Machine Gun Kelly Performs "papercuts" | 2021 VMAs | MTV

Machine Gun Kelly performs "papercuts" at the 2021 VMAs.

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The Fold
The Fold:
2:14 MTV hasn't been worth much in the past two decades, but this 3rd verse may actually be worth ALL OF THE RIDICULOUSNESS RE-RUNS WE'VE ENDURED
Azario Kellman
Azario Kellman:
The irony in mcgregor trying to fight him caused his set to be delayed and then he ended up closing the show is something else.
Vítor Alves Music
Vítor Alves Music:
He should have put that rap part in the actual song, it would be so cool if the new album sounds like a mix of rock and rap
This dude has grown so much. From the most hated rapper to one of the best artists this year and many to come!
Lenny Aviles
Lenny Aviles:
This genre really suits him tbh.
Omar vela pérez
Omar vela pérez:
A straight guy who is not afraid of giving a GOOD PERFORMANCE. Clothes+Scenario+The head piece+Visuals, go boy give us everything!!
This isn’t and love race are amazing. He’s bringing back a genre of music that died in the 2000s.
Thomas B
Thomas B:
Has a lot of haters, means he’s killin it
Maturity is beautiful in music. The fact he’s got the greatest drummer on the planet backing him shows he believes in him too. I started playing Guitar last November and I was always a big Hip Hop head and made beats too so I can relate to the effect the guitar has on you.
Nicholas Light TV
Nicholas Light TV:
They wanted them, but they got us. Decade in a making. Congrats king
Nae Kels
Nae Kels:
The rap verse. I’m touched. So proud of him for pushing to every limit they tried to stop him from getting to! Message heard. And received ❤️
Chris Oliveira
Chris Oliveira:
Dude is saving a genre.
Brandon Lara
Brandon Lara:
this man is literally changing the music industry he’s bringing something that should’ve been brought years agoooo
Aavin Gudger
Aavin Gudger:
Been a fan for 6 years every time he drops a new song it geta better and better keep going MGK EST
Ivy Hnin
Ivy Hnin:
I appreciate how Kells switches it up every performance. A new verse, an extra guitar solo, a new key... really makes every single performance unique and special.
Dusheu Hdhsidh
Dusheu Hdhsidh:
“Ima genius could’ve made donda, but this song is for my dead father”
Shannon Lester
Shannon Lester:
This guy has changed the type of stuff I listen to. It started when tickets to my downfall came out. I wish more people were making this stuff. Something about it hits me differently or sounds more real I suppose? whatever type of music it is. I hope others continue to make this sort of stuff.It has a lot of energy to it. Any artists or bands that sound similar?
patrick abbott
patrick abbott:
Almost a grunge type energy. Sick.
They fact he performed a song that says “they wanted them, but they got us” whenever he wasn’t supposed to close the show just fits so perfectly 🤟🎸
Cassandra Cole
Cassandra Cole:
The “ima genius could’ve made Donda, but this song is for my dead father.” Line absolutely got me. I’ve died.
Gabriel Oliveira Glória
Gabriel Oliveira Glória:

I really wanna a collab between him and Bring Me The Horizon!
Taryn Morvillo
Taryn Morvillo:
Was 99% sure "papercuts' invoked Kurt Cobain. This performance - cherubs, mob, smashed 🎸- was a beautiful tribute AND a stand-alone knockout! Only Respect & 💕 to Kells & Travis🖤🖤🖤
Carlos Nolasco
Carlos Nolasco:
I've became his fan about 7 years ago, and I don't regret it. The dude is multi-talented and way better artist.
Classic pop punk that i can admit enjoyed alot. Can see blinks influence ALOT in my opinion especially the start, well done lads
Watching MGK grow has been a crazy ride
Multi.vid. edits
Multi.vid. edits:
The added rap part in the end made it even more legendary !!
Remi Miller
Remi Miller:
i love him so much. he's so incredibly talented and his music is so personal to him. his vulnerability & how much of himself he puts into every single performance literally excites my soul.
Jeremy R.
Jeremy R.:
I literally died when he started rapping 🔥🔥🔥
Maria Tobin
Maria Tobin:
I'm 54 and a fan of MGK. That says alot .
Jay Furlan
Jay Furlan:
Lyrics for the rap part:

