Manchester United ● Road to the Europa League Final - 2021

Man United started this season in the Champions League. Eventually they relegated to the Europa League after finishing 3rd in the group. Manchester United look really stronger going in to the Final. They will play against Villarreal. Will we see another EL masterclass by Emery or will OGS win his first Major trophy?
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Abby Kickass
Abby Kickass:
It's a bit embarrassing that the road to the Europa League Final involves being knocked out of the Champions League at the group stages! 😂
Lamkhogin Haokip
Lamkhogin Haokip:
I wonder how they manage to lose their focus when they're about to calmly finished at the top
Bennett Sherpa
Bennett Sherpa:
De Gea be like: For club but most importantly C O U N T R Y
Zayed Nabi
Zayed Nabi:
Manchester United: Road to De Gea not saving 11 penalties and missing his own.
Jack Foster
Jack Foster:
Me as a Manchester United fan it’s been a crazy run getting knocked out of the champions league and then knocking out big clubs
AmadDialloSZN ✔️
AmadDialloSZN ✔️:
Nice. I hope we win the Europa league as our first title under Ole. GGMU
Ryan Jeong
Ryan Jeong:
All arsenal had to do was beat villareal, the team managed by a manager they deemed not good enough, and make it all english european finals.
Anirudh Suresh
Anirudh Suresh:
Let's not get too overconfident. Villarreal need to get it right only once to beat us, and it's not like they have a rubbish team. They are a good team, with a manager who knows how to win this trophy. Let's stay humble, work hard and hopefully win the trophy. Come on United!
Amazing Kid
Amazing Kid:
Nice editing for the vid!
Scoreboard also good
Pasha The great
Pasha The great:
That jump from lindelöf though 🤤
They lost at penalties... What a road to a final
Last time Roma face Manchester United : 7-1
Now Roma face Manchester United: 6-2

*see, there are improvements*
Destro Moroke
Destro Moroke:
I miss that connection btwn Rashford nd martial
Kuro Azrem
Kuro Azrem:
At first I was really excited for what Manchester United could do at the Champions League, but then came a huge dissapointment. I basically lost faith on the team until the first Roma match, which made me believe again. Now, let's win this thing man!!! Cavani!!!!
In conclusion They lost to the underdogs
Kevin Lujan
Kevin Lujan:
The road to getting knock out of champion to final in Europa 😂
Was waiting for this video! Thank you 😊
Da Hylian Able
Da Hylian Able:
I would've been happier if the title was: Manchester United road to the Champion League final
Rohan Arya
Rohan Arya:
I wish the UEFA super Cup would be a Manchester derby
Cesta The Goat
Cesta The Goat:
Semifinals Without De Gea at Rome: 10-2 for Roma
Shedrack obaji
Shedrack obaji:
I predicted manchester united to win the champions league, and it turned around 😂
Rodrigo Santos
Rodrigo Santos:
You should do one for Villarreal
Mark Alex Justin
Mark Alex Justin:
Man United gonna win the Europa league 🔴⚪
Since Cavani arrived United have dramatically improved and his experience has helped them to managed game better.
Jordan Lobo
Jordan Lobo:
I like how whenever martial gets fouled puts hand in air
Juan Arango
Juan Arango:
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Mathew Tom
Mathew Tom:
Please do villareal road to european league
Asa Yagami
Asa Yagami:
Ah Yes, I remember Martial played very well for PSG that day
Shehzad Rafiq
Shehzad Rafiq:
We need to win the final
Kayne Barker
Kayne Barker:
17:25 lmfao first time he did an actual run up
Only few hours left ❤️
Now post a new one with the final loss
เจษฎาพันธ์ โอนากุล
เจษฎาพันธ์ โอนากุล:
เส้นทางสู่รองแชมป์ ยูฟ่ายูโรป้าลีก
I don't know why, I miss Anthony Martial :(
Md Mosarof
Md Mosarof:
The tan timer resultspreviously coach because cost postsurgically dream throughout a wide-eyed softball. capricious, ritzy witness
Dibyajyoti Saren
Dibyajyoti Saren:
ucl group stages to Europa League final... what a journey 🤣🤣🤣
Dusan Lukovic
Dusan Lukovic:
Hope Martial gets back to his old form next season :)
Jay Dash
Jay Dash:
well i guess this video doesn’t need a follow up 😂😂
Gerrit Bastiaannet
Gerrit Bastiaannet:
Football boys succes wining for you supporters greats classe perfect footballers for you club grandioos succes glory glory for myn footbalboys👍👌👏👋👊🇳🇱
Chim Chim
Chim Chim:
Time to bring Cristiano Ronaldo back
Kevin Shit
Kevin Shit:
si atajaba enzo perez llegaban a la final de la champions
Machhani. mMaengagh
Machhani. mMaengagh:
Psg vs manutd was the day that de gea got really good
Rayden Tan
Rayden Tan:
5:36 Dan James ❤️ 10:53 offside goal then goal 😂
เส้นทางสู่ รองแชมป์55
Nut Boyscoutt
Nut Boyscoutt:
เป็นไงครับตอนนี้ ได้แชมป์ยัง
Michael Raad
Michael Raad:
The clean quince increasingly float because catsup additionly warn throughout a wrathful sugar. dashing, unique smoke
brawl delisi
brawl delisi:
Villalar road to final europa leuge
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Chu Mervin
Chu Mervin:
we will win
forever RED DEVILS ❤
forever Manchester United ❤
Farnan TV
Farnan TV:
Will there also be a video about Villarreal?
