Man City vs Arsenal | Live Watch Along

Man City vs Arsenal | Live Watch Along

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100+ komentarze:

calamity jones
calamity jones:
37:22 what you came for..
Talal Al Obaid
Talal Al Obaid:
1:56:07 😂😂😂💀💀💀💀💀
Maximus Genatilia
Maximus Genatilia:
Thats what happens when you park the bus... Horrible tactics
Abukar Aly
Abukar Aly:
Anceloti was hired at Everton and look at his team...
59:26 DT calls Aguero's touch on the lineswoman sexual assault lmfao
Francis A
Francis A:
Troopz thinks being a manager is as easy as playing FIFA 😂
H Masood
H Masood:
I love when Robbie is just smiling in the background when Aguero touches up the lines women and everyone else screams , man this channel is so joke😂😂
Maximus Genatilia
Maximus Genatilia:
350k per week for 1 goal in how many games ? Auba is a poor mans Ollie Watkins LMAOOO
J L:
Apparently this is the team that has broke Liverpool 😂 behave
Амел Оручи
Амел Оручи:
56:34 such a over exaggeration
Mia Khalifa
Mia Khalifa:
37:20 Sterling Goal 😂😂😂
Badly made Content
Badly made Content:
Troopz Aubameyang Is A BTEC Aguero
kamran ali
kamran ali:
Thought that they were celebrating for a goal but it turns out it was just Party coming on 🤦🏾‍♂️🤣🤣🤣
David Smith
David Smith:
Auba has been our worst player since he signed the contract. Auba has done an Ozil.
The real one
The real one:
Our substitution timing were wrong, we did face Man City after all.
Mohammed Rizwan
Mohammed Rizwan:
After all that hype about Partay......all he contributed was a yellow card
Mohammed A
Mohammed A:
Rival Fans: Man Utd, Spurs, Liverpool, Chelsea and if there’s any Man City fans. It’s time to Partey. With AFTV rants and banter. Let’s get this Partey started. 😂😂
Whens bellend troopz leaving aftv
Richard EVANS
Richard EVANS:
MUGS it's ok beating Sheffield United and getting carried away as usual, played 2 top teams and lost
Srinivasan Kamalakkannan
Srinivasan Kamalakkannan:
We laugh on mourinho for parking the bus and we parked more than ever he could , shameful performance
Brad Coombes
Brad Coombes:
Ty why you didn't take the knee for the goal
Blue Cityzen
Blue Cityzen:
Where's Auba? 😂
Jasmine Chambers
Jasmine Chambers:
1: 54 : 29 party comes on thanks for the 50 likes
Where's the Donny with the timestamps?
Ronnie Bellas
Ronnie Bellas:
Arteta must know something!!! he sold our best keeper😂😂😂😂😂
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu:
Aftv hype the partey signing like he can win the ballon door 😄. He is just a alex song in disguise
Tebogo Mohanoe
Tebogo Mohanoe:
Sterling again every time lol
Devil`s Advocate
Devil`s Advocate:
Sorry Arsenal fans, no dvds and documentaries to be made today.
TopMmaWear TMW
TopMmaWear TMW:
Once I saw Aguero back in the City team I knew that Arsenal were going to lose. I am just surprised they didn't get destroyed tbf...
Partey was bought on on the 83 minute 🤦🏻
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu:
Well you man made a whole song on Partey just for him to be brought on with 10 to go. Lol.
Sixfoot Sosa
Sixfoot Sosa:
Schoolboy defending allows Sterling to score the easiest goal 😂😂😂
Lionheart Fitness
Lionheart Fitness:
I'm not even surprised I knew we was going to lose we haven't beaten a top 4 team in the premier away from home for years. 😪😴
My answer: Stuart Taylor, Gaël Clichy, Kolo Habib Touré...
Applied Channel
Applied Channel:
Sterling is officially in the same club as Drogba and Wayne Rooney.
Jimmy Quidd
Jimmy Quidd:
we need ozil
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni:
We laugh on mourinho for parking the bus and we parked more than ever he could , shameful performance
1:56:09 😂
Fayez AH
Fayez AH:
Sound man needs sacking btw lol
Stuart Golby
Stuart Golby:
Oi troopz hold the L ya clown haha
Bruno Fernandes
Bruno Fernandes:
Saharsh Mehrotra
Saharsh Mehrotra:
When is the Gabriel incident
Moon Noh
Moon Noh:
The reason why Willian played up front in the middle was to mark Rodri the entire game. Didnt really work though. Willian had couple instances where he had space but took a poor touch and just killed the counter attack. Auba and Pepe didnt offer much either. They were too focused on their defensive duties.
Pete Christlives
Pete Christlives:
A good performance, but sadly no points ay 🤷‍♂️.
Have a good day reader, Jesus loves you and died to save you. You must repent and be saved. Amen
Fayez AH
Fayez AH:
1:41:49 kelechis face 😭😭😭😭😂😂😂
Willness to Wellness
Willness to Wellness:
SpeedyRaptor 999
SpeedyRaptor 999:
No partey time
dre santorini
dre santorini:
Your a championship team with aubameyang, simple, all heart no talent
Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow:
Martinez would have caught it clean. Arsenal will win nothing this season, thanks to Leno
Abdou Razac Adam Baba
Abdou Razac Adam Baba:
Deluded. Deluded, we need a team
Not Me
Not Me:
Iconic 1:56:09 😂
Omar Yahya
Omar Yahya:
Well you man made a whole song on Partey just for him to be brought on with 10 to go. Lol.
We started the game with willian as ST.. lol game over
Saharsh Mehrotra
Saharsh Mehrotra:
Stuart Taylor,Gael Clichy,Toure
Ben Turner
Ben Turner:
Same old blame the refs when they lose
Starcus McR
Starcus McR:
Bunch off bellends here thinking Martinez would have saved that. April fools day come late.
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith:
Troops stop shouting fam , ur annoying now bro !
Rashid Khalid
Rashid Khalid:
Emi martinez won arteta the fa Cup
mANUtd herbert
mANUtd herbert:
37:22 sterling goal. 😂
What a joke of a club, 134 years and no European honours. OK my mistake you won the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Crap Head
Crap Head:
Always Play your strongest team then no complaints and in their right positions....regards Tony
goal in was soft!! just couldn’t see naitland miles letting foden cut in like that like bellerin did, and also Leno could of done better just pushed it in a dangerous area, Im sure Martinez would of done better!

Like if you agree
Comment if you disagree
Stu Art
Stu Art:
Emery was criticised for his defensive tactics and outed by the fans yet they praise Arteta as a god for a lucky flukey Cup Wigan won 😂😂😂😂😂
Jesse James
Jesse James:
Arteta so negative. Just defends defends defends
Jury Gaoseb
Jury Gaoseb:
Arteta organised but came late to the Partey
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon:
37:22 what you came for..
kolo toure, nicolas anelka, david seaman... ALL played for man city
Courtney B
Courtney B:
Arsenal invincibles who played for Man City are Gael Clichy, Kolo Toure and Patrick Vieira
1:56:06 ur welcome😂
Adam Walker
Adam Walker:
Arsenal fan here all good beating west ham fulham and Sheffield United getting carried away but when it comes to the playing city and Liverpool arteta gets found out
Jimmy Quidd
Jimmy Quidd:
no attack only defence
Chris M
Chris M:
samsa deniz
samsa deniz:
Hiring Arteta was a huge mistake...
Jury Gaoseb
Jury Gaoseb:
Arteta has a plan
Sam Allardyce
Sam Allardyce:
earth is flat and the lizard peoples have an agenda against arsenal - ty
Coffee Talk
Coffee Talk:
The magician (Özil) Was missing in this game. And playing from the back like the team did the last few games is retarded.
Jesuis Ninety-Five
Jesuis Ninety-Five:
Clitchy , Toure, Viera
tejas rane
tejas rane:
Has Ancelotti won a trophy 🏆?
Tiks Wanderer
Tiks Wanderer:
Let the fun begin
Rock girl
Rock girl:
Apparently this is the team that has broke Liverpool 😂 behave
Tallands —
Tallands —:
I’m just here for 1:56:09
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu:
Auba has been our worst player since he signed the contract. Auba has done an Ozil.
Sterling Marshel
Sterling Marshel:
Funny how these guys think they can coach or play. Surprised that it took so long to blame the refs. Typical arsenal
Jordan Fullwood
Jordan Fullwood:
Think we all know who the actually PE teacher is now
Adz 9
Adz 9:
75 million pound flop Pepe is absolutely rubbish should of got zaha instead bad Choice by Emery.
Justin Hines
Justin Hines:
How do expect to win against city with a midfield of xhaka and ceballos
Good to see Arsenal slapped down getting a bit cocky recently although I do like Robbie 👍🏾
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt:
Where's Auba? 😂
Suhaas Bhat
Suhaas Bhat:
That Partey sub was so weird. If he was good enough for last 10 mins then why not to start?

City fan here. We werent that good as well. And yes, Dias was solid. And we have Ederson at the back.
L M:
Telling you now this team won't go anywhere unless we get a decent manager in. WTF was our shape today? Laca and auba midfield.
Gerard Chatburn
Gerard Chatburn:
When will arsneal stop playing tippy tappy from the back leno to Tierney or bellerin back to leno, city were shutting them down on numerous occasions, and were nearly court out, a few times, it's suicidal when a team like city will close you down, but they didn't change tactics, leno should have kicked the ball down the field, arsenal with plenty of speed merchants, Tierney down one flank, bellerin down the other saka making good runs, but really wrong tactics today, city aren't the team especially when at home that you play out from the back and it was happening far too often today lessons too be learnt when playing the big boys away from home
Where did Troopz get his shirt from?
Ozil is laughing loud. I don't think Pepe will ever get better even after 2 seasons.
Shawn S14
Shawn S14:
Can’t wait till arsenal continue their mediocrity this season and the media stops piping off arteta with a bang average record so far.
Shahi Salah
Shahi Salah:
Useless team like Arsenal & AFTV fans should celebrate Partey signing n wait for FA cup as usual. 1-0 Arsenal = ArseAnal 🤣🤣🤣😭
Richard EVANS
Richard EVANS:
Bale I've won 4 champions leagues, partey I've finished in the top 4 🤣😂🤣😂
Rita Wanjiku
Rita Wanjiku:
Its time for troopz to go to US, too much toxicity
kamran ali
kamran ali:
But at least Arsenal didn't get raped like the always do