Manchester United vs Brighton 1-2 Extеndеd Hіghlіghts & All Gоals

Manchester United vs Brighton 1-2 Extеndеd Hіghlіghts & All Gоals 2022 full HD

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Manchester United vs Brighton
man united vs brighton

manu vs brighton 2022

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Ahmad Noah
Ahmad Noah:
is hard to win at Old Trafford
even Man utd can't win there
José Poot
José Poot:
Esos defensas del Manchester no aprenden. Los delanteros del otro equipo rematan cómodamente a gol sin ninguna presión
“MU doesn’t need Ronaldo “

Yeah agree you guys need God
brian carruthers tepper
brian carruthers tepper:
After playing his last World Cup in Qatar, Ronaldo will probably join Sporting Lisbon who are in the UCL and see out the rest of his professional career in Portugal. Just my thought though.
Salum Mzee
Salum Mzee:
Perfecter defence mariay and best term for this season Manchester United
Nuno Tonelo
Nuno Tonelo:
Nice!!! Mourinho's fault for sure!!!
Lingeswwaran Nedunsezian
Lingeswwaran Nedunsezian:
Back on form Manchester
Domenic Galata
Domenic Galata:
It’s going to be a long year for Man Utd
Joe Biggs
Joe Biggs:
Nottingham forest ones was the best team in England and look at them now !! so i guess man united is going down that road to become a middle team 😢😢.
Money Guy
Money Guy:
Perfect way to start the season ggmu
Isiah Arellano
Isiah Arellano:
United about to become a midtable team lol
Rizalman Mustapa
Rizalman Mustapa:
martinez is tall 1.70,nemanja vidic tall is 1.80,in english
kostas kostas
kostas kostas:
Thats it ? United didnt create any chances xD no wonder ronaldo wants to leave he knows how shit the squad is
De gea IS finished
John Shooter
John Shooter:
Bissaka is better than Dalot
odb2673 Hendrix
odb2673 Hendrix:
Lol Where is the legend Lisandro Martinez i know he is good and its 1st game but Man unt fans talk about him like he is a golden ball winner
wikana pujiharto
wikana pujiharto:
Maguire 😀😀😀
Ahmad Kosasi
Ahmad Kosasi:
the game is better in the Solkjaer era
Baba yaga
Baba yaga:
Now Ronaldo is stuck at man utd, he'll be spending the remaining of his glorious career playing Europa League smh🙃
Plus Maguire zero manu till man u sacked him
Its the same ol' ball and chain 🤣
Alhamdulillah.... subhanallah.... allohuakbar
Esgar cortes
Esgar cortes:
No penal no party
Nicholas Cage
Nicholas Cage:
Erik can last 10 game only them sack ! 9 more game to go
Hadji Gyorgy
Hadji Gyorgy:
Cho'pon o'zgardi lekin qo'ylar o'sha o'sha
Ahmad Kosasi
Ahmad Kosasi:
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Manchester united easy
Enock Adomah
Enock Adomah:
Man u... still defence is poor😌
Angela Kido
Angela Kido:
Man United sign Antony, Ruben Nevers, sangria, Gakpo, sell look shaw, Fred, mctominy, Bruno they don't want to play for man United get rid of them
Mustafa Kaya
Mustafa Kaya:
New season same united
Chettapol Rattanasamniang
Chettapol Rattanasamniang:
maguire buffalo what are he doing???
ErwinKemod Channel
ErwinKemod Channel:
even god handle MAN Utd.. clown still clown🤣🤣🤡🤡
Eko Prasetyo
Eko Prasetyo:
F PELLISTRi ❤️ you🙏🙏
Ardi Chico
Ardi Chico:
WHy do i want to be an Alcoholic after waatch this team play ?????🤨🤨🤨🤨
Don Sprash
Don Sprash:
Maguire is the worst defender
And Ronaldo is the problem
Joan Ricardo Quiroz Riascos
Joan Ricardo Quiroz Riascos:
Maguaya 🥲🥲🥲
Salma S
Salma S:
Hướng Chí Lâm
Hướng Chí Lâm:
Đua trụ hạng 😄😄😄😄
Drew Andrew
Drew Andrew:
Hahahahhahahahahahahhah.....ETH u need to study n open ur eyes...3 players should no play..HM, Fred n McT....totally failed... End of this season Glazer will terminate u..
KaylaMardhiah Channel
KaylaMardhiah Channel:
the stupidest defence of all time.. mcguire
Orión Lee
Orión Lee:
La estafa del fútbol cristiano 😉
Josphine Maina
Josphine Maina:
Is this manu which beated liverpool 4-0in pre season ,bullshit.If ten hag want to win get rid of all last season players
Jaydon Sciré Giesekam
Jaydon Sciré Giesekam:
man united are in trouble
Arios Joss
Arios Joss:
hahahhaa Mc Guiere

Ronaldo siiiiii
kun ahmad
kun ahmad:
Bkpo la mguire ni blh main lg
Esgar cortes
Esgar cortes:
Jajajaj jugo ????? CRmessi
Sjonnie van de Kade
Sjonnie van de Kade:
HAHAAHHAHAA Ten Hag thinks he is so good and so marvelous. Will be sacked before christmas!
Samet Tepeli
Samet Tepeli:
Vinny F
Vinny F:
Hydan 90
Hydan 90:
sack all player last season...they all rubbish....💩💩💩
its the first game. every one calm down. liverpool had a shit start aswell. fulham where all over them. 1 game proves nothing
Penaldo cannot score without penalties 🤣🤣🤣
Mantan petinggi
Mantan petinggi:
Save magure 2089