Manchester United vs Chelsea: Match Preview| Have Ole & Lampard progressed?| Tuanzebe Must Start!!

Manchester United vs Chelsea 2020: Man United vs Chelsea Preview 2020: Preview Man United vs Chelsea 2020
Man Utd v Chelsea: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Frank Lampard face familiar questions
Solskjaer slams ex-Man Utd stars for attacking Mason Greenwood and says ‘they don’t know what they’re talking about
OLE GUNNAR SOLSKJAER has launched a massive defence of Mason Greenwood despite his off-field problems.
How To Beat Chelsea | Manchester United Preview
Greenwood, 19, was expelled from the England camp last month for disciplinary reasons.

Solskjaer said: “I'm not concerned at all with Mason making a target for himself.
“He has come in played fantastic, kicked on and then he makes a mistake for England.
“But he's never ever late for training.
“I've seen some ex United players talking about him and they don't know what they're talking about.
“He's got a good family behind him.


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“He's a good trainer and I cannot believe all these stories about him not being professional, that's something we have to deal with many players, many other players at United have had that.

“We have a great record and tradition of bringing our players through, that means from early on you get good habits, you express yourselves.

“Mason's come through this programme, done fantastic and will be kicking on I'm sure, he's a very exciting boy to work with.”

United return to Old Trafford for the visit of Chelsea after two impressive away performances in beating Newcastle 4-1 and PSG 2-1.

How this next game between United and Chelsea unfolds will decide the next chapter in the story for two former favourites still waiting to make their big mark in management.

If Chelsea can assert their possession game with their new array of attacking talent, while cutting out the errors at the back, Lampard could yet convince that the evolution of his team is real. Solskjaer's reliance on the counter-attack could look limited by comparison.
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If it is United who are able to take the initiative in the same week as their win over Paris Saint-Germain, it will cap a remarkable turnaround since the Tottenham defeat and inspire renewed belief that time and transfers will be enough to maintain an upward trajectory.

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Soccer Gossips
Soccer Gossips:
⚽🔴Should Tuanzabe start instead of Maguire?? 👇Let us know your score predictions below!!👇
George Bamete Jnr
George Bamete Jnr:
This Lady is deep in football knowledge..
Keep it 100
Keep it 100:
Tuanzebe our best CB at Man U when fit bar non!
Amateurs discussing their thoughts about real game. These discussion panel does it have any experience?
Ronit Biswas
Ronit Biswas:
What this girl pundit on about against psg we didn't played counterattacking football get your IQ level high
Morgan Morgan
Morgan Morgan:
We all know the red color shall outshine the blue🔴
Murphy moe
Murphy moe:
The one line up i have seen is far too poor., hope that maybe it was an early one
Dimeji Abaniwonnda
Dimeji Abaniwonnda:
This lady thinks ole is crazy enough this season to play counter against Chelsea shell be disappointed I hope!!!!
Telford Shillingford
Telford Shillingford:
I'm just here to see Ms. Reddy. :)
Abualdo Wazee
Abualdo Wazee:
Glen Johnson🙌
Joey Suds
Joey Suds:
Lol Melissa the football expert 😂🤣🤣
Josh Groom
Josh Groom:
Can't really see Man U or Chelsea making top 4
Bharath Narayan
Bharath Narayan:
Upload the rest of the episode please?
Ashik James
Ashik James:
That girl is so annoying....🥴
Junior July
Junior July:
tuanzebe needs to ply because , chelsea will play to exploit maguire lack of pace
Chad Clinton
Chad Clinton:
When they we play counter attacking againts psg
chelsea for ever
chelsea for ever:
Eduard Mendeeeeeeeeeèeee Gd job bro
Timothy Keith
Timothy Keith:
Does this lady know what counter attack football is
Rainbow Dance
Rainbow Dance:
Ole better not play Pogba right from the start. It seems to have been proven that he is more of a liability than an asset to MU whenever he is in the first 11. Ole may put him in around 68mins. If he is in the starting lineup, I will bet against MU!!
Shem Turi
Shem Turi:
Who else feels like they are intergrating amateur analysts am not saying any names but i dont think that lady should be there
Theolan Naidoo
Theolan Naidoo:
And also
The goals that man Utd scored against psg were not on the counter. Goodness me...what game did you watch?. One was a penalty and the second was because of a buildup...then pass from.pogba and Rashford did the rest.
Muhammed Drammeh
Muhammed Drammeh:
I know tuanzebe has been great but we can’t put maguire on the bench I think he helps out a lot even though he had his ups and downs but I think he’ll be back stronger 🔥💯
kensibou dirinamai
kensibou dirinamai:
All the best Chelsea FC... ManU vs Chelsea.. scores prediction...1_3
Robi GK
Robi GK:
Hope ole will start Jones and maguire
Shelby Standefer
Shelby Standefer:
The women are taken over 😂😂
Hermon hazard
Hermon hazard:
If United play back 5 it will be over for Chelsea
Poobalan Pather
Poobalan Pather:
Nice if chelsea lose so we can get a new manager quicker . This guy is clueless with this team . Mount will start .
Alk.t -
Alk.t -:
Pundits these days everyone’s talks , interesting!!
christian oroghona
christian oroghona:
These statistics sound nice but they are just too myopic and do not show the bigger picture most especially when addressing the preferred first choice for the defensive positions . Chelsea have a 100% shutout whenever Mendy, Silva and Chiwell have played together. That's an unbelievable statistic. Expect a zero zero draw if Chelsea decides to play for a draw.
Hema Ruben
Hema Ruben:
Melissa. Did she just say Man Utd are no longer a bigger club. Is she uneducated in football.
RIP lampard welcome to Chelsea nagelsmann
Has no one watched the bloody PSG game? Everyone is talking about damn counter-attacking. Prats!
vaibhav sharma,123
vaibhav sharma,123:
When we get the ball we put 4 pass new castle, remain unbeaten in last part of previous season and first team to score 3 goals for four consecutive games
Peter Chedraoui
Peter Chedraoui:
I’m begging solskjaer to play Maguire, timo will eat him alive 😂😂😂😂😂
Theolan Naidoo
Theolan Naidoo:
Hahah. Melissa is from South Africa. No way she has this accent. But fair play. She made it
G Breezy
G Breezy:
Tuanzabe needs to play as long as he is properly rested, his pace vs Werner will be needed, I would go with 5 at the back again, can easily become 4 at the back again like vs psg
i am sure that brown indian lady is a Chelsea fan
Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin:
I know none of these analysts want to criticize frank Lampard, maybe because of what he did for the club and his personality. But I believe his the problem of this team. I'm just waiting for Abramovich to sack Lampard. He's the worse thing in this team. We want's to push the problem to players, defenders and kepa. But the real problem comes from Lampard, which is the structure of the team. Organize ur team, that cuts off the errors. Please sack him quickly
Abualdo Wazee
Abualdo Wazee:
Chelsea would win 3-1
Jorginho assist ,Werner brace and mason Mount to score