Manchester United season preview: Is Ole Gunnar Solskjaer tactically inept? | ESPN FC

Is this the year Manchester United finally secure silverware? Is Ole Gunnar Solskjaer the man to bring Man United back to the Premier League summit? ESPN FC’s Stewart Robson, Frank Lampard and Don Hutchison delve deeper into Solskjaer’s in-game tactics and other doubts they have challenging the likes of Liverpool, Manchester City and even Chelsea. Leboeuf questions how Mason Greenwood and Paul Pogba will fare this season with the recent addition on Donny van de Beek from Ajax.
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Anthony Duncombe
Anthony Duncombe:
Is ESPN inept?
Sanmi Ade
Sanmi Ade:
At some point, we need to address the clear bias that ESPN FC has towards Manchester United. It may never happen because they want to talk about the most followed club in England, so controversial takes like these always draw fans in.
Solkjaer beat Guardiola 3 times, Lampard 3 times, Mourinho once and drew once. You do not get to 3 semi-finals by not understanding your tactics.
The only time you can say he was rattled was the FA Cup semi-final and you could argue that he did not have his best team because he was trying to make the top 4.
And SEVILLA? We blew so many chances that had nothing to do with tactics. We simply missed and if he had a deeper squad, he would have changed and someone else would have scored. This take is lazy at best and frankly, we need better content from the ESPN team. Cue Mark Ogden to come and repeat some nonsense about United tomorrow or Monday.
Do better.
Yousef Ahmed
Yousef Ahmed:
They finished 3rd, he beat pep 3 times, did the double over Frank Lampard ,beaten Jose and first manager to take points of klopp hmmmmm the agenda
The Poltical One
The Poltical One:
Idk are the ESPN hosts mentally challenged?
El Tieso
El Tieso:
The disrespect... What's with this agenda? I don't get it
T Maul
T Maul:
Season hasn’t even started yet...’Is Ole Gunnar Solskjaer tactically inept?’ 😂 absolute garbage 💩
Nikunj Pasari
Nikunj Pasari:
Ole is tactically inept.....Beat Guardiola 3 times, Lampard 3 times, Mourinho 1 time in one season....yes, you're right he is tactically inept !!!
Inconvenience Of Facts
Inconvenience Of Facts:
Why not talk about Frank Lampard’s poor defensive tactics as a manager, how he ruined a decent goalkeeper and made decent defenders into less than average. I assure you even if Ole wins the title, these lot will say it was nothing to do with him, whilst continuing to make excuses for Lampard. If by some miracle you haven’t noticed how bias they are, here is some evidence to ponder. Ole, Lampard and Arteta were appointed as permanent managers; Compare this channel’s initial reaction to their appointment. For Ole they were strongly against it and asked the question what has he done to deserve the job (No reasonable question). However, for the other 2 they were very positive towards their appointments as managers and never asked the question what they have done to deserve the job, even though they were far less experienced than Ole. Can anyone answer why the contrasting treatment of these 3 managers?
I think Man U will be ok. I just have that feeling.
If you follow their logic Pep isn't a top manager because he doesn't ever change the way he plays.
adjent B
adjent B:
ESPN hosts never got the idea of squad depth.....they are still stuck how manchester will play pogba and donny XD XD...and the irony is they question others of their tactical ineptness . XD XD joke ESPN
fred jones
fred jones:
ask pep and lampard and jose if hes inept........too funny
Victor Cortes
Victor Cortes:
They finished 3rd, despite all the odds against Ole and our players were clearly fatigued by the last few games of the season The next season hasn't even started and you're already asking "Is Ole Gunnar Solskjaer tactically inept?" The agenda is really clear here
Shankar Narayanan iyer
Shankar Narayanan iyer:
Beats Pep thrice, Frank twice and OLE is inept.. Wow the hypocrisy from Frank is not even blunt😅
Shankar Narayanan iyer
Shankar Narayanan iyer:
Frank has absolutely no concept of strong bench😂
So you can't have top quality players coming on from bench??
Lampard buys truck loads of players they applaud him. And OLE tries it, Paul pogba is going out😅. Gimme a break
Vinit Jain
Vinit Jain:
Ah, these lunatics never fail to amuse me with their "punditry". My dog probably know better about the game than all of them.
Kartik Pandey
Kartik Pandey:
Can't see this when lampard loses to Sheffield united and arsenal in the final
I love my Baby Face Assassin, he'll continue to prove everyone wrong
Adil Khan
Adil Khan:
What is this idea of pogba being on the bench, van de beek was signed for squad depth smh
Chris D'souza
Chris D'souza:
These clowns get paid for this ??
Peter Silski
Peter Silski:
Why do they hate United so much, where is this for Lampard? United finished higher and on the same points at least
How did this get from OGS to Pogba 😂
Colette Regan
Colette Regan:
These guys don’t understand football van de beek will not start matic will
Mathewkevinbinu UR16CS071
Mathewkevinbinu UR16CS071:
These guys don’t know anything about squad depth
Gabriel nimely
Gabriel nimely:
Bunch of inept ESPN crew! Pep Guardiola never changes the way his team plays, does that make him inept? What kind of dumb reasoning is that?
Shadab Ahmed
Shadab Ahmed:
Not so much a tactician. He's a good manager who keeps the peace at the dressing room.
mark theballer
mark theballer:
When we went behind against Bournemouth water brake came two minutes later we scored be cause he changed tactics
henry 00
henry 00:
So let having good players at ur disposal is a bad thing but a couple weeks ago u guys said they need more depth, u guys don't deserve your dinner much less your salaries......
Asking if Solskjaer is tactically inept, is like asking if water is wet 🤣
Raoul Duke
Raoul Duke:
"soulcure" - Frank
Travis Clements
Travis Clements:
ESPN commenting on soccer with "inept" in the title.. :-)
Stan Liberty
Stan Liberty:
Does Frank seriously think Pogba is gonna be benched👀???
Behzad khan
Behzad khan:
espn needs views hence the BS.
William Agbomadzi
William Agbomadzi:
When you’re out of ideas to produce content you bring up such vids 🙄. Cut Ole some slack!!!
city fan here, we need that boy from napoli we already have ake as the younger cheaper alternative
joel atutor
joel atutor:
It’s never ESPN without talking about United😂🤦🏾‍♂️
Abdul Kohari
Abdul Kohari:
They have agenda against united
RAMBO Margalane
RAMBO Margalane:
Do do old men watch football my god how do city have all these good player with no problems
Jacob Daniel
Jacob Daniel:
No one... Literally no one... Craig: Ole Out
I bet these guys go home and cry at night and express their love for united in a secret shrine they get all the praise and ole worship out in private before work the next day to continue the anti united agenda
Siddhant Singh
Siddhant Singh:
these guys really sound inept...especially the reference to FA cup semi final and Europa League semi...the team had run into ground with a smaller squad as they have no depth in quality...had martial converted 1-2 chances, ole would have been genius isnt it..i could honestly do a better analysis than these guys...

