Luke Evans Sings Adele 'When We Were Young' To Emily Blunt | The Jonathan Ross Show

Stars of The Girl On The Train, Luke Evans and Emily Blunt are on the sofa and Luke shows of his impressive kareoke skills with a rendition of Adele's 'When We Were Young'

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The Jonathan Ross Show
The Jonathan Ross Show:
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Emily's reaction is like she doesn't know that Luke is a singer!
mamma mia
mamma mia:
Well yeah Emily. We all fall in love with him a little bit when he sings.
When Jonathan says "it's a bit more than we wanted" I thought, speak for yourself because this is just a small piece yet I would listen to this man sing the entire song over and over if I could.
Bellamy Foley
Bellamy Foley:
"You ask a Welshman to sing..." -- Love that comment :) The Welsh are well known for being a very musical people and I'm quite proud to have ancestry from there. Also, it's cool how genuine Emily Blunt is and how relatable her reactions are.
That was beautiful! Now I need a full version of When we were young sang by Luke! Who's with me?
Luke has a beautiful voice! I'd love it if he released an album with a full cover of this song.
C K:
Absolutely loved this! His confidence is inspiring and his voice calms my soul ❤️
Kev Greenhalgh
Kev Greenhalgh:
I'm very fond of Emily. I think she's lovely.
Aimee Marie
Aimee Marie:
"i think i just fell in love with you" I am literally Emily 😂
Just fell in love with Luke too! 😍
love his singing voice
He's so amazing! What a beautiful voice!
F. Akemi
F. Akemi:
Oh my...such a lovely voice. I wish I could hear it more, Luke !
Dare - wait for it - Devil
Dare - wait for it - Devil:
I love both of them. And I've always had a crush on Luke.
I need a full version of Luke singing When We Were Young by Adele 😍
The Official Andy Saenz
The Official Andy Saenz:
Wow, he’s a great singer!
Noora Nazzal
Noora Nazzal:
Because of his version, I love Adele's now♡ Simply beautiful.
Marie Jo
Marie Jo:
Beautiful spirit, perfect beauty, pur talented. And a heart as big as the whole world. He is a great Actor and singer...... Luke Evans 🎵🎶❄️🎼🙏💙
Sukman Lee
Sukman Lee:
Luke definitely is got great vocals, can be a professional anytime he wants!
I just love Emily,such a beauty and funny women :) Luke is awesome too,good voice
Allyson Messina
Allyson Messina:
I would love to hear him sing this in its entirety!
Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell:
Luke Evans has a great singing voice & he is a good actor as well
Dylan Mitchell
Dylan Mitchell:
Emily can literally pass off for Adele's sister!
Aileen Torres
Aileen Torres:
When he sang, I felt my eyes tear up.
ann marie buscema
ann marie buscema:
What a wonderful voice
Gadis Dellilah
Gadis Dellilah:
The way Luke kisses Emily. It's so sweet. Imagine Luke as your best friend. I think he's the kind of guy to rely on all of your stories
Gabrielle Santos
Gabrielle Santos:
Oh my goodness, he seems like a genuinely great guy. Plus points for that kiss on the cheek he did for Emily.
Tagabulod🥀Chastity,Obedience and Poverty🥀
Tagabulod🥀Chastity,Obedience and Poverty🥀:
Great voice wow 😮
This guy can sing he is a gem of emotion!
It is miserable not to be able to see entire shows. So sad.
I adore Emily Blunt. A beautiful woman and stellar actress. Luke Evans ...... what can one say an incredible singer and I think one of the handsomest and sexiest men alive. It is not a question of falling in love a bit but falling in love hook line and sinker. <3
I love how Luke looks down like he's not going to do it but then he starts singing.
Momma O
Momma O:
Luke has a beautiful voice.
Fantastic! Such a voice....
Jennifer Ellis
Jennifer Ellis:
I adore Emily so much and luke seems so sweet. 😍
sica h
sica h:
Should have known how multi talented this man is he is bloody amazing love him
Aureene Mae Combo
Aureene Mae Combo:
His a good singer love his songs😻😻
Logical Llama
Logical Llama:
His voice lulls me to sleep . Amazing
Jacey Swainston
Jacey Swainston:
0:40 Makes me smile so much😂😂
Sophie Jay
Sophie Jay:
This is a compliment to Welsh people, damn you are all talented and can sing so good!
Augusta Hevesi-Nagy
Augusta Hevesi-Nagy:
What an Endearing Moment To See Luke Evans 🌹❤️ Sing 🎶 To Lovely Emily Blunt!
Oh god.. I don't think there is anyone in this world who wouldn't fell in love with him <3
Mercutio Rane
Mercutio Rane:
Would someone please help Luke get onstage with Adele? It would be EPIC.
Hawa Chian
Hawa Chian:
who doesnt fall for that voice... fully adele.. oh luke 😍
I really LOVE this two!!!
Lori Larson
Lori Larson:
Im totally with Emily! I think I just fell in love with him a bit! ❤️
That kiss is so gentlemanly and heartwarming 😊
Snicker Bars
Snicker Bars:
Luke is so underrated as an actor and as a singer.
Ana Carolina
Ana Carolina:
Emily: I can sing a bit.
Also Emily (two years later) = Sing like an angel in Mary Poppins Returns
monkey butt
monkey butt:
He needs to be in more musicals. Disney, get to it!!!

