prayerful. Damn waterworks! 😭😭😭😭
Muriel Barker
Muriel Barker:
Knew he was a singer he was on the one show about his new album coming out what a voice he has got like Elaine Page said today where has he been hiding that voice I love that song well done Luke xx
Kane Doolan
Kane Doolan:
That vibratto is immense. What a voice!
Gravity two
Gravity two:
SO gorgeous! So moving!
vicky hadley
vicky hadley:
beautiful vocal from Luke once again, absolutely amazing :)
Amy and Johannes are simply exquisite together. Breathtakingly beautiful interpretation 💖
What a amazing voice. Last Week i watched Dracula Untold with him i never thoght he could sing like that. I love his acting but now i love his voice to
Who knew Bard the bargeman had such a good voice?
Sarah Louise Campbell
Sarah Louise Campbell:
Luke Evans is greater singer I have a my neck give me goosebumps everyday and inspirational outstanding voice I never heard before but he was in the late late show with James cordon he is very sexy talented artist all times he is the best all the rest I’m biggest fan of him
monalisa kazmi
monalisa kazmi:
I really love this man
Gabriela Piernicka
Gabriela Piernicka:
Omg beautiful 😳❤
Monica Esther Molinares
Monica Esther Molinares:
Mi guapo Luke Evans Q espetacular maravilloso y mas tu hermosa voz éxito Guapo y mi DTB siempre 😘 saludo desde Colombia
Frank Picillo
Frank Picillo:
Simply fantastic!!!!❤❤❤❤
Oh my luke is gorgeous xx 💋👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💜🌹
Del King
Del King:
Love this play and song it made me cry
Deborah Baker
Deborah Baker:
so much feeling in the song, and such beautiful dancing....was almost brought to tears. thank you.
Sarah Mckinnon
Sarah Mckinnon:
Wow what a voice he's got ♥️♥️
Sophie Knox
Sophie Knox:
Finally! I missed the show and I was waiting anxiously to upload more than 10 seconds of this.
Katy Swan
Katy Swan:
Luke is a legend! Thank you all for this greatest performance’
marcela Labai
marcela Labai:
Best soo beautiful 💕💕
Camilla Nascimento
Camilla Nascimento:
This was absolutely amazing
Megs Marsden
Megs Marsden:
I like Luke Evans he's got an amazing singing voice
Marcelo Pereira Neves
Marcelo Pereira Neves:
Jacqui Peacock
Jacqui Peacock:
Omgoodness! Breathtaking! Luke I wanted to cry with you!
Wendy P Skelton
Wendy P Skelton:
Love this song. Gets to me every time. Cried the first time i heard it.
Talia Thomson
Talia Thomson:
Two of my favourite pros dancing to one of my favourite les miserables songs!!
Pudding Pudding
Pudding Pudding:
My favourite dance they have ever done!
Marie Muckle
Marie Muckle:
Oh my goodness Luke! I didn’t know. My bad! Darling you are everything and more. So proud of you not that you need it from me but my fam is part Welsh. Just beautiful. So much love here. Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 in the house! You smashed it bro
Helen Feriante
Helen Feriante:
Simply in awe xxx Bravo Luke
joe stuebing
joe stuebing:
What a talented man LUKE EVENS is . He is the total package !
Samuel Hamilton
Samuel Hamilton:
This was beautiful
Thank you.
Kathryn Ramsay
Kathryn Ramsay:
stop it love you xx
c perry
c perry:
Who else got this notification and saw BBC STRICTLY and thought they missed part of the show
Megan Powell
Megan Powell:
What dance is this?
Razzaq Sulaiman
Razzaq Sulaiman:
Why wasn’t he considered for the les miz film ????
Daniel Ewenkhare
Daniel Ewenkhare:
❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💗 Luke you are an ABSOLUTE ASTOUNDING POWERHOUSE VOCALIST and the dancers were AMAZING 😉👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Yasmine Padilla
Yasmine Padilla:
Phoebe Greaves
Phoebe Greaves:
Amy really needed to get her head around the context of that song. Her cheesy smile throughout was too cringey
Zygmunt Naparty
Zygmunt Naparty:
izzy's world
izzy's world:
First and is everyone watching strictly tonight it's Blackpool baby xc❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️✌🏻
Bree Stella Summers
Bree Stella Summers:
Melissa .J. Cassidy
Melissa .J. Cassidy:
Amazing song
I love Strictly
Barbara Wood
Barbara Wood:
Totally awesome
Amabel Barlow
Amabel Barlow:
Bravo Luke Evans 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Роман Дзебяк
Роман Дзебяк:
Не ожидал в шоке даже
Lorna Cameron
Lorna Cameron:
How good is he.......
marcela Labai
marcela Labai:
Adele Taylor
Adele Taylor:
I loved the performance but it doesn't fit with the song. It was about the surrogate son of the singer going off to fight. It would have made more sense if they had Anton dancing with a grown up version of his 'son' from the group dance as he goes off to fight in world war two. I think that would have been much more poignant for a remembrance day tribute
Kiwi Girl
Kiwi Girl:
Kiss kiss kiss Luke Sexy Sexy Evans 😘😘😘
Megs Marsden
Megs Marsden:
I like Luke Evans
My favourite song
My Paper Life
My Paper Life:
Shirley Fox
Shirley Fox:
Check out Luke Evans in the musical TABOO. A life story by Boy George. Saw it twice when it was on tour. Once with Julian Clary in and once with actor Mark Little. Absolutely brilliant. Even bought the TABOO cd.
those f*ing dancers ruined it for me. what a waste of an great song
Helen Bennett
Helen Bennett:
Emotional, beautiful and classy like the 'Old Strictly'. Caught this by chance as I can no longer bare to watch the programme please turn back the clock ten years and bring back the spirt and grace of Bruce Forsythe along with Len Goodman and Darcy Bussell? I used to love this programme .............. surly I'm not the only when who misses the 'Old School' grace and style and self control?
Adri Morales Casique
Adri Morales Casique:
This is one of the most powerful songs from Les Misérables. I would have loved to see a dance with two men.
Kris Jones
Kris Jones:
hes not wolverine tho is he lol
Rebecca Kearney
Rebecca Kearney:
Is he off time?
He can hit the notes but I don’t feel the emotion in his voice. It’s an empty interpretation.