Manager's Press Conference | Brentford v Manchester United | Ralf Rangnick | Premier League

Hear the latest team news from Ralf Rangnick ahead of the Reds' rearranged Premier League fixture at Brentford on Wednesday.

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100+ komentarze:

Can at least someone acknowledge the scope of work Ralph has? Dude has arrived a month and a half ago and he has to deal with:
1. Bloated Squad - try and sell deadwood and overpaid players
2. Unhappy players - sort the issue with lack of game time and so on
3. Egoistic players - the ones who won't listen, and who were favorite picks under Ole
4. Team disarray - try and unite the team
5. Style of play - if you actually watched united you know that we didn't have one until recently
6. Coaching staff - fire/hire staff
7. Win matches - keep the fans and the rest happy
8. Deal with Glazers

Show some support. Nobody could fix the issue in such a short period. RALPH IN
Jennifer Somto
Jennifer Somto:
It’s more like we have never had a football conversation in this club for years cos I feel like I learn new things about footballing everyday from this man. He speaks so intelligently, so composed, has all the right answers and still does not say things to please people. He really has something special in him, and I hope we give him time. Just 6 weeks and I am genuinely seeing changes in our playing style.
Expecting a 90 minute performance like all of us been asking for this game is what makes Ralf special.
Don't turn on him give him time ❤️
Let's Back to Ralf....the man here to improve the club. Let's get behind him.
Best manager we have had for years. He will turn it around needs a bit of time.
Quality manager. We may not be getting the results as expected. But I'm cautiously optimistic about the future. 🔴
The way he handles the media without needing to conceal everything about the team is admirable. Ole was borderline lying to keep players happy.
Jerome Mawi
Jerome Mawi:
Win or loss, nothing changes my love for man utd since Ronaldo's debut..the first football player and the first football club i knew when i was a kid.
Let's go Manchester United.
This is a dark moment in time but we'll turn this around.
Farrokh Zahedi
Farrokh Zahedi:
Give the guy time to see what he can do, it’s up to the players to implement his method
Asafe Ibba
Asafe Ibba:
I don't know about what this man is going to do or what his future holds . I'm just so happy for one thing he's done lately - and that is drop our lord Maguire . Thanks Ralf for dropping the conman
Wolf Predator
Wolf Predator:
The one thing I like about Ralph is his honesty
Shubhayu Das
Shubhayu Das:
"One does not exclude the other". What a response! Love this guy!
Bandit Baker
Bandit Baker:
Elanga was very impressive until he tired in the 2nd half, shame that so many of the other players couldn't match his intensity or commitment
Rikku Asutori
Rikku Asutori:
Expecting a 90 minute performance like all of us been asking for this game is what makes Ralf special.
Don't turn on him give him time ❤️
Ralf smiling when he talks about Pogba, he knows how effective Pogba will be in that midfield
Based purely on impact and attitude on the pitch, Bruno deserves a massive contract and raise. Pogba does not. Can't wait till Rangnick's tactics take shape and we start tearing them apart. He's your favourite manager's favourite manager
George vaaz
George vaaz:
Great coach with a brilliant focused mind and amazing question answering style sticking to the most important points always.
Andrew Marsden
Andrew Marsden:
Need to get on a run of wins. Should win every game before City in March.
Ksh seu
Ksh seu:
conte' s spur is now doing well in epl. Gerrard's villa is becoming stable under him. Come on RR u can do it
Reece Aliyar
Reece Aliyar:
I love United soo much, it breaks my heart the way they been playing
Jimmy Turner
Jimmy Turner:
as a Chelsea fan have massive respect for Ralf Ragnick
Berto de los santos
Berto de los santos:
This guy is a straight shooter. I trust him to bring Manu to the next higher level.
Shame there was no reaction from Ralf in 2nd half when clearly we were losing momentum. United appear to like spending obscene amounts of money for highly talented players and just sit them on their bench pernamently, slowly eroding their confidence.
Music Music
Music Music:
I love ralf and i want him as the manager, he is learning from game to game even though his inexperience as a manager shows he has certain qualities in abundance. I know you don't have much of a midfield ralf, but plz ffs if they get exhausted sub them the mistakes they make when tired will be far worse than bringing donny van de beek on in my opinion. Hope you smash it tomorrow.
Mr Bomis
Mr Bomis:
Let's back Ralf. Rome wasn't built in a day.
k .shrikanth
k .shrikanth:
The selection of elanga was excellent. He was one of the better players
Varun Chandar
Varun Chandar:
For the first time since SAF we have a well grounded manager who is logical and scientific in his method of coaching and improving the team for sustainable long term success. Ole had no method and Mourinho & Van Gaal were selfish mad men. Not counting Moyes. Rangnick will scientifically deal with major problems one by one and build this club up even when he is in the advisory role next season onwards. For now, the results may not be inspiring but I'm excited about the future.
