Manchester United 5-5 West Brom (12/13) | Premier League Classics | Manchester United

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Ahead of our Premier League clash with West Bromwich Albion enjoy this look back at Sir Alex Ferguson's last game as United manager, the incredible 5-5 draw featuring a hat-trick from our current number nine Romelu Lukaku.

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100+ komentarze:

The United Stand
The United Stand:
Farewell to the Greatest Sports Manager Ever
Faruq Hassan
Faruq Hassan:
Lukaku destroying utd then and now
Stretford Paddock
Stretford Paddock:
Now that's a send off!
ciaran bermingham
ciaran bermingham:
i think we shud buy that lukaku kid he looks promising
𝓛𝓪𝓡𝓾𝓼𝓼𝓸 👑
𝓛𝓪𝓡𝓾𝓼𝓼𝓸 👑:
Miss you Papa Fergie 😭
Football Not Soccer
Football Not Soccer:
2013 - “my mission has begun to ruin United”

2018- “mission accomplished”

-Romelu Lukaku
And they said big Rom doesnt score against the big clubs 😂😂😂👍
Udit Bhattacharjee
Udit Bhattacharjee:
Who is here after watching Olé's United put 5 past Cardiff for the first time in premier league since this match
The Human Lion
The Human Lion:
I miss Chicharito and Nani.
Elijah wood
Elijah wood:
What a surprise lukaku scoring a hatrick vs a big opponent 😆😆🏟⚽️👌🏾
Lukaku at west brom
Rom looks freaking tiny during this game... hes a monster now.
Joel Infield
Joel Infield:
reminds me how bad lindegaard was
Lalita Singh
Lalita Singh:
Miss you Sir Alex.
Privilege Makuvire
Privilege Makuvire:
What more can be said about the greatest manager in history.🤷🏽‍♂️
Jack Lauzz
Jack Lauzz:
West Bromwich on 2012: Hey Lukaku, help me destroy Man.Utd.

Lukaku: No problem sir, I did it now (2018).
Harjoth Singh
Harjoth Singh:
Man like lukaku scoring a hat trick against us and now playing for us
WhiteDRguy 650
WhiteDRguy 650:
I was fortunate enough to be at this game, my trip to England to see united for the first time was a memorable one, Fergies last game in charge.
SAF, miss him everyday and will continue to do so until I die.😭😘👊🔴 GGMU
Hassaan Chinoy
Hassaan Chinoy:
Lukaku scoring hattricks at west brom against us meanwhile Kane is in loan in the championship
We finally got five goals again, Dec 2018, 5 1/2 years later
Lindegaard was atrocious during this match
Marcus Giorgi
Marcus Giorgi:
Lukaku with a hat trick in 40 mins off the bench as a 18 year old 👀
Stanley Chiu
Stanley Chiu:
Ah....They sure grow up so fast
Even lindegaard has a pl medal but not gerrard
Kunfu Ronaldo
Kunfu Ronaldo:
Fergison please come back
Mugaesh Ramesh
Mugaesh Ramesh:
Lukaku doesn't score against big teams......😂😂😂😂. He scored a hattrick against the epl champions managed by the goat manager
Fauzi Syukir
Fauzi Syukir:
Big Rom ❤️
Rifat Aamad
Rifat Aamad:
Them days❤️❤️🔴🔴😪😪
Effie Suga Fanai
Effie Suga Fanai:
I love you Fergie.. Respect
Only Fergie could leave on a score line like that
Timothy Mukansi
Timothy Mukansi:
The only hat trick Lukaku has ever scored when Man United were on the pitch. Mental.
Midtoker Marius
Midtoker Marius:
Where do I know that Lukaku guy from? :)
Red Harlow
Red Harlow:
Everyone talking about Lukaku but no one mentions how lethal Chicha was during this game
Chukwuebuka Ogbonna
Chukwuebuka Ogbonna:
The steward just had to get that handshake from the legend.
Sonia B
Sonia B:
This made me so emotional 😭❤
Noelle Francisco
Noelle Francisco:
I remember watching this game! Goals galore ⚽️
Jimmy Morris
Jimmy Morris:
Sick goals
Muhammad Priko
Muhammad Priko:
What a game🔥
Remember that game like it was yesterday. Miss you Fergie
Gauri Shankar H
Gauri Shankar H:
Then: Lukaku spoils Fergie's perfect farewell with a hat-trick
Now: Lukaku spoils the Man U team by being in the team😉
Rayan Majeed
Rayan Majeed:
It was sad that they drew 5-5! It was great time! I miss Sir Alex so much😕😕
Stewart Trent
Stewart Trent:
0:07 says a lot about his amazing managing career, absolute legend fergie!
When u realise Lukaku scored a perfect hat trick (right foot, left foot, header)
Provolone Washington III
Provolone Washington III:
Back when Lukaku cared about the badge and wanting to progress himself
Asgaard Norse
Asgaard Norse:
The day Manchester United discovered Lukaku ❤❤❤
Jeffy Mathew
Jeffy Mathew:
0:06 how he ignored the mascot.
Goodness I miss that man!!!
Viktor Gladh
Viktor Gladh:
Look at the team Sir Alex won the league with, incredible
Being at this game is one of my life highlights, I remember alex doing a lap of the field and even us wba fans clapping him.. incredible
Tin Ymmanuel
Tin Ymmanuel:
this is like a sign of the times... a sign of what was to come in 5 years
we miss you sir :(
Grande Mys
Grande Mys:
Imagine if SAF had the players that we hv rite now..🔥🔥🔥
Abizard Fakhrezi
Abizard Fakhrezi:
Miss you sir & chicha :'(
Joe Howes
Joe Howes:
I remember that game, I went with my dad, i must of been 9 years old and when lukaku scored the final 2 goals I couldn’t see them due to the wba crowd standing up
Shadow Slayer
Shadow Slayer:
Now i see lukaku's touch was not as bad as it is today
AK 86
AK 86:
That 5-5 should have indicated that Man Utd were about to go downhill. That 5th goal said a lot of about the defense
From that day on our defence was never the same
Zs N
Zs N:
LOL. West brom in fergie time. the perfect ending.
Bhuvanesh T
Bhuvanesh T:
I still remember this game. Sir Alex tried to make a 4th substitution.😆😂
Thank you West Brom.
Name Surname
Name Surname:
I came to listen the chant at the end of video(Jose )
Mustafa Mohamed
Mustafa Mohamed:
Who'd have thought that a young Lukaku playing for west Brom would later on to become a United player
Mario A
Mario A:
Look how many goals we scored from crosses. We need to get back to that. Football 101
Bayu Arisandi
Bayu Arisandi:
Thank u so much sir alex ❤
Fun fact: In his entire Man United tenure, Alex Ferguson's United side never once squandered a 3 goal lead. That was until his final game Vs West Brom; where it happened twice. Funny old game.
To Faruq: Classic comment, calligraphed and chiseled in clay. Well done. One of the best football one-liners. "Simplicity is the key: Brevity is the soul of wit!"
😂 if it wasn't his last game Fergie def would've had something to say to his players about how exactly they managed to concede 5 goals at West Brom of all places...

