Manny Pacquiao: There’s a 60/40 chance I retire after loss to Yordenis Ugas | ESPN Ringside

Manny Pacquiao speaks with ESPN’s Bernardo Osuna after his loss to Yordenis Ugas while attempting to recapture the WBA welterweight title. Pacquiao says leg cramps hampered him during the fight, then says he is thinking about retirement but won’t completely close the door on fighting again.

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100+ komentarze:

Ralpp Martin Cobarde
Ralpp Martin Cobarde:
gonna miss him. nobody fights like him, he feels so different when he fights with his speed& awkward angle shots. the introduction with eye of a tiger still gives me goosebumps. surely a top 5 boxer & could arguably GOAT for some of its fans.
Krid CSR
Krid CSR:
Respect to that great legend of a boxer, Manny Pacquiao. To this point, nobody is like him yet in boxing.
Still a hall of fame boxer, best of luck Manny.
Glenn Ferrer
Glenn Ferrer:
You are a legend and one of the greatest ever! Thank you for everything giving so much to boxing.
1 IN A BILLION.. unfortunately.. predetermined
1 IN A BILLION.. unfortunately.. predetermined:
God Almighty bless Manny Pacquiao and his family.And without a doubt one of the best pound for pound fighters in the history of boxing.
Thank you Manny. Great person in and out of the ring. A person that can come once in a lifetime
Fil-Am Travel Adventures
Fil-Am Travel Adventures:
Thank you Manny. You have proven yourself to be a great gentleman and an even greater role model.
Jon Snow
Jon Snow:
im the luckiest person alive witnessing the greatness of this humble legend.. watching him all over the years, its just so lucky.. we're all so lucky..
Thank you for all the great boxing memories Manny. You're still the greatest fighter of all time.
Jovan Tha Don
Jovan Tha Don:
Manny, You've already WON at life won the won everything, nothing should make you feel bad at this point!!! You're a success my guy 💪🏾
The smart move for Pacquiao especially due to a very late change in opponent would have been to cancel the fight entirely and reschedule the Spence fight. But he couldn’t because of the upcoming elections. This was his only window to fight. Very high risk and very low reward fight. But props to him eitherway for pushing through. He should hang up his gloves now. He’s had a stellar hall of fame career.
Paolo Guerrero
Paolo Guerrero:
Still a pound for pound legend! Manny is a certified hall of fame in the sport of boxing!
Richard B
Richard B:
Was so fun watching and following Manny’s career. So sad that it’s over. Excited to see what’s next for Pacquiao’s life, there’s a lot to do in this world ⭐️💫
The only reason why I buy this is because he was so stationary in this fight. We didn't see the crazy angles to angles,
the jumping in and outs, he was right in front of Ugas for most of the fight which immediately seemed extremely unlike Manny.
Manny is and has always been so humble.
One the greatest boxers to ever step in the ring
Toronto Man
Toronto Man:
This was the nail in the coffin, I can’t see him fight anymore. Shout out to all the filipinos who grew up watching him at huge parties 😂 All great things come to an end man
Shefayet Chowdhury
Shefayet Chowdhury:
Age finally catches up. I hope he does retire but I'm sure he may contemplate a rematch... You still are a champ and a legend in my eyes. 🙏🙏
Dave Sedig
Dave Sedig:
A true athlete and a man's man!!!
Leah Perez
Leah Perez:
You have nothing to prove our boxing champ!! You will still remain to be the legendary, superb and excellent boxer. You continuously brought honor and pride to our country and I think that's enough. 👏👏
Thank you for amazing years, Manny Pacquiao 👏❤️
Dino Dude
Dino Dude:
Sir Manny has nothing to prove anymore, he's a legend, thank you for more than twenty years of making our country proud, win or lose we will still support you champ 🙌☝👏👏
Captain Go Figure
Captain Go Figure:
Always fun to watch this man fight, win or lose! Real fighter! Real boxer! Only 8 div champ! Champ in 4 decades! Legend!
Still and always the greatest of all time. His achievements are levels above every fighter ever in history of boxing. Breaking record after record. Pac has done it all he is the GOAT.
Alvin Kunsamasenpai
Alvin Kunsamasenpai:
I'd like to see him fight one more time in a rematch with Ugas. It's be interesting to see how he does when he prepares for Ugas not Spence and to see how he does without the leg problems. His footwork is probably one of his biggest strengths to create explosive speed and attack at different angles. But seeing it taken away, he just couldn't fight as well. Ugas did good seizing the moment.
ikram shaikh
ikram shaikh:
He's the greatest welterweight and probably ranks in the top 10 greatest boxers of all time.