Oooo, I would love to see him as the Phantom!!
Lovely voice he has.
Kimmarie Van-Ever
Kimmarie Van-Ever: just have to do some covers of Adele's song on your next cd as you also have that catch in your voice which is synonymous in her songs..this just happens to be my favourite adele song ever
.because its like its my life story..i was engaged to someone.. we did have a fantastic of my life..we split up and we both moved away..a few yrs later I attended a wedding of an old friend..we both knew her as we all had worked together..if I'd known he was going to be there I'd have made an excuse and not gone..he had moved on..I obviously hadn't
So those lyrics are like she saw my life and wrote them.. I concentrated on my career after that..never married or had children..I dated off and on..but nobody came close so no point in lying to them or myself..I had 2 miscarriages when we were you see ..I can close my eyes and see us together.. but I was lucky..i know what love is..not everyone does..and pain is the price you pay for loving..🇬🇧💞🙏✝️👍
Laragh Smith
Laragh Smith:
I love Luke Evans!!! He is SO talented and seems like such a nice man. Everyone who knows him are very lucky indeed. I love his album too. His version of Show Me Heaven was incredible! 😊
Haneen AbuFarha
Haneen AbuFarha:
I believe Luke Evans did not yet get the media attention he deserves, he is from out of this earth!
Kanika Garal
Kanika Garal:
love him. is there anything he cant do
LOL Emily at 0:47 "Oh, I think I just fell in love with you a bit." In the words of Alan Carr when Adam Lambert went on his show, "They are so barking up the wrong tree!" LOLOL 😂😂😂
Nevertheless, we all agree, E.Blunt! ❤💕
Kelly Castillo
Kelly Castillo:
I'm pretty sure Luke Evans is an actual disney prince.
Elisabetha Cronqvist
Elisabetha Cronqvist:
Mila Yovovich said once that Luke Evans had voice of an angel...well,she was 1 000 000% right.
I really need him to cover that song, I’ve been listening to this short version for too many years now
I Think Everyone Has Fallen in Love ❤️ With Luke Evans 🌹❤️ Why Wouldn't They, He is Afterall An Incredible Man, Singer, Actor and Entertainer "The BEST Kind"👍👍
jj crux
jj crux:
my two favorites😍😍 Emily and Adele😍 you should've make Emily sing Adele's too 😍😍
Boshicu Page
Boshicu Page:
I've always been in love....but now I'm hopelessly devotedddddddd to Luke Evans!!!
Carlenna Brattin
Carlenna Brattin:
wow, luke Evans can sing
I want a full cover! Anyone else?
Miriam Esparza
Miriam Esparza:
He sings and Taron Egerton does as well ..I need to get myself to wales 😂😂
He's awesome!!!!!
Dário Peres
Dário Peres:
I’m not sure about his singing but he’s great
Sandy Hellen Gumz
Sandy Hellen Gumz:
I need a full version of this
Mim Allen
Mim Allen:
I am in love with this Mans voice... well and his personality.
Flacka Momma
Flacka Momma:
luke should do a singing voice for Disney animation movie or TV show in the future
Simon Hawkins
Simon Hawkins:
Damn the man has a sweet voice!!!
Jamie Fitz
Jamie Fitz:
That's insane multi-talent
I can't decide if this is the cutest or the sexiest thing I've ever seen. Both? Both is good. 😊
Grace Herbert
Grace Herbert:
He's so good 😍
Donna Lachner
Donna Lachner:
So So Right. He is so Amazing. He is the dream come true 😍💜
Lola S
Lola S:
Capturing the hearts of women AND men all over the world!
Jaque Spider
Jaque Spider:
It was beautiful. And amazing, .♥♥♥
Arya Naveen
Arya Naveen:
That song his different when it gives someone's memory ❤️
Emily blunt was always underrated in her beauty,
Brenda Wallen
Brenda Wallen:
He is fine and can sing! Acting is wonderful too
That was incredible...
Jasmin Sacco
Jasmin Sacco:
I adore this guy he is super talented. The thing that i like about him is that he was always vocal with his sexuality i have seen his interview he is always polite and very funny. The fact that he can act he can also sing plus he seems like a good guy. I was telling my husband i was kinda disappointed when i found out he is gay ciz i have a huge crush on him. 😘 god he is so sexy he reminds me of matthew mcConaughey
I fell in love with him too. omg <3
Pink Blush
Pink Blush:
omg they're so cuteeee... great voice Luke
katerina velona
katerina velona:
They have to play together again, preferably the couple!!
Lui Mary
Lui Mary:
Wish he would sing the whole song
Stacey Cabral
Stacey Cabral:
He doesn't have to make a sound. He can just walk in a room. You have to see him in Dracula Untold as Vlad. Oh my!!!
id buy his album
William Armstrong
William Armstrong:
Luke should be the next James Bond seriously
Biff Tannen
Biff Tannen:
This is easy for Luke bc he is Welsh and all Welsh people are great singers!
I love when he laugh. I rewind that..
MovieJunkie ForLife
MovieJunkie ForLife:
"I think I just fell in love with you a bit" Welcome to the club Emily!
I forgot that he could sing. That was good.
Glenn Pryce
Glenn Pryce:
No one sings like a true Welsh men 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
Andrew Davison
Andrew Davison:
I think Emily would be great as the Invisible Woman and Luke would be great as Dr. Doom.
cocteau twins cocteau twins
cocteau twins cocteau twins:
Luke is amazing guy.
I love him.
Bob Doubter
Bob Doubter:
Luke Evans and Emma Watson were the only reason I watched one musical in my lifetime called Beauty and the Beast. He makes a smashing vampire as well.
Chad Faulkner
Chad Faulkner:
Emily is iconic
Marcus Wijaya
Marcus Wijaya:
When Luke kisses Emily, I don’t know I think it’s so cute