Manager's Press Conference | Brighton v Manchester United | Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Hear from United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer ahead of the Reds' return to Premier League action against Brighton & Hove Albion on Tuesday,

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Shiv HD
Shiv HD:
We need to beat Brighton
We need to beat chelsea
But most importantly we need top 4
Zain Husain
Zain Husain:
Use me as the United is going to win button
Daniel Clarke
Daniel Clarke:
Win against Brighton, no other option.
Nik M
Nik M:
"How important is is it to be in the champions League". Brilliant questions
Wannumat Buam
Wannumat Buam:
Who else think that man united will be the champion of UEFA Europa league?????????????? 🤔 🤔
Man united Fan channel
Man united Fan channel:
We’re the famous man united and we’re going to Wembley
Nijas Muhammed
Nijas Muhammed:
Must win game
srinivasan s
srinivasan s:
I feel Rashford will score 2 goals in this match
Pete JG
Pete JG:
Ole seems sick to death of these press conferences
Man united Fan channel
Man united Fan channel:
We’re the boys in red and we’re on the way to wembely
xd ItsHoldz
xd ItsHoldz:
About to beat Chelsea for 4 times in a row 💪💪💪💪
Dr HamezTech
Dr HamezTech:
Angel Gomes situation runs deeper than it actually is
Zane Cool
Zane Cool:
Sad to see Angel Gomes leaving 😢
Bobby You
Bobby You:
It’s fine we’ll buy Gomes back for 200mil lol
MJenius MJ
MJenius MJ:
Just play better than the mid-week and this should be an easy dub
Dude Dude
Dude Dude:
“Then we got karen joining in the camera” 😂😂😂
bariow bari
bariow bari:
Ole has to sign sancho and one strong center back so that we can lift UCL
This is a must win for us tomorrow
Anas Anjam
Anas Anjam:
Within 3 years we will win the premier league title. Come on United !!! 🔴🟡
abdurrahim ahem
abdurrahim ahem:
Matic - pogba - bruno
Gomes had to sign before he played but he wanted to play before he signed
End of the day, the club stood its ground and stuck to their principles. Look at Chong, Williams, Scott and Greenwood.
Hassen Abdi
Hassen Abdi:
We haven't lost yet, put respect on ole's name🗣
We’re the famous Man United and we’re going to Wem-ber-ly
Fly with Ollie
Fly with Ollie:
Come on ole u legend get us to the final
Yassin Hani
Yassin Hani:
The People above Ole failing him He wants to keep Gomes and Buy young players but they failed him I hate the negotiator for this club.
Sreelatha P
Sreelatha P:

Start Paul pogba

Carrick should talk to rashy
And help him to bring back his old form
Ibrahim Hegazy
Ibrahim Hegazy:
Angel Gomes is leaving tomorrow 😢😢 This is really messed up. We've already lost on signing Bellingham!
Hilman Danial
Hilman Danial:
Rashford hatrick this time around!!!
Nearly at 3 million subs!!
Ali Alshuwaikhat
Ali Alshuwaikhat:
1:34 he REALLY doesnt seem to comprehend that its been 14 games unbeaten!
Let's go 15 times!
Md Rezal
Md Rezal:
We'll keep our Red flag flying high cause Man United will never die 🔴⚪. GGMU❤
Catherine Bosman
Catherine Bosman:
United, United, United... come on Manchester United!
Agege Osazee
Agege Osazee:
This Gomes of a guy is over hipes player let him go and find a play time
Immanuel nguyo
Immanuel nguyo:
We need to win more matches. We have the squad. No more room for failure.
Tayyab Sohail
Tayyab Sohail:
Ole at the wheel
Next year is ours
G W:
So Karen finally got to see the manager 😂😂
Bbaale Paul
Bbaale Paul:
But keep Gomes at Old Trafford
Chiwanza Mgonellah
Chiwanza Mgonellah:
Tomorrow we go again, same line up, more goal ggmu.
khedup losang
khedup losang:
Sell Lingard and Periera and make Gomes feel like he is at least second choice. We're letting go off "potential" over "deadwood"
Imperial Fire HD
Imperial Fire HD:
2:11 I don't know why this cracked me up. 😂

