Manchester United vs Newcastle United 3-1 - All Gоals & Extеndеd Hіghlіghts - 20/02/2021 HD

Manchester United vs Newcastle United
Manchester vs Newcastle
Man United vs Newcastle United
MU vs Newcastle United

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Bahodir Usmanov
Bahodir Usmanov:
Martial-Не везёт как всегда
Rashford-нашёл позицию
Cobbikyl Gyantu
Cobbikyl Gyantu:
He has scored 22 goals so far this season, 9 of which are penalties nd this commentator is talking as if penalties is only goals he scores
Chuba Xflushx
Chuba Xflushx:
8:43 komentatornya ngomong penaldo hahahaa
kelly ebhos
kelly ebhos:
Matial the invincible man shocking
M Hassan
M Hassan:
The pain in Jim Beglin when Bruno scores a penalty as if his Liverpool's Salah has never scored a penalty. Haters in the mad😭😭
Keith Lim
Keith Lim:
We are up against a weaker team, this season the Toon's army are struggling and its sad to see another Ex Man Utd great Steve Bruce' s team staying afloat, I remb once we were beaten 7-0 by Newcastle during SAF's era, so don't laugh too loud
sansan herdianaizar
sansan herdianaizar:
Dan James 🔥
Abhinav Rajput
Abhinav Rajput:
Although I appreciate your editing but you should be careful with commentary...
Muziwakhe Mokoena
Muziwakhe Mokoena:
I still say Dan james derseves more game time to blossom
Gols mais lindo gols
Gols mais lindo gols:
apostei tudo para o united ser campeão essa temporada , mas não vai ser .
BruNo FarNaNĐeS 💪
Lenroy Smith
Lenroy Smith:
How they say degea is the promble who make all the save n how maguiel leading at capitan watch the ball for degea instead trying head it head out .
Mirabror Jumayev
Mirabror Jumayev:
Rashford is on fire🔥🔥🔥
Gregg Blade
Gregg Blade:
Premier League? Why is the channel spelled wrong?
Shahdan Fauzi
Shahdan Fauzi:
james come back
Masyanto Official
Masyanto Official:
Mantap Manchester united menang 👍
David Misi
David Misi:
king james is Back
Ready to Rock 21
Ready to Rock 21:
Peter drury n jim beglin
Maula Rizkisj
Maula Rizkisj:
Martial ada main ga sih
Ga kedengaran nama Nya
Dj Diego
Dj Diego:
"should we start calling him penaldo?" 😂😭.
Tom k.williams
Tom k.williams:
Wenger out

Hello!?............. anybody??
Johnson Mtatiro
Johnson Mtatiro:
James is the every thing during hard time in man u,by mtatiro from tz
bubul ariansyah
bubul ariansyah:
Setiap pertandingan dapet pinalty. Humor
Jay Saputra
Jay Saputra:
Sangat lambat banget permainan MU semalam, beda di zaman nya sir alex harusnya permainan MU lebih ngotot biar bisa kejar MC di puncak klasmen
Kiki Fikrul
Kiki Fikrul:
Gaya btul itu bru tau wkwkwkw
Nopal pernambucano
Nopal pernambucano:
So amazing
GG Martial
Vinod Vasudevan
Vinod Vasudevan:
thank you very much
Rayden Tan
Rayden Tan:
Dan James 🤩🤩
Mason Samuels
Mason Samuels:
Rashford leaving the ball has to be the funniest thing
anime edit
anime edit:
Rashford,degae or Bruno should be united captain
Michel Verny GORELKINE Michel Verny GORELKINE
Michel Verny GORELKINE Michel Verny GORELKINE:
Football updates Teflan
Football updates Teflan:
Great win United
Eyitayo Funmi
Eyitayo Funmi:
De gea ⚡️
Deni Hunter X
Deni Hunter X:
Martial out
David Masua
David Masua:
nice rashford :D
Linah Msuya
Linah Msuya:
Glory glory Man United
Will Omank
Will Omank:
gayuh waskito
gayuh waskito:
Rashford showed his class, Dan james did a great finish, Bruno did what he should, and martial.... i don't know
Warna Katulistiwa
Warna Katulistiwa:
Martial out
Itiak Lado
Itiak Lado:
Bruno Fernandez 😎
Bukori Jaenu
Bukori Jaenu:
Rashford the new Ronaldo
Vedran Bošnjak
Vedran Bošnjak:
If Ronaldo come to Man Red next season ,they will win everything...
ابو عزوز
ابو عزوز:
Referees always and never with United is unreasonable and favorable to this team
Indra al Junayd
Indra al Junayd:
Hot Rashford🔥🔥
jake adu
jake adu:
Chelsea are very unlucky,just when United are about play against them,then Daniel James come back to his form
Zara ramadhani
Zara ramadhani:
I like MU forever😘😘😘💪💪💪
Random Test
Random Test:
No one talking about De gea?
anime edit
anime edit:
Lennox Ma
Lennox Ma:
How I'd love Maguire Bissaka Bruno n Rashford rested for sociedad game n not play
aris trimurdiyanto
aris trimurdiyanto:
Bang cho
Bang cho:
Aku selalu ingin liat james d strating line up mu
Geoffrey Gideon
Geoffrey Gideon:
Chelsea fans think Man United not supposed to win when they don't... That's pretty awkward but we have to remind Chelsea fans that before any successful Man,there's always a woman behind
Joe Atkinson
Joe Atkinson:
James is great
Luiz Anthony
Luiz Anthony:
Muhammad Rizal
Muhammad Rizal:
Martial is man of the match...
Alimi Jiran
Alimi Jiran:
Matic good midf...
Kido fongoo
Kido fongoo:
Nopal pernambucano
Nopal pernambucano:
sekel duler
sekel duler:
Magic james
Jayne Lane
Jayne Lane:
Penchester cheats at it again diveing
Muhammad Hariadi
Muhammad Hariadi:
Penalti LG. Hehe
Donesi Messa
Donesi Messa:
Bruno Fernandes is Monster👹👹
Heaven's Gate
Heaven's Gate:
funny but biased commentator
Dennis Muthini
Dennis Muthini:
Should I subscribe??
Dangdut Koplo
Dangdut Koplo:
Silas Nelson
Silas Nelson:
Man u are back with their penalties. Can someone please explain how man u should get a penalty for no foul on rashford but Newcastle did not get what is a clear penalty?