We enjoyed a lot watching him mirk people.
Thanks Manny.We were really blessed to see you fight tonight
Tremendous carreer
- 4 division lineal champ
- 8 division world champion
- 10 world titles
- named 2000s fighter of the decade
- perennial p4p best boxer in the world

He stepped into the ring and stood toe to toe against the against the greatest boxers in his era, never backed down and left it all on the line. There is absolutely nothing left to prove.
You are s true legend and no one can take that title away from you. ♥️
The greatest boxing career in its history, Manny was the pure embodiment of a “boxer” so electric and envisioning to watch. Watching his highlights in his glory days are a true treat to any boxing fan.
Marc D.G.
Marc D.G.:
Still Legend, Hall of Fame 1st Balot, Record holder. What a career! All your prime fights are still being watched to this day...
Othan D.C
Othan D.C:
Its time to retire champ,Still one of the Greatest,thanks for all the memories👏👏👏
Young Yang
Young Yang:
legs cramping up during a fight may be a sign of significant change in Pacman's body and recovery response
Pacman, you are a legend and a hall of famer.
Tonight, you may have just passed the torch to Ugas, as he performed incredibly.
Whatever you do next, I wish you the best and Always be a fan.
Jesse Gomez
Jesse Gomez:
Your still the best Manny it was a great effort, and you will be in my prayers always! Your a legend in the sport of boxing now it's time you enjoy your family and may God Bless you and your family. Good luck Manny you are one of a kind!
Jay Venom
Jay Venom:
Nothing else to prove Manny. You are a LEGEND and solidified as a GREAT. When Spence wasn’t able to fight that may have been a sign to not take this one. In any event you have gave us great moments in our lives.
el tiempo pasa y no perdona, manny pacman pacquiao el campeón
Manny Pacquiao is one of my top 10 favorite celebrities ever. I have two boxers in my top 10. Him and Mike Tyson. I only have one basketball player but he's #1.
dave Giter
dave Giter:
This guys amazing... Humble and he comes out and fights the best fighters available.
Imo the best boxer in this generation. And a class role model. Class, humble and hard working. These are the athletes people should look up to.
Zarp Fudeyenski
Zarp Fudeyenski:
His mind: I can do it!💪🏽👊🏽
His body: I can't. I'm sorry. 😞
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith:
Honestly I was rooting for Pacquiao at first because I'm a fan. But after hearing Ugas that he's dedicating the fight to the freedom of his country, my opinion changed. If Manny wins then good, if Ugas wins then the better. Win or lose, I'm still fan of Pacquiao and I don't care now if Manny lost. I'm grateful to Pacquiao for letting this fight happen for Ugas to have his well earned victory.
Devon Draco
Devon Draco:
aside from marquez knockout and morales headbut, this is the greatest damage i've seen pac take. just shows that he lost his legs and can no longer move. time's up champ.
Eddie Bitar
Eddie Bitar:
Hall of Famer, one of the greats. He was the aggressor in the fight even at his age. Never be another Pac Man
Raihan Khan
Raihan Khan:
This guy is 42 and fought like a champ.
Riyozaki Hideki
Riyozaki Hideki:
Father time caught Manny's legs after round 3. Still a great legend. Respect :)
Vaughn Joseph Tariman
Vaughn Joseph Tariman:
Despite of his loss, I still see him as one of the greatest boxers of all timeand one of the GOATS. Ugas only won because manny is old and only informed on short notice and not able to adjust his plan carefull. I really believed that ugas and spence planned this or ugas is secretly training for manny fight
You done more then enough Champ. Legend 🙌❤
Never will be another Paquiao
Congrats Ugas! Its like we Pilipino had no hard feelings to you man, you earned the win, you are a good man too, a good champion. And Our manny Pacman just caught by the Father Time.
George Brady
George Brady:
there is a legit argument for Manny being the GOAT. Ali will always be the GOAT of the people. But from strictly boxing ability and career Manny has a legit argument
Korey Williams
Korey Williams:
It takes a warrior to wanna do this at his age ,much respect ✊🏿 💯
Pamit Sharma
Pamit Sharma:
Manny Pacquiao is a legend
mumbaki tom
mumbaki tom:
yes that was a heart of a true champion!,not ducking anybody in many reason,we gonna miss you pacman..!!The GOAT!!legacy lives on!