I’m curious what DVB is doing on the training ground constantly be overlooked in the first team. I want to see what he can really do over a string of starts
Andrew Ostrander
Andrew Ostrander:
We believe in you Ralf! <3
Its so funny seeing People commenting about ralf That he should do this and this…. But could never handle such a Situation on their own
Mason A
Mason A:
ralf is a great manager i see lots of potential
PEACEFUL CORNER - Relaxing Meditation Music
PEACEFUL CORNER - Relaxing Meditation Music:
Always honest and never says anything bad about others. My respects to Ralf Rangnick!
vikram dharma
vikram dharma:
This season let him experience the club and its culture and premier league.
Give him 1 complete season with his first choice of summer transfers. Let's see how team performs next season .
This season expecting trophies with this lethargic and over pampered players is unreal. Just hope Ralf gets us in top 4 this season.
Ragna Play
Ragna Play:
Having Ralf is a big changes in united.. it could be long way process but, i hope we go to the right way..
Martin Stevens
Martin Stevens:
Under Ole I felt he was the issue with his inexperience but it’s clear that it’s the mindset/attitude of the players that is the issue as I genuinely think this guy knows his stuff!
Tore Davis
Tore Davis:
Changes should be made for this game
We all know Fred should be dropped
But we all know he'll start Mctominay Fred Rashford Maguire Shaw Wan Bissaka
Terna Kembe
Terna Kembe:
I’d just like his method to be implemented for ONE match. Always gives the best responses in interviews but we see nothing different on the pitch. The best match since arrival was against crystal palace and we still scraped a win. Usually a new coach brings certain kind of positive energy. Somehow It’s been even more lackluster since his arrival even considering how kind the fixtures have been . Yes time ofcourse but Atleast for ONE match let’s see something promising
Akhil Chowdhry
Akhil Chowdhry:
Let's keep our faith in Ralf ❤️❤️
ferdinand ibegbulam
ferdinand ibegbulam:
There's more pressing in his press conference than what we all see on the peach..
Jordan Thomas
Jordan Thomas:
I like Ralph and believe in him. Really hoping the players give their absolute all against Brentford. Would be nice to get at least 3 goals.
Trust in Ralph Ragnick Philosophy.
Just trust the process for 2 seasons.
He will definitely make us Title contenders.. The way Deadwood had set up this club is outrageous.. Need atleast 2 years to instigate his method and bring in those who really want to win throphies and not just the ridiculous wage contract.
Jay beats
Jay beats:
This man knows how to run a club. If he doesn't get the manigerial job, I hope he gets technical director 👏
Mcdollars Freeway
Mcdollars Freeway:
He says the truth just like Ronaldo and that’s respect right there🙅🏼
Even with outstanding Ronaldo .. this coach is looking to build a strong 💪 team ..
Enki Mikaelson
Enki Mikaelson:
he is the right man for the job. Period!
I’d have martial at his best (which of course we haven’t seen nearly enough of) over Rashford at his best from the left any day. Also Sancho is taking a while to settle and really was bought to play from the right too
Humphrey Udechukwu
Humphrey Udechukwu:
Who else felt that last comment, this Man is A Genius 💪
Torstein Strand
Torstein Strand:
Ralf has a brilliant football mind, and we can already see some positive changes. But hearing him say “we ran out of steam in the last 20 minutes”, while only subbing in players in the 89th minute while letting Cavani and Matic play when they were clearly too tired, worries me. It was the same under OGS, subbing in players that don’t even get time to warm into the game before the game is over. Maybe I am missing something (it’s easy to criticize from the comfort of one’s home), but I’ve never understood the purpose of 85-90 min subs unless it’s to secure a win. Even then the ref will just add more time to compensate for the substitution time. 🤷‍♂️
Flashcam Journey
Flashcam Journey:
Very clear statement.. we should give him long term assignment to build United
Deepak Gautam
Deepak Gautam:
Ralf is going to be the best manager for united like Klopp to Liverpool, pep to Manchester City !
He just needs time...
United should give him almost a full season, he is improving the players, their mentality and the club from the very base !
Zso Vin
Zso Vin:
Rangnick is so intelligent. I hope he will be successful with United
Ben Williams
Ben Williams:
I'm genuinely confused, and haven't been able to work out why we played the high press and movement etc. in the first game, and then went back to a deep and more counter attacking system, a lot more like Ole played. Can someone answer? This is a genuine question as I thought the team looked great in the first match, and then went back to being garbage and haven't looked anything close to that since. I loved watching it with how high we played and how intense it was. Is there an obvious reason I am missing?
Yoni Marlow
Yoni Marlow:
He wants to control.