I spent a lot of nights thinking i might go to sleep and never wake up
I spend a lot of money on these therapy sessions
Even though I'm not showing up
I spend a lot of time healing my mind and my heart
But I still put these drugs in my gut
Me and my girl were just screaming at each other
Right before we both got out of the truck
I've got some demons inside
I'm tryna free up inside
Im from the Cleveland East Side
Where the boy that was just starving with you
Now might try to eat you alive, yeah
Y'all said that I switched genres
I saw the limit and then took it farther
I am a genius , could’ve made donda
But this song is for my dead father, uh
Sophia Bensassi
Sophia Bensassi:
Sara Bobo
Sara Bobo:
I was surprised he closed. I was thinking it would be a throwback collab of some sort for the anniversary. Colson said in his Seth Meyers interview after the show that he wasn't supposed to be the closing act and that what happened backstage could be a documentary. I'm really intrigued now.
Aidan's Covers
Aidan's Covers:
This needs to be on spotify, the whole 3rd verse in a remade papercuts
Danny Brown
Danny Brown:
Colson proved why he is a real and true one with the added verse.
David Nissim
David Nissim:
MGK & Travis are a powerhouse duo
Candice Williams
Candice Williams:
I know that’s right!! Put on for our city Kels!!! You did an amazing job and I love this song!!!! #CLE
Louis Hunt
Louis Hunt:
I like how mgk can do rap and rock music a lots of love for this man and very talented indeed 👏
literally best live performer ever 🔥
Josephine Chang
Josephine Chang:
He rocks in no matter what genres, can’t see why there’s so many haters out there. He’s a gem.
sephiroth11041 X
sephiroth11041 X:
This rock rap mix is amazing! I love how he expresses himself unapologetically and doesn't do what todays society expects from a man. I love his recent style, he's become a fashion statement, inspiration, and symbol.
Love this song! Have always loved MGK! Love how he is evolving and trying a new a new sound. Its working for him..
Matthew Schupbach
Matthew Schupbach:
Damn that rap freestyle got me excited for his new album
Love seeing people hating on a dude who’s comfortable in his own skin and trying new sounds while succeeding at it😂😂 Lace up 🤟
Demarco Sanders
Demarco Sanders:
Don't be surprised when switch back . He a genius in my eyes
MGK is the only rock genre artist I’ve listened to and I’m okay with that maybe I’m missin out but MGK is all I need rn🤷🏾‍♀️
Skyla S.
Skyla S.:
wow this is an amazing song! great performance
That song sounds a lot better in this video than it actually does
Yumy Apple
Yumy Apple:
2:14 chills
your evolution is truly inspiring.
I gotta say, I’m not big on his music, but this is a good performance. Exciting, powerful, loud and flashy. Well done.
Been a fan since 2017, This mans been evolving ever since (and even b4) the Bloom era, love how diverse he is, That rap verse took me back to the old kells. Weather it's his new or old sound tho, hes still goated!
Bravo 4 Adventure
Bravo 4 Adventure:
Wow. That was a rock song! Giving this Gen X'er some hope!
The amount people inspired by Kurt Cobain is beyond count.
Alex Delvalle
Alex Delvalle:
MGK Crossover is great. Because he can actually rap. He’s lead singer and rapper all in one like linkin park. Miss the 90s and early 2000 punk rock. We need that.
“I’m a genius could of made donda but this song is for my dead father” 🔥🔥
Iris Iris
Iris Iris:
OOOOOOOkaaaay, but I need to have a spotify version with that rap "bridge"
we need this papercuts rap verse on spotify
Moony Moonchild
Moony Moonchild:
This performance was so perfect and aesthetic, and this rap part just great
Payton Van Winkle
Payton Van Winkle:
Bruh, those had to be the sickest dancing flowers I ever done scene.
Best performance of the night.
Ryan Davin
Ryan Davin:
When rap is trending he raps when punk is trending hes a “rockstar” smh
As a massive rock/metal head…. it’s utterly refreshing to see an artist who has come under fire many times in his career head into this direction of style and music.

Hope he keeps it up 👌🏻
Jin Lee
Jin Lee:
hope he releases a version with that freestyle. 🔥
The way he literally smashes the guitar at the end oh my lord what a legend
Lonely Bubble22
Lonely Bubble22:
What a performance🔥🔥
Stephan Mojica
Stephan Mojica:
I remember being 12 listening to his lace up mixtapes. Glad he never stopped the grind man. True inspiration Fr💯
BloodBank JiuJitsu
BloodBank JiuJitsu:
Just happy to see Travis still doing his thing 🤟🏼
The rap part is extraordinary. Too good too good
I actually really enjoyed this performance. Bravo 🔥🔥🔥
Lyrics for the rap part real! other guy has missed few words 2:12