Fitzgerald Anthony
Fitzgerald Anthony:
I wish Manny Pacquiao well in his career and Life after boxing.
The man has had the kind of career you just don't see ever in sports. The number of accolades and accomplishments he has garnered over the years were legitimately well earned. He was a fearless fighter (unlike many past and present, who cherry picked as rule many of their opponents) who defined the very definition of a throwback warrior. Win, lose or draw, he took on legitimate risks against very capable fighters who had solid chances at beating him. No one will forget the epic trilogies with Bradley, Morales, Marquez etc.... and the countless other bouts with talented opponents who were quality contenders. And of course his thrilling bout with a young undefeated lion/ powerpuncher in Keith Thurman at 40 plus years of age. Pacquiao didn't care about undefeated like a lot of them do today. His priority was LEGACY and ADDING to that legacy by fighting the best. The fact that he was ready to take on Spence, says it all. Manny is the last of a bygone era where fighting pride took priority over choosing opponents with low risk, high reward and avoiding Top rivals in their PRIMES. That mentality is DONE in this new generation of fighters and given the direction boxing is headed now, it isn't ever coming back.
Thanks for the ride Senator Pacquiao 👍🥊
Timothy Robinson
Timothy Robinson:
Your still and always will be one the best boxers in the world pacman you have nothing left to prove we love you man
zxdryg utgjk
zxdryg utgjk:
Manny, we all know you could wipe the floor with him in your prime. 43 years old in a few months. There’s nothing to prove. You proved your greatness years ago.
Thank you Manny Pacquiao! ❤🥊
Daryl L
Daryl L:
When a fighter, even for a second, thinks about retirement, you know its time.
He looked off balance whenever he attacked in combination. Now I know it's because his legs weren't working for him.
Manny was one of the best if the best but he has a lot more to do in life. Fighting isn't everything even if it feels like everything to a fighter.
Romulo Seymoure Gapusan
Romulo Seymoure Gapusan:
No one can replace the throne of Manny👑
Manny is a true gladiator one of the best
Soluciones ELP
Soluciones ELP:
Pac-Man you are a great fighter there's a moment, I think the moment has come, I hope the best for you.
Nate McCarthy
Nate McCarthy:
The best Ever Filipino boxer and true gentleman a legend 👍 Enjoy retirement Manny
God bless Manny Pacquiao he's still A Champion 🏆 among Champions Manny will always be respected in USA and the World 🌎 🙏 ❤ we definitely Love you Mr. Manny Pacquiao! Again may God Almighty bless your wife and ur children much Love ❤ 🏆!!!
I THINK IT'S BECAUSE OF 2YRS LAY OFF AND THEN HE TRAIN TOO MUCH AFTER THAT that's why he's leg scrambling on the day of the fight
Michael Ong
Michael Ong:
Even Manny lost we are proud of you because you gave your best❤️
Marie Lou 3M
Marie Lou 3M:
Pacquiao's over confidence made him not strategize a plan how to fight Ugas. When Ugas threw a left or right jab, Pacquiao should have lowered his head and body down to avoid the punch and threw a looping punch instead of facing Ugas' jabs. Trainer Roach at his corner maybe didn't advice Pacquiao about that.
Abel Trujillo
Abel Trujillo:
greatest of all time... most divisions. fought everyone in his time. never ever ducked. greatest of all time.
J Greatness
J Greatness:
The greatest. 👏🏽👏🏽
Time will always be mankind's greatest enemy, and it still remain unbeatable to this day. Many legends fall for trying.
E G:
Nothing wrong with hanging up the gloves, Manny is one of the best boxers ever.
Manny, thank you for all those great moments in victory & defeat. You don't need to prove anything to anyone, you've done it all, what's most important @ soon to be 43yrs old is your physical health & mental state. Retire, so you can serve/represent the Filipino people as their president in the best possible way. You don't want to look like Biden that can't even put a sentence together!
John Wesley
John Wesley:
Manny had too much against him for this fight; age, 25 mths of inactivity and then an opponent totally different from who he prepared for. It's a sign the fighting senator should call it a day, I mean career, lol. No one has done it better than him, and for me he remains the ultimate pugilist; eight division world champion testifies to this.
Xetzu :
Living Legend
Laron Rodgers
Laron Rodgers:
Love Pac, but it continues to look bad after a loss to say that you had an injury and that ultimately contributed to the loss. Could definitely be true, but I wouldn’t mention it in post conferences or interviews. Just sounds like an excuse. We saw that after the fight with Floyd. Still love Pac, though. Peoples champ!
