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?442oons was created by me... Dean Stobbart! I do the voices/scripts/ideas/directing/editing/characters blah blah blah ... and now I've got four animators doing all the hard work, the animation...
Bravo Sam Dunscombe, Mike Myler, James Williams and Karl Hargreaves (Karl does the art these days ... which is why it looks better)

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J K:
2015: I'll Never Manage Spurs! 😡

2019: Call Me The Spurs One! 😏
KAZtalks Football
KAZtalks Football:
Question: How much will the PL all-stars win by?

Answer: YES
Edward Dorrans
Edward Dorrans:
“Christian White American Shooter” Jesus christ
Lewis R
Lewis R:
Consistent videos?
Where is dean and what have you done with him??
mollen mokoena19
mollen mokoena19:
Last time I was this quick Poch wasn’t worried about visiting Job Centre
Troy Highley
Troy Highley:
Everyone: good evening
Unai Emery: good ebening
Pep Guardiola: TWICE!!! TWICE!!!!
Neymar: good eve-WOAAAHHH
Cape United
Cape United:
Whoever reads this have a good day✊
the last time I was this early, 442oons’ animations were still in black and white
Rohaan Chaudhury
Rohaan Chaudhury:
Based on the 5 minutes i’ve seen of phil foden against burton in the carabao cup last season he is the next messi
Big Virgil
Big Virgil:
If City Would have won that it would have been a 'F**** DISGRACE'
Pulsive Potato
Pulsive Potato:
Comments: who else is a true fan of 442oons

Me: scrolling down

Comments: WhO eLsE iS a TrUe FaN oF 442OonS

Me:Ight imma head out
I hope this is the result Chelsea win against Man city. Go Chelsea
Mohammad Hussein
Mohammad Hussein:
Dean's voice and his character facial expressions 😂🤣
Arif Ridwan
Arif Ridwan:
That moment when your early and wanted to funny comment but can't find an idea 🤣😂
Hugh Mungus
Hugh Mungus:
0:28 Christian White American Shooter

Top kek
3:00 what a hit son what a hit take a bow son take a bow och my mic 🎤 has fallen out
Rastin hosseini
Rastin hosseini:
Skywalker as goalkeeper?!?!
At least he isn't playing a strikers role.
Mr Kellogg's
Mr Kellogg's:
Dean's dead that the last video for a while
Luong Anh Doan
Luong Anh Doan:
You should've have played Zlatan in every position for Man City even though he never played for them. Cuz Zlatan is every football club.
00:24 Ronaldo’s voice lol 😂
Ethan Mathew
Ethan Mathew:
i expected a laugh you lose type of video with the legends...
Nemanja Pavlović
Nemanja Pavlović:
I thought i was in new dimension
Y R Irmãos oficial
Y R Irmãos oficial:
Proximo City 2x1 Chelsea 24/11/2019 antes do historico é o "The shit cartoon is not made for kids"
Rock R-S TM
Rock R-S TM:
Me: turns on captions

Captions: Rio Burgos Ravalli
3:26 ay they can’t have gerrard that’s cheating as a defender
Shadow Gamer
Shadow Gamer:
Dean: There isn’t even a word for 4 times

Quadrice: Am I a joke to you.
Around The World With Football
Around The World With Football:
i am 442ooned (as adler was sherlocked)
Nitin Kymar
Nitin Kymar:
'I am in love with this goal post'
Pipo Zizo
Pipo Zizo:
RIP Dean, you'll be missed.
Eerika Multasniemi
Eerika Multasniemi:
I have won every game this season... Hahaha I AM GENIOUS XD
Marko Murguia
Marko Murguia:
Premier all stars suck I’ve only won 1 game
Romel Negut
Romel Negut:
I was expecting a "This is a disgrace!" line from Drogba but they won so there's no need for it.
After 16 Minutes(!) no Views but 2615 Likes?
Makes Sense YouTube 💪🏼
Sub to H to H
Sub to H to H:
Never clicked so fast at a notification
Κωνσταντινος Χατζηγιαννακης
Κωνσταντινος Χατζηγιαννακης:
+1 If you think mourinho will make Tottenham Hotspur better
Vardar YT
Vardar YT:
1:56 They scored a goal for 2 minutes!!! TWICE TWICE TWICEEEE
keelan playz
keelan playz:
Last time I was this early Dean told us what team he supports

Oh wait...
Norman Bahemia
Norman Bahemia:
Ive been wathing 442oons vids since morning hoping to get to see a new one thanks DEAN AND SAM 😀
0:51 when 4-4-2oons uses 4-3-3...
jack horton
jack horton:
Love you dean I back Chelsea to win today ❤️
No Bushi
No Bushi:
Yay I'm early (:
مهندعبدالله الدوسري
مهندعبدالله الدوسري:
I love you 442oons💋❤️
2012 Alli: I am happy that I will never work with Mourinho in my whole life
2019 Mourinho: I came for you Alli 😠
XD I play man city vs All stars in my season
Jordyn Nexus
Jordyn Nexus:
THIERRY HENRY HOOVER wasted as a striker with a name like that should have been a CB😂
TnG Flaming
TnG Flaming:
I love 442oons :D !
Muhammad Tanweer
Muhammad Tanweer:
Keep the amazing work 442oons
FC Bayern Münchausen
FC Bayern Münchausen:
442oons do Dortmund vs Paderborn 😂😂😂
Evil Admin
Evil Admin:
This is really fun! Keep up the good work guys
George Goal
George Goal:
No views, 302 comments.
Well Done Youtube! 😁
Jude Channel
Jude Channel:
Drogba was awesome scoring that goal! 😃
Roykingfire King
Roykingfire King:
I am first place with all star thank you!!
Brian Melia
Brian Melia:
When it says 2 minutes ago and zero views but there 201 comments🤔😥
1744 likes 0 views and 321 comments
Good Job YouTube 👍😂
Every premier league manager reacts #1
It restarts everytime Jose join and leave
I'm so early that it says no views
Torres Lee
Torres Lee:
Dean I love ur sister
I’m dating her
Neeraj vibez
Neeraj vibez:
Premier league All stars. But where's Lord Bentner?
Kinfeng Ng 123
Kinfeng Ng 123:
wow, the sciences must have been extremely kind to king Eric, aged 26
I love that game so much!
The one With the face
The one With the face:
Never mention Henry 👋
Why did you remove Managers FC?
Tye The Mega Jolteon
Tye The Mega Jolteon:
Music Used: Going Blind by Sven Karlsson (Instrumental)
He boots the ball away

YouTube captions: HE BOOTS THE PORN AWAY
Rip A
Rip A:
442oons can you pls do more football flashbacks?
Orfeas Tservanakou
Orfeas Tservanakou:
Nice video... Keep up the good work ❤️
Im PSG and Atlejoaomadrid ❤️🥺Plz
When your early and done know what to comment
Great video😂
George Melistas
George Melistas:
So glad there's going to be Mourihnio in 442oons cartoons again!!👍👍😀😀
Benjamin Aggrey
Benjamin Aggrey:
Yasss Deano😂
Gurpreet Singh
Gurpreet Singh:
No views , 1k likes 😂😂
Abdal 22I
Abdal 22I:
442oons in the best!
Thierry Henry Hoover
Lazar Kostadinovic
Lazar Kostadinovic:
Bruh im managing premier all stars rn
Dan Goodwin
Dan Goodwin:
I got here early 19 sec9nds lads quik
I wonder if the real players watch 442oons!!!!! Imagine what Harry kane would react to hear his voice.....
Irsyad Aqeel
Irsyad Aqeel:
First to watch this!!
A.K.A 10k
A.K.A 10k:
Twice twice twiceee😂😂
HrvojeCasual Play
HrvojeCasual Play:
Now You gonna do the Liverpool vs Premier All stars
Scottish Tales
Scottish Tales:
I am so early wow
Khaled Abu Omar
Khaled Abu Omar:
442oons are the true GOAT! 5 vids in one international break? Outstanding! Just so un-be-lievable!
Zlatko Sekuloski
Zlatko Sekuloski:
Love your videos 💚
Leonardo Scioli
Leonardo Scioli:
That's the game i've just played on OSM
Ultimate Jubz
Ultimate Jubz:
172nd in one min lol
brahim Abdalle
brahim Abdalle:
So early 😴
Lay Ski
Lay Ski:
What happened to the 442oons runner app update!!!!!
Yasar Gamer
Yasar Gamer:
Make a video on Footballers ballan d'Or Rap battle 2019
I'm in your Champions with DVD
Manna levey
Manna levey:
How was sheerah no there in the starting 11 lol
Cillmaster 69
Cillmaster 69:
3 likes no views great work youtube
man from another planet.
man from another planet.:
love from eygpt.
xCoNcepTz I
xCoNcepTz I:
0 views 1.8k likes, what the hell youtube
Cokedude BESTMATE:
I (psgueye) just slammed Atletijoao Madrid 5-0!
p k
p k:
Md Hashem
Md Hashem:
twice 😂😂😂😂
1,2 k likes nd no views?
Ndaba Victor
Ndaba Victor:
Sterling luther king....Aguerooooooo😂😂😂