Lukaku did his thing though, I remember watching this on sky sports
Sayak Mitra
Sayak Mitra:
Years went by and Lukaku still plays "against" United :3
เขาเหลียงซาน ปลูกชามันขึ้นดี
เขาเหลียงซาน ปลูกชามันขึ้นดี:
Achmad Rayhan
Achmad Rayhan:
Poor lindegaard 😄😄😄
nur huda
nur huda:
Lukaku should let his hair like this when he join Man Utd :v
Alex Vinatoru
Alex Vinatoru:
the day Manchester United died
Now, it' s just a normal team, with a big name and history.
Ben Ibbotson
Ben Ibbotson:
I remember this game, I was on the edge of my seat
Đạt Vũ Mạnh
Đạt Vũ Mạnh:
lukaku =))
Hoàng Dương
Hoàng Dương:
Việt Nam 🇻🇳 có ai xem không.
Sharon Bell
Sharon Bell:
Haydn Gilchrist
Haydn Gilchrist:
Rom still bags even at West Brom
Donald Russell
Donald Russell:
Lukaku made WBA a real problem that whole season . Amazing what a quality striker can do to an average club
ibrahim shabir
ibrahim shabir:
That was the last time we scored 5 goals in the premier league.
Anita Zahara
Anita Zahara:
00:30 itu van persie kenapa?
sammie gaming
sammie gaming:
Possibly the best match ever before Salford vs kidiminster and PSG vs Barca
Football Gamer
Football Gamer:
MITTZZ 2002:
Sir Alex - Attack wins you game but defence wins you titles
Also Alex Ferguson's team :
No disrespect to this legend just a joke
Rajesh chiraniya
Rajesh chiraniya:
Superior match 👍
Ahmet Atila
Ahmet Atila:
Devesh Pandey
Devesh Pandey:
We need that Rom back again, that's the Rom we were supposedly buying.
Man u bottled it here
No Name
No Name:
lukaku against evans. now one is at united other one is at West brom
60 Seconds
60 Seconds:
United long slide started with this match. Defensively similar to how they play today
yudha fresdhitya mardha
yudha fresdhitya mardha:
Chica + RvP + Kagawa 👍👍👍
Melvin Charan
Melvin Charan:
back when lukaku had a great first touch 😂😂😂😂
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne:
Who would have thought that Lukaku would go on to be our best ever player.
Pratik Ghimire
Pratik Ghimire:
Now we have scored 5 goals. Thanks to Ole
When Lukaku scores in his own team
Mikey Healy
Mikey Healy:
Footballe farsi
Footballe farsi:
Francisco Arredondo
Francisco Arredondo:
David Fachrel
David Fachrel:
Lukaku hattrick😂