" *Is Angel Gomes leaving Manchester United?* 👁️👄👁️"
OMJ Channel
OMJ Channel:
Glory glory Manchester united...for Indonesia 😁💪
Guilty Pleasure
Guilty Pleasure:
Gomes can leave,i dont care to be honest
khedup losang
khedup losang:
Wemberley Wemberley... We're the famous Man United and we're going to Wemberley
dorik kasep
dorik kasep:
Better to put angel gomes on loan i think,. But the decision has been made 😐
Karesne Kohsalan
Karesne Kohsalan:
We need a sporting director
Rasmus Bak
Rasmus Bak:
Honestly, I'm happy Gomes is leaving as well as all the other youngsters who think they're worth the world. It suits the club to not just give players what they want, which is what we've done every single day since SAF. Change is coming and if you don't want to be a part of it, you're free to go - love it.
Nikhil Sookoorree
Nikhil Sookoorree:
Will Paul Pogba sign a new contract?
Darrell Brown
Darrell Brown:
That last question was too long he couldn't even remember it I was the same journalists at their best
Samyog Gautam
Samyog Gautam:
United will have to finish in Top 4 with 2 title this season 🖤
Mayowa Olawoyin Oluwabukolami
Mayowa Olawoyin Oluwabukolami:
Cant wait fr tomorrow, win is ours as always
Neeta Awasthi
Neeta Awasthi:
we all shout when ole speak : ole ole ole ole ....
we love you man
you were great as a player & as a manager too
you will be the next Sir Alex we all wanted
Brian Simiyu
Brian Simiyu:
Let's do this lads
OLE! I'm seeing greeeedy players getting shown the door. love it!
Howard Chambers
Howard Chambers:
Will someone please ask a question that we don't already know the answer to?
Salim Rehman
Salim Rehman:
I wish Manchester United buy Kevin de bruyne because they need his eye at picking the perfect pass to forwards. How many years has he done it hitting near to 20 assists.
Bernard Oppong
Bernard Oppong:
Rashford Bruno and Martial will be scoring tomorrow ❤️👹
jonathan sotelo
jonathan sotelo:
We must go the rest of the season unbeaten. Winning all games cmon United!
JasnooR Singh
JasnooR Singh:
We will be beating the blues fourth time this season!👊
Major Worries
Major Worries:
Another Pogba dilema, Angel Gomes 👣
Yusuph Wella
Yusuph Wella:
OGS looks stress free, I like the fact he's comfortable
Saptarshi Banerjee
Saptarshi Banerjee:
It's that hi, a very affectionate one like your favourite uncle is calling you.
Se Su
Se Su:
Come on Ole and United ❤️
Sounak Roy
Sounak Roy:
Van van van van van da Beek ..... In a United Shirt he will be on the peek
He got a red nose and A chubby sweet cheek We have got Van van van van da Beek ......
Official Song when he signs for United
Amin Udin
Amin Udin:
Come on back to glory Manchester United
Horse Sense
Horse Sense:
I wonder if we will see United's most exciting youth player, Jesse Lingard, as his ability to unlock stubborn defences, is truly Iniesta-like.
Jashon Lucius
Jashon Lucius:
I think I've now seen where all these reporters stay. This is on a light note guys... GGMU
sake lama
sake lama:
United Lives PL Title 2021/22 season matters ✊
I wanna ask Ole some questions too! How u do that?
J york99
J york99:
We're winning 💪
Huz 9
Huz 9:
Every game left is a must win🙌🏽
Watching press conferences like this really isn't nice.. 😔
Zoltán Dévay
Zoltán Dévay:
Looking at the fixtures and recent forms i feel like utd will finish 4th and chelsea 3rd.
cheese cake
cheese cake:
Sure will miss angel when he leaves
Watched him play from under 18 now he is leaving
Tonny Ridzky Febrian
Tonny Ridzky Febrian:
Some people want pogba to leave the club bcause his head is already in another club but some people too (maybe same person) want gomes who clearly wants to leave the club to stay at the club
Abraham Tetteh
Abraham Tetteh:
Ogs I love you and your beautiful players , faces
pranav k
pranav k:
We need Gomez!!! Retain him !!!
Ole does that mean is a goodbye for Lingardinho?
Nick Newman
Nick Newman:
Gomez nowhere near level of Rashford, Greenwood and even Lingard when they first joined the first team. At his height you need to be a top quality player to make it at this level. He hasn't shown that sort of potential in any of his appearances for the first team. Garner stood out far more last year as the next candidate for promotion in my opinion. I know he wants to play first team football and that's fair enough but the decision he makes now better be the right one for him or he could end up sitting on the bench somewhere else.
Dinanath C
Dinanath C:
Lol ! Dint he just started with trolling Chelsea.
Gilbert Iglesias Butarbutar
Gilbert Iglesias Butarbutar:
becareful with team who played with parking bus tactic solksjaer. I thinkg this match is not eassy for united.
Bruno needs a rest, start Pogba please.
Daddy Cool
Daddy Cool:
😍 GGMU 💪 OLE ♥️👍
Mandume Ya Ndemufayo
Mandume Ya Ndemufayo:
Please start Ighalo! 5-3-2

AWB Scott Lindelöf Maguire Williams
Pogba Matic Bruno
Ighalo Martial
Imran Khan
Imran Khan:
Same line up vs Sheff United please! Rashy Martial Greenwood Pogs Bruno Matic but I'd play William's Maguire Bailly AWB.

Must win game cannot afford to lose or draw this.
Ross Coupland
Ross Coupland:
United we r !!!!!come on !!! Top 4! +2cups would b progress!!
Doug Bairead
Doug Bairead:
More incompetence from the board regarding Gomes, letting him go for free instead of getting players to re sign contracts but the board just letting them run down. We could have played him instead of that fraud Lingard or old man Mata and maybe promised some more 1st team football. He could have been sold later but what really annoys me is how he is going for FREE.. joke!
Lucas Evans
Lucas Evans:
Feel Manchester United need to sign another midfielder losing out on Bellingham and losing gomes and Herrera
B03MRA kwt
B03MRA kwt:
come on we need to win
inkwell flood
inkwell flood:
Angel should leave, he's not gonna develop watching.
we should not have got championships league this year with how jose left the squad, its simply a bonus.

Ole is doing a great job so far, great signings, big wins, defensive consistency and twice as many shots per game than 2 years ago.

Keep it going ole.
Kiran Suthaharan
Kiran Suthaharan:
0-2 Man U Martial & Rashford to score
Bradly bBelle
Bradly bBelle:
We played Chelsea every other weekend and beat them every other weekend, so bring them on, GGMU!
Kenny Lee
Kenny Lee:
Rashford stay focus on your football and you will score one or two goals.
Asher Louis
Asher Louis:
Angel gomes stay, lingard go
Maitreya MJ
Maitreya MJ:
Is this the lighting or is ole a bit sleepy or is he just irritated from the gomes contract
abdullahi ahmed
abdullahi ahmed:
Me Looking for matic next much who else like me
longlegsliam bro
longlegsliam bro:
And view
Kent Daley
Kent Daley:
Chelsea and Leicester lose, United win, chance for top 3!! LFG!
Manchester United
Manchester United:
Brighton 1-2 United