Mac Miller - Knock Knock (Official Video)

Mac Miller releasing his first single Knock Knock.

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Thinking bout this man today. Hate he lost the addiction battle. He was one of the good ones. This was one of the first songs I ever heard from him. So much fun.
KimChi Calamari
KimChi Calamari:
canyonn moonn
canyonn moonn:
If anyone isn't here from tik tok they deserve a veteran discount
Thiaguin Profilu
Thiaguin Profilu:
Back when life was much simpler
he died, but his music never leaves from my music lists. I miss him really
{ Exlista }
{ Exlista }:
Anyone here from tik tok....

Wait this is a funeral..?? My apologies rest in peace mac miller
I met him in real life and when to school with him i play beats for him in the school table lunch
Whos here bc of Armon and Trey?
RIP Mac Miller ,the first song ive ever heard from him ;(
Kayla Kryptonite
Kayla Kryptonite:
It's just doesn't feel like he's gone...
I will do the fortnite dance on u
I will do the fortnite dance on u:
I don't hear the tik tok part, it sounds completely different
Smoke Sleet
Smoke Sleet:
This song has managed to have a time feeling to it. Like I’ve never heard this song before. Yet when I listen to this I literally feel like the year is 2011. I don’t understand have a feeling of nostalgia from a song that I have never heard before.
C. M. Highway
C. M. Highway:
April 2020: I'm never going to forget you Mac
damn its 2020 this song was made 10 years ago, feels like it was made yesterday
Tom Obourn
Tom Obourn:
R.I.P. was just reaching his potential and that’s why it’s even harder
we miss u every day, still doesn’t feel real that ur not here.
Kyle B
Kyle B:
Anyone else missing mac in 2020?
Flavor Lab Dabs
Flavor Lab Dabs:
The blessing we are all left with now that he's gone. His music makes us feel good. Thank you Mac. Love you bro
Chanel W
Chanel W:
Didn’t know he made this song
For anyone wondering, the original is "ive told every little star" Linda Scott
Wesley Sommer
Wesley Sommer:
I'm so late to the Mac Miller train. This guy is great.
Gray Portrait
Gray Portrait:
His body died but do you see how his energy remains among you? It's practically apart of you now. You have a piece of him to go forward with and shape the future. It's your choice to use it, or not.
Micah Eckert
Micah Eckert:
Am I the only one who get chills when listening To nostalgic songs or songs that are really good
Ashley Young
Ashley Young:
no song will ever make me feel the way this song makes me feel
Elizabeth Torres
Elizabeth Torres:
I always thought the women at : 41 was lady gaga lol
jacob harper
jacob harper:
I met him in 2012 I think. I might be off by a year but it was still definitely at sam Houston st university in Huntsville tx. He was cool as fuck.
And we have the same raspy voice. I still have the thumbs up tattooed on my left side. I’ll never get rid of it.
Black Girl Magic
Black Girl Magic:
I honestly cannot believe he’s not physically here anymore. This is the first song I ever heard by him, 7 freaking years ago, before I was a teenager and I’m grown now. Goodbye for now to a great man. This is so sad.
t5if t
t5if t:
tik tok ruin everything
mood lol
mood lol:
legend. rest easy. miss you
sleepy ash
sleepy ash:
"Feelin like a million bucks, but my money dont really feel like i do" relateable
Gian Carlo
Gian Carlo:
Ahh, i remember in 2011 when i would go to the park with my Ben 10 watch and listening to this song with my brother thinking we were all cool🤣🥺
i had completely forgotten about mac for years up until the day before he passed away. i woke up and this song was in my head, so i vibed to it for a while and thought to myself "i wonder how hes doing now." i come back to this song every few days. its the first song by mac that i heard. i was 9. this song always managed to find a way to cheer me up whenever id come home after a long day of being picked on and bullied for my weight.
then came next morning. i hate it. i hate that he died. i hate that i couldnt stop crying. i hate that i had completely forgotten about the man that had such an influence when i was little. i hate that i could barely watch the music video to "self care".
i hope to meet you one day mac. wait for me. please.
The first Mac miller tune I ever heard and lemme tell you had this shit on reply for a whole year 😂
Mallory Mascaro
Mallory Mascaro:
He unfortunately passed away but his music and his memory will never die
RIP Mac 💔
Art and Prevailing
Art and Prevailing:
he looks really happy in this video.
I remember blasting this while playing the first ever COD black ops
This song makes me smile whenever i listen to it
carl johnson
carl johnson:
i have no friends and i listen to this and cry at night
joe Wrasman
joe Wrasman:
Rest in peace Mac Miller can’t believe it’s been two years. Then every day that goes by that I play one of the songs and put it on repeat😢
0:47 he's trying not to laugh
carl johnson
carl johnson:
my mom hates me because i listen to this song too much for who cares mac miller tha 🐐
Diecast Hunter970
Diecast Hunter970:
Mac was such a goofy dude but he can spit RIP bro
Mac millers high ass thinking of a dope music video: ah yes, lets take all these ppl have them dance and have fun.