Franz Pacis
Franz Pacis:
Manny Pacquiao is still considered to be legend in boxing world
Great fighter, legacy, and man and definitely the best to him and his family. But pertaing to boxing do not ever mention Pacquiao in the same sentence (comparison) as Mayweather.
Innovative Mind
Innovative Mind:
There is so much "Juicing" can do when you are on the wrong side of Aging, I think most of boxers are takeing performance enhancer.....thank you manny for the memories.
Jerome Estrada
Jerome Estrada:
i was totally wrong about Ugas, i thought the fight would be similar to the Clottey fight but Ugas reach was too much.
Truth light
Truth light:
No wonder man. I kept hearing ppl say he had no footwork tonight and it was probably due to his age. I didn’t get to see it but the cramping makes sense since he’s always very quick on his feet.
Pacquiao was probably planning on retirement after fighting Errol Spence jr. so either if he wins or lose he still fought arguably the best welterweight in the division his last drop of power in fighting.
Thank You Legend of the Philippines and of the world boxing. We are lucky Filipinos we still have Manny Pacquiao. Our Legendary compatriots has come of age for the sport of boxing, your achievements and Greatness for our country are more than enough for us.
tamahl hazelwood
tamahl hazelwood:
Manny is still dangerous. He simply got outboxed. Ugas employed strategies that Mayweather used but with additional activity. Control range and pace via the jab which neutralizes speed, unconventional angles and forces resets. Those resets in turn disrupts rhythm and so on... Chess match. Had Ugas converted to slugging it out he may have lost. All due respect to both fighters.
Manny Pacquiao still want to fight until 46 years old. He will comeback. He never end their career with lose. It must be happy ending not sad ending
still greatest of all time. as a fly weight fighting up to middle weight even he's old he's top 1 Goat for me now. congrats
Rafael Santiago
Rafael Santiago:
Something doesn't seen right! In training he looked amazing, then Errol Spence quits at the last minutes, & Manny didn't looked the way he looked in training!🤔
wisely unknown
wisely unknown:
That boy aint done yet, we can hear it in his voice.
He dint come this far to go out like this
Sostre Enterprises
Sostre Enterprises:
respect to the legend, ducked no man on his journey
I am 45 now, and I know the difference between 40 and 42, especially if you work too much and so many people are involved; in my opinion, manny was burned out.
I had a feeling that manny is not gonna win. Coz I was thinking the last round with Thurman, so the star will set his shine down the twilight zone of manny
Wasn't his night and all people have bad days. I had wished he'd retired after beating Thurman with a W on a highnote. It's bitter to leave when defeated. I wish him all the best sending my love. He will be instrumental in helping others reach their potential. Love you Manny.
Gabe Aguilar
Gabe Aguilar:
He may have lost but at least he came to fight. Can’t say that about a lot of boxers/ dancers now n days…
Eleven Eleven
Eleven Eleven:
It's time to retire idol manny. You still did the great against ugas. Thank you for the all memories. You're a great inspiration for those who want to be like you in boxing.

Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao 🇵🇭🥊
Pacquiao ❤️ the legend ❤️ fight 140 ,you will become undisputed for sure ❤️
Hans Rosales
Hans Rosales:
Still my favorite boxer.
I believe Michael Jordan is a big Pacquiao fan. The story of Tracy McGrady winning a bet against MJ was probably when MJ bet on Pacquiao to beat Mayweather.
Real Talk
Real Talk:
I'm not even a major Pacquiao fan even though I definitely do like him. But I think the biggest reason he came off rusty in this fight was not age! It was being out of the ring for 2 years then taking on a world champion! That will get anybody beat. You're supposed to take soft fights before you dive into the deep end. Not even Floyd or any fighter in history can do that and be successful. It's what got Thurman beat by Pacquiao and what got Pacquiao beat tonight against a very active world champion.
Thats an old man! At 42 fighting the elite top champions! Built different! One in a million! They lucky that man aged! Imagine fighting toe-to-toe against that man 2007-2011 younger version!
Blake Lewis
Blake Lewis:
We love you Manny 🙏
Stan Mack
Stan Mack:
Definitely a hall of famer and one of the best. I just wish he wouldn’t have ducked Terrence Crawford all of those years they were on Top Rank together.
Amazingly Amazing
Amazingly Amazing:
Its Manny's passion so it's hard for Him to decide if he continues or retire... This what I think
Randy Dulay
Randy Dulay:
Salute!Still GOAT!