Mac Miller - Donald Trump

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Rex Arrow Films, Rostrum Records & TreeJTV Present...

Mac Miller
Donald Trump (Produced by Sap)
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Director: Ian Wolfson
Cinematographer: Patrick Stroub
Producer: Samantha Racanelli
Executive Producer: Benjy Grinberg
Additional Support: Greta Zozula

Rex Arrow Films 2011
Rostrum Records 2011

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Rest In Peace to a legend. ❤️
San Diego
San Diego:
Man, I just turned 29 a few days ago and I remember me and my boys bumping this all throughout our senior year of high school. Super glad this got recommended to me just now. Fly high, legend.
Shawn Minter
Shawn Minter:
It's 2022 and seeing his face and hearing his voice brings a tear to my eye, he was truly something special
the nostalgia on this song is crazy, takes me back to easier times. rest in peace Mac, your art will live on forever
Happy "30th" Birthday, Mac!! His life ended way too young, and he had so much more inspiration to share with the world... #RIPMacMiller ♥️
JR Garage
JR Garage:
Already 10 years old now. wow. RIP
Johnny B
Johnny B:
I remember taking an early flight back from vacation in 2011. I was going home to no job since I was fired from my job, my girlfriend at the time left me for some other dude. Flipping through the in-flight live TV before landing, I stumbled across this music video. I didn't have a working phone, so I wrote down "Mac Miller" on a napkin and look him up on YouTube when I got home. Listened to BDE and KIDS in the same night. Joined the movement right before Mac dropped Blue Slide Park. Enjoyed the mixtapes like The High Life, I Love Life, Thank you (still waiting for that to be on streaming platforms), Macadelic, Faces, You. Fast forward a few months, I invited a friend to go see Mac live, which she respectfully declined, but continued talking to me. She eventually became my girlfriend and was able to take her to her very first concert when GO:OD AM album dropped. Got married last year, so just wanted to say thanks to Mac's music for setting a path to my wife. Rest easy Malcolm. Most Dope Forever.
Kay Renee
Kay Renee:
This came out during my freshman year of high school and it still makes me smile like a idiot. I miss him, bro. 😢
Rylan Deyapp
Rylan Deyapp:
When I was first bumping this it was right out of high school. No worries in the world. Starting college man I miss those days. It's always been the most wholesome thing for how genuinely happy he is in this video. Never met you Mac but you certainly touched my life. Your music has been there for me in some hard times as I've grown older. Always felt like you were kind of a friend. Not many Artist music can do that.💯 RIP you are a true legend! 🙌 💙
Liquid Dinosaur
Liquid Dinosaur:
I memorized this song when it came out and I'm so happy I can still spit it out word for word, despite not listening to it for at least five years

RIP Mac Miller
Eric Vlogs
Eric Vlogs:
"we gonna take over the world while these haters gettin' mad" , sounds quite familiar
Herman Mann
Herman Mann:
First ever song I’ve listened to from Mac. Crazy how it’s already been 11 years. We love and miss you bro! 💯
Still an absolute legend in 2022, I will make sure my kids and grandkids know who Mac Miller was.
Mike Crossley
Mike Crossley:
RIP Mac.. this was the first song I heard.. straight banger. Rest eazy man
Jacob V
Jacob V:
I remember the first time I heard this song, somebody played it went I was driving a bunch of friends around and my friend Emily and Dan went absolutely nuts and sang the whole thing from start to finish. Good times
The war of this generation is against depression, anxiety, and drug abuse.

