Manchester United 1-1 PSG | Live Watchalong

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38 komentarze:

Jack James
Jack James:
1:35:30 Neymar Goal
1:50:40 Fred Yellow (Red) card
2:01:35 Rashford goal
2:55:10 Marquinhos Goal
2:56:30 Fred red card
3:17:02 "We can get a point here lads..."
3:17:45 Neymar Goal
Adam Mckola is so annoying especially on the red card incident argument they had. Always come to watch him when ManU lose.
S Smart
S Smart:
Martial has no heart
McKola has been watching too much Arsenal Fan TV.
Blod Azur
Blod Azur:
Come on Paris !
S Smart
S Smart:
Fred’s a red
I M:
What minute is the Martial miss 😭😭😭😭
jay patchy
jay patchy:
On the brink of elimination
Not a terrible performance just bad decision making cost us tonight.
Mark Gabriel
Mark Gabriel:
How much longer to the club stick with ole..🤔
DJ General Outlaw 2
DJ General Outlaw 2:
Positives! We played good didnt take our chances! Cavani was excellent today! Rashford played well.
Negatives! Martial let me down yet again literally missed a open goal you can say! Ole should of subbed fred off for pogba or vdb at half time! Fred was on one today lol that little fucker was putting in a roy keane performance with the tackling and head butts.
Ole out
Ole plays to scared, he can play bruno and van de beek at AM.. with Scott behind them..
At least you can concentrate on getting top 4 again 😁 😁 😁 😁 😁
Tee 01
Tee 01:
Ste and Ads are OG ftd but Joe IS stretford paddock
beau dreher
beau dreher:
The unarmed war gradually touch because zebra industrially whisper midst a lovely shock. trashy, woebegone afternoon
Ant El
Ant El:
So bloody poor that. Just when we had taken control of the play, Fred goes and gets sent off. Soft fucking booking too as he got the ball.

But fuck me if PSG weren't pulling every dirty trick in the bastard book!

We only have ourselves to blame really as we had chances to finish it.
Paddy Nevs
Paddy Nevs:
1:52:38 brilliant
No Dee nine
No Dee nine:
ManU fans have no love or loyalties to players n coaches ... how players would want to be apart of this unless masochistic
Why did donny van de beek didnt play? Midfield missed him...
Matthew James
Matthew James:
Should have replaced bruno and fred with donny n pogba at 60 minutes . Ole hesitated and it bit him square on the ass . He could be gone after the city game if we're in the Europa league.
Darren Crampton
Darren Crampton:
Mckola is a fool
Miguel Gómez
Miguel Gómez:
OLE OUT brigade in 3...2..1. 😂
S Smart
S Smart:
If martial scored we would have parked the bus
Daniel Cabrera
Daniel Cabrera:
MU had a very decent game until the red card. But Bruno and Marcial OMG
Fearless,formidable ferocious fox fan
Fearless,formidable ferocious fox fan:
We can't wait 2 bring u another United victory...bwaaaaahhhh..
Unlucky Cavani, that would’ve been a brilliant goal
FutBeast HD
FutBeast HD:
So gutting. Ole should’ve subbed Fred off for van de Beek at half time. Martial missing 2 chances again
Zack N
Zack N:
Think that's the first time in the history of var when they've just ignored that a player was offside
Connor Axon
Connor Axon:
Let ourselves down, martial missing sitters, rusty start to the game and cant defend off set peices. The 10 men didn't even matter, missing chances and conceding early yet again fucks us.
Roger Rabbit
Roger Rabbit:
That was all on Ole. End of.
Infected Anesthesia
Infected Anesthesia:
Jesus Christ
Hard Brain Le Kanghaado
Hard Brain Le Kanghaado:
really ole sucks, how you can get out the only player who was in the match and let martial which is bad. how we can touch someone who is in the game
olé does not deserve to lead Manchester. Why he prefers Martial than Cavani
Kwan Mun keung
Kwan Mun keung:
Fred should be sent off in the first half. Ole and his coaching team should let Fred rest for the 2nd half. Finally, Fred was sent off by the 2nd yellow card. Have no idea why Ole kept Fred playing in the 2nd half. Understand Fred's performance is good. But, we got VDB, Pogba and Magic can play Fred's position. We control the game in the beginning of second half and PSG seems have problems for their physical strength after 60 minutes. If we paly against them with 11. We can WIN the game.
Lastly, Martial should be kept out of the LINE UP. He didn't have any heart to play !!
Celebrating when fred got away with a stone wall red, then fred getting sent off later and getting spanked at home hahahahahahahhabaha
Wtf! Am I actually right?
Wtf! Am I actually right?:
Howson, you are one of the more logical people I've come across on YouTube and I love it.

Respect, dude. 😉
Vaibhav RK
Vaibhav RK:
These guys are taking man u in cl way too serious 😂😂😂
What a shame ...Martial 👎