You would see them giving out praises to pep while he is soo stubborn with his tactics after spending millions and millions..this is just shameful..
I know the bald dude won a world cup but man, he's literally criticizing the depth being added to the squad?? 🤔
x tragicsx5
x tragicsx5:
Bruh united will be awesome this season no doubts
Tim Odera
Tim Odera:
ESPN United agenda.....AGAIN!😴
ESPN with that "quality" journalism
No pressure on him with 200m of signings with minimal outgoings🙈🤡
chill star
chill star:
Unu chat to much man,, if man United do good unu still chat crop.. what type of analyst are these??
Can ESPN fix the loud audio transition at the end please. Its been a while now and its really annoying.
TC 11
TC 11:
Man untd tactically inept🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Rose Finnoen
Rose Finnoen:
I wreally dont like ESPN
Ezra Potts
Ezra Potts:
I'm Single 😍😥
Akash Thomas
Akash Thomas:
I think they should go for cavani or Suarez who can make impact coming off the bench and will be a great mentor to young players
Shannon p O'Keeffe
Shannon p O'Keeffe:
these three are clueless
Allan Andy
Allan Andy:
Haha....pundits! Have no clue about coaching unfortunately yet judges coaching
Beast Titan
Beast Titan:
Ole is a Top 4 Manager nothing else.
"They finished Third" Hmmm
Dennoy Martin
Dennoy Martin:
Have they seen MAN city's bench and what Chelsea's bench is gonna look like, we probably sign 2 good players and ohhh, this makes no sense, when they are the ones who say the squad ain't good enough. Up yours espn
Nithin Pradeep
Nithin Pradeep:
How many frikkin' times have you had the same discussion on ESPN?
Leander Vaz
Leander Vaz:
This show should be called AGENDA FC
Eliezer Warshong
Eliezer Warshong:
Don spot on
Jyothish Nair
Jyothish Nair:
So frank lebouf says united cant have squad depth... ?
Luke Davis
Luke Davis:
When peps teams are pressed they do not change the way they play so I don’t know why you guys keep criticizing ole for sticking to his own style.
Nishanth Ashok
Nishanth Ashok:
Wow the hate against United🙄. ESPN seems to think that the only good way of playing football is like how City plays "with lot's of possession" or how Liverpool plays with the counter press to catch out teams. Anything else and you are supposed to be tactically inept.

I don't know how they say Ole is inept or tactically weak. He's always tweaked his system to try and get the maximum from what he had. Before Bruno came, we were a counter attacking team because we had no one who could break down compact defences. Pogba was injured for 2/3rd of the season, and the midfield we used had Fred, Mctominay and Lingard/Pereira till the end of January. Only after Bruno and Pogba came did United start playing more out from the back, and keep the ball.