Rest easy brother.
Jordon Thynne
Jordon Thynne:
Still listening and loving your music daily. Rip bro fly high 🙏 LEGEND always
W.M. Concil
W.M. Concil:
One of the best of his time. Enjoy his tracks. RIP legend
ReppinThat207 ;
ReppinThat207 ;:
Wish you were still with us Mac, my son is growing up to your music. RIP to a Legit Legend 💙
Knowing he's not around now(and why), seeing him so young and hopeful makes me sad. Rip dude, true legend
People like to ignore that before mid 2015 when trump announced his run for office trump was considered a baller and was well respected in the hip hop world and Hollywood.
Danny Bridie
Danny Bridie:
crazy how I haven't heard this in probably 8 years, yet it started playing & I still knew EVERY word. RIP you fucking LEGEND
Derek Turner
Derek Turner:
This is one of the best songs this dude ever wrote straight banger!!! 🤑
You can't cancel this banger.
I haven't listened to this song since about 2015. It was so popular when i graduated high school in 2011. You heard it at any house party you went to at college. My feelings about this song are hollow now knowing he's not with us; and knowing how his life ended. It just doesn't have the energy it used too for me. R.I.P. MAC. It still breaks my heart
Virtual Insanity
Virtual Insanity:
Just came here to say goodbye. This is your first song i've ever heard. Rest in peace!
Amanda Vadala
Amanda Vadala:
Almost 2022 and I still love listening to this. Love me some mac miller rip ❤️
Rob Miller
Rob Miller:
I’m 30 years old
I remember me my brother and our buddies blasting this shit out the car.

So many amazing memories!!