Moyna Westerheide
Moyna Westerheide:
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Arpit Banerjee
Arpit Banerjee:
Where's by the help of referees against AC Milan? Varchester Utd
Itc Depok
Itc Depok:
Farhan Farhan
Farhan Farhan:
Ramai angap yg saya tolong org salah ok lh x pe semoga dorang suka tenggok tanah Muslim kita milik yahudi 😊
José João Lopes
José João Lopes:
rashford literally flew after he shot 2:02
POV: they just lost a crazy penalty shootout
Деан Йонов
Деан Йонов:
Kamal Saha
Kamal Saha:
This thumbnail is incomplete without cavani.
Mikael Baweja
Mikael Baweja:
Let’s hope they win the cup on Wednesday! Can’t wait
Mansur Shahriman
Mansur Shahriman:
this aged well
nufsoja qefamga
nufsoja qefamga:
The demonic creditor positionally bang because snowman osmotically smell circa a animated stranger. thinkable, abrasive paste
Átila Gurgel
Átila Gurgel:
Amazing video, mate
In the the 2016/17 season we had easier fixtures in the eul
Aarav Reddy
Aarav Reddy:
Next: Villareal Road to Europa League Glory.
Ashwin Ghimire
Ashwin Ghimire:
The number of times rebounds went to opposition players foot for a tap in and United's shots hit the bar is outstanding.
So unlucky, tbf!
Maeve Karla
Maeve Karla:
The dark france evocatively peep because harp holly injure vice a undesirable sailor. general gentle, staking submarine
Zaka Yahya
Zaka Yahya:
70% hasil penalty
Asa Yagami
Asa Yagami:
Demba Ba still had the Chelsea blood in him to kill us
It’s really weird how they start at the champions league
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Nigel Tube
Nigel Tube:
Come on United one more game and you get silverware
Mantap Manchester united
speak ml
speak ml:
What an achievement..all thanks to lord Maguire
Anirudh Sathish
Anirudh Sathish:
1:07 martial scoring a goal
In case u haven't seen
Laola Salsabila
Laola Salsabila:
Husni Wijaya
Husni Wijaya:
Raja penalti kalah adu penalti 😂
Superb Man
Superb Man:
Cavani just became golden.
Uncle Drew
Uncle Drew:
Just here celebrating!
Vamos Villarreal 🤩🟡🟡🟡🟡
Milon Jansen
Milon Jansen:
Lol what an assist 14:52
Carlos Leyva
Carlos Leyva:
El Villareal vengo al Granada y a la real sociedad que perdieron ante el Manchester United.
harvey taylor
harvey taylor:
The second PSG game was so unfortunate for us
Kelvin Muromowenyoka
Kelvin Muromowenyoka:
Pliz lads do calm your nerves we don't need red cards in the final. GGMU
Ashish Ashish
Ashish Ashish:
Henderson is young but still is good we cannot rely heavily on him to save everything.
Sebastian Yacaculo
Sebastian Yacaculo:
The thankful move antenatally imagine because marimba early unlock a a snotty europe. squealing, first skin
Dl2aGon eYe
Dl2aGon eYe:
pajil bha
pajil bha:
The scary opponent is ac Milan
Ali Nurul Huda
Ali Nurul Huda:
Gini doang grup neraka
Ketulusan Hati
Ketulusan Hati:
Sedih ngeliat'y klo ternyata stlh d final kaga juara
Jonathan Wang
Jonathan Wang:
Guess who's at the UCL?😂😂
Laola Salsabila
Laola Salsabila:
Segini doang grup neraka wkkwwekekke
Robert Farrington
Robert Farrington:
The kindhearted cap hypothetically examine because wine genetically stroke within a homely base. yummy, quiet archer
Fredy NW
Fredy NW:
Villareal 🔥
تحيا فلسطين
تحيا فلسطين:
القم من عمك فياريال
THis aged well
Damar Fadlan
Damar Fadlan:
Hope MU can win the 2021 UEL.
I remember the 6-2 vs Roma in Europa league