Do we have a fixed style of playing? No. Do I think that's bad? Absolutely not. I feel it makes us tactically flexible and easier to adapt to any change in tactics. That doesn't mean Ole is perfect. He has more to learn. If anything he needs to become more proactive, make more changes on the go for starters. But from what I've seen, he can learn and become better.
Jovani Diaz
Jovani Diaz:
Ole made Man U to top 3 PERIOD
It's obvious that there's an agenda against Ole
ras janta rasta
ras janta rasta:
Inept punditry 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
#PgTrym91 Norwegian Sports fan, gamer & Guitarist
#PgTrym91 Norwegian Sports fan, gamer & Guitarist:
points atm is irrelavent cuz it's a new season and they start from 0 ... it's obvious it will be improvements cuz now bruno would have a legit first season not just half a season cuz he was picked up in january and so on
Karl Redhead
Karl Redhead:
Funny how they are so negative against us even though we finished 3rd and lampard gets so much praise, even arteta gets more praise
Jovani Diaz
Jovani Diaz:
Ole needs help
farid dannish
farid dannish:
Manchester United no 5 this season no above top 4 .. trust me
Christian van Blerk
Christian van Blerk:
He finished 3rd give the man a bit of credit.
niraj thapa chhetry
niraj thapa chhetry:
United need mctimoney for any kind of solidity in defence part.
Umair Asghar
Umair Asghar:
ESPN cant stop United agenda with its clueless pundits.
Jovani Diaz
Jovani Diaz:
Changing Perspectives Podcast
Changing Perspectives Podcast:
All these analysts hate ole for some or other reason.
It can be English bias, or maybe they just all wish they in his shoes.

I hope ole proves them all wrong.
wayne shaw
wayne shaw:
he is tactically inept in the same way they think zidane is tactically inept
kevin evans
kevin evans:
yes he is but needs to improve that side of his game
Diego Ortiz
Diego Ortiz:
Yes He Is
Lora Garcia
Lora Garcia:
Really nice 👌 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Vijaya Anand
Vijaya Anand:
Donal Power
Donal Power:
There should be some sort of campaign on this absolute bias from pundits that is just as out of there depth than they call Ole

Like people still watch this seriously what's the point when they can't act like proper pundits
Timothy Ramsey •Christian Channel•
Timothy Ramsey •Christian Channel•:
@espn, I want can’t wait for you guys to be embarrassed when ole does better than your valuations about him...your hate for united runs deep
Steffen Ljosheim
Steffen Ljosheim:
stop with this nonsense - he outplayed 'the genius' Pep on 3 out of 4 occasions, beat Lampard and Mourinho, managed to get third with a squad not worthy of the third. What more do you want?
Man united For life
Man united For life:
Oh comeone 🙄
Nganba Konjengbam
Nganba Konjengbam:
Are epsn pundits mentally inept???
Jovani Diaz
Jovani Diaz:
Look at lingard
Omg the ESPN pundits feels like Ole has no plan B yet the managers with only Plan A has won the PL Inc Klopp & Pep.
Habibi Kushal
Habibi Kushal:
Looks like only Liverpool, has the best player according to these guys mentality.
Seems like only world class players can win games.
They just degrade other players.

It sad ESPN
A J:
I want to know who said because VVB is in pogba wont play. Other teams sign players for depth good signing. United sign players for depth it’s where is he gonna play blah blah blah.
The Football Director
The Football Director:
I don't think he's been the flop some of these guys said he'd be. I've said before you don't get the notable results he's gotten against the big clubs if you're an idiot. But on this they're right: he's not good at making changes in games. If plan A doesn't work, he either doesn't have a plan B or doesn't know how to make plan A work better. Untill he figures that out, he's not winning anything no matter who he signs. That's why I was content to see him stay long enough to complete the rebuild and if he doesn't get a new contract after that I won't lose sleep over it. I like him, I think he's got potential, but Ole has to evolve now if he's going to keep the job. And Frank Lampard changes his tactics AND squad every week. I love him, but if Jorginho sneezes he changes 4 players the following week.
RedDz DEevil
RedDz DEevil:
Manchester is Red!!!
javier book shadows contributor du
javier book shadows contributor du:
11th comment miss giggs playing
Sergei Stepanov
Sergei Stepanov:
yay 1st
Deepan Selvam
Deepan Selvam:
Come on Don, you can't be suggesting United to play an all attacking midfield without a proper CDM. That's not ideal in the Premier League at least. Not with that United defence.
lebouf keeps mentioning pogba.....his he owing you money?
Amar Affan
Amar Affan:
Ole all the way witches
Mos Def
Mos Def:
You ppl are mad
Febian Lim
Febian Lim:
United need to play more direct if the opponent press them like liverpool because their front there are fast and can exploit space behind pressing team.

The fullback need to cross more not just running up down all the time. And if they want to sign Sancho please sign in ASAP!!!!
Uven Rampersad
Uven Rampersad:
I always wonder how these idiots became pundits
Nikhil Amin
Nikhil Amin:
So Ole is tactically inept but Lampard who finished behind him in the league and who Ole beat 3 times is an up and coming star manager? 🤔
Aaron Fernandes
Aaron Fernandes:
What is it? Having less views are you ESPN?