Ralf: Donny helped us control

Also Ralf; 89 minutes time for Donny
Aaron Hockett
Aaron Hockett:
The guy is class, regardless of what people say. The squad needs someone like him to be the leader the club has needed for a while.
henry doroe
henry doroe:
Van beek should start the mid with Fred against Brentford
Abe Parsons
Abe Parsons:
Love Ralf, back him all the way
The way he speaks, how he sees players and his football knowledge just convinces me he's the right man for the job. However what I see on the pitch, game management and all round play - I just lose confidence in him and this whole team.
Pogba always injured but strangely comes back in and around international break. FFS
Trueno AE86
Trueno AE86:
From a City fan, remember how much everyone wrote Pep off his first season? Ragnick has very clear principles just like him and I'll think he'll improve the club
Pandu Hernawan
Pandu Hernawan:
I'm behind Rangnick, don't be doubt with your 4-2-2-2 tactics/system, just repalce another player who can fit with your tactics/system, like against Crystal Palace, your system/tactics is incredible.
I'm happy we actually scored from open play and not down to a individual step over ,round the world from one player it was actually build up play.
Nicholai Elben
Nicholai Elben:
One of Europe's best coaches passed today.
Rest in peace nils arne eggen
From now on after this match united will make a great row of wins,hail united
James Vaughan
James Vaughan:
Never known a more diplomatic coach
luca brasi
luca brasi:
I have faith in the manager, he needs to clean house because I'm tired of the players throwing managers under the bus ...i can see tactically hes definitely the man we need he just doesn't have the players to make us great again
About time that you had someone so honest over there.
Saahil Nagar
Saahil Nagar:
Come on United,
Yet again great PC from Ralf Ragnick. That answer for the Cris Ronaldo winning the award question was absolutely brilliant. Hopefully we can play the way we played against Aston Villa in the 1st half for the whole 90 mins tommorow. GGMU🔴♥️👹
Jonathan Gallagher
Jonathan Gallagher:
Who can honestly not blame the players now from challenging for the league to 7th in the league
Ralf is an amazing coach he just doesn't know when and how to make subs
Saidi Rachid
Saidi Rachid:
We hope all the best for R.Rangnick and always United🔴😍❤
chris barker
chris barker:
Players need to be on it. I think they have forgotten how EVERY team raises their own game against us.
I really feel bad for him, if he just left before the 6 months contract this will be a step back his career.
Is clearly not his full he's just dealing with a team of players that do not deserve to be playing in this club.
Casluck Shazy
Casluck Shazy:
Am liking Ralf and specifically for his plan on board
Robert Vart  Art
Robert Vart Art:
Rangnick is a pro, it takes time to turn things around. He is capable of doing it.
Ricardo Gayle
Ricardo Gayle:
We can do this united . oneness compassionate Action an gratitude peace .one love .we will win I believe in the players they need to start believe in themselves .
Sasha Vickers
Sasha Vickers:
Can't believe people already blaming this man. Let him do his work
Jamie Eason
Jamie Eason:
We’re all behind you Ralf you need time ❤️
Nicklas Philip Lerche
Nicklas Philip Lerche:
Let’s get those 3 point tomorrow GGMU!
He is to honest for United. Love the honesty but it will be his downfall 😫
💖Sailor Moon💖
💖Sailor Moon💖:
Let's Back to Ralf....the man here to improve the club. Let's get behind him.
SantiagO rosales94 Hip Hop
SantiagO rosales94 Hip Hop:
I believe in Mr Rangnick The legend the Father Philosophy German DNA Football ..A great respect for him...I admire him so much..Please give a title for Man UTD Fa Cup and Ucl this year !!
The man has been at the club for about a month and already looks like he´s been beaten half to death , surviving on a pack of cigarettes and holding his tears backs for his life not to cry.. But the sad part is it´s not his fault
4-3-3 the way forward hopefully. With Van de Beek and Martial on side we need to pick up those points before March.
Cmon united, lets go for that win!
Boraseth Seth
Boraseth Seth:
Play Donny man come on ,i just can’t understand why we don’t give him an opportunity he is class. 😤
Robbie Hutchinson
Robbie Hutchinson:
I think if the fans had a say in the line up I think Jones and Our Don van de beek will b in the first team week in week out
Sven H.
Sven H.:
King Ralf 🙏
Here we go here Man United!
Yousef Sameh
Yousef Sameh:
The best team in England plays tomorrow🔥🖤🖤
Obitrice For life
Obitrice For life:
It’s not the manager that is the problem by now people should know it’s the players. Some have underperformed and have still remained at the club for so long. United need an overhaul.
Kammy Tummala
Kammy Tummala:
Drop underperforming players and give others minutes it's too late in the season to be doing this but we need a change in the midfield.
Times end
Times end:
Poor Ralph , he’s having to deal with a whole team of overpriced babies who want to live life on recruit difficulty…
I think Ralf will do a better job than all the previous coaches after Sr. Alex if he get enough time at the club. He is full of confident he is a strong leader
I won't blame Ralf if we lose or draw again bcoz Man United board knows that we need CDM yet they don't care about it
Anthony Griffin
Anthony Griffin:
Utd need to sign a CDM like Zekaria urgently! Time is running out fast
Get Wrecked
Get Wrecked:
At least 1 world class ‘keeper ✅ at least 1 world class defender ✅ at least 1 world class attacker ✅ at least 1 competent midfielder ❌. What do you expect Rangnick to do?
James Cee
James Cee:
Remember- it’s the players fault. Not Ralf’s.

Never choose a player over the manger.
Just heard the news that MU is moving on with Ralph and getting a new coach sooner!
The question is why?
Just have more faith in Ralph. Do hell with the contract. Give him an extension. One full season! Rome wasn't built in a day! Let him buy the players he want.
I’d love to see Donny start.