I spent a lot of nights thinking i might go to sleep and then never wake up
I spend a lot of money on these therapy sessions
Even though I'm not showing up
I spend a lot of money on my heart and my head
But I still feel my heart in my gut
Me and my girl were just screaming at each other
Right before we both got out of the truck

I've got some demons inside
I'm tryna free em' inside
Came up from Cleveland, East Side
With a boy you were just starving with you might try to eat you alive, yeah
Y'all said that I switched genres
I saw the limit and then took it farther
I am a genius , could've made donda
But this song is for my dead father, uh

ur welcome :)
Orleanny Santana
Orleanny Santana:
Apaixonada ❤
mark t
mark t:
I've played this song over and over. He did a great job here
This reminds me of the 90's! That was the BEST time in music.
Hotel alpha whiskey kilo Grunt606
Hotel alpha whiskey kilo Grunt606:
Haters try hating on him so much yet dudes the hottest artist in America facts he’s brought back a genre that was hurting and he’s on top of every pop chart and he’s killing it. Also to the haters who absolutely know nothing about mgk he done “ rap “ part time as pop was his first genre so no one sent him to anything he never was a full time rapper ever in his career. If you go back to his first albums you’ll see that. He like kid rock in that he is a Jack of all trades no single genre and that is why he can do say and act how he wants and no one can control him.
Tengiz Einsild
Tengiz Einsild:
New amazing techniques from MGK….. cannot wait for Steve T’s new episode of “musicians cannot play their own songs”!
Waldo Warehouse, LLC
Waldo Warehouse, LLC:
I’m so glad punk music is coming back
Aisha Healy
Aisha Healy:
He waited for this so long :,) so proud of him.
Jstew Productions
Jstew Productions:
To think the first time seeing my guy live was Warped tour 2011-2012 performing wild boy, Man what a long strange trip it's been.
Loon K Do
Loon K Do:
Love his rap, but homie was born to be a rockstar 🤘
He's singing and playing guitar live, he's respecting the genre and i am ok with that
Love_ SumLotta
Love_ SumLotta:
This was dope. Seeing Travis on stage again in his element makes me so happy. MGK giving props to Ye ❤️
Alan Zomuankima
Alan Zomuankima:
He is the most overhated and underrated him💯💯
Daniel Skora
Daniel Skora:
"What do you do for a living?" "Well, recently, I was a dancing flower in a small mosh pit."
Justin Anderson
Justin Anderson:
They could have showed Travis a little more, but still an amazing performance
Tommy Roel Roel
Tommy Roel Roel:
"but this song is for my dead father " its also for his aunt, so man I cried when he said that. I lost my uncle who was like a second dad to me 6 years ago and it still hurts man. I dont want pity for from anyone or for anything. but this hits home. really incredible performance
Directioner/Zquad Argentina
Directioner/Zquad Argentina:
Esta performance se lleva el puesto 1 🔥🔥🔥
Joshua Coldwater
Joshua Coldwater:
MGK you are a king sir, live happily with your queen. By the way- amazing lyrics and timing- love it, love the visual.
Mr. Андерсон
Mr. Андерсон:
Челик пишет второй альбом, возвращая поп-панк образца начала нулевых, а дети восхищаются речитативной вставкой.

Миру пиздец.
Linzy M. Nuñez C.
Linzy M. Nuñez C.:
MGK is such a versatile/creative artist. He cannot be boxed in and I love that cause you never know what to expect from him, lol.
Nicole Coldren
Nicole Coldren:
That man would be so proud of his son! I'm sure he's beaming in heaven.
Love him more in punk rock than I ever did in rap!!!
Andrew Binkley
Andrew Binkley:
I remember 11 years ago telling my friends you were gonna be the biggest thing ever. All these years later, and all the artist that have come and gone, and here you are one of the biggest music stars in the world. I think all the day ones knew it would happen, just took a little time.
A Roberson
A Roberson:
Very interesting to see artists musical transitions.
T Sivils
T Sivils:
"I'm a Genius could've made Donda"

Probably the first donda reference in a song?
juan diego porras murcia
juan diego porras murcia:
El rapasito del final le dio el toque perfecto a la cancion 🤏
bxx y ed v uKiesha Upshaw
bxx y ed v uKiesha Upshaw:
This touched me … this is not just a song for him… this is his therapy…
Jocelyn Arends
Jocelyn Arends:
I hope he comes out with this remix with the additional verse
“They day you put out a hit is the day that Diddy admits to putting the hit out that got Pac killed?
I didn't expect that rapping at the end of the song. It was fire 🔥
Emmie Daryn
Emmie Daryn:
omg he must have seen phoebe’s SNL performance, since she invented smashing your guitar 🥵