Love ya cuz 💕

RIP Legend 🍾💫

Chandler Sperrey
Chandler Sperrey:
This was and will always be one of the first songs I could rap from beginning to end. Every time I do, I see something different in the lyrics. Legend. To anyone seeing this 10 years from now. Mac was a visionary.
Bryan Boria
Bryan Boria:
Man I was in like 8th grade when this shit out came out and I remember absolutely everybody blasting mac as much as they could.
Rip to the legend forever.
Andrew Rodriguez
Andrew Rodriguez:
To the person watching this 25 years later, this guy was a legend
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne:
Rest in peace Mac.. .I always loved this song in the bad times this pulled me out of the dark keep making money n forget the bs of life......I hope u read this in heaven Mac God bless
Still get goosebumps when I play this.
Nick Brown
Nick Brown:
Good music never dies. Hope heaven is treating you well bro, Rest In Peace.
Jarrod Carter
Jarrod Carter:
rip Mac Miller you are forever the best ❤
First song I heard from Mac R.I.P you will be missed
lawrence wambaugh
lawrence wambaugh:
Rest In Peace Mac. We miss ya every day!
Jaclyn Strasburger
Jaclyn Strasburger:
The energy he has in this video makes me so happy <3
Amanda Vadala
Amanda Vadala:
Almost 2022 and I still love listening to this. Love me some mac miller rip ❤️
It’s crazy how modern this seems 11 years later. Timeless
Asad Salah-U-Din
Asad Salah-U-Din:
Mac miller is not dead
he's just watching cartoons on a better couch
This will never get old a true classic
D L:
Its crazy that mac was the soundtrack to a whole generation growing up. He truly will never be forgotten. He meant so much to so many people
Christian Dworaczyk
Christian Dworaczyk:
Rest In Peace to one of the best rappers ever, thanks mac for a great high school your music pushed me through and helped me through so much man it’s still hard to believe your gone but never forgotten legends never die 💙❤️
Shawn J
Shawn J:
Been on a Mac Miller binge today. Miss this young man. God Bless his soul and may he Rest In Peace. ❤️🤙🏻
Like Trump or not we can all agree this song goes hard
Ash Radeo
Ash Radeo:
I listen to this again and it lets me know things are gonna be alright, timeless
Skilar Smith
Skilar Smith:
sends chills down my spine RIP A LEGEND
pacsoul Pavon
pacsoul Pavon:
Wow ! I remember when this came out holy shit why did you have to leave us Mac , such a great artist !
Lion's Share Comics
Lion's Share Comics:
Throwing so many memories in my brain of the days past. RIP - thanks for the soundtrack to my life.
Rip Mac Miller
Robert PutLastNameHere
Robert PutLastNameHere:
11years since this dropped, used to have this playing over the intercom at work during overnights all them years ago. Rip Mac
Rip. What a legend
Traffic and Cat's
Traffic and Cat's:
Love the Mac! He left like a rapper but will always be a rock ⭐
one of my absolute favourites from mac
Chris Perala
Chris Perala:
Rip to a legend that's gone but not forgotten
Damian Edwards
Damian Edwards:
I miss this guy...but...he brought happiness to the world. Thanks Mac. You're always a help to me.
Barry Shell
Barry Shell:
One of a kind I still jam his music!!! One of the greatest ever to spit it!
Duramax Daily
Duramax Daily:
I couldn't fathom having a song written about how awesome you are, and then that same songwriter says that you, the person the song is about, isn't allowed to play it at your events; the power of the media is frightening and mind boggling.
Wave King
Wave King:
R.I.P Mac this the first song i heard from you its still lit till this day
196 million views and growing. Rest easy Mac.
Liv Powell
Liv Powell:
Freaking love Mac . Forever and always will . RIP to the GOAT 💔🥺
A legend that will be missed forever
Ill always come back to this song...god bless you bro.
This shit old but gold
10 years later I still love this banger
Waldimir Nelson
Waldimir Nelson:
Listening to this song years later and it still gets me amped just like when I first heard it. REST IN PEACE KING 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿
Miss you Mac. Rest easy.
10 years later and still have the best song in the world
lil hay
lil hay:
I bet he is smiling at us in heaven while were revisiting his songs
Johannes Olsen
Johannes Olsen:
Heard this first time back in 2016, still timeless!
Jay Spencer
Jay Spencer:
Happy Birthday Mac. Thanks for having such an influence on my life
Garrett Attaway
Garrett Attaway:
YES, Love This Song Even More Now, Long Live The King,
Henry Henryson
Henry Henryson:
Legends never die...
I can’t believe it’s been an entire year since you passed. Rest well, Mac.
Last Try
Last Try:
I love you mac thank you for all the memories.
Wayne Butierez
Wayne Butierez:
Hands down mac's greatest banger the nostalgia of high school house parties is real
Shawn Minter
Shawn Minter:
Happy Birthday Mac, your legacy gonna always stay strong
Uma Clássica, memorável
Patrick McKiernan
Patrick McKiernan:
They really named a President after Mac's song
Rip Mac
Nick Patterson
Nick Patterson:
This will always be a top 5 song🙏 R.I.P MAC
Chris MusicUfcMufcHkr
Chris MusicUfcMufcHkr:
Mac always cheers me up especially his fresh dgaf older stuff👌🙏💙
William Johnson
William Johnson:
One of the greatest songs ever…listened to it when I was 14 and I’m 24 now and it sounds just as good 😜
I'm a yinzer and the only concert I've ever been to is a Mac Miller concert at Stage AE here in Pittsburgh like 6 years ago. It was one of the best nights of my life it was lit af . People were literally smoking blunts in the audience including me. Mac had all local Pittsburgh rappers as his opening acts too. Mac was real af and never forgot where he came from. RIP King
R.I.P. Mac... This was the first song I've ever heard from him.
This song brings back the best memories from when i had not a care in the world… good times
Konde Dracula
Konde Dracula:
This song gives me goosebumps
Jakob Davis
Jakob Davis:
We all miss you everyday mac. We will never stop bumping ur music
Cayden Schulz
Cayden Schulz:
Legends will live forever ❤️
King K
King K:
R.I.P. One of the greatest songs ever. Will miss him & his flow 😭
Will Maige
Will Maige:
Can’t believe this is 11 years old! RIP legend 🙏🏻
Julia Semans
Julia Semans:
thanks to my brother I've been listening for 12 years:) I love Mac so much his death still hurts me today. he's so amazing. his music truly keeps me alive ❤
That sufjan stevens sample is creative af. Ngl when this came out I thought Mac was super obnoxious, but he really grew on me over the years. Love the way his music matured with every album, RIP
Branko Gallo Kapetanich
Branko Gallo Kapetanich:
No me canso mas de esta cancion!! La maldita leyenda sigue vivaa!!! 🐏🐏
kotton mouth
kotton mouth:
I still don't believe it RIP mac I'll be jamming your music into infinity
JASON Anderson
JASON Anderson:
I know I’m young but this man was truly a legend rest easy Mac🕊🙏🏻
Hace como unos 7 años escuchaba este rolon y me daba unos fumes, buenos humos Miller's 🥳🎶
Michael Faria
Michael Faria:
He'll always be most dope r.i.p.
Everyone wants to be apart of something
This guy is a part of me
Rip brother 🙏
Nicholas Kelley
Nicholas Kelley:
I listen to mac to remember a time a time where the world wasnt so fucked up, rest easy mac