Also mac: make the white girls dance like robotic chickens lol

Rip man u are a legend to me😞🤙🏽
Yellow Submarine
Yellow Submarine:
1-2-3-4 there's Mac knockin on ya door, God, let em in let em in LET EM IN.... RIP!!
Your music will last forever Mac.
Austin S. Clemons
Austin S. Clemons:
I remember the day this came out. I was living In Orlando going to UCF. I FEEL OLD. Fly high Mac
Justin S
Justin S:
December 2019 anyone else?
We miss you man, R.I.P mac 😭
Chris E
Chris E:
Did anyone get here from tik tok because it brought them so many memories and wanted to listen to it again??
Sophie Ow
Sophie Ow:
rip mac . this has been a sad year for hip hop
Brook Huff
Brook Huff:
This was my first song I listened to of his when I was 5 I’m still here Mac! You’re I’ll be missed more then you know it it was TO SOON!! R.I.P I love you Mac you’re music brings tears to my eyes now! I know every single lyric to almost every song of his!!
C & A
C & A:
Bruh I remember when Amron and Trey sung this song on VINE years ago 💀😂😭
The smile at 1:26 shows what life is all about, RIP Miller <3
blake marten
blake marten:
I remember watching his show on mtv with my older brother when I was 7 or 8 then to see he died I realized how fast time goes by
Yi Xi
Yi Xi:
I'm 50 years old and I love this song & Mac Miller...I feel like a million bucks
2011 im walking into school meeting up with the boys before 1st period listing to this song.. now im 24 still jamming to this dope song
at 0:46 you can see him try to hold back from laughing lol, thank you for everything Mac
Edgar Sanchez
Edgar Sanchez:
I wonder why I’m still watching this 9 years later
Sylvano Solofoniaina
Sylvano Solofoniaina:
It reminds me of the good old days when I was playing COD MW3 in my basement with the boys !!! 😫🙌🏾
3lenin x100
3lenin x100:
I’m absolutely heartbroken. RIP Mac. You will be so missed so talented and so young.
I remember my sister introducing him to me when I was in like 2nd grade. Best artist.
Kenny Schuyler
Kenny Schuyler:
Who’s still listening in 2020?
School vibes .. chucks on my feet , cargo shorts and playing black ops Ps3. Rest In Peace MAC forever a legend 🙏🏻.
Connor Pearson
Connor Pearson:
WhOs HeRe FRom TiK tOk. Nah but In all seriousness this is my favorite song by Mac and I could never ask more from the guy he was the best and had such a flow. Been 2 years but we won’t forget bout you bro
Micheal Clinton
Micheal Clinton:
Immediately pulled up this video when I read the news. Rest Easy Mac.
luciana g
luciana g:
podés bajar un ratito a la tierra y decirnos que estás bien?
I’m just here xD Sksksks
I’m just here xD Sksksks:
I wish Armon and trey finished this song
Retro Mac
Retro Mac:
Ahhh the memories of the early 2010s😁
Also, R.I.P Mac Miller
Mac had the energy of 1000 suns. RIP 🙏🙏
Leo Miller
Leo Miller:
i remember every teacher asking me if we was related... my god, how i wish i could say yes
Kire Miravcaliev
Kire Miravcaliev:
back to 2011... first time when i hear it damn broo still 2020 :v <3 RIP <3
Jorge Palomeque
Jorge Palomeque:
I swear this video is so cheesy but still gets me to drop a tear, We Miss U Mac
Diego Tulip
Diego Tulip:
life was good when this came out
Justin Wilson
Justin Wilson:
I'm still in love with the hottie in the blue dress with the bangs and 80s style new York hip hop dance moves
Macs songs were the dopest to me when I was younger, and they’re still that way today. RIP Mac
Most underrated song ever
Adam Manus
Adam Manus:
Love this guy... Gone but Never forgotten, music made from the ❤️
Running Train On Ghislaine
Running Train On Ghislaine:
Honestly I never liked Mac Miller. But I always loved this one song from him exceptionally. Been looking into him more lately and he seemed like a genuinely good dude. Makes me regret being a hater while he was here. I'll take it as a lesson. Research someone before hating on them blindly because someone you look up to doesn't like them etc and also appreciate what you've got the short time you get it
Capital G
Capital G:
I Love This Song I listen to it Everday RIP mac
Babby BooKardashian
Babby BooKardashian:
Knock Knock

Whose there :

Nobody lol
Bro this makes me feel like the old regular world we had
Shaundria Ms.Cappreal
Shaundria Ms.Cappreal:
Tbh respect this man 💓 I honestly don’t know who he is I just know he died years ago paid respect ✊
Entia Kuka
Entia Kuka:
RIP Mac miller :(
Butescu Ana
Butescu Ana:
Someone should be blamed, cause these really good songs can't get enough stage and are getting old without people even hearing about them.
Darlene V.
Darlene V.:
Miss mac😥 not an avid listener but i listen to him❤
Bethany Woods
Bethany Woods:
On the 1 year anniversary since he passed I got a tattoo of the best day ever logo with no where life takes me find me with a smile around it. Every video gives me chills and makes me cry. It's been really hard on me losing one of most positive musicians and beautiful people i have ever known of. No matter where life took him I hope he has a smile. Xoxoxo. Think about him everyday.
Miles Scherer
Miles Scherer:
willy banilly but this is really how it goes yeah! - One of my top 5 favorite songs ever, best one by Mac
Just saw the news and this was the first thing that popped in my head. I really liked this song for God knows what reason. Rest In Peace, Boy.
Tanner Routley
Tanner Routley:
Mac millers music always gave me this incredible undiscribeable feeling I cant even explain I ove his music rest easy mac you are a one of a kind man
Jasmine Boyer
Jasmine Boyer:
Rip mac !! I listen to your music have gotten me through some tough times. Were missing you😔💖
Brandon Phillip
Brandon Phillip:
Quarantine got me going through time RIP Mac Miller ❤️🙏🏽
Nathan Calcutt
Nathan Calcutt:
Never really listened to Mac and this song was the first song I’ve heard and I can seriously understand why people labelled him as a legend. Man RIP mac.
No way you’re gone. Damn I already miss you Mac this was such a Classic. Rest In Paradise
This track s a forever banger.
Ulli Torchetti
Ulli Torchetti:
Quem veio pelo Tik Tok em 2020?
Lauren Elise
Lauren Elise:
It is amazing the memories that surround this song. A completely different era in my life, makes me want to smile/cry. RIP Mac, you made an entire decade of my life epic :)
9 years old song.
he is so freakin amazing
Jacob Myers
Jacob Myers:
can never go wrong with some old school mac
cass carnage
cass carnage:
I remember being a teen , my friends and I banging our hands on the dashboard to make the "knocks " on our way to parties . Miss Mac . Talent
Chinmay Sathe
Chinmay Sathe:
Remembered this song after the how this song evolved video ❤️
Yip vS
Yip vS:
He couldn't hold his laugh @ 0:47