Man City vs Spurs (Feat Esteemed Kompany, Tobi & Robbie)

Join us for the brand-new Don Robbie Watch Along for Man City vs Tottenham! You don't want to be anywhere else for this huge game!

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52 komentarze:

Glad Steven is starting to get some recognition. Very humble guy. Top blue.
I feel like this city donny doesn’t get enough recognition within his own channel, so big up to the don for including him 🔥
Esteemed Kompany - A Man City Fan Channel
Esteemed Kompany - A Man City Fan Channel:
Big up Robbie for inviting me on! Absolutely class show. Tobi was ace too. Cmon you bluesssss 🔥
Shaks Afc
Shaks Afc:
"Vinchenchus" 23:42 😭😭😭
Liban Rizvi
Liban Rizvi:
Don Robbie's had a channel for just a week now and he's already 10k clear of Lee Gunner.
Ayup Nur
Ayup Nur:
tapintobs and esteemed kompany are two of the most likeable level headed fans around, big up to them!
Sarthak Gupta
Sarthak Gupta:
Petition to always have Steven instead of Buvey. I think he represents City fans much better
Matty Hollinworth
Matty Hollinworth:
GET STEVEN TO 50K. Esteemed kompany
British Passion
British Passion:
Steven is a sound guy
Steven pulled his hamstring for the second goal 😭
Kobe OM
Kobe OM:
The timing with Tobi’s hat coming off and the 3rd goal was perfect 😂
Franklyn Capolyn
Franklyn Capolyn:
This stream was class
Alan O Flynn
Alan O Flynn:
Big up Robbie, i wanted 5 because jose loves the hockey scores
Fungusz _
Fungusz _:
53:15 1-0
1:37:10 2-0
1:53:20 3-0
This show is pure quality and good vibes.
Steven is a smart football enthusiast with inteligent takes on the sport. Great addition to the show.
Stu 6
Stu 6:
That Ederson assist though
Dante Mckimmey
Dante Mckimmey:
Please do more of these !
Sir Truth
Sir Truth:
Don Robbie will break records by reaching 1 mil subscribers in under a few months.
Loving the General football content Robbie, takes my mind of arsenal 😂😂
Wiezhitho Nyuwi
Wiezhitho Nyuwi:
We were just too good... Ederson's assist btw ❤️❤️❤️
Steve and Tobs are class guys
Alex Young
Alex Young:
I really liked that Tottenham fan he was dead sound seems like a good bloke
William MCFC
William MCFC:
Rizwan Majeed
Rizwan Majeed:
Aftv has gone to shit so he has to think of other things to get that money in
jamescoolboy1 Johnson
jamescoolboy1 Johnson:
How many beers do you need? 😂😂😂
Rocky Singh
Rocky Singh:
Spurs fan is too invested in his phone and not football. Too many fans caring about socials more than the game.
Manchester Is Blue
Manchester Is Blue:
that spurs fan is more deluded than ty
Martin Booyens
Martin Booyens:
Adam Walker
Adam Walker:
Would that spurs fan get off his phone watch the game ffs instead of tweeting for a few likes 🙄 I really liked that city form tho he doesn't seem like a plastic fan acting up for the carema
Manchester Is Blue
Manchester Is Blue:
robbie and steven making great points
Wijj Nova
Wijj Nova:
Big up Steven man
Michael Adjei
Michael Adjei:
Did anyone else switch to expressions whenever there was a goal?
David Barrock
David Barrock:
Lol Toby’s cap fell off after the 3rd goal
calamity jones
calamity jones:
53:14 1-0
1:37:12 2-0
1:53:19 3-0
Fire Marrow
Fire Marrow:
Kyle Garnes
Kyle Garnes:
I love the set up
Robbie your awesome 👏
Like I said in my match preview and post match reaction, Jose FRAUDINHO is done out here.
Like I said in my match preview and post match reaction, Jose FRAUDINHO is done out here.
John Walters
John Walters:
Hearing Don Robbie singing Blue Moon 😁
Vocal One
Vocal One:
Tobi seemed hella uncomfortable showing his bald head
Harley MCFC
Harley MCFC:
Let’s goooo😂🔵🔵🔵
British Passion
British Passion:
Don Robbie coming to you from his palace
Robbie 🇯🇲👌
True Gooner
True Gooner:
Does the don reply?
Wheres expression at ? Thought hes like a regular guest on here?
Luïs Cook
Luïs Cook:
Spurs should be Hojberg, Alli, Ndombele, Bale, Kane and Son in midfield and attack
Mia Khalifa
Mia Khalifa:
I love this man 😍😍😍
Jack Delph
Jack Delph:
I like Robbie but his bias gets in the way loads when it comes to opposing teams
Rant Radio
Rant Radio:
Listening to these Spurs youtubers annoys me.. They talk Such waffle and flipflop more than magikarp..

I should start my own bloody Spura channel and keep it a friggin Buck!!

The approach WAS poor.
We KNOW our defenders are shoddy yet we Continuously play defensive football putting them under pressure which breeds mistakes.
Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results is insanity, and That's Mourinho right now.

Yes, some of our squad isn't good enough, but why is this Tangangas First prem start of the season when he's our beat RB??

Why switch the defence Every game??
Just play Tanganga, Toby, Rodon and Reguilon when he gets back, but for now, Lamela or Davies at LB.

One minute these Spurs fan LOVE Lamela cos he runs 😒, and as usual, a game or two later, he shows why we've NEVER had a bid for him in 8yrs.

Channel Soon Come.. "Dat Hotspurs Guy"
Santos mekondjo
Santos mekondjo:
Well done